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Bilson & Christensen: It's Puppy Love

Bilson & Christensen: It's Puppy Love

The showmance continues!

Hayden Christensen plays the gentleman, picking up new girl Rachel Bilson in his $200K Ferrari just to give her a ride to Barneys of New York in Beverly Hills for a little shopping trip on Tuesday.

Making up for his lack of chivalry last month, perhaps?

When the former O.C. starlet finished shopping, she called him on her cell. Hayden came running like a puppy. Woof, woof!

The Jumper co-stars were seen last month feeding each other and grocery shopping together. More recently, Hayden took Rachel to meet his brother Tove Christensen L.A. on Monday. On Saturday, the pair were spotted out and about together in L.A.

Bilson wore a Leather Jacket by Rick Owens and a Lover tunic top.

25+ pictures inside of Hayden & Rachel‘s shopping extravaganza…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 14
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 15
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 16
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 17
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 18
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 19
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 20
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 21
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 22
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 23
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 24
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 25

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Isbp/Scott, FlynetOnline
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  • Yily

    The OC is long over. Why is this girl even famous? I think Rachel Bilson is nothing special. She’s a dime a dozen. There’s so many girls out there that are just like her. Its boring!

  • hershey

    From Seth Cohen to Darth Vader. Girl must like actors who have their own action figures.

  • Lil

    They are totally adorable. Rachel smirks like the won the jackpot in the first picture.

  • Milla

    I love Rachel, but I really don’t like Hayden – and I definitely don’t like them as a couple:-(

  • Well done

    Haha, Rachel trained him well. Woof. Hayden is a cutie although he dresses like Hell. Now I want some cuddling or kissing pics!

    Thanks for all the pictures Jared! You were the first one who called that there was something going on between them.

  • nesa

    Oh they are so sweet! I love them! But i dont can make these pictures on my fanpages about Rachel because i am in the school until sixteen o´clock!

  • tessa

    Very cute couple

  • niles

    Showmance? Better agree JJ, they should stop these media-whoring already coz no matter what it just looks like it pre-meditated!

  • julliette

    This is all publicity shit! The CAA agency wants them hook up

  • lough

    There goes the Mutt & Jeff tandem again. Take a closer look at pic. # 25, you would barely see RB besides Hayden coz of her thumbelina size…

  • rst

    I love Rachel Bilson

  • against_media_hyping

    And this was Hayden C. for all you know… he was just good on hook-up or flings but on the name of commitment issues or what ever, someone has to update me at this point of time!

  • monreal

    Both of them would screwed up sooner than you think coz they’re just suffering right now from syndrome called celebs-who-constantly-dating-their-co-stars…

  • marlou

    Bilson is kinda plain-looking & way too overrated being kept on a hollywood radar same w/ Barton too. Isnt it that her OC was abruptly axed due to low ratings. Makes no wonder that she was just busy doing some media hyping these days!

  • adamson

    RB is just not soo hot or even pretty. Far far beyond the looks of Natalie Portman, Kristin Kreuk or even the slutty-like Hayden Penetierre…

  • kaleigh

    Bilson’s pint-size could easily overlook w/ that towering Hayden and much more of his shining Ferrari. I think she should drink gallons of milk when she was growing up lol!

  • linx

    Since Sienna had already have that homeless-looking Burke, Hayden thinks & acts fast that he should get to someone to… whatever she looks like… Poor taste!

  • mist

    Both of those ex OC girls are just doing all media hyping since they’re nothing to cling on to but the media. Mischa being an outrageously dresser nowadays while Rachel is acting & blatanly cozying up w/ his Jumper co-star w/ she just probably bags coz its director is also connected to that OC show.

  • dude

    Since it looks like that Hayden is now into Hollywood hook-ups, he should at least pick someone who will match up w/ his features. Coz Bilson just looks like… well never mind…

  • Peter

    Rachel is good actress, beautiful and sexy

  • lucy

    Hayden, you moron, stop smoking!

  • Ryan

    WOW Rachel is Beautiful

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    WOW Rachel is ugly.

  • GML

    Juliette, just FYI……..CAA doesn’t represent either Hayden or Rachel.

  • http://n/a doreenb

    I think Tove should be in movies, he has something special.

  • OnM

    “They are totally adorable. Rachel smirks like the won the jackpot in the first picture.”

    Oh don’t start with this, don’t you DARE start!!! We just got rid of one lot of ‘They’re adowabbbbllllle’ a billion times over on the internet with Miss Bilson and Seth Cohen, don’t you be starting this up again. ;)

    Showmance = spot on, btw.

  • mt

    I love Rachel … I don´t like Hayden

  • julliette

    GML I forgot to the name of the agency but they have the same agency

  • kait


  • hammy

    Rachel’s with CAA now. She used to be with Endeavor.

  • leal

    So they’re now an item?! Sure thing that Jumper would suck again just like that Fugtory Girl. Hayden must realized that he had a “bad omen” whenever he’s hitting on his co-star!

  • myles

    Since OC have abruptly pulled -off the air and FG tanks disastrously… Both of them are really in “desperate need” of this media stunt. Enough said!

  • oh_please

    Bilson looks like an old hag-obviously they need each other. She needs any kind of publicity she can get as her career is going nowhere fast. He is still trying to convince the public he is entirely straight—which we all know is not the case.

  • louisesays

    So is Hayden really striking up w/ that ex-OC troll now?! We’ll see how “brief” will it last again just like his previous so-called hook-up stunts!? He should really cut it out these crap already as its getting on everybody’s nerves already!

  • smartie

    Think that Rachel should just hooked w/ another Jumper co-star, Jaimie Bell coz both of them are in their “hobbit” size. But then he’s not in the lead role, so she scrapped that idea…

  • alice

    I love Rachel Bilson she’s beautiful!

  • wyy

    I love Rachel!

  • tessa

    “She needs any kind of publicity”

    Rachel´s rep denies the story, saying” They´re friends” my.p…40207luvvv7.jpg

    Rachel is Beautiful

  • André

    Rachel is so adorable.
    I dreant about her the other night…I just remember asking her if I could touch her freckles.

  • lynn

    i dont like this one bit. i love rachel but not him. she belongs with adam they are 1000 more time cuter together

  • Sweetie


  • caitt

    i so agree with kait, (number 29) like wtf,
    her and adam brody were such a hotter couple
    and they were like perfect for each other
    everyone knows adam brody misses her, like
    she should just get back together with him she knows she still loves him,
    and not this ugly smoker!!

  • Cam

    Rachel is beautiful and your cloth is so amazing but with Adam is so cute

  • Looch

    he looks better w/ sienna miller in my opinion. sienna has an eye for fashion too unlike this rachel chick…maybe not so much hayden, but god damn i’d **** him so quick!! hah. with his fine ass…

    p.s. natalie portman has the biggest ****ing melon head ive ever seen with her short ass…

  • Bollywood

    Well let’s be realistic, their both adorable seperately, but together? Hayden has become a real media whore. He’s investing all of his time with co-stars now which will inevitably end. Perhaps he should look to his deep past to find what he’s really looking for in someone…and omg Rac honey…yeah let’s end this madness now.

  • LenaN4fun

    When I first heard these 2 were together, I couldn’t believe it. Hayden can do so much better than this Rachel chic. There is nothing special about her. PLAIN JANE!!

  • mary_hello

    I love this sweater!!! it is awesone!!!! love Hayden!!!!

  • jess in polland

    maryhello i agree with you!! awesome sweater! but i love Tamudo

  • mary_hello

    oh yeeess!!! Tamudo is handsome!!!it`s a video…

  • dj

    oh! i love Rachel!!