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Britney Spears' Fight Against Cellulite

Britney Spears' Fight Against Cellulite

Britney Spears displays some not-so-cute dimples on her thighs as she leaves Beverly Glen tanning salon on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.

Fight that cellulite, Brit!

Accompanied by a bodygaurd and her attached-at-the-hip cousin Allie, Britney sported her signature country look with a straw hat and floral print minidress (wrinkled, no less).

The twosome then headed over to Millennium Dance Studios for another master class. Wonder what Allie does when Brit Brit is getting her dance on…

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britney spears cellulite 01
britney spears cellulite 02
britney spears cellulite 03
britney spears cellulite 04
britney spears cellulite 05
britney spears cousin allie 01
britney spears cousin allie 02
britney spears cousin allie 03
britney spears cousin allie 04
britney spears leg dimples 01
britney spears leg dimples 02
britney spears leg dimples 03
britney spears leg dimples 04
britney spears leg dimples 05
britney spears leg dimples 06

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  • Yily

    Britney looks cute. Why do we have to focus on her legs of all things? Everybody has cellulite. Its no big deal. This girl can’t have any break at all.

  • kbcan

    i’m not from California so maybe someone can explain this to me. What is the usual attire when women of Britney’s age go to a dance class or the gym? Is this a California thing? I’ve NEVER seen any thing like this with women going to my gym in the years I have been going.

    Or is this strictly Britney dressing up for the paps because she knows her picture is going to be taken?

    Plus if she knows her pic is going to be taken, this dress is hideous! Sort of looks like a table cloth she wrapped around herself that barely covers her crotch.

  • lula29

    Has it come to photographing Britney’s “cellulite” now.

    My God, give the girl a break.

    We get she’s not perfect, I’m over, I’m sure she is too.

  • blackberry

    oh brit why? She is the gift that keeps giving. Its hard feeling sorry for her because she feeds the papz. She needs to go to the Himalayas. Still trust in the massive comeback.

  • Co

    It really seems to be false, on the other pictures she’s thin and her legs seems really good. Don’t you see that on this picture her thigh is wider than usually???? Bullshit!

  • di

    That’s the most doctored photo of a leg I’ve ever seen! I agree the dress is ridiculous though…She has amazing legs and not an inch of cellulite in sight.

  • ammy

    Are you sure it’s the original photo?Well I guess she will not wearing short dress if she has horrible cellulite, because paparazzi is everywhere.C’mon guys, last time I saw her photos show her perfect abs, and she also wear short pant and there’s no cellulite. Why don’t you check it on JJs pictures yesterday.
    And tell us that cellulite is a lie!!!

  • Lucie

    C’mon the girl’s had 2 kids in the space of 2 years, how can she NOT have cellulite or other bodily imperfections? Everyone has them – even celebrities

  • milka

    oh please!! it’s not her leg! just take a look again at this pictures

  • Pulp

    I loathe her!

  • missy

    Thats so not her leg……..she has great legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missy

    soo not her leg , because she has great legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kellymarie

    worst photo shop of a person >>> ever

  • leighan

    thats sooo not her leg … looks soo fake, besides that .. she looks soo pretty :D yey!!

  • Raichill

    The dress is hideous. It looks like something somebody bought from a Sally Army store to wear to bed.

  • angelina_ mmm

    who here think her cousin is a natural beauty?

  • Jess

    OH PLEASE, that is not her leg, the pix has been doctored. The front of the leg is about the last place you get fat dimples. She has trim, slim legs from all that dancing.

    The dress is summery, you see them a lot in Florida too. Don’t like it much but so what, I don’t have to wear it. However, really look at the “wrinkles”….. They are caused from sitting in a car and clutching her bag.

    Guess it was a slow day out there. But really JJ, try to use a little common sense and please stop the lies.

  • Ashley

    Shoot I’d take half that cellulite if my legs could look as good as britney’s

  • 2985

    I think the pic’s been doctored too! Even for people who are relatively inactive, the front of the legs are difficult to get cellulite! And even if it were true, even skinny people have cellulite, anyone remember those mags with headlines “Celebs with cellulites!!!”…yep, Victoria Beckham was photographed from the back and her back thighs were dimpled. Give Britney a break anywho… ;)

  • Eve

    I don´t like that girl. I think she has ruined her career (which I appreciate since I hate her music), but I always thought her legs look great. They are muscly and well toned. So I don´t buy what is shown in these pictures.

  • Silvana

    of course is photoshoped loooooooooool
    so stupid this people

  • enano

    that is fake! her legs look good in every picture, thats doctored

  • kate.

    omfg. this is so OA!
    get over it people shit its not like you dont have it! my god.

  • Shoes4life

    Baaaad Photoshop…

  • Shoes4life

    What is up with those ugly arse boots she keeps wearing everywhere!? They must be very comfortable or someone is paying her to promote those ugly elf boots.

  • heather

    Are u serious? Way to post a fake photo shopped picture!

  • Fake

    someone seriously needs to work on their photoshop skills.

  • kbcan

    What does Allie do while Britney is dancing?

    “Yes Britney, that dance move is fantastic! You are so sexy!”

    “Yes Britney, I love that outfit! You have incredible style”

    “Yes Britney, your folks and manager are mean!”

    “Yes Britney, you are so smart in handling your career right now. That video you shot last week was so cool!”

    “Yes Britney, I will hold your hand again to lead you through the paparazzi.”

    “Yes Britney, I think you should get another tattoo.”

    “Yes Britney, you do indeed have two children! Their names are Jayden and Sean Preston. They are so lucky to have you as their mother.”

    “Yes Britney, this will definitely make Justin and Kevin jealous! They definitely don’t know how to appreciate the love of a good woman.

    “Yes Britney, I will get you some more Cheetohs and RedBull.”

  • Jillian

    She looks like a 2 cent hooker. ALL THE TIME. Nasty looking tramp.

  • Cynthia

    Plastic surgery is a luxury, but no matter how much you get, it will always be evidence of it. She had an awful lot of lipo injections! The cellulite (dimples) speaks for itself. She’s fake head to toe!

  • ikho

    Her legs are one of her best features that looks like photoshop! Jared, why are you picking on her????? Isn’t she having a hard enough time?

  • Ginnie

    Ikho, my thoughts exactly, why pick on her? Give her some credit, she’s trying to get her life together and is on the road to recovery, we should be applauding her efforts rather than bashing her phyiscal appearance which in my opinion I think she looks great!

  • she looks…

    like she’s lost a little weight. Just a little softer since she’s not dancing.

    I never really liked her. Honest.

    Hope she pulls herself together so she can be a good mother. She’s young and should concentrate on her career. Find herself and leave the men alone for a while.

  • kbcan

    Why are people defending her? She deserves every ounce of criticism she deserves — because of her complete stupidity and insane actions. She is an adult — and she sure doesnt act like one — so I have a hard time understanding why anyone would think anyone is being too critical on her. The fact is — she cant stand criticism (her parents, in rehab, her manager, etc) which she so sorely needs to listen to

  • Jane

    Look at the muscle definition in Britney’s thigh–her quads are quite well developed. Those are big muscles!

    I think the photo is real since you can have muscles and cellulite at the same time. It just means there’s some fat cells (probably left over from the pregnancies), and they are probably visible in this photo because of the way the light hit her leg.

  • Sadie

    Kbcan, No one’s perfect we all have made mistakes in our lives, we all have flaws and our faults but that doesn’t mean we have to be bashed on for it! She made her mistakes and she’s moving on… Of course she doesn’t like negative criticism, who does??? Peace out!

  • Simi

    She doesn’t have slim legs. She and Jennifer Garner thickened their calves from overexercise from Britney’s dancing during tour and Jennifer Garner’s stuntwork on Alias. These are not runway legs.

    I am so pissed at these photos.

  • Steph

    That picture of her leg looks doctorred.

  • wentysarah.m

    oh my god!! no coment…

  • AJScks

    Yes I agree with Steph, these photos of her legs have probably been photoshopped!

  • Legends

    lol…but that can’t be her thigh, in all the other pics they look normal. In the one with just her thigh it’s like major cottage cheese…I don’t know, that seems kinda funky…

  • gypsy marie

    oh please, even if its not doctored god forbid her leg look not so perfect in mid-walk.

  • gladys

    thats not her legs! shame on you all!!

  • The Real Deal

    This is her leg, you idiots.

  • Puh-lease

    The Real Deal Says:

    April 27th, 2007 at 1:02 am – flag comment
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they should be able to do so without being called an idiot just because their opinion differs from yours!

  • bec

    oh fuk off jared and give her a break, you fukn ugly fag

  • realy

    i would just wish, just jared would also post all that bullshit that is around about angelina – not always posting crap about others and in angelina threads only the she is the saint and beautifull….

    about britney, madonna, aniston etc. you realy post every big lie and each horrible photo

    either post about all songstresses and actresses only the good and pretty things or include brangelina dirt y things and/or lies too

    it a bit stupid realy, to throw dirt on all other women…

  • Ali

    I cannot believe how cruel and insensitive people are. I really would like to know where it is written in stone that celebrities have to be perfect with absolutely no flaws at all? They are human just like us and cellulite is not going to pass over Britney Spears just because she is a celebrity. Having money does not always solve every problem and flaw in life or appearance wise. I am a big fan of Britney Spears and I think she seems very down to earth compared to a lot of other celebrities out there. She doesn’t walk around with a stick up her ass thinking who the hell she is. Everybody goes through rough times so just back off and leave the girl alone. People act like she is a murderer or something. Yeah crucify the girl because she has cellulite. I actually admire her for still wearing dresses etc. knowing that she has flaws, it shows that she is real and gives us all something to relate to.

  • Freddie

    Cut it out!! Britney Spears was, and still is, and always will be the finest looking woman in the entire planet!! Every guy in the world still wants to do her!! She is a healthy looking, shapely woman……not one of those stick figures like Paris Hilton!! She is a million times hotter than Jessica Alba, who is so overrated already!! FHM Magazine does not know what they are talking about!! I saw Britney Tuesday night at House of Blues and she is looking FIIIIINE!!!!!! Way better than Scarlett HOEBAG Johansson and Jessica Biel!! Justin!! Get away from these UGLY hoes!! Britney is the best you’ll ever have!! Any man who isn’t drooling over Britney is either gay, or just mentally ill!! Britney is the foxiest girl EVEAH!!!!! Even when she shaved her head, she still is GORGEOUS!!!

  • Grace

    Yeah, this is not a real picture.
    It looks like there is a roll of fat above her knee and she’s too thin to have that.
    Clearly fake.