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Fashion Faceoff: Posh's Red Hot Look

Fashion Faceoff: Posh's Red Hot Look

Same shirt, same skirt, same bag, same month. Just a different year!

To the left, Victoria Beckham wore her long tresses with a red skirt by Louis Vuitton and a pair of red pumps in New York City last April. The former Spice Girl completed her with look with a red $10,200 Asprey alligator handbag from the 167 collection.

To the right, Posh wore her short blonde crop with the same LV skirt and Asprey bag as last April while out shopping on Saturday in Beverly Hills. But this year, she left her shirt tucked out and opted for a pair of red suede peep-toe Tribute Pumps by Yves Saint Laurent.

Victoria Beckham wears it best — THEN or NOW?

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  • Kerry

    She definately wears it better now, the open toed shoes give the outfit a nice look.


    I love her new hair. So much better than the long stuff. Sooo boring long!! I think she looks younger and hipper now.

  • vbn

    better now hair better to streaky

  • André

    her new hair is awful.

    she’s ugly.

  • erin

    THEN! i prefer her dark long wavy hair with highlights over this tacky tacky blonde crop.

  • lurker


  • schizo·phren·ic

    now. by far

  • emily

    then !!!

  • Hey Now!


  • Alec

    I just like how she’s not afraid to rewear her outfits.

  • Alix


    the shoes are waaaay hotter

  • Emme

    now.. those shoes are so freaking HOT!!!!!!! But the outfit is so last year darlings.. hehehe.. This is why simple classic pieces never go out of style.. Those highwaisted outfits can’t last much longer.. I can’t imagine how fasionable it is to walk around with a camel toe..

  • Gavin

    what like she can’t repeat an outfit? at least we can see that she is normal like all of us, she actually repeats outfits, although she has a rotation for a year…lol…i only have a month’s

  • Daisy

    NOW!!!! I love her hair cut and shoes.

  • J

    Shoes then, hair now!

  • Blah

    She doesn’t look good in either of them. Her body looks like an old grannies.

    She is a skanky anorexic dog.

  • sel123

    NOW, definitely! Altho i prefer how she tucked her top in the first time.
    Shes not stunningly beautiful, but shes by no means ugly. Shes pretty, people just say ses ugly cuz her husband is really beautiful.
    She seems nice whenever i see her in interviews, very funny and she DOES smile a lot! But she doesnt do it in public, so i understand why some ppl think shes a miserable cow! lol
    Her body is hot considering shes had 3 kids!!

  • dede

    now…much younger!

  • remember da truth

    I like her hair now WAY more! Like RAEK4MA (sorry if I got that wrong) said, it’s taken years off her and made her seem hip and fun.
    Can’t see much of last year’s shoes, but this year’s are really cool. Like how last year she tucked the top in, though. That outfit is so young, and fun, and flirty, love the skirt which isn’t tight but flippy and still sexy and cute at the same time.

    Also love her rewearing her clothes, and it might be more than once a year, we dont’ see pics of her EVERY day, although she is probably hounded every day, which is why she doesn’t smile in the pap shots.

    I agree — she looks terrific for her age, and having had three kids, and she seems like a nice person.

  • Pikes

    Be a real woman, Eat a hamburger!

  • RA

    Yeah…she’s “normal” like the rest of us — carrying a handbag that cost $10,200!

    Hair looks cute – skirt and top are fine – but the shoes look goofy on those skinny legs.

  • Desert

    I definitely prefer the newer look, though I have to admit I’m so in love with those pointy red stilettoes. I think its great that Posh isn’t afraid of re-wearing outfits. It makes her seem more ‘normal’. Though I have waaaay to many clothes myself, I could probably go for 2 months and not wear the same outfit/combination twice.

  • thinista

    Style is style is style

  • ooh

    She has fantastic legs!

  • André

    you people are crazy to like her hair’s not like it was beautiful then..but now it’s really tacky.
    I think she should try to mix her clothes…i doubt she doesn’t have another top to wear with the shows that she has no sense of style..she just copies what she sees on the runways or magazines.

  • Nando


  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    ANDRE are you from the midwest or something. Everyone has her old hair, she’s changing it up. And with a beautiful face like hers she totally can. Her hair looks way better now. ONe of the best cuts in the industy!

  • Betch!

    I liked that Bob she had earlier this year. Posh looks weird with really long and really short hair. She should make a compromise.
    She does look nice otherwise.

  • ALI






  • Michael C


  • Reez

    She is such a fashion icon!

    pls visit my blog about fashion and bargain hunting


  • lambsacrifice

    i rarely comment on sites and i dont know if anyone will even read this but puhlease! on the Posh! I met her once she was very nice , after seeing 2 of her “dresses” in “Hello UK “this week umm. NO SHIT her mentor is Roland Mouret!
    I loathe the L”wren Scott stuff and this was far better, because it was RM! they had lovely sillhouettes,
    what did Roland and Todd Lynn no doubt get a couple 100k for MAKING the patterns?
    and stop, STOP with the Birkins matchy matchy,
    Marc Jacobs is only obsessed with Posh cos he thinks its ironic wierd, !
    shes taking it too far, that dress she wore to her Manchester opening i dont care if CHARLIZE wore that dress shed have been called the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” there isnt much RISK taking here- she was silly/lucky enough to wear a ridiculous Herve Legere bandage dress to Marcs very controversial collection last year ( the 2 hours late one) and Karyn Horne mentions it and all of the sudden Marc sees her as a way of being ironic funny>
    im so not buying it, esp with his latest collection being my favourite by far,
    ONE Birkin per lifetime,
    i feel is the rule i just allowed my teenager to pick one! and its an extreme colour, but i dont care if we had a billion dollars !
    More than ONE Birkin is tacky( i was googling Asprey bags and trying to find one for 99 cents actually when i found this site)
    yes shes fierce, i wonder what kind of Mommy she is.? i dont CARE actually whose her pr person and can we shoot them now?
    all i know is sitting at Perez’z table at the the Coffee Bean and in Suzanne Batshit Hughes house on that NBC pilot show( she BEGGED for a reality show and the new NBC pres refused utterly, this constant drip drip drip of “her A list friends” really? wheres Cate Blanchett? Wheres Gwyneth? Wheres Courtney Freaking Love for god’s sake? ( i love that im a clove freak it pisses so many people off ! HA!)
    “shes ugly” “shes nuts” when in fact shes a genius! Epic! someone who worked at Interscope told me her IQ was 158!
    one cannot argue the fact that the girl is her own A list and she doesnt give a shit what anyone else thinks wich is how she remains, when i see lists for parties etc ,as i have access to stuff like that Clove is always DISCREETLY coming with Gwyneth. Drew Barrymore. Marc Jacobs, she never has made a deal out of it!
    The girl is the muse to Rick Owens ! One of Marc Jacobs! and now the main muse for Givenchy!
    and WHEN she deigns to pick up a guitar ,as long as theres no drugs involved ,shes a genius and a style genius in her own way,
    SHE was at Lanvin in the 40,000 dollar dress i hear she got for 5, that both Anna Wintour and Alexandra Schulman – UK Vogue- declared “Dress of the decade” theres only ONE of them and Ebez decided to let her have it?
    Thats pretty dammed A list.
    I think fashionistas like me believe in Courtney because shes made some of the most important music of any female ever and because she isnt that pretty but doesnt give a FUCK what anyone thinks of her! Gwen IS the ANTICHRIST, then Courtney is Jesus and Posh is sort of a demonicforce!
    i love my CLove argument it gets everyone all pissy .
    how could you respect Beckham for breeding and spending when Clove makes seriously brilliant rock music? have you heard the demo’s that leaked on MySpace? Omg! “Letter to God”? are you kidding?
    that thing is such a major hit. and how about i bet oh,. my entire HIGH fico that she gets all the major Vogue covers, Harpers and Elle covers and most wierdly a Vanity Fair cover after nailing her Rolling Stone cover like a cakewalk when this CD comes out after all this time? Seriously i will bet my FICO on it.? wich is a high one 782! anyone? wager me!
    and ill also bet shell be dressed head to toe in Givenchy. at all times.
    i think i fell into a gossip site when im a fashion person. but all this stuff means something. Music , Fashion, whereas Posh just means spending a fortune. of her husbands money Courts may be a widow and have inherited ( and or been embezzled out of) her husbands money but Hole didnt exactly not go mega multi platinum. Really its not Posh who gets me crazy ,its Gwen.
    1 for destroying and cutting the penis off of my childhood crush Gavin Rossdale whose got about as much a chance of a comeback as Fred Durst
    2. for allowing others to creare “L.A.M.B” and taking credit for it and it just sort of sucks beyond anyway
    3 the whole racist “Harajuku girls ” nonsense i find racist and insanely so
    4 worst? that fucking MUSIC! are you kidding me? LONELY GOATHERD? RICH GIRL? theres one song i dont even know the name.
    not a hit, that i truly think is the worst stadium Rawk song ever written since Poison tried to follow up “Every Rose has a Thorn” with another Power ballad, like worst song of all time.
    and no more HOUNDSTOOTH please,
    and the perfume? stop me!
    yes VB looks cute in both okay? i prefer the pointy toes as they are more next season. yep theyre back, im loaded for Pointy toes.Ready to go. Peeps are ovah.