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Kate Bosworth Seeks Holistic Health Care

Kate Bosworth Seeks Holistic Health Care

A healthy-looking Kate Bosworth seeks out Eastern medicine treatment techniques at Osani Holistic Health Care, a holistic medicine clinic in Pacific Palisades, Calif., on Wednesday.

The owner of Osani, Frank Jasper, believes in tapping into the body’s innate ability. After studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture in college, Jasper earned his M.D. and began operation of the clinic with his wife, Sandra.

Somehow, Jasper‘s Wikipedia entry has mysteriously disappeared but thanks to Google’s cache, you can still view it here. How odd.

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# 1

Sorry this has nothing to deal with celebrities but Denise Pipitone, a little girl, has disapeared 2 yeas ago in Sicilia. Any help is accepted here.
The link:


# 2

As skinny and ugly as ever.

# 3

Just tell me she won’t be in Superman Man of Steel and I’ll be happy. What an awful actress.

# 4
[Fug Face [x]] @ 04/26/2007 at 11:12 am

I second that XMAN – very awful actress.

# 5

In what alternate universe would THAT be considered “healthier?” She looks no different than she has before with the spaghetti arms and legs, bony sternum and dead hair. People aren’t doing her any favors by going on about how great she looks.

# 6

xenu, I really start to love you. I was starting to doubt my eyes because even Perez went all “oh, how HEALTHY she looks!” And I honestly cannot see any difference at all, too. She’s still WAY too thin for her height and this girl definitely needs a burger. Telling her how much better she looks with what, 6 pounds more? won’t do her any good.

# 7

“People aren’t doing her any favors by going on about how great she looks.”

Xenu you aren’t doing her any favors by going on about how bad she looks. She looks much better than she did a few months ago especially during New York fashion week.

# 8

Kate still looks terrible. Maybe it would help if she ever looked happy. She always looks like she’s just about to puch someone, even when she’s “smiling”.

# 9

at lease she’s gaining her weight back, loved her back when she came out, she looked awesomely fit. You go Kate!

Wow – she’s put on a pound, woop-de-fricken-do. Do I hold resentment because she was hot and heavy with Orlando Bloom? Um, yes. Does this effect my judgement on her skinny ass? Um no, sweetheart needs to look in a real mirror and not the circus ones (the ones that make you look short and stumpy) she obviously has in her house, because girl is skin and bones…no wait scratch that, she’s just bones.

she’s skinny. get over it.

Me No Likey @ 04/26/2007 at 6:45 pm

Damn fat people are bitter. The girl is skinny so what? She doesn’t look like death anymore.

I’ve never understood how Kate Bosworth fell into the “too skinny” category. Like, she’s skinny but not, at least from most pictures I’ve seen, emaciated-looking. If someone could show me a sample picture of her being scary skinny that would solve a mystery of the world for me.

I think kate has gained some weight back. Her face is even fuller. Wish i had the extra money to do holistic stuff. sounds interesting.

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