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Tom & Katie: Dinner with... Brooke Shields!

Tom & Katie: Dinner with...  Brooke Shields!

Since when did Tom and Brooke become so buddy-buddy?

Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes, and unexpected guests Brooke Shields and hubby Chris Henchy dine together at the South West Steakhouse in the Wynn Casino on Friday night.

The double date was joined about four others for about four or five hours out on a patio overlooking the Wynn waterfalls.

In May 2005, Scientologist Tom condemned Brooke for taking antidepressants while suffering from postpartum depression. In August 2006, Tom privately apologized to Brooke for the incident, and she accepted. In November 2006, Brooke attended the wedding Tom and Katie‘s wedding.

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  • tanique33

    haha, you answered your own question. they’ve been chummy since the apology. was tom called “scientologist tom” by people for the last what 20 or so years he’s been a scientologist?

    thanks for the pics of ex catholic katie, and scientologist tom.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    Their the cutest and best couple in hollywood.

  • Lee

    I know I must be a minority here but I love Katie Holmes.. she doesn’t look too comfortable but that’s because who she is.. not because of Tom. If you look at pre-Tom pics.. she just doesn’t like the cameras. She doesn’t like the attention… in a total oppsite to her hubby… whose seems to be addicted to the flashes!

    Tom’s gotta cut his hair off. He looks 50!

  • pr person

    Did he apologize to the rest of the country……the hundreds of thousands of women who have suffered with PPD, or the hundreds of thousands of people that benefit from medication, and were also insulted by his ignorant rantings??

    Isn’t the wife supposed to be doing a movie?? Brooke Shields hanging out with these two …….. hmmmmmm….. Either she wants a movie role and is hoping he will get her one, or the Messiah wants to entice her into his “religion”. Pathetic.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    ^^ stfu! idiot

  • lulah

    i love katie she is a lovely and she is natural and beautiful
    and it’s good to see tom with brooke

  • Me

    Katie’s always been on the quieter, shyer side in public. If you look at candids of her over the years, though, she’s quite outgoing when she gets comfortable with people. who knows? maybe that’s what attracted her to her husband- he’s her opposite.

  • blooes

    in a way, pr person is right.

    Scienty-Tom should watch his mouth more often. as far as I know, he’s not a doctor.

  • Frenchy

    They are chummy because Brooke is now on the payroll as is Katie.

  • Brenda

    Kate’s dad said before Katie loves acting but the celebrity part she’s getting better at it. Even on her DC days in television she’s out with friends or her sisters and she looks so shy and terrified by the paps.
    She and Tom look happy and so in love. Kate is blooming that I gotta say.
    Im a fan too.

  • coco

    When is her movie out? cant wait to see her back on the bigscreen.

    I feel excited for Tom’s film too. I hope they get the Oscars for it.

  • sowhat

    I thought Katie Homes was suppose to be in Lousiana right now filimng a movie. Katie Holmes claims she is so serious about re-aluanhinh her career as an actress but she can not get her haead out of Tom Crusie’ butt for five seconds to filem a movie. How are we the general public, suppose to take Kaire Holmes seriously when she says she wants to re-laanch her career when she is suppose to be filming a movie in LA instead is she can’t live five seconds without pulling her head our of Tom’s ass.

  • Catherine

    Maybe you need to pull your head out your ass. She is filming her movie but still has a life, she can fly back and forth like many actresses do. Tom is her husband, do you expect her to stay in NO and not spend time with her family? What do you people want from her, what the heck does it matter what she’s doing away from the set.

    As for Brooke Sheilds, folks get over it, she went to his wedding so why is it a shock that they’re having dinner. Tom and Katie also took Suri to her daughter’s birthday party.

    Its nothing new, move on. brooke and Tom sure have.

  • Liz

    Iam a huge fan of these two as well.I can’t understand why tabloids will not leave their marriage alone. Katie always said she was not big on public things and always thinks she will trip. She is copying well though with her new status as Mrs Cruise. Tom just thrives on all the attention.I guess he never knew what he missed out for 25 years. LOL

    Justjared, thanks for these and Wentworth Miller.I must say your site is not full of hoodies.

  • Liz

    People like ‘sowhat’ just want to attack attack attack! Just because their rag magazines told them that she in Shreveport and Tom’s mum followed her there, they are angry that indeed she was in shreveport for less than 3 days without Tom or his mum. Shame!

  • Rose

    I find it sad that the internet really is inflicted with evil cynical people who just sees the negative in everything. They need to take the lead from Tom and Brooke who can forgive. They are mature,professional and full of integrity.
    Katie and Tom have a lot of supporters but most enjoy life not just bashing every celeb online.

    Like many Im also watching the movie of Katie. Lots of luck to Tom on his projects and his studio(MGM-United Artists). I also have to say Suri is the cutest baby in Hollywood.

  • Franny

    There’s some deal going on here. For some reason the apology was bought and he is going to fund a comeback for her. His insults to her were very damaging to his career. It cost him a production deal. He has plenty of money to buy people and buy apologies. Poor Brooke, this is sad and so whorish.

  • ANON

    Brooke Shields look like a MAN!

  • Erin

    Tom needs to drop about 50 to 100 pounds. He is looking mighty hefty these days. Come on they are phony. I love Brooke – I just wish she would stay away from those two FREAKS!

  • ABBA

    Im a fan of TomKat. Thanks for the news on them and the pictures.

  • mary


  • Raichill

    Tom looks more and more like his mother in these photos.

  • kiti

    For the first time TC doesn’t look happy for the camera. They sure do get more than their fair share of negative press. Either they’re easy targets or just don’t appear credible. For me, he lost credibility in the way he dumped his first wife. If he could do it once, he could do it again. The second wife is starstruck, she admitted as much in an interview.

  • go tomkat

    Tomkat has my love and respect. Some haters here Im so entertained by their jealousy and TomKat devotion.

  • jegoing

    I say Shields announces she is a Scientologist by years end.

  • Bunny

    Jared, i wanted to read the comments and the end of your article above, but with the dark gray covering everything, its impossible to read. i wish you would alter the colors a bit so that both the articles and comments would be visible and easy to read.

  • Rori

    My tomcat is now retired but so glad Im i found another TomKat to look up to.
    I think they’re happy and very much in love. Nice contrast TomKat in black
    and Brooke and Chris in white.

  • mary


  • blooes

    Mary, eat dust!

  • marina

    kiti (23)
    Katie actually is his THIRD wife. Wife number one (whatshername) was the one who showed Tom about scientology, then came Nicole, and now, Katie.

    whatever, I didn’t like the way Cruise behaved last year, I like to see a movie where the actor goes into the character and with many scandals it’s hard to see somethingand not imagining him jumping on the couch or something like that….

  • a pattern

    Marina is right.

    Tom Cruise’s first wife was Mimi Rogers who indoctrinated … er introduced him to Scientology. His second wife was Nicole, who is Catholic (she never converted to Scientology), by the way. Third wife is now Katie Holmes, who was a Catholic too. And then so is Brooke Shields, who was such a Catholic she had her first marriage to Andre Agassi annulled so she could marry Chris Henchy in the church. JLo and Marc Anthony are also Catholics. Hmmm, I think I am beginning to see a pattern here. Maybe Tom C’s mission is recruiting and converting Catholics?

  • Justsoyouknow

    Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise have known each other for a long time, since they did “Endless Love” together (about 25 years ago), which is why he brought up the use of the anti-depressant in the first place, because he cared about her. She is probably quite thankful to him now that they supposedly have linked it to birth defects (I heard that on the news) and are filing a class action suit against the maker of the anti-depressant Brooke was on.

  • countrybabe

    I found the first post in weeks where all the scientologist come to support Tom and Katie. If she doesn’t like celebrity and cameras, why did she marry the biggest star in Hollywood?

  • pr person

    Thank goodness that Tom Cruise went on his crazy train. Now everyone knows what he is REALLY like.

    His “religion” prompted him to go off on his anti-depressant rants, he spewed LRon science fiction almost word for word; it didn’t have anything to do with him giving a crap about Brooke Shields. They more than likely hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in the 25 years since that movie. Please….. and if he had really “cared” about her, he wouldn’t have used her as his ranting tool.

  • PR king

    Marina, Tom’s Oprah meltdown was TWO YEARS AGO

    You guys are freaks, still talking more about it than Katrnia disaster, which happened after Tom’s Oprah and today show appearences.

    Also, I’m sick of the PPD shit, get a life.
    And the overmedicated freaks bananas, you should read about the many deaths medications causes. Get a clue, read about the labo lobby.
    cruise did a service to you all, but you are too brainwashed by big pharma to realize.
    You’re in a bad place to criticize Tom’s sciento brainwashing.
    You’re the same.

    But Tom, him, is such a sweet man, as everybody who knows him agree. Ask nicole or penelope for example ‘they still love him’

    Go take a poo. And shut up.

  • Yvonne

    So love Tom and Katie is just adorable and a

  • scarlett

    Im fired up to see the movie of Tom Cruise and Katie’s Mad Money film with Diane Keaton.

    TomKat are my favorite Hollywood couple.

  • charmed

    This is one couple and family I admire in Hollywood. Im definitely rooting for them and their upcoming movies.

  • RustyT

    Oh my God, Katie Holmes suddenly looks as old as Tom Cruise. Whatever they’re pumping into her to keep her docile is aging her quicker than a daily dose of crystal meth.

  • Haraye

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.