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Angelina Jolie @ GAC Launch -- Part II

Angelina Jolie @ GAC Launch -- Part II

Here is your exclusive access to Board Member of Cambodian Health Committee and UN Goodwill Ambassador for High Commissioner for Refugees Angelina Jolie before the launch of “Global Action for Children” (GAC) on Thursday in Washington, DC. (See Part I here.)

“This is a happy day because it’s not often enough children are represented in this town,” Jolie said. “Their education and well being is an investment in our future.”

When asked about becoming more political or running for elective office, Jolie smiled and said, “I surely don’t think anybody here wants that. [My focus remains] in the field.”

“I feel very fortunate to have orphan children in my home,” added Jolie, who has three adopted children with partner Brad Pitt.

25+ pictures inside of Angelina pre-GAC launch…

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angelina jolie gac 01
angelina jolie gac 02
angelina jolie gac 03
angelina jolie gac 04
angelina jolie gac 05
angelina jolie gac 06
angelina jolie gac 07
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Photos: Getty/Mark Mainz
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  • jeannified

    Gorgeous, as always!

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    Ditto Jared!

  • she looks…

    Beautiful, but not that good here for some reason. Not like her earlier photos.

  • Original Curious

    Thank you Jared. AWESOME!

  • Longtime Angie/Brad Fan/Lurker

    Yes she is Jared. Very beautiful person…

  • she looks…

    On second thought, she gets an “A” because she is wearing very little makeup. Just fresh faced with a little lip gloss and a touch of mascara. Nobody else in Hollywood looks that good without makeup.

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  • Angie video

    She is just luminous when she is speaking about those issues she cares so much about. Her hair is very long again, easy upkeep with four kids under six. SHE IS JUST THE BEST!

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  • Estelle

    Thank you JJ for another wonderful thread, she is absolutely Gorgeous!………

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    Thanks Jared, another thread!
    Angie is B E A U T I F U L… inside and out.
    Hello to my fellow BAMPZS fans and KABABAYANS!

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    Perfect face. Perfect face. Perfect face. bar none.

    Case closed. End of story.

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    I’m in love all over again!

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    Thanks JJ

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    is the dark haired guy trevor neilson-if it is he’s not bad looking

  • Meli

    I checked for one last time before I go to bed and here it is.A new thread with more stunning pictures.Jared you are the one to blame for me staying up all night.


    She looks WAYYYYYYYYY better in the video than the pics.

  • http://htt// didi

    ANGIE doesn’t need more weight ,she looks good.

  • Meli
  • julia

    Just Jared Says:

    April 26th, 2007 at 7:23 pm – flag comment

    yes indeed…. :)

    Thanks Jared for the motherload of pics….
    So beautiful..

  • Lady G

    ICAM Jared. Angie is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S-!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just caught her on Fox News which I rarely watch and she is stunning. And is basically with out makeup and yet is still stunning.

    Also according to the news report Angie donated a million to GAC.

  • lurker

    She looks much better in these pics, weird.

  • old lady

    WOW! Still only 14 messages so far. This is my lucky day. Usually, when I open this site, I’m the 800th. AJ is very capable and very effective as goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR. I believe that she studies the situation beforehand and is really knowledgeable about what she is talking about. Also, she shows sincerity in everything she does. No wonder she has earned the label of “beautiful inside and out.
    Thanks JJ for this thread and giving us fans the chance to learn more about the United Nations and their work.

  • alero

    Thanks Jared.

  • susana

    Call me crazy but she looks so beautiful here but the ones that Jared first posted she didn’t look as good.

  • Love

    I think her weight looks just fine too. She just needs more sleep cause she looks a little sleepy. thats all.

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    Thanks JJ and Hello to you, miss you and I miss all the regulars…

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    Jared thank you so much for all the great pics!

    Hi everyone! She is breathtaking!

    Meli that little bit of *#@ is rising up! Lip gloss, and mascara and looks flawless! ruckasuck%@# I’m better now!

  • Elizabeth

    Pure Beauty!!!!!LOVE HER!!!

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  • bdj

    Angie video Says:
    April 26th, 2007 at 7:37 pm
    Thanks Just Jared for part II. You are great. Thanks for the video. AJ is simply stunning and well spoken about getting aid for orphan children in the video. BP and AJ are truly blessed to have Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in their lives. They sincerely care and love children. Best wishes to all.

  • truth

    God bless her heart.

  • Lalo

    Not only gorgeous, but appropriate. Bravo!

  • Meli

    Sheri Says:
    I know,I know you feel the need to break something,don’t you?This is unfair,so much beauty in just one woman!

  • Zenith

    The way to go Angie!

    A woman of beauty, character and substance.

  • think positive!

    Dayam!!! Some people where really funny in the last thread. LMAO!!!

    I was like. “What the hell?? Am I looking the same woman ??”LOL!!

    The woman is simply BEAUTIFUL!! Period. And it’s not just because she is who she is. Even if she was a nobody I would still say the same. She is wearing almost no make up and she is still looking fabulous.

    She seems very attentive of the discussion. Some people think that she is in some kind of a party. Just because she doesn’t smile like a fool in every God damn picture doesn’t mean that she is sad or that her life is a mess or that she will soon commit suicide. She is simply listening to what others saying and they are talking about children that are suffering from AIDS/HIV. They are not talking about recipes or fashion. :roll:

    Some people are behaving like she had about 100 pounds more before and she lost all of it in a day. I was looking in some pictures of her premiere in Alexander back in 2004 as she was as thin as she is now. That is just her body’s structure. She is not gaining wait easily. Do you really thing that if she had an eating problem she would have these long and healthy hair?? Or she would be able to travel and be an active mother of four??

    Some people really need to get a crip but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    But I guess NE says that she is sick so the Bible writings must be true then. LMAO!!

    Anyway today I just learned about a new organisation that supports those children and I’m so grateful about it. I learned something more about life and how we can use our power and be productive to bring something good in this world instead of sitting in front of a PC to spew hate all day while doing nothing.

    Thank you for all the articles and links. And thanks to Brad and Angie for a brand new and valuable lesson.

  • G

    Angelina Jolie Advocated Action In Washington, D.C.

    A professional and elegant Angelina Jolie made an appearance at Washington’s National Press Club this afternoon to announce the formal launch of Global Action for Children, an advocacy organization dedicated to orphans’ and children’s issues.

    Jolie, dressed in a conservative gray suit, looked stunning, reports our own Cindy Clark, as the actress spoke about the issue closest to her heart. “This is a happy day because it’s not often enough children are represented in this town,” she said. “Their education and well being is an investment in our future.” The organization is focused on increasing government funding by $2.5 billion per year for programs that support orphans and vulnerable children and provide free primary school education in developing countries.

    When asked about a possible run for a formal elected position, Jolie looked amused and said, “I surely don’t think anybody here wants that,” and that her focus remains “in the field.” Jolie, who has three adopted children with partner Brad Pitt, said “I feel very fortunate to have orphan children in my home.”

  • konnitiwa

    Thank you Jared, She is shining from her inside beauty. Her beauty reflects her soul. And she looks really happy in those photos. It must be a lot of work for her before this announcement but her effort surely be rewarded. God bless you, Angie !

  • Meli

    Ok,now it’s time for me to go.It’s 3:07 here and I have to wake up early tomorrow.Thank you Jared for the gorgeous pics.Goodnight to all my BAMPZS friends.Love you!

  • Cherrylee

    I’m so proud of Angelina she does everything possible to help.

    She looks good, as long as she’s healthy we shouldn’t be the judge in how much weight she must gain to appear healthy.

  • Arora

    Is she wearing a St Johns?

  • Sheri

    Meli Says:
    Good night Meli! Thank you for understanding! On my best day I can’t pull that off!!! WhYYYY!!!

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    Thank you fans for always sticking around for this fabulous woman. Thank you JJ for giving us the forum to share. God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s family.

  • http://justjared susy q

    Sweet Angie looks to me like she is sleepy and tired and just trying hard to stay awake, focused and cheerful for everybody. She probably used eye drops too. We forget… she is human too. :-)

  • Tijen

    Thanks again Jared.

  • Frenchy

    Very nice. Holly must be worked to death with a schedule that Angelina has. The GAC is a good idea. I hope they take some ideas from The Children’s Defense Fund. Marian Wright Edelman is one of my idols. Speaking of Idol, their charity show was good last night and as I said before I think Angelina’s influence has silently crept into Hollywood for this new surge of outreach. Of course no one will ask themselves, “I wonder how come the past few years there’s been this new trend of philanthropy”. Angelina will never get any credit for anything positive from certain people. Only the people that matter recognize her efforts. I’m glad she was not on American Idol because she is not the queen of everycharity in the world. She has carved out her own niche and has her plate full with current projects. Everytime there is something about Africa, people ask, Where’s Angelina?
    WTF? People should be asking what can I do to help? Then pick up a phone like Angelina did years ago.

  • think positive!

    I just saw the video. Hair hair are soooooo long!! I love it. She looks stunning too.
    She is sincere and very serious of what she is talking about and it shows with all her existence. She is simply trying to do her best and she is doing it. More power and love to her so she will continue her great work!!

  • Lady G

    Gosh Jon V. just can’t keep his mouth close. Bill O’Reily will be talking about Angie on the hill and guess who will be add his two cents.

    The sement is coming up next for anyone that wants to watch it.