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Lucy Liu Goes Into Mafia Mode

Lucy Liu Goes Into Mafia Mode

Lucy Liu continues filming the new ABC pilot Cashmere Mafia, dubbed the next-generation Sex and the City, in New York on Tuesday.

The comedy follows four successful female executives (Lucy Liu, Miranda Otto, Frances O’Connor, and Bonnie Somerville) that turn to each other for guidance as they juggle their careers with family in New York City.

Cashmere Mafia is the brainchild of Sex & the City and Melrose Place creator Darren Star.

Liu, 38, wears Fox Trot Platform Slingbacks by Christian Louboutin.

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  • Mmmmm

    I loved SATC, I hear they are going forward with making the movie! I cannot wait. Lets see if this mearsures up.

  • D

    Lucy looks like such a doll, she seems very down to earth. Also, you never hear her name involved in scandals so typical of Hollyweird.

  • Handbag_Addict

    Can you please tell me what handbag Lucy is carrying? I want to purchase!!!!

  • Amanda

    Why so many white women? Was that necessary? And to think ABC has so few women of colour in leading roles. Lucy is obviously the star but why not hire another Asian actress or black actress to even the show out a bit. Was it necessary to have three white women be the co stars? I like Lucy Liu but women of colour deserve more a chance in Hollywood. I imagine the reason they hired the three white women was to lure white women viewers. I think its really lame. Too many white women on this pilot and not enough actresss of colour.

  • Simi

    Americans find Lucy Liu nonthreatening. There are many Asian women in real life who make other women put the glare on and she doesn’t do that. Neither does Ming Na Wen. I’m not looking forward to this show.

  • TskTsk

    Gawd I love those Louboutin shoes she has on. They rock!

  • coalharbourqt

    Amanda I agree with you – and for that matter how about a character that is Native Indian or East Indian, on top of a character that is black? I have friends of all different colours, shapes, and sizes and I always find it odd that our media sources never seem to reflect this. If I am correct Darren Star is a white gay guy, so his mindset isn’t exactly representative of a female executive living in a metropolitan environment. If he took off his blinders he would see that most of us have friendships that go beyond the boundaries he has set up of age and race. I love what he did with Sex and the City but sometimes he does his female audience a disservice without realizing it.

  • hr

    magnus, your comment has been flagged. also, please get a dictionary. and use it.

    as for the show, isn’t there another show coming out called “lipstick jungle” by the SATC author, and starring brooke shields? i feel like they’re too similar to both survive. anyway i like lucy liu. it’s true that creative media should represent the US population more accurately, but it’s going to take a long time for us to get there. hopefully with more people like you guys asking for it and voicing your opinions, it’ll start to happen. i do appreciate shows like Heroes and Grey’s for trying a little harder in that area, yet still casting excellent actors.

  • hr

    oh yeah, and LOST does fairly well to represent different ethnicities too. honestly, i thought having jin and sun speak korean so much would detract ppl (no subtitles too!), but i’m glad they took that risk AND it paid off.

  • Gavin

    I love it, I cant wait, I hope this show gets picked up.

  • What happened to her…….

    …movie career? I love Lucy, was it her choice of Movie roles? I think the last thing
    I watched was “The Cleaner” with Cedric “The Entertainer” and she was his love interest, and the whole time I was scratching my head as to why such a talented, beautiful woman would take such a thankless role in a B movie. Hopefully the show gets picked up, but if not, hopefully she will be offered/pick better movie roles.

  • frenchie25

    Love all their shoes! I’ve seen Miranda and Frances in other stuff (both Aussie girls!) and they are like Cate Blanchett in that they can play anyone.

  • lulu

    I dig that red coat.

  • Lucie

    Why do they constantly promote all-female cast shows as the next SATC?? There will never be another SATC.

  • Queen Bee

    Amanda Says….

    I agree with you…in all the years of SATC…they never really had any black girlfriends? And they lived in the world’s greatest melting pot! And if they were black they were transvestites.

  • 2985

    God, if you guys think these shows are pretty white try living in Australia…up until a few years ago even the ads were the kind Hitler could approve (and yes, this isn’t my line, an article actually used this line, examining the Aussie media content. I laughed my ass off, it was so accurate and witty too! ;) ) Shows are pretty white still anyway. And I know full well typing this would get the average un-media-aware/savvy Aussie riled up but meh… When I moved here in 1994 it was so white it wasn’t funny…and I moved from Germany, where even in mid 90′s they had ads with people of different backgrounds! Go figure…
    I don’t think this show should be touted as the next SATC anyway. While in some aspects the show was groundbreaking a lotta times I was bugged by it. Do like Lucy Liu though, wasn’t the last movie she was on was the one with Josh Hartnett? The one where she was his neighbor? Now that’s a good ol Aussie show…we get Brit tourists actually go on tours to see where they film it…right…

  • TiaBia

    Amanda, I agree with you 100%

    I am truly not looking forward to yet another show about white women living in a city, buying designer clothes and accessories, while living in rent controlled apartments. There is definitely a need for more people of color on television. I would love to see a tv show about Native Americans, blacks, latinos, Asian Americans. But alas, tv is run by about 5 “good ole boys” who are so out of touch with the reality of the world in 2007 that they really don’t care. You can see this in primetime television, as well as reality tv. The show The Bachelor, although I never watch it, refuses to put a man of color in the position of the bachelor. There are so many good looking, successful men that AREN’T white in America…heck, in the world today, and yet every season we find the same prototype…handsome, successful, tall and…WHITE. It’s just how American entertainment is. I used to think that I couldn’t make a difference, but you can. I just won’t watch it. Just as I refused to watch Brothers & Sisters…nothing against the writers, actors, creators, but I just couldn’t stomach another ALL White casted drama.

  • Dennis

    Bonnie Somerville AND Lucy Liu ?! Enough reasons for the show to become a hit.^^

  • magnus



  • magnus

    also the CW has LOADS of ENTIRELY black cast shows.

    Let’s not forget..BET! An ENTIRELY black network.

    So why are you soiling this thread with your tears?

    You got your loli now stick it in your mouth and quit crying.

  • cook

    Yay! for Lucy.

  • word!

    I can’t imagine anything cool lasting on ABC. It certainly won’t have dialogue like SATC — he should take it to HBO. ABC will likely shuffle it around like Darren Star’s last show, Kitchen Confidential, which I loved and they canned ’cause it couldn’t find an audience. Well, duh. How are we supposed to remember when it’s on if you change the night and preempt it for sports every other week?

  • hazel

    i think she is scruing her foot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hazel

    i think she is scrubing her foot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hazel

    she looks like pokwang. a comedian actress in the philippines.

  • dildos

    Lucy is looking great! But even her beauty can’t save Cashmere Mafia from failure. Sex and the city is much better and interesting.