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Pax is Now a Pitt

Pax is Now a Pitt

Brad Pitt is on his way to becoming Pax‘s official daddy.

As expected, partner Angelina Jolie filed legal papers to change the name of her newly adopted son to Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt.

Angelina adopted Pax, now 3, last month from a Ho Chi Minh City orphanage.

A legal petition was filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Angelina to include “the last name of her partner” Brad Pitt.

Break-up rumors, be gone!

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  • [Fug Face [x]]


  • angelah


  • angelah

    This is great news and yay for the break up rumors/tabtrash = be gone!!

  • jeannified

    Yea!!! I love them together, and think that they make great parents!

  • blue eyes

    yah! yah! and I love them and stay family and great parents….

  • gypsy marie

    i love, love!

  • http://htt// didi

    Happy family.

  • julia

    thank you Jared…
    Thank you…
    great news , but we knew it was coming… :)

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft


    Chin the X is gonna be so jealous!

    Welcome Pax to the greatest family and most beautiful family in the world!

  • julia

    oops sorry about the double thanks…
    yikes.. more coffee please..

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    wonderfully amazing family… I love them so much.

  • love

    love to hear that i wish them all happiness and joy

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    smhl @ TLC

  • sherhona

    wooohooo!!! break up rumors – BE GONE!!

  • isitreallythatserious?

    Did anyone just hear that? The sound of thousands of bitter women screaming b/c once again they are subjected to Brad and Angelina showing their commitment to one another. Congrats to the JP’s for another addition!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    [Fug Face [x]] Says:

    April 25th, 2007 at 1:16 pm – flag comment
    smhl @ TLC

    what’s smhl????

    you fascinate me cause i can’t figure out which side of the fence you’re on. are you an x fan or a brangelina fan?

    never can tell but i find you amusing i must say. i like a girl who is not afraid to say what she things. unless you are a boy, of course. hehe.

    what’s smhl sister?

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared!

    Great news for the Jolie-Pitt Family. And may the blessings continue for this wonderful family.

  • love

    thanks jj

    susie dont forget to check your e-mail box once again thank you

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for this news, I’m laughing at the tabs ..muahahahahahahahahha…..

  • mery

    bampzs the most beautiful family

    brad and angie the sexiest couple

  • T&L

    This is great although we knew it was a matter of time.

  • mery

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, enjoying dinner at the Dakota inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The couple, who will light up Cannes together next month, dined with a party of five. They “looked like they were having an amazing time and were very sweet with each other, a very happy couple,” says an onlooker.

  • mery
  • Mmmmm

    Only took 8 posts to mention Jen … nice job ladies! I bet Angie would appreciate you ruining her moment of happiness and good news with the ex. I wish Angie would do something with that hair, she has had the same style for years. Considering it is straight and stringy it makes her forehead look HUGE!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    TLC channel if I was a [x] fan I would talk about her as much as you do.

    You always entertain me TLC, I love you.

  • Meli

    Break-up rumors, be gone!

    Isn’t it just amusing how they take revenge everytime the tabloids attack them?Just with one move they expose their lies.Brad and Angie have the complete control of the game,they just play with their own terms.More power to them!

    By the way,I found a picture I hadn’t seen before from their trip to Holland on 10/4/06.From Simplybrad.

    They look fine!

  • em

    As fans of Brad and Angie, we admire them for so many reasons. One of those is them being absolutely dedicated to parenthood and family. Our fascination extends to their high profile movie careers and their philanthropic endeavours. They exemplify the best of hollywood as they balance family, career and their charities. As been said, Angie gives Brad purpose and Brad gives Angie stability. With so many blessings in their life together, they keep it in perspective. As their fans, let us continue to support their movies and their charities in any way we can and let’s keep it in perspective why we adore them.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Do we really need reassurances that B&A are solidly together? Because those trashy tabs keep repeating their filthy lies about their breaking up, does not in any way make it become a reality. Let’s keep in mind that B&A are probably the most powerful couple in Hollywood at the moment, they are also the most sexiest, and beautiful, so putting them on the cover of any stupid rag will draw your eyes, and even make you buy a copy.(eeewww)

    Can’t wait for Cannes!

    Thanks Jared! You’re going to be busy guy come the Cannes Film Festival.

  • isitreallythatserious?

    Mrs. Smith Says:
    I don’t think we need reassurances so much as we use news like this and others from the past week as way to show the haters who use the tabs as their holy bible that the JP’s are breaking up or Brad didn’t want another adoption and won’t give Pax his name….this proves them wrong again.

  • T&L

    I can’t wait for Cannes either! I hope we get tons of pictures and a bit of PDA :-)

  • Maria

    those breakup rumors were coming from Star, Enquirer and Touch&Lifestyle or whatever that mag’s name is, are never credible. and t hose that believed these tabloid trash are no better. lol

    YAY for Jolie-Pitt!

  • susie

    Good for them! :) :)

    TLC- it is Mr. Fug

    Fug- #11, are you showing some emotion here?

    love- I got the one with pics and will check if there is another. You look very beautiful in the ones from russia. Is the other one taken in Nigeria? I’ll go check :lol:

  • Who Cares

    To Mmmmm….do u actually think Angelina reads this? Get serious…and why would anyone believe the tabloids? I wish people would let them be…I always feel like we are just as guilty as the media b/c we are the ones spending hours on here blogging, creating a frenzy, putting the demand high for news of them, pics, stories…some complain about the God-awful tabloids, but don’t mind reading the articles or looking at the pictures…just a fact…the poor family can’t do anything without someone dissecting their every move…if there was tension, I can sure understand it…several marriages and relationships have admitted the media played a factor in creating problems…if they survive it all, then it says something about their strength as a couple…I say good luck to them…

  • Angie in D.C

    On the heels of her father Jon Voight’s long stay in our city, Angelina Jolie is back Thursday to launch a new advocacy group. Global Action for Children will encourage policy-makers in the United States and other Group of 8 countries to increase funding for children made vulnerable by disease and poverty.

  • Examiner

    On the heels of her father Jon Voight’s long stay in our city, Angelina Jolie is back Thursday to launch a new advocacy group. Global Action for Children will encourage policy-makers in the United States and other Group of 8 countries to increase funding for children made vulnerable by disease and poverty.

  • julia


    By the way,I found a picture I hadn’t seen before from their trip to Holland on 10/4/06.From Simplybrad.

    They look fine!

    thank you Meli, so cool and sexy…

  • Besane

    Nobody took the ‘breakup rumor’ seriously other than sick haters and the bible they devour: 2nd rate tabs. I like that Jolie-Pitt go about their lives and show the world through their actions, rather than crying on Oprah’s couch responding to each and every rumor. I think they just laugh it off until it gets out of hand and bothersome for their work and lives. Well done, Jolie-Pitt, as usual.

  • black

    Ok…..I don´t really know when it started- but I´ve totally lost my friendly feelings towards Angelina.

    I really liked her in the beginning (2000- 2005), she was cool, she looked way better than now, she was wild and not so damn annoying.

    There are alot of things that lead me to further dislike her, though listing it will simply take too much time.

    The adoption of this new kid really sealed it for me.
    Not only is she adopting way too fast, but this kid is seriously disturbing their family relations.
    (Now, don´t toast me for saying this…..this is my opinion, I´m sure you all have your own as well)

  • Yes!

    Examiner Says:

    New photos on thursday … can’t wait

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Thank you Jared for the great news on my favorite family. I just love this couple and their children. God Bless them always. Hopefully, the tabs would be a little bit nicer to them. Maybe..

    More power to the Jolie-Pitt family and may God watch over them and protect them always.

  • brown

    Global Action for Children will encourage policy-makers in the United States and other Group of 8 countries to increase funding for children made vulnerable by disease and poverty.


    Way to go Angie! You are an admirable woman!

  • splunk


    Who are you to say that they are adapting too fast or that the kid is disturbing their family relations. You don’t know any of these people and you don’t live with any of them. You have your right to dislike whoever, but your listed reasons have no basis considering you don’t know the first thing about the family.

  • susie

    Once again AJ does something great for children. Good for her and all the children that will benefit from Global Action for Children.

  • isitreallythatserious?

    black Says:
    I’m sure Angelina is going to change now b/c you don’t like how she lives her life. She must be heartbroken over the lost of your fandom and respect. Cya!

  • Mmmmm

    Who Cares Says:

    Couldnt agree with you more, Angie’s fans are her worst enemy and just as crazy as she is.

  • colsen

    Does anybody else think Angelina has qualities from a lot of differents actress and actors mixed in one person like…

    -Marilyn Monroe; she too has been a Sex Simbol who was consider to have emotional problems and a lot of people LUSTER after her, just like with Angie.
    -Elizabeth Taylor; consider a dark haired vixen who has said that her best lover was the camera; i also think this to be true of Angie.
    -Ingrid Bergman; they both have been TREATED UNFAIRLY FOR FALLING IN LOVE with a man that others don’t want her to be with.
    -Audrey Hepburn; for caring for others and wanting to help those who have less.

    Richard Roaper (from Ebert & Roaper) have said that Angelina reminds him of Rita Hayworth. Somebody ones wrote that Angelina could be compared to Robert DeNiro in how she handled her earlier work and even some critics have said that Angelina has the weird personality and eccentricities of Jack Nicholson with the RAW Sex Appeal of Marlon Brandon.

    It’s because she seems to have all this differents personalities and she is very complex that no one can really describe her or be sure about what she is going to do; because when someone is sure she about to do one thing… she does the opposite, someone onces wrote that Angelina only adopted kids because she was too shallow to have any biological but she proved them wrong anf had her baby with Brad. And they also predicted that this relationship with Brad was not going to last and look… Angie and Brad are still together and going strong!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    [Fug Face [x]] Says:

    April 25th, 2007 at 1:27 pm – flag comment
    TLC channel if I was a [x] fan I would talk about her as much as you do.

    You always entertain me TLC, I love you.
    HAHAHAHAHA! Good one.

    Love me, oh no, does that mean we can’t pick on each other anymore? that would be no more fun! We can love each other and still pick on each other, don’t you think? Hehe…..

  • Diana

    We all knew this was comming. But it’s still great to hear it is official! :D:D:D
    Don’t expect to squash all the rumours though – they’ll probably say Angelina made Brad do that. Anything to keep the tiniest hope Brad is still availabl.

    Congrats to the family! :)


    LOL! Why do you all need sooooo desperately for Jennifer Aniston to be angry/upset/hurt/give a crap about any of this? How scary and sad that your Brangelina fantasy isn’t complete unless you all believe that Jennifer Aniston is miserable and suffering somewhere. Aniston has obviously moved on, maybe it’s time you all did the same.

  • The real lou

    #49 STILLOBSESSEDWITHJEN,BTW could you also tell the fan’s of Jen to do the same!I just love how you want to lump everyone in a group just because one person made a comment concerning Jen being angry/upset/hurt etc.I have gone to many sites and have seem Jen’s fan on a Jen thread and all they do is discuss Angelina,ALL DAY LONG.This cuts both ways,it’s not just Brangelina fan’s!BTW since you seem to be lurking,when have you seen me discussing her?NEVER!!!!!I could care less about her.