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Gaspard Ulleil & Cecile Cassel: French Made Sexy

Gaspard Ulleil & Cecile Cassel: French Made Sexy

Sexy French film actor couple Gaspard Ulliel and Cecile Cassel attend the premiere of Spider-Man 3 Friday at the Grand Rex cinema in Paris, France.

Gaspard, 22, is best known for his role as Hannibal Lecter in 2007′s Hannibal Rising. Cecile, 24, has starred in numerous French films.

Cecile is the sister of one of France’s biggest stars, Vincent Cassel and the half sister-in-law of Monica Bellucci (read: Bellucci‘s husband’s sister).

Cecile‘s father, actor Jean-Pierre Cassel, unfortunately passed away on April 19 at the age of 74. A funeral was held at St. Eustache Church in Paris, France on April 26.

15+ pictures inside of Gaspard, Cecile, and Monica

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gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 01
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 02
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 03
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 04
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 05
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 06
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 07
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 08
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 09
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel 11
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel monica bellucci 01
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel monica bellucci 02
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel monica bellucci 03
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel monica bellucci 04
gaspard ulliel cecile cassel monica bellucci 05

Photos: Getty/Francois Durand
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  • loli

    Thanks for those pictures Jared. They are so adorable together.
    Unfortunately we (french people) have lost someone very important in the French Cinema, Mister Jean Pierre Cassel. Like you said Cecile (Gaspard’s girlfriend) is Monica Bellucci’s sister in law ’cause she is married with Vincent Cassel, Cecile’s brother. You already heard this name somewhere? Sure, he played in Ocean’s Twelve

  • loli

    Sorry I forgot to say how much I like Gaspard. He’s really talented and sooo cute…

    Gaspard tu es superbe, reste comme tu es. Vive Gaspard et vive la France ^^

  • moi

    cécile also played in the last episode of sex and the city she was carrie’s boyfriend daugther
    i also think it’s strange that she is attending a premiere whereas her father recently died

  • Kevin

    Gaspard Ulliel was SOOOO bad in Hannibal Rising. He should stick to modeling. He’s a terribe actor.

  • loli

    I haven’s seen Hannibal so I can’t say but you, how can you say that he is a terrible actor with just one movie?! He was perfect in Un Long Dimache de Fiançailles (sorry I don’t know how this title was translated in english) and also in Paris Je T’Aime. Maybe it wasn’t easy for him to act in english! And of what I heard, the movie was bad, not him!

  • Dane

    How many films did you see him in, Kevin? Not enough to judge, I bet.

    Gaspard & Cecile look so cute together, but somehow like brother and sister. Same hair, same eyecolour, same skin …

  • Dane

    PS: I found Hannibal Rising good for all the technical aspects, which includes acting, but I did not like the story, not in the book and not in the film.

  • Alysha

    who wears jeans to a funeral?!

  • david

    How can you forget to mention that she’s the sister of one of France’s biggest stars, Vincent Cassel?

  • wentysarah.m

    Gaspard is so cute ;-)

  • Jules

    alysha- those pictures aren’t from the funeral…
    Gaspard is so cute!!!!

  • Jules

    nevermind! i didnt see those other pics. sorry :)

  • s

    Jules Says:
    April 28th, 2007 at 6:53 pm – flag comment

    alysha- those pictures aren’t from the funeral…
    Gaspard is so cute!!!!”

    the 5 last pics are from the funeral and vincent cassel is wearing jeans

  • pipi

    Wow! I hope Vincent’s weight is for a role, he’s too fine to let himself go.

  • Souhila from Paris

    Gaspard and the Cassel family rock!!!

  • sunshineday

    Gaspard is incredibly cute! and Cecile has shaped up from her earlier days on the red carpet – bravo

  • selwyse

    Ah, he’s dating Cecile Cassel? Meh. He’s way prettier than her, unfortunately..

    love, love, LOVE Vincent Cassel!! =)

  • Bibi

    Love Gaspard Ulliel. He was good in Hannibal Rising, even if the story was bad. I think he can be proud of what he did in the movie.
    Cecile and him are cute together but i think they look like brother and sister too.

  • mmm

    oh hell he’s so hot ,y eyes hurt. he’s great in a very long engagement!

  • Lea

    I love Gaspard Ulliel. He`s so sexy and talented!!

  • zing

    sorry… read monica bellucci and it’s all i could think of. that woman is perfection.

  • jamie

    wow… what a bluge on the Gaspard dude. Yummy.

  • yuehun

    Gaspard Ulleil looks cute so far!

  • Adele

    Vincent can wear whatever he wants to HIS DAD’s funeral. It’s not a formal event for him. It doesn’t matter what he’s wearing. It’s an event where people are supposed to grieve, not to show off a new black Armani suit.

    Gaspard and his girlfriend look like brother and sister, which is odd. But there’re cute!

  • cb

    she doesn’t look like her brother to me – not complaining. Love both of them. Sad for their (and France’s) loss.

  • nope

    movies must really not like paris. rex is the dirtiest, grungiest – gay club right next door – place to have an opening. ridiculous. but it’s cool. all of paris gets to see the occassional hottie. even fi the red carpet is brown from having been walked over all day by pedestrians going to the metro.

  • skyla

    Ooh more lovely European actors for me to obsess over. I have yet to watch A Very Long Engagement (I have it on dvd and Gaspard Ulliel is in it).

    I already am obessed with Monica Belucci and Vincent Cassell. Sad that his father has died. :(

  • Joan

    @Kevin: Do you have seen Gaspards other movies? Or only “Hannibal Rising”? In “A Very Long Engagement”, “Strayed” or “The last Day” he was very good, for example. In France he has won a lot of Awards for his acting.

    And I find, Gaspard was in “Hannibal Rising” very good, too!

  • icy

    oh my god cecile is not good for gaspard i know there are more perfect that cecile their partnership didn’t click.I think gaspard should find another woan who is much younger that his girlfriend. i think gaspard is more suited for me

  • icy

    oh my god cecile is not good for gaspard i know there are more perfect that cecile their partnership didn’t click.I think gaspard should find another woman who is much younger that his girlfriend. i think gaspard is more suited for me

  • Haruka

    gaspard is so damn cute … i just knew him from the movie hannibal rising (”,)
    it was his 1st english movie , rite ?
    he’s not such a bad actor as people claim he is …
    he’s so hawt ….
    love him ….

  • http://deleted Haruka

    gaspard is so damn hawt ….

  • Sarah

    All right, so here is the low down. I saw Hannibal Rising twice now. The movie was awsome and very well set up. The best part was seeing Gaspard Ulliel. He is so hot!!!! He is one of the hottest guys that isn’t from the U.S.!!!

  • Sarah

    He is soooo hot. After I saw Hannibal rising I feel to the floor! kidding but seroiusly, is on my #1 list for hot guys. Hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be mine!

  • sadia

    I think gong li & gaspard would be the perfect couple if they were in same age.

  • Janine

    Gaspard Ulliel is great in hannibal rising and I really liked the movie myself. But maybe that’s just cause I like watching gaspard. I dunno, I didn’t find it that bad at all. There must be something wrong with me…

  • Savannah

    Gaspard Ulliel is my favorite actor. And judging my opinion, he is the sexiest male actor I can think of. Not to mention, “Hannibal Rising” being one of my favorite films, I loved it all. His accent really sent out the mood and the storyline is excellent. Five stars, baby!

  • Tifa

    He is gorgeous, she is ugly.
    Sorry, but i don`t see them together.

  • ivana i mirjana

    Gaspard is the most charming and talented actor in a world!
    We love ya!!!

  • kirsten

    i watched Hannibal Rising recently and i can’t help but swoon over Gaspard Ulliel. he’s soooo adorable. he’s good in acting as he is handsome. it really breaks my heart that he’s taken. his girlfriend cecile is so lucky. which brings me to the question: is she pregnant? she sure looks like one in those pics. I LOVE GASPARD ULLIEL!!!

  • patricia

    i think gaspard ulliel is a great actor. i’m saying this not because i really find him cute and hot but because he truly is. i mean have u watched Hannibal Rising? oh he’s just adorable in that movie. he’s captivating to watch onscreen. no actor could have played that role better than him. i hope that he will make more english movies. i love him. he’s a very talented young man. his girlfriend is so lucky. no offense cecile cassel but i think he’s too good for you. you don’t deserve him! Gaspard please marry me..hehehe..

  • patricia

    gaspard why can’t you see she’s not the right person for you? you’re better off with me. she wont love you like i will. oh please forget about cecile cassel. i’m still here for you..

  • sam

    Gaspard Ulliel looks SO MUCH better than that girl ,
    his girl friend looks so old. she’s lucky by the way .

    but i prefer Gong Li with him ha .

  • linda

    Gaspard and Cecile are my fave couple in the french entertainment industry. It’s a bit odd that they went to a premiere after her father’s funeral but she looks like she’s trying to be positive.

    Ahh Gaspard is PERFECT! I know a lot of fans of the Twilight novels want him as Edward Cullen and he definately fits the description well but the only thing is that he has projects filmed at the same time as Twilight plus the production only wants to cast people under 21 =(!

  • natalie =]

    omg. Gaspard is friggin gorgeouse.. =]

    But him and Cecile broke up officially.. so yeah..

  • natalie =]

    omg. Gaspard is friggin gorgeouse.. =]

    But him and Cecile broke up officially.. so yeah..

  • scarlet

    i love gaspard ulliel!!! hes so hot and talented!!!! pretier then his girlfriend diffinetly, she most be really cool though…?
    they kina look like brother and sister. same eyes,skin, hair,eye browls!! eeek
    gaspard is my aphrodisiac xxxxxx

  • scarlet

    owkae im guna be honest now i think gaspard is hotest man sexest man alive i think he should date a hot girl too like a model!!! gimma ward!!!or like a victoria secret model….he needs someone pretty!!! he should date me!! i model for country road!!!!! and omg have they vroken up yuuuuuusss!!!xxx

  • resha valentine

    WhoooW…! He’s very YummY, deLicious and capital C A P T I V A T I N G… very Talented, well just dont know why he wanted cecil cassel…there are lots of beautiful and sexy women out here who would really be a good pair for Gaspard…she’s too old and matuRe…can’t blame, she’ good also in physical attributeS….come and visit PHIlippines……

    LoVe u…take caRe,…

  • resha valentine