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Angelina Jolie & Marianne Pearl: Worst People to Plan a Playdate

Angelina Jolie & Marianne Pearl: Worst People to Plan a Playdate

Marianne Pearl, the wife of the slain Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl, and Angelina Jolie (she plays her in the upcoming film A Mighty Heart) sits down with Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive for an interview at Angelina‘s home. Here are some fun excerpts:

CINDI LEIVE: So Mariane, you started to tell me the story of how you guys initially met, which to my surprise had absolutely nothing to do with A Mighty Heart.

MARIANE PEARL: One day a few years ago, I was alone in New York with Adam, still having a rough time [after Danny's death]. I read an interview with Angie in a magazine, about her and Maddox and her life as a single mom. And I thought, this woman could be my friend…. I’d never experienced anything like that before in my life. It was something in her tone, in the answers that she gave. I felt also that Maddox and Adam [then both about three] could be good friends. So I sent her a note saying, do you want to have a playdate?

ANGELINA JOLIE: And I, on the other side of it, had been aware of you through the time that everything went down. I remember being amazed by your courage and your grace…. And when I got the note, I was thrilled. Later I realized that Mariane and I are the two worst people to plan a playdate in the history of playdates.

CL: Why?

AJ: Because she hates the phone as much as I do. So it almost didn’t happen! But when it finally did, I remember being really nervous, thinking, she’s such an intelligent European woman—what are we going to do together? So we went to this serious, European, existential play—it seemed like the right thing [and it was supposed to be OK for kids]. But Adam and Mad got antsy, and finally halfway through, to each other’s relief, we were both like, do you want to get out of here? And we ran out and went back to Mariane’s place….

MP: We cooked pasta; it was actually good. And then we started talking about changing the world…

AJ: …and about all the things we were passionate about. Her instincts were right—we did have so much in common. And all the kids are great friends now. Zahara is madly in love with Adam.

The June 2007 issue of Glamour hits newsstands nationwide on May 8. Check out more of the Angelina/Mariane article with Glamour here. You can check our Pearl‘s global diary here.

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  • first and last post

    okay, this time I’m first? couldn’t resist. thanks Jared for the links and the picture.

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    Thanks JJ

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    Cool! Beautiful picture.

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    4th.. hahahahaha:) :) :) lol

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  • Mondo Bongo

    Got into this story on the other thread and loooooved it, the more i get to know about this women [truth] the more i admire her.

  • Besane

    Thank you Jared SO MUCH for putting up this article!!

    Two very real and formidable women coming together. They share so much and this is a very beautiful and true friendship. I can’t wait for AMH.

  • susie

    love the picture, what a beautiful house :)

    stranger- I just left a post for you on the other thread :)

  • http://http// bela

    english is not my first language,because iam frenchy.
    i love angie too much.
    nice picture
    why people hate angelina? for me she ‘s beautiful person inside and out.
    je l’aime beaucoup et je ne comprends pas pourquoi on la dĂ©teste tant. pourtant j’ai suivis un reportage recemment et j’ai appris que jennifer s’Ă©tait mariĂ© Ă  brad par intĂ©ret uniquement. donc c’est elle qui ment Ă  tout le monde que tout allait bien. brad a tout simplement eu marre des mensonges de ce ridicule mariage et il s’est Ă©loignĂ© d’elle, puis il a trouvĂ© l’amour Ă  la personne d’angelina . lorsque je vois brad sur les photos il est accro Ă  cette femme ; alors pourquoi les tabloids s’acharne t-il contre elle? MOI JE L’AIME TROP et je trouve injuste qu’on s’en prenne Ă  elle tout simplement parcequ’elle est très belle ,intelligente ,a de beaux enfants et a brad pitt.
    en tout cas très beau blog(JJ)

  • first and last post

    Just read the excerpt and what potential for an interesting and inspiring conversation between two of the most interesting women in the world right now. Also proves the point to the naysayers that AJ doesn’t have women friends…and the women friends she does have…wow! No superficiality here…pure heart and intellect…more power to that aspect of women (men too) that unfortunately most women don’t value in themselves or in other men. A great face and body is just icing to heart and intellect.
    Hope everyone is having a good day.


    Ah, Angie looks like she’s starting to put the weight back on. She looks healthier for sure.

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    interesting Says:

    where is this article from?
    The are trying to imply Angelina was fliritng with Martinez?

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    If these trolls are being paid!! please don’t help them get a pay check,
    IGNORE!!!! their post are really LAME and not worth a reply.
    It’s like stepping in dog…’DO’

    have a good day~enjoy!

  • Hiya

    Thanks, Jared! :) Can’t wait for this movie to come out! Angie and Marianne are 2 amazing ladies, glad they are friends!

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    wonderful women angelina /marianne

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    Hi Mondo, 4Q, FALP -first first post? – Besane!

    Love the pic, the house and that they have no shoes on!

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    stranger- nothing wrong with liking fairy tales. My kids aalso love Pingu, which is german or swiss, I got that too from the family I watched.

    Doesn’t Wyclef have a daughter named Angelina?

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    interesting Says: 10:42 am – you have received enough attention already, Please fcuk off……

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    stranger Says: 10:43 am – Hey Stranger….. Happy Monday…

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    Wow, it looks like huvane or aniston have too much time, their are workign their a*s off posting in this thread!!

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    a troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community such as an online discussion forum to bait users into responding

    Don’t bite!

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    Everyone click on “flag comment” and request that Jared BAN “interesting”!

  • ny daily

    could it be a lie? if its true, its not good.

  • loli

    Euh bela t’en fait pas un peu beaucoup lĂ ? Jennifer se serait mariĂ© par intĂ©rĂŞt avec Brad? Pfff quelle foutaise encore! On voit au regard qu’elle avait en le regardant qu’elle en Ă©tait folle.
    Et puis pourquoi dire du mal d’Angelina quand on aime Jennifer ou dĂ©nigrer Jennifer quand on aime Angelina? Brad a fait son choix et puis c’est tout, pas la peine de toujours remuer le passĂ©!

    Et perso j’aime les 2 alors pour moi aucun problème.

    Sorry that I wrote in french but I was answering Bela, a frenchie like me ;)

  • Nice Article

    What a nice article excerpt and picture. It’s great these ladies are actually friends and were PRIOR to her and Brad ever coming to be. Now people can stop with the nonsense theory of Marianne HAVING to accept Angie to play the part just because Brad was the producer of the film. It’s clear that wasn’t the case from the time frame laid out here.

    P.S. Please ignore the multiple messages saying the same nonsense over and over. It’s not necessary to respond IMO.

  • aveeno

    Thanks JJ! what a lovely interview… they both look lovely, can’t wait for the mag to be on the stands…. how nice that they were friends even before Marrianne and Brad were friends…. and that Marieanne initiated the friendship what are the tabloids going to say now? they’ve always tried to say Angie doesn’t have friends well she does….

  • saraicita

    I´m sorry for my English:
    I don’t understand because in this world there are so much people full with hate and wickedness toward the other ones. When I was small, my grandmother always told me that if I wanted the wrong to somebody, that wrong would return to me two times. My cousin is as high as Angelina and weight less, she is healthy, she eats enough, but she is always thin. I eat little, and I am always battling with my weight. All the people that announce their hate here, are faithful witness of the bad thing that the American society is. The murderer of V-Tech it is a sample of the madness of that country. In these days, I was seeing CNN en español and a psychiatrist said that of each 4 people, one suffered of psychiatric problems, and that of each four people with psychiatric, alone problems one looked for medical help. When I began to come to here I didn’t understand because they were this way these people. I know the answer now. If these sick people of the soul and of the mind, they used the force with which they hate to make something positive (orphans, sick with AIDS, homeless, refugees, mistreated women, global heating, junkie, alcoholic) this planet would be another thing.
    Am not I saying that all the Americans are crazy, but like it is possible that a guy like Sanjaya are above AJ, when me such a ridiculous and mediocre person had never seen as him?. I am fanatic of Brad for many years and now of Angelina because she gave him what Juliette, Gwyneth and Jennifer didn’t want or they were not able to: Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. And what happens, happen they separate or not, Angelina will always be her mom and Brad her dad. And that for me, is enough. I believe that the reason (I am possibly mistaken) for the one that people hate Angelina, it is because she is all that they are not. I suppose that most of people hoped Shiloh was daughter of JA and not of Angie. Now, an ironic question of course: if she has been so sincere all her life for that it misses reason she would be with brad if she and he are not happy? I don’t simply conceive the idea that she is not happy with him.
    The truth is that at the beginning of the divorce, I hated Angie, but as soon as she was embarrassed of Shiloh, it began me to please, anyway it doesn’t care how many people they love them or how many people hate them, they will live their lives like it seems them. I would make the same thing. Hate me if that makes it happy. Pitifully I won’t be able to see neither Cannes neither any premiere in the carpet, since I will be operated of the eyes for that date. That pain!!!!

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    #19 stranger Says: April 30th, 2007 at 10:43 am
    “Hi …… FALP -first first post…?”
    Hi stranger,
    yep, FALP is the nickname PT gave me.

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    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

    C Says:
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    Angelina & Mariane’s Powerful Bond


    Just wanted to say thanks for the articles, wonderful reads.

    Both Angie and Marianne are awesome women, IMO!

  • loli

    PS: Why are you talking about angie and olivier martinez (a frenchie too hihi)? I’ve never heard about a story between them… What happened and when?

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    A Call To Arms Says:
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    No, just don’t answer it. See how this is a positive thread and all of a sudden you have the negativity draining from the previous thread? Don’t answer, you’ll just be feeding it. It’s the best thing you can do.

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    what’s the fuss about the NYDN article? it only says they danced… isn’t she allowed to be human and to dance anywhere? bugger off! the article was a nice article about a great documentary she did that is educational… this is probably the only off day she’s had for a LOONG time….so she danced and went back home to her Brad….. WTF is wrong with that? quit the drama… doesn’t work anymore….

  • http://uk Angelina is still standing

    why don’t you phone Brad then are you afraid to find out that he is still with her and aprove of everything she is doing.
    I hope you will enjoy reading your story in the tabs,then what? Brad and Angelina will be together after that headline like they have been doing the last three years.I think you have missed a lot of covers linking Angelina with a lot of people,it has been going on for 3 years.

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  • intersting=Me

    I love Jolie and no matter what u say (intersting=Me) it will not change my mind.

    I admire jolie-pitt family and that is why i always visit jared thread.

    intersting=Me keepi on complaining God will help you and stop talking to yourself

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Thank you Jared for this new thread. I will definitely buy this magazine when it comes out. Yeah, I guess Angie does have friends, huh? :lol:

  • Lo

    Adam and Zahara sitting on a tree

    wait we have to find a girl for maddox and pax

    Zahara has Adam Pearl and
    Shiloh has Kingston Rossdale

  • http://JustJared carolynlee

    #21 Me Says : So you know what’s going on within a person’s relationships when you don’t know the person , witnessed anything , talked to the person or saw any credible pictures . This is truly amazing ! You should be contracted by the pentagon to tell us what’s happening in Iraq or Korea , or Iran, or Syria , or any place where there might be some underhanded activities that we might imagine . You sound like a fool and should be fined for being so ignorant . You probably read these tabloids ( NE, Star , L&S , Intouch , OK ) and the blogs that reiterate the trash from these same tabloids and believe the bs written . Don’t you know that they write anything that fool like you will eat up to fatten their coffers ? If this is what you are going to believe based on the sources I’ve named then you should crawl back into your cave and not come out .

  • Mondo Bongo

    Hey Hey ~ stranger, susie… just thinking about the Angie has no
    friends theory, hahahahah.. that’s why i TRY not to deal with these

  • Gussie

    Two strong, beautiful and caring citizens of the world. They had to be friends.

    This interview will surely be very interesting.

  • Spain

    Angie in Prague with kids and Brad..JODETE interesting


  • Going to hell & I don’t care!

    This is what’s wrong with so many Jolie-Pitt fans. You are easily swayed. This wonderful article is posted and instead you’d rather argue with idiots like interesting and her aliases. So I’m going to go away for a few hours and I’ll bet all the positive in this glamour article will be lost and the entire thread will be about you arguing with haters. And don’t blame interesting for this she’s playing you all like a fiddle and making you all look rediculous.

  • explore

    Interesting that if y’all truly believed in Jolie’s supposed “goodness” it would presuppose you’d feel the same way about others who do much more than her as well. Where’s the constant worship for them? Matt Damon has campaigned tirelessly for Darfur and is again on this thread calling attention to Darfur – if that was Jolie on that thread, you’d all be clamouring to post how much of a saint she is 150 times a day – how many posts are there on Damon’s thread about his *true* altruism? Only a handful – which tells me that it’s not the actual good deeds you salivate about, it’s the ridiculous unrealistic perception you cling too about Jolie holding her up, for some unknown reason to a standard that is only real in your mind. Because reality is much different.


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    Bono $150M
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    Bob Geldof $130M
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  • Lady G

    AJ: … And all the kids are great friends now. Zahara is madly in love with Adam.


    Awww how cute Zee is in love with Adam. I knew that Brad and Mad would have their hands full with Zee and Shi. Now we have to add Pax to having his hands full.

    Brad will be pulling his hair out when the boys come to calling for Zee and Shi.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Going to hell & I don’t care! Says:
    April 30th, 2007 at 11:05 am – flag comment

    This is what’s wrong with so many Jolie-Pitt fans. You are easily swayed. This wonderful article is posted and instead you’d rather argue with idiots like interesting and her aliases. So I’m going to go away for a few hours and I’ll bet all the positive in this glamour article will be lost and the entire thread will be about you arguing with haters. And don’t blame interesting for this she’s playing you all like a fiddle and making you all look rediculous.

    ITAWU. This is a positive thread for Angelina and instead of appreciating that, we are getting sidetracked into someone’s game.

  • Ameena

    Can’t wait to get my copy of Glamour, Both Angie and Mariane are remarkable women. They seem to have such a great friendship.

    Hi Stranger, how are you ?
    susie, Good morning.

  • Ida

    Thanks for this post JJ!
    Finally all the rumours about Angie taking over Jen’s role can stop.
    Lovely to see that these two fantastic women are good friends! :)

  • Watch OUT!

    Interesting is fishing DON\’T BITE! you\’ll end in the fry.

  • saraicita

    Spain, como sabes que estĂ n en Praga. tu haz visto las fotos, donde estan, yo tambien quiero verlas, me muero por ver a los ninos y a Brad

  • Montserrat

    Two of my favorite women in the world. Love it. They both look great. This is actually a coup for Glamour who I was starting to get annoyed with for seemingly pandering to the minivan majority. But bless her soul, Cindi Leive has redeemed herself in my eyes. Cannot wait for my Glamour.