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Damon's Day For Darfur

Damon's Day For Darfur

Actors Matt Damon, Thandie Newton, and Hugh Grant have teamed up with Globe For Darfur to draw the public’s attention to the crisis in Darfur in far western Sudan. To demonstrate that time is running out for Darfur, they smashed hourglasses filled with fake blood.

Sunday was Global Day for Darfur! 10,000 hourglasses filled with fake blood were turned by activists in over 35 capitals around the world to mark the start of the deadly conflict in Darfur four years ago.

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Photos: Jane Hodson/Jasmine Studios
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  • Shake_That_Thang!

    I luv Matt Damon! But people would take more notice of this campaign if he shook his shapely butt!

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    “Keep on Keeping on with the Message” , “Don’t Stop”! Matt’s a great guy & I salute all for keeping the word out,carry on.

  • blackberry

    wow jared, thanks for posting this.My hearts goes out to all the refugees (who are refugees in their own country)who have suffered immense pain.Darfur has been forgotten by world leaders but raising awareness is always helpful, good on you matt and others. Shame on China and African leaders.

  • Milli

    Jared I am amazed at your ability to get all the pictures of so many events,stars etc, not just one or two but tons of them. You definitely are on the top of your game. Yet I don’t understand how the picture stealing mean bitch Perez Hilton gets more hits than you. I found your site two months ago and I am hooked. I check it several times a day andthanks for not dissapointing me.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the post about Globe for Darfur. It is good that celebs, activists, and regular citizens are fighting to keep Darfur and the crisis there in the news. Hopefully, there will be a peaceful resolution soon. Peace to all.

  • A Person

    You know, on a systemic level it is a shame that this has to happen. People do not realize how evil capitalism is and how this ideology is destroying the world’s society.

    Oh and I am madly in love with the Matty.
    If he wasn’t married to a beautiful woman of color and I wasn’t a feminist. ……..I just don’t know.

  • cora

    The money they spend on advertising for Darfur (and themselves if you ask me) should be sent directly to the victims in Darfur. I went to a lecture from 2 survivors of the genecide and was truely touched—I would love to donate….but I am a broke-azz college student. These celebrities could end this themselves if they didn’t have to purchase $500 purses or $100,000 cars….don’t forget people that we supply their paychecks—-they should give back out of their own pockets….fkin ridiculous how celebrities try to act like they need anything from us common folk.

  • R

    surely i’m in the minority her, but i just can’t see how smashing hourglasses filled w/’blood’ does anything re darfur

  • coalharbourqt

    Cora (and R) – I think you misunderstand this current campaign and what it is about. They are not asking for money here (although they HAVE donated money and fund these types of campaigns out of their own pockets – and we should donate whatever we can) – they are asking for more AWARENESS and your VOTE around the world about this mass genocide. They need people to start picking elected officials who will NOT sit by idly while this happens in our world.

    Sometimes all the money in the world won’t make a difference if the right countries won’t step in and try to straighten the situation out and restore order. I’m sure if it was to their benefit, George Bush and his Halliburton cronies would be allocating military resources to this. As it stands right now, Iraq and Afghanistan are the focus of many countries’ military resources and this genocide continues after 4 years.

    As for this current campaign, R, well it got JJ’s attention, he posted it, and here we are talking about it. That was the point. Mission accomplished.

    Please check out – I believe there is some more info. there (as well as the links provided above by JJ).

  • lurker opinion

    Good for Matt and the others. Keep a light shining on Darfur.

  • cora

    Well Coalharbourqut- I have signed up on the campaign about 6 months ago….and I didn’t vote for George W…… why should I watch the commercial? I think everyone is aware of the situation. What I was saying before is: All of these celebrities hop on this bullsh8t bandwagon of save the people……..look at our own people, they idolize themselves (celebrities)…..we spend our money making them rich—-the top 7% of our nation is in control of 75% of the money.?????? That doesn’t sound quite right to me. These campaigns give them another chance to gain another fan. I should start a save our country campaign……get rid of the celebrity. A celebrity should be someone with talent, a doctor, scientist, genius, something more than a pretty smile.