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Scarlett Johansson @ Coachella 2007

Scarlett Johansson @ Coachella 2007

Actress/aspiring singer Scarlett Johansson sings backup for Jim Reid of Scottish alternative rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain during the song “Just Like Honey” at Coachella Music Festival on Friday at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, Calif.

“Just Like Honey” played during the credits of Scarlett‘s film Lost in Translation.

More pictures inside of Scarlett at Coachella…

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Photos: Getty/Kevin Winter
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  • Lucie

    Not liking the outfit at all! It looks like something Britney would wear.

  • Raichill

    Good grief, some celebrities are wearing hideous clothes lately.

  • annoyed

    Am I the only one who things Scarlett is ugly and overrated? She’s not that talented, and she looks like a fish.

  • André

    scarlett ain’t ugly nor overrated at all.

  • Martins

    annoyed, you’re definitely not the only one! I can’t stand her! So overrated, with plain face, short legs and boobs too big for her body. And let’s not even mention the cellulit, and she’s only 20 something… in a few years time she’ll look like a tipical housewife.

  • ella

    Ewwww, she’s a tranny for sure and a very popular one at that. Who hasn’t she slept with in hollwawd?

  • emélie

    I’m not critisizing her for having a bad outfitt, or for her private life. I think everybody sometimes makes little blunders and it’s pointless to discuss things like that but her professional choices are something else.
    For example being on almost EVERY magazine cover,signing for almost every advertising compaign that pays her enouph money, trying way to hard to be like marilyn monroe,…
    she used to be special, and unique for not trying too hard like back in the days when she did lost in translation, but now i’m beginning to lose all respect for her.
    I want the old scarlett back ;)

  • Jules

    definitely a hideous britney dress. why would you wear that with legs like that? She is gorgeous and has fantastic breasts, but this was a bad fashion move. Blah.

  • Jules

    britney dress. you’re gorgeous, don’t wear unflattering clothes like that. blah

  • missy

    fat ass………ugly face and ugly dress!!!!!!!!!!

  • eat_your_make_up

    yeah that dress was… a mistake and im not sure about her turning into a singer.
    i kinda agree with you emélie but i still have got lots of love for this girl

  • sara

    yuck look at her legs my grand mother legs are much pretty than her legs yuck and yes she look like fish not just fish but also whore fat fish , i dont like her at all i hate her she have ugly body and she is short and fat and her face ugly and ugly i hate her to dith

  • amara

    She is annoying, overrated, and overexposed. This twit is everywhere doing everything at her marginal best. Why does she still have an acting career? All of her movies tank. How is cellulite and thick thighs sexy?

  • prison break fanatic


  • eat_your_make_up

    im with you prison break fanatic, her body its way better than all those walking skeletons around

  • Pandora

    I wouldn’t say she’s fat, nor is she ugly. IMHO, though, she’s not quite what she’s cracked up to be. She is curvaceous and there is nothing wrong with that. Were I her, though, I would tend not to expose the premature cellulite. Then again, you’ve got to hand it to her — she’s not overly self conscious about it and that would tell me she’s comfortable in her own skin and feels empowered. Good for her, I say. :)

  • ugh

    forgive me for being a whiney hipster right now, but scarjo singing with the jesus and mary chain is just not cool

  • bowow

    Well since she is successful and talented..SHE CAN WEAR WHAT THE FUCK SHE WANTS.

    At least she’s not promoting an eating disorder like half of the girls on this blog.
    Nicole R needs to gain like 30 lbs.

  • Jen

    Seriously, people. How good would your legs look under that lighting? And how about using your spell check? At least Scarlett has an education. She’s just a girl. Try not to forget that, stone throwers.

  • mickey

    First of all Scarlett does not look like a fish. I have a puffer fish and he is really cute. I just hope her singing is better than her acting. I’m glad Scarlett has an education, perhaps she should try teaching because she certainly can’t act.

  • annoyed

    She should use that education to find a new profession, because at the rate she’s going, acting isn’t going to cut it for much longer. All of her movies barely skate past with critics and fans because she’s lucky enough to get big name co-stars. She’s not pretty. Sure, she’s not fat, but the girl’s face is UGLY. She looks like a troll.

  • Devin

    Scarlett has no education she skipped college because back in 2003 and early 2004 she was headed for what looked like a promising career. However, the past 3 1/2 years have proven that she was a one hit wonder. All of her films have failed even the hotness of stars like Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers can’t get people into the theaters to see a movie she’s in.

    She is overated, overexposed, and a medicore actress. In her interviews both print and on tv she is offensive, obnoxious, and so full of herself that she turns people off. She talks about sex and her body ad nauseum.

    She should never wear anything more than 3 inches above her knees her thighs are unattractive in any situation.

  • andrea

    OMG what is she wearing?…lol … she is pretty, her movies ar ok, but this outfitt is UGLY!!!!

  • Jodie

    Haha. I feel like a loser for saying this but I love her dress.

  • sarah

    you are all so ridiculous, hating on someone that you don’t even know, simply b/c she’s more talented and better looking than yourselves. learn to spell, find a hobby, study something other than celebrity’s knees and outfits. don’t have such a small and closed mind. she rocked it at coachella. you were probably too busy reading up on britney’s personal life to be anywhere that awesome. word.

  • youarealllame

    you expect everyone to be build like a fucking model? FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!! let’s see pictures of your face, boobs and sure they are a hell of a lot uglier than Scarlett’s.

  • moon

    I was surprised she was put up against Natalie Portman in the other Boleyn girl. Portman is very gorgeous and Scarlet has fat lips and I guess does look like “a fish”. She’s not even pretty -I’m prettier than her. Her body isn’t bad tho-but a lot of things are photoshopped today so that could’ve been altered. And beauty depends on your face not your body-that’s just some people’s misinterpreted definition of “sexy”. The media make her and other celebrities look better than they really are.

  • insomnia

    @annoyed: I agree!! She is so damn over-rated and ugly. Looks like a possum to me…

  • John

    Very ugly.Her face is unacceptable for acting career,her nose is thick and huge,lips too big,horse teeth,face has a piggy shape,body is flabby and she’s overexposed and overrated.Not attractive at all.I’m a guy,i know.