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Jake Gyllenhaal's Assistant Hook-Up

Jake Gyllenhaal's Assistant Hook-Up

Jake Gyllenhaal returns home after playing hand-on uncle in NYC to Ramona, big sis Maggie‘s 6-month-old daughter.

Jake, 26, was picked up by his assistant Valerie after arriving at Burbank Airport in California on Friday afternoon.

The Brokeback Mountain star wore a Nike zip-up hoodie and a “Great Western Landscape” cap. And don’t bother looking at his luggage tags. I’ve looked — they’re blank!

Here’s hoping for more pictures of spandex studs Jake and Austin Nichols!

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29 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal's Assistant Hook-Up”

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  1. 1
    No moreEvian Says:

    I believe the lady is Jake’s assistant (who might still work for him).

    She was papped in 2006 handing him some car keys in some pics at IHJ. She has worn a wedding band in the past.

    So fear not, Austin and the spandex warrior are quite safe for now methinks! ;)

  2. 2
    André Says:

    Most beautiful man, isn’t he?

  3. 3
    TRKnightis A Baby Says:

    He is not paying her much

  4. 4
    anon Says:

    Jared, you have no idea who that chick is so saying she is his PR assistant based on a posting is pretty lame even for a gossip blogger! If that is the same girl that worked for him during the Zodiac shooting and was with him during the awards season last year, than he apprarently re-hired her or something because when he was doing the Baftas this year and Zodiac promo stuff, he was with two totally different women/assisitants. If he did re-hire her I hope this means thta he has some work lined up or something because he is quickly becoming D-List if the only thing he does is seen biking and buying groceries.

  5. 5
    anon. Says:

    I think she looks like Reese. Wouldn’t it be funny if the tabloids spread all these rumors on a case of mistaken identity. Bcz I think she does work for him. They don’t look like they have some intimated connection. LOL!

  6. 6
    Leslie Says:

    I’m all for more spandex with Austin. Those guys are just too cute!

  7. 7
    anon Says:

    Anon. at 9:55: I doubt that. The Jake and Reese stuff started up again in NY where there were pictures. The three sightings of them having dinner and Reese getting take out required the waiters seeing her up close and one of those resturaunts is a popular spot for celebs so I think they all know what Reese looks like. Now the reports of her leaving his place early in the morning as I read elesewhere, that may be this chick here but the question is: if she is a PA or ex-PA it’s odd unless he is about to start work on a project, because he sure doesn’t neen a PA to do errands.

  8. 8
    dani Says:

    Thanks for the new pics Jared. Jakey’s sexy as always.

  9. 9
    What Says:

    Anon 9:35, Jake is hardly D-list. He just finished filming a movie, Rendition and has just been out promoting Zodiac which recently came out in theatres and will be premiering at Cannes in a couple of weeks. Yes, I hope he signs onto a new project soon, but he is not D-list.

  10. 10
    anon Says:

    The problem is that Zodiac bombed in the US. I would asume he re-hired this PA for the upcoming Cannes/Europeon opening, but I can’t figure out why he hired her so early, there is a video on x17online from 4/15 where she is spotted on Jakes property with some acting “coy” odd for a PA that has worked for him before. I just hope Jake and his PR team aren’t using Reese and Jake’s freindship and the PA’s similarity to Reese to exploit because Reese is A-list and she will not be too pleased.

  11. 11
    What Says:

    Anon 9:35, I hardly think Jake is D-list. He just finished filming a movie, “Rendition” and just finished promotion for “Zodiac” which was just in theatres. Also, “Zodiac” will be premiering in Cannes in a couple of weeks. I do hope he signs onto a new project soon, but he is not D-list.

  12. 12
    anon. Says:

    Sheesh! You guys act like you know all his habits, his needs, his personal schedule!!! You have no idea who that chick is! Personally, I think she has a professional relationship with him, not a personal one. As for why he hired her…IF he hired her, who knows!!! Maybe she’s a secretary or an assistant to his agent or something. We know nothing. Except I agree she does bear a passing resemblance to Reese. Is Jake into chins???LOL!

  13. 13
    No moreEvian Says:

    “I read elesewhere, that may be this chick here but the question is: if she is a PA or ex-PA it’s odd unless he is about to start work on a project, because he sure doesn’t neen a PA to do errands.”

    It’s NOT “odd” anon 7. Not only does the press make up stuff to fit but there is no mystery to the ways of stars whose lives run completely opposite to ordinary people with a multitude of folks coming and going in a day. The implication that everything has to be subversive and mysterious and therefore an undercover dalliance, as you seem to imply, is the work of someone with too much time on their hands.

    Get a grip, do a crossword or something.

    The lady is a PA from January last year who obviously still works for him. End of story. No biggie.

  14. 14
    Cara Says:

    D-list, hahahahha, are you insane?!!! Jake is in a class by himself, there isn’t even a name for it yet, but it sure ain’t D-list! hot hot hot, yummilicious….. what a hunk….. Maybe the next step for him is to do a comedy?

  15. 15
    anon Says:

    Anon at 13: The thing is this chick has not been seen with him in over a year, the events he attended last year after the awards: The Espys/MTV awards he was seen with the usual older brunette PA that worked with him for years, then this year there were two new ones, an older blonde a younger brunette, then all of a sudden this PA re-appears during the Resse crap. It could be that this blonde is someone totally different, there are a lot of blondes in La, la land and just because she is picking up Jake in what appears to be his car, doesn’t mean she is a PA working, could be just a friend. And btw, she just has a passing resemblance to Reese IMO. I just hope if it is a PA that means that he has a project lined up, I doubt a PA would pick him up from the airport to jsut drop him home.

  16. 16
    The waitress Says:

    Jared there is no way in hell you are straight, climb off it! Too much obsession with Jake and spandex and cycling, except with Lance and Matt: verboten?? or his chef buddy from NY for reasons you are well aware of.

  17. 17
    mrs grated cheese Says:

    Jared is straight, but like all bloggers he can spot a hit and exploit it like everyonelse.
    And Jake and the rumors around his love life are big hits for internet bloggers everywhere.

  18. 18
    RG Says:

    So, let me get this straight (no pun intended)…

    Since it is so painfully obvious that the showmance was on paper only, those without the words “Jake + Gay/Bi is alright by me” in their vocabulary, are now blaming their tabloid gullibility on Jake? Accusing him of hiring, or re-hiring, or planting in paps view a woman who looks like Reese, and parading her around Hell-Ay and NYC (even though those sightings were proven to be bogus and fabricated), meanwhile going about his personal day-to-day business alone, (or with Austin or Chris) all with the nefarious purpose of making it seem as if he were dating Ms. Witherspoon in the hopes of raising his D-list status?

    That if there is a BF, and that’s a f’ing huge IF, because Jake is 100% straight, it just HAS to be Chris because they’ve been photographed together shopping and eating and biking and other stuff, and if you’re seen like that, it automatically means you’re dating?

    And the BF can’t be Austin because they’ve been photographed shopping and eating and biking and other stuff, (not to mention Jar supping and trailer loitering), and gee, can’t two male friends hang out together without people calling them gay?

    And Austin is only using the past four years as a stepping stone to stardom, trading on his friendship with a D-listed actor on his way to stardom, and that’s why he’s just now getting his first real break with JFC?

    Please tell me those who believe this crap neither drive a motor vehicle nor plan to breed.

  19. 19
    InTheKnow Says:

    Can’t wait for more photos of Jake and Austin. “Friends” or more they have a certain je ne sais quoi.

  20. 20
    EndlesslyAmused Says:

    I’ve noticed that any mention of Jake and his friend Austin seems to hit a nerve with some people. I wonder why that is?

  21. 21
    Cash your check from Wenty JAred??? Says:

    Endlesslyamused: I read through the posts and that’s not the case. But some seem curious about the blonde girls sudden appearence and that he seems to be at loose ends yet again that’s all. And Jared may be straight and he may post things for hits like everyone else but he has no problem pimping Wenworth Miller and his “straightness” and everyone in HW knows he is gay as well as the fake Bilson/Christianson romance but he does mention them with tounge in cheek, but the Miller pimping is curious, he must be the only blogger that thinks he’s straight.

  22. 22
    Baboo Says:

    Well Jared can’t post anything about Jake and his pal Chris for obvious reasons, right Jared! Sorry Jared, you brought this on yourself exploiting Jake and his family. Keep it up and we will post elsewhere the behind the scenes stuff here a t JJ and you woukldn’t want that, would you??

  23. 23
    EndlesslyAmused Says:

    Cash your check and Baboo: You really can’t handle any mention of Jake and Austin, can you? You try to cloud the issue by bringing up Wentworth and Jake’s best friend Chris. None of that changes the fact that Jake and Austin are the ones who have tongues wagging.

  24. 24
    Baboo Says:

    #23: Go peddle your spinning points elsewhere. Jared is jonesing for a picture of Jake/Reese mark my words and he will get it (if one ever surfaces)from the same source he got Ramona’s name and the same source that ID’d Greta Caruso. He is taunting Jake and his people, the mention of BBM and not Zodiac probably irks them even more but that’s on purpose, right Jared??

    PS: You are the one that is clouding the “issue”, Chris is so much apart of Jake’s coverage on this blog : The basketball pictures that were posted here last year of Chris and Jake playing Basketball, nuff said. Bottom line: Jared could care less about Jake, he would post about him ******** a goat if he knew it would get hits.

  25. 25
    hunh??? Says:

    Well RG, your to schmart 4 me! Ya gots so many double-entendres and backhanded double negatives to the nth power, ya done confused me, what are you trying to say ‘xackly??

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