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Bilson's Bite to Eat

Bilson's Bite to Eat

Rachel Bilson (sans rumored beau Hayden Christensen) dines with a girlfriend and her pet pooch Thurmen Murmen on Friday in Los Angeles.

Could she be any cuter?

The former O.C. star soaked up the sun, sitting on the patio enjoying a glass of red wine with her food. She wore a Rugby Stripe Hooded 3/4 Sleeve in Black by Splendid.

More pictures inside of Rachel eating out…

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rachel bilson eating lunch 01
rachel bilson eating lunch 02
rachel bilson eating lunch 03
rachel bilson eating lunch 04
rachel bilson eating lunch 05
rachel bilson eating lunch 06
rachel bilson eating lunch 07
rachel bilson eating lunch 08

Photos: Buhl
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  • loli
  • Milla

    Thank a lot for the new Rachel pictures! she looks soooo cute!!

  • suzi

    cute as always

  • schizo·phren·ic

    she looks like a dog.

  • n

    haydens in europe now

  • Jil

    She looks so young here. Cute as a button!

    Yeah, Hayden is rumored to take part in a rally through Europe. He must be in London right now if he is really participating.

  • André

    ain’t no other woman that can take your spot, my love.

  • Ekaycia

    CUTE as BUTTON!! Love you, Rachel!

  • boon

    She’s soo ordinary looking and just as fug as her dog…

  • mills

    RB should always just be sitting around so that her miniscule frame would just always be overlook!

  • dude

    I really cant see anything special about her and she’s not even that pretty. Soo lame!

  • Maze

    JJ, there are “soo many yet really pretty brunettes roaming in Hollywood e.g. Anne Hathaway, Alexis Bledel, Rose Byrne, Natalie Portman, Sophia Bush etc. Why are you sticking up w/ this troll?!

  • linn

    Do you really think that Rachel & Hayden are really an item?! Soo gullible! Knowing Hayden, he’s only good on hooking-ups that only lasted for 3 months while Rachel, well she’s doing nothing but all media-hyping!

  • not_clueless

    RB should always just sitting around when some paps would take some shots of her so that many people wont be able to recognized just how atom-like her size is!

  • shea

    Of course, she’s not w/ Hayden coz their oh so obviously phoney media stunt had already caught media attention. A perfect pre-article for their upcoming movie!

  • bluish

    RB’s still a struggling starlet w/ nothing to cling on to after OC have been abruptly axed so the best option for her to do is to get hook-up!

  • mist

    Soo fug yet soo tiny… and she ain’t nothing like Natalie Portman. So what is she doing in your site Jared?!

  • coz_I_said_so

    Hayden STILL had this poor & strange taste in women that I want to knock up hard on his head again!

  • maire

    Yeah she’s cute as a button coz she really looks like a miniature object all ready to squeezed it in & trash it out!

  • niles

    Oh please don’t even compare her to Natalie Portman, it just sounds so profane. Perhaps the likes of Christina Ricci would be a better choice…

  • Sterling

    Rachel’s not even great threat when it comes to looks department in compared w/ some TV actresses from some show such as Smallville, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes. Her constant appearance w/ these kinds of sites are all media hyping…

  • tessa

    Stop… fans de Hayden

    Rachel is beautiful

  • blair

    Wel if that the case, RB should just pick on someone who could match up her regular face and or someone who could fit her midget size…

  • blair

    Well if that the case, RB should just pick on someone who could match up her regular face and or someone who could fit her midget size…

  • from

    I love Rachel Bilson…she’s beautiful!

  • Ava

    Why are all of you being so horribly cruel in your comments about Rachel? She is absolutely naturally beautiful, and carries herself extremely well. She can’t help it if she is super petite.. it’s not like she chose her height or her frame. She’s having lunch with a friend and minding her own business.. why are you being so hateful? And I don’t find any problem with her being compared to Natalie Portman. In my opinion, Natalie is not an exceptionally talented actress. She simply started at a very young age and made the right choices when it comes to the movies she has been apart of. Had Natalie started her career on a show like the OC, I have to wonder if she would have made it this far in her Hollywood career. It is hard work being an actor, and I doubt that many of you would be able to survive in such a harsh world. Bottom line: Rachel is human like the rest of us, and should be treated with respect, especially since she has done absolutely nothing wrong to anyone.

  • lina

    ^Ava – People are just stating their opinion. Like it or not some people don’t like Rachel Bilson and don’t find her either attractive or tenanted. Unlike what some of the oc fans (especially Rachel/Rachal&Adam fans) seem to think Rachel is not above criticism. I have seen far worst being said about Hayden Christensen, Mischa barton, Natalie Portman and more on this site and other sites and blogs.
    People don’t have to be nice; they can say what they want, not everyone have to love Rachel.

    I for one think that Natalie Portman is BY FAR the better actress and the better looker of the two; she started her career at a young age because unlike Rachel she had talent and she has done some great movies. All Rachel did was a horrible TV show and most of her fame comes from being (until recently) Adam Brody girlfriend on and off screen.

  • Ava

    ^All I am saying is, you do not have to be hateful. It is one thing to state an opinion, and it is quite another to be so blatantly cruel. There is a strong sense of unintelligence and lack of integrity that resonates in the voice of people who speak with utter hate and disrespect. of course you don’t have to love rachel, or even care for her as an actress, but you certainly don’t have to be malicious and vindictive towards someone you do not even know. re-read my comment above and you can see that i was never forcing anyone to like rachel bilson, i was simply trying to inspire people to be a little more humane.

  • lina

    I have to disagree with you again. People can be hatful, and they could be mean and cruel and say what ever the hell they want. This is not the “we love Rachel Bilson” site, this is a general site, and people who post here are not all fans of the oc or fans of Rachel. Some people, like me, think that she is overrated and unattractive, and we can very well say what ever we want in what ever way we choose to. Celebrities’ blogs all over the net are full of hatful and cruel comments; did you ever read some of the stuff that is being said about other Celebs? If you think people are being cruel to Rachel, you should read some of the stuff people write about Mischa Barton or Hayden Christensen (and most of the bashing there is, ironically enough, being done by Rachel/Rachel&Adam fans) Rachel is no different from other celebs, this is what life in the public eyes looks like.

    “There is a strong sense of unintelligence and lack of integrity that resonates in the voice of people who speak with utter hate and disrespect.”

    Welcome to the world of celeb blogs! And I’m sorry if I’m being blunt about it but “If you can’t stand the hit, get out of the kitchen” meaning – stop reading people’s comments.

    “re-read my comment above and you can see that i was never forcing anyone to like rachel bilson”

    Your comment, telling us that Rachel is beautiful and graceful informing us that being an actor is hard work and calling us to be nice to Rachel is, in my opinion, like telling people to love Rachel Bilson. Because there is no lack of beautiful, talented, hard working actress out there, and they too get their share of bashing and hatful comments, why would Rachel be any different?

    Oh, and BTW – you should read Jared last “Rachel and Hayden” post, and see how disrespectful and cruel Rachel/Ranchel&Adam fans are to Hayden.

  • lol

    she aint pretty but she not fugly prettier than any odinary person ive ever met well not exactly iv seen prettier, but in any case you people should get a life cause she is just livin hers while people are dissin her.. . . even though im stickin up for her still not my fave actress