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Kate Bosworth's Beach Bikini

Kate Bosworth's Beach Bikini

Kate Bosworth enjoys a fun-filled afternoon with two gal pals — including high school best friend Ary — on Friday afternoon Maui, Hawaii.

The bikini-bodied girlfriends play-wrestled on the beach and fooled around in the water, capturing moments together on a digital camera.

Looks like it was a girls-only vacation as British male model boyfriend James Rousseau did not join in on the fun.

20+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Bosworth

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01 kate bosworth hawaii
02 kate bosworth hawaii
03 kate bosworth hawaii
kate bosworth bikini 01
kate bosworth bikini 02
kate bosworth bikini 03
kate bosworth bikini 04
kate bosworth bikini 05
kate bosworth bikini 06
kate bosworth bikini 07
kate bosworth bikini 08
kate bosworth bikini 09
kate bosworth bikini 10
kate bosworth bikini 11
kate bosworth bikini 12
kate bosworth bikini 13
kate bosworth bikini 14
kate bosworth hawaii 01
kate bosworth hawaii 02
kate bosworth hawaii 03

Photos: Binns
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  • didi


  • Kelsey

    way too skinny! juk

  • Vanessa

    What are you talking about? She’s not too skinny. She looks just fine. Being chubby is not too cute either people!

  • schizo·phren·ic

    hideous. absolutely disgusting. those bones single handedly ruined superman returns.

  • Me No Likey

    She looks like a little boy. Not hot.

  • Sienna

    She looks GREAT! Healthy and sexy!

  • Melissa

    She looks super happy and that is really what matters… you guys are sooooo obsessed with body image!

  • lila

    she looks like she put on a little weight. she used to be all bones, now she looks good

  • cute

    She’s looking healthier and happier than 6 months ago – nice to see!

  • sarah

    Far to skinny still! eat something kate! real men dont like to sleep with a bag of bones!!

  • Raichill

    Yep, she looks borderline skeletal.

  • ricky

    She is way too skinny still as I see ribs and backbone all over.

    I do find it ironic that she’s showing off her “new” body just as Orlando is promoting Pirates. I’m guessing she’s jealous of all the attention. There’s no way that a photographer just happened upon her at the beach. She’s posing for the camera at a total photo opp.

  • Me No Likey

    Ricky I think the beach photo op is more of a career move. She’s putting Hollywood on notice saying look I’m not a skeleton anymore. For sure these will show up in a few tabloids next week.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    yeah men don’t like skeletons

  • ricky

    Well, that’s all she lives for is to be in a tabloid. Unfortunately for her, she’s irrelevant and no one cares.

  • Mandy

    Good lord, she’s quite a poser now is she? Seems like her model bf teached her some things – or she finally found a someone that loves to be in the focus of a camera as much as she does. Does she ever ANYTHING that’s not for promoting her flat ass? Too bad that weight issues and famous bfs aren’t things to build up a carreer on. I argee with ricky and seriously hope that she will be gone soon. The movies will keep running without her (and all of them a lot better – Superman!!), so who cares?

    PS – she’s still WAY too thin – only thing better now than comparing this bikini shoots with these two years ago with Orlando is that she’s not as white as a wall in these. Nice tan. Still a bony chest and YUCK to her arms and stick thin legs. Did she ever reach puberty? She looks like my 11-year-old sister!!!

  • magnus

    She looks great.

    Shut up fatties!

    Nobody likes a fat whiny b*tch. Just shut up and enjoy your twinkies quietly.

  • anon

    She looks great. She still is very thin but she looks healthy, but not at all as skeletal as she was before.

  • Kimberly

    At least she has gained some weight. Wouldnt hurt her to gain about 5-10 more pounds. You can see some rib bones on her ribs/chest :\

  • André

    gorgeus body.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    magnus and anon, who’s on top?

  • Lovelace

    What did she look like before if this is better? I don’t know who she is but she’s enjoying the presence of the paparazzi to be anything other than another useless celebrity a la Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

  • Kitten

    How did they know it’s her best friend from HS named Ary? That just seems way to random for a pap to know unless someone told them. Most times other people are simply referred to as ‘guest’ or unidentified male/female. And I hate that bandana top thingie.

  • Lucie

    She’s still too skinny but the pics aren’t as scary as the nicole richie in a bikini ones

  • Bibi

    She looks better than a few of month ago. She seems to be happy and that’s what matter. And, I don’t think she looks like Nicole, she’s prettier.

  • Mandy

    magnus, speaking of yourself? My body is perfectly fine, but Kate’s just YUCK.
    Now, go back to kindergarten and grow up first. Jesus…

  • schizo·phren·ic

    Kitten is skinnier than kate is. that’s because Kitten only eats c**k

  • Damn…

    …she learned how to use her mouth again for eating burgers, not only c**ks. Too bad, I was waiting for her to finally fade away completely. Oh well, as soon as the medias are used to her eating again she will get boring again. I give her a month and she will be gone again. Bet she’ll break up with her bf then and be ‘too sad to eat’ again to get some press. Pathetic!

  • Bobby

    She could use maybe about 5 more pounds, preferrably in her tits, but she is not bad now.

    All the fat cows need to stop whining. Men would rather hit this than your fat asses.

  • lori

    Christ, some of you people! There are plenty of women out there with small breasts who STILL look gorgeous! Kate looks a helluva lot healthier now than she did a few months ago. I don’t consider her to be ‘beautiful’ exactly, but she’s certainly very pretty when she’s not suffering from ‘under-eater’s disease.’ Lay off. She looks positively radiant now and I hope for her sake that it lasts.

  • bobo

    I am glad she got away from Orlando Bloom I heard he was emotionally abusive with her and that is why she lost so much weight. She looks so happy here.