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Jennifer Garner: I See Violet in Me

Jennifer Garner: I See Violet in Me

Proud parents Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner arrived at LAX airport on Sunday night, returning from their one-week holiday in Mexico accompanied by their 17-month-old daughter Violet.

Ben and I like more things in ourselves that we now see reflected in Violet,” Jen told People in their Most Beautiful People issue. “To see my dimples in her makes me like my dimples because I share them with her. I hope to pass on to my daughter my mother’s comfort in her own skin, which I think I got some of.”

The former Alias star continued, “Violet is the most beautiful thing. Just that she exists and I get to hang out with her. I think that I can read her mind because I’m with her all the time. Then she’ll do something off the wall and surprising. There’s no one who is more fun.”

More Affleck family pictures inside…

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Gabriel/Matei/Raul
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  • Louise

    To jackie says:

    Vartan fans are not bitter about the split and are thankful that he broke it off before the relationship went any further. What they are bitter about is what she did causing the split and knowing that Affleck had been in the picture even before her split with Foley and then used Vartan as a go between until Affleck became available.. But the straw that broke the camel’s back and really turned so many fans against her was the firing of Vartan.

    BTW, Vartan does date .

  • LisaM2

    You all sound like you live in the 1950s.Nowadays you don’t HAVE to get married, you do it because you want to. Obviously unlike Toby McGuire, Angie Jolie and Pitt, Naomi Watts and on and on they just wanted to. She and affleck had known each other as friends for years before she became pregnant, unlike Angie Jolie & Pitt & especially Katie Holmes who barely knew Tom C. before getting knocked up. Ben affleck cant be forced into matrimony or JLo would have forced him after spending big bucks on downpayments for her $2 million wedding! It perfectly OK in HOllywood to be unmarried parents so they obviously didn’t feel that they HAD to do it. When Matt Damon said “he just wanted to get it done” meant that being married was what he cared about not having some big showy wedding for everyone else to impress. Matt Damon also “just got it done” in a quickie, city hall wedding then he went back to work the same day.

  • Say Me

    You can’t honestly think that “good” girl Garner would ever have had a baby out of wedlock. Would have never happened especially with Affleck’s baby and her parents being a conservative and well respected couple in Charleston, WV. Affleck had no choice but to marry her. If he hadn’t, his career would have been in the deep depths of the sewer. He didn’t have to marry J-Lo because she wasn’t pregnant. Matt Damon’s wife is not a well-known person so a quickie marriage to them was not a big deal but Garner and Affleck had a lot on the line regarding their careers and reputations, in addition to the reputation of her parents and Garner herself in the City of Charleston. What I really find amusing about the whole thing is that Affleck really pulled a good one in a seedy bar in Boston not too long after the engagement. Happy fella’ much?…don’t think so. He did what he knew he had to do.

  • Terry

    I’m sure she’s more beautiful than any of your ugly faces.
    Get a life! Now a mother can’t be with her kid and that means she’s showing off? she’s not the one selling her kid to magazines.

    Yes, they’re an happy fam in hollywood. deal with that. it happens and stop beeing jealous.

    And next time you call ugly a 1 year old kid plase kill yourself.

  • Lisa2

    DEAR Sayme

    You ARE in a time warp! this is 2006–you are 40 years out of date. Ben didn’t have to do anything! Nobody cares if people are married anymore. that includes here in Texas — the most conservative state in the union! He wanted to get married and start a family– he said so in a Details interview in October 2004, when he was dating jennifer g.

  • alison


    I’m so glad you brought up the Details interview that Ben gave back in 2004, many people either forgot about that or choose to forget it because they choose to believe the worse. Ben was very clear that he wanted to get married and start a family even early on in his relationship with JG. She was the hesistant one having been divorced already. He was really happy when JG was pregnant.
    Haters just can’t get over it and move on. Hey Vartan fans, get a life!!

  • dina

    h Says:
    May 2nd, 2007 at 7:30 am – flag comment

    She got pregnant after about ten months of dating. So?

    Garner said in August 2004 that she is single. She got pregnant in late Feb- early March 2005. What ten months?

    to Louise Says:
    “Vartan fans are not bitter about the split and are thankful that he broke it off before the relationship went any further. What they are bitter about is what she did causing the split”
    He broke it off? That´s new for me. What did she do?

    And just a note : I´m ok with pregnancy before or without a marriage. But it´s not ok when a woman traps a man by getting pregnant. Just weeks before they got engaged there were articles that Affleck doesn´t want to rush into anything after the Bennifer I disaster , he didn´t live with Garner and had no plans to move in with her. Yes, he said he wanted a family, but he wanted to take it slow. But it was obviously too slow for Jen. He had to propose ( after she was already pregnant), he had to marry her to do the “right thing”. But did he want it to happen so soon? I don´t think so.
    It´s NOT ok for me when someone claims to be “private about personal life” and then talks about her daughter and her husband in every interview and brings her mother and sisters to talk shows.
    It´s not ok when she says “I´m a prude” when it´s obvious that she is not.
    When she stops lying then maybe I could respect her again.

  • dina

    And just so you know: I´m not a “bitter Vartan-fan”. I´m a Ben Affleck fan. And I still can´t believe that he got trapped by the ugliest woman in Hollywood. And I´m sorry that his child looks nothing like him with those big ears and small eyes (is he sure that it´s his child?). He obviously doesn´t respect this woman (see my my first post). He will sooner or later realize that this marriage is a big mistake.

  • Louise

    To Dina regarding “He broke it off? That´s new for me. What did she do?”

    She cheated on Vartan with Ben while she was in Vancouver filming Elektra. Michael found out and broke it off. Since the rumor has been ongoing since DD about her and Ben, such a coincidence that she and Ben were seen in Vancouver kissing and holding hands in June…and Vartan had just visited her Memorial Day Weekend. And all of this coming on the heels of Ben’s breakup with J-L0… tell!!! Garner a prude?…bwhahahaha! Garner refuses to ever again talk about her private life?… even bigger bwhahahahaha!!!

    Oh and this remark from an earlier post above: “She was the hesistant one having been divorced already.” Am really LMAO on this one.

    And yet another remark from the same post: “He was really happy when JG was pregnant.” Now that’s interesting…did you ask him personally if he was happy?

    And, Dina, thank you for your comments regarding Garner in all your posts. Very well said.

  • dina

    Thanks Louise.
    She cheated on Vartan? Poor man! But I have to admit Vartan is a real gentleman, because he never said a bad word about her. He even praises her acting in his post-breakup interviews. But I think he is better off without her.
    And I guess Ben will be the next Garner will cheat on. You know, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” In Hollywood they call it already “Jennifer Garner syndrome” when TV-actresses leave their husbands for their co-stars.
    What´s her next project? Who is her next co-star?

  • heidi

    Louise, now THAT’S interesting… Do you know them personally since you seem to know so much about their private lives? So, she cheated on Vartan? And you know this how? How do you know Garner and Vartan hadn’t broken up by June? You can’t know for sure. Vartan visiting her doesn’t really prove anything. Unless you know them personally, you can’t have any idea when the break ups really took place, what really happened and who dumped who.

    “Just weeks before they got engaged there were articles that Affleck doesn´t want to rush into anything after the Bennifer I disaster , he didn´t live with Garner and had no plans to move in with her.”

    Yeah… Because magazines always tell the truth, right? I actually read that Garner made it perfectly clear that Affleck didn’t have to propose.

    Vartan doesn’t seem to be too bitter about the break up since they still remain friends. I doubt he’d be able to do that if she’d cheated on him. You people need to stop acting like you know everything and get over it.

  • Louise

    Heidi, believe what you will. I know what I know to be factual As far as Vartan remaining friends, it’s been almost three years since the breakup. MV moved on with his life and was over Garner the first year of the split and it’s certainly not stretching it to believe they could continue to be friends. Time heals all wounds and, yes, even cheating wounds.

  • Too Much Said

    Joan said:

    “Post by Too Much Said: The same could be said about you….stupid for obsessing over a celeb who you really know nothing about other than what her PR people dish out to you and what Garner herself says in interviews. You don’t know her, you don’t live with her…you only see and hear what she wants you to see.

    My advice to you is to get a life yourself.”

    Your words just proved exactly what I said about small-minded types like yourself, and those same anti-Jen words from you proved that you know absolutely NOTHING about her or about me at all, and you also don’t know her either to be bashing her for no reason, but would rather believe the lies that the tabloids spin about her to make her look bad…so you’re definitely the one who needs to get a life.

  • Joan

    To Too Much Said — YAWN…I don’t read the tabs. Anyone with common sense knows they’re packed full of BS.

  • Too Much Said

    “To Too Much Said — YAWN…I don’t read the tabs. Anyone with common sense knows they’re packed full of BS.”

    And yet you believe the anti-Garner crap they make up anyway, so that tells me that you DO read them.

  • dina

    Louise, do you know if Vartan ever proposed to Garner, cause I read she lost his ring in 2004?

    “I actually read that Garner made it perfectly clear that Affleck didn’t have to propose.”
    Where did you read that heidi?

    Ben´s reputation was still pretty bad at that time (it was before his “Hollywoodland”-success). If he didn´t propose everyone would´ve said he is an asshole because he doesn´t want to marry “such a sweet girl”, who is pregnant with his baby. Do you think he wanted a bad publicity? He did have enough bad publicity during Bennifer I. M. Damon said that Affleck really loved JLo, he wanted to have children with her, but she was bad for his career (Bennifer-movies flopped). So he broke up with JLo. So bad publicity with Jennifer 2 – and his career would´ve been dead.
    He still has to fight for his career and reputation. He needed some “good girl”. Garner used his situation. She knew what she did. He didn´t propose on Valentine’s Day , so she got pregnant by March and he had no choice but to propose.
    Garner is a great manipulator.

  • FreeWill

    Dina…considering what you said….Ben Affleck is such a gentleman! I think that he is a poor actor and also a very bad husband and dad!
    I’m a JG fan but I don’t approve her choice to marry that looser! I’m also a MV fan…so in my eyes they were the perfect couple! At least he loved her! Not like Affleck who uses woman for clean his bad reputation! Anyway we need to be in two to make a child! So…it’s fair that he took his own responsabilities!
    As a fan…if she is happy I’m happy for her, but I think that this happiness won’t last!


    Sorry for the micstakes, but english is not my first language.

  • heidi

    You’re really narrow-mided if you really believe all that crap about Garner ‘trapping’ Affleck and him using her to get a better image. You don’t even want to believe anything good about them, do you?

    Louise, yeah. I has been three years. And still people like you just have to bring up this issue all over and over again. We will probably never know what happened for sure. But if Vartan can get over it, so should you.

    “Where did you read that heidi?”

    I believe it was either People or US Weekly. I’m not sure. I’m not going to look for it to prove myself to you but if you want to read the article, you’ll probably find it ovet at

    “I’m a JG fan but I don’t approve her choice to marry that looser!”

    Well, it’s good that she doesn’t need your approval for anything, isn’t it? What a supportive fan you are.

    And just for the record, I’m a fan of both Garner and Vartan. I loved them as a couple and was bummed when they broke up. I don’t think they’re perfect and never make mistakes. But I’m not going to just believe rumours and start judging them when there’s no real proof of anything. And it’s been three years! People really need to stop bringing up this crap and move on.

  • FreeWill

    Being a Jennifer fan doesn’t mean I’m forced to agree with every choice she makes!
    I don’t hate Ben, I just think (for what I see in the pics of them) that he is not too involved in them! He always seems bored or unhappy! He is never pictured with Violet or when they are together she is always Jen to carry her! This is my opinion…I’m not involved in their life, so what I’m saying can be wrong! And I hope to be wrong!
    Of course she doesn’t need my approval! Who am I? Nothing for her! I know that…no need to point that out!
    I consider myself a supportive fan because I don’t care what other people say about her…I like her no matter what!
    Anyway…I repeat what I said: if she is happy I’m happy for her!

    “And just for the record, I’m a fan of both Garner and Vartan. I loved them as a couple and was bummed when they broke up. I don’t think they’re perfect and never make mistakes. But I’m not going to just believe rumours and start judging them when there’s no real proof of anything. And it’s been three years! People really need to stop bringing up this **** and move on.”
    I totally agree with you!

  • dina

    Ben is not a gentleman, I think he is a womanizer and I would never call him a “good boy”, but at least he will never say about himself “I´m a prude” LOL
    But Garner … She plays a “goody”, but in the reality she is not and never was one.

    I saw videos of dinner between Smith, Affleck, Garner and other crew members and I admit that Jen had a crush on him ( and she was married to Foley at that time. Married!). But I didn’t see him paying her that kind of attention at that dinner (well, he was with JLO). But she wanted his attention so badly!

    Ben was not interested in Garner when he went to that Elektra set in 2004. He was sad about JLO, who just married Antony, and he was dating Enza Sambataro at that time. There is an interview with Affleck, he was in a plane heading from Los Angeles to Vancouver, where he talks about Sambataro: ” I’ve met someone new. It was at a baseball game. Red Sox against the Mets. You should see her. She’s a hottie.”
    And in the same interview he said that Jennifer Garner has called him and asked him to shoot a cameo in her “Elektra”, so Affleck was heading for the set. “They haven’t even told me what it is,” he says. See? Garner asked him to come, she desperately pined for his company, she even said that on ” Extra” from that Elektra-set (“I miss him” etc.). She had a boyfriend at that moment (Vartan), Affleck was dating Sambataro. But did it matter for Jennifer? No ! It didn´t matter to her that other people got hurt. She shamelessly wanted Ben- she got him.

    FreeWill, be happy that Vartan broke up with this “good girl” Garner.

  • FreeWill

    Dina…you know things pretty well…don’t you? Are u a family friend of Ben?
    You speak like you were there during their relationship!
    If he wasn’t interested in her…why date her, why got her pregnant ( you’ll say that she tied him on the bed and do the rest by herself) and why marry her?
    Maybe you need to update your calendar…this is 2007!
    If that Enza girl was so good and hot…why split with her and starting date Jen? Maybe he was interested! But yeah…again she used some magic power to convince him to be with her!
    I don’t care if Vartan and Garner are over (it’s 3 years…so why bother)….I don’t understand why people have the guts to say thing like they know everything!
    Jennifer isn’t perfect….but who is perfect? We are human being and that’s why we can’t be perfect! Everyone make mistakes! I don’t believe she is a saint….but I think that she is a good person!

  • Louise

    Dina re: your question: “Louise, do you know if Vartan ever proposed to Garner, cause I read she lost his ring in 2004?”

    I was told he did and she turned him down which was about the same time that Ben appeared on the set of Elektra. Actually, Ben was there twice on the set, the first time being mid-June and then late June. His mid-June visit was reported by the family of the disabled young boy that Ben supports (Joe is the first name) who were there visiting the set.

    There has always been a question about the ring. Am not sure about it but I do know she was seen wearing a ring that belonged to Vartan that he wore on many occasions and he has never been seen wearing it again since the “lost” ring story appeared.

  • dina

    FreeWill, he wasn´t interested in her when he went to this set , but then … remember Ben´s : “You know Elekra? I f***ed her mouth.” You think he was in love with her or respected her when he said that? Yeah, sure…
    When a woman wants sex what guy would say no? And Ben is known womanizer. How do you know he was interested in her and not just in sex? After JLo, who he thought was” the one”, do you think he wanted to jump into another relationship immediately?
    Why get her pregnant ? Who said he wanted to get her pregnant? It was her idea. You don´t need to tie a guy, you just don´t take an anti-baby pill.
    “Jennifer isn’t perfect”…Say that to her! Because she is always: “I´m a good girl! Yes, I am! I´m a prude! Yes, I am! “

  • xoxo

    lol you people have way too much free time!! and btw dina birth control isn’t 100% effective.

  • OH

    Recently, Jennifer Garner tells the allure magazine–> [ I was doing the follow-up to Daredevil, and producer said, 'will you call Ben and ask him if he'll do a cameo?' and so I called him, and we spent this day doing this cameo, and I was kind of
    like-oh! We were both single.]

    Because producer, Jennifer Garner has called Ben.
    When being with the family , Ben does not seem bored or unhappy.
    Because of photographer, he looks annoyed.

  • Louise

    But, Oh, she failed to mention that he had been to Vancouver earlier in the month, mid-June.

  • OH

    Also Jennifer Garner tells the allure magazine–> [............and producer said, ‘will you call Ben and ask him if he’ll do a cameo?’ and so I called him and we spent this day doing this cameo, and I was kind of like-oh! We were both single. and we started emailing. It was very gradual. and surprising. and even now talking about it, I'm suprised. ]

  • Louise

    Oh’s post: “will you call Ben and ask him if he’ll do a cameo?’ ”

    Interesting that the producer/director would have Garner call Ben. It normally is left up to the casting director to call a potential cast member, especially for a cameo. How convenient that she just happened to have his phone number. Being as they were seen “together” in Vancouver by several people during the Elektra shoot, the Allure mention by her doesn’t quite compute.

  • dina

    “Also Jennifer Garner tells the allure magazine…”
    OH, you believe that BS, that she says? This woman lies all the time.

    “Dina…you know things pretty well…don’t you? Are u a family friend of Ben?”
    FreeWill, I´m his fan. I´m not his friend, but as a fan I know him better than you do. I watch his movies, I read his interviews, he is more open and more honest in his interviews than Garner ever was. If Garner´s fans, who don´t know her personaly, can say that she is ” a caring person”, then I, Ben Affleck fan, can say that she was/is just a rebound girl for him and he would´ve never married her , not so soon, but she didn´t give him time and trapped him by getting pregnant.
    And that is maybe why, FreeWill, ” he is not too involved in them! He always seems bored or unhappy! “

  • FreeWill

    So why merry her if he wasn’t in love with her? I don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just to clean his conscience and show the world that he is a good guy? I think that you have a bad opinion of Ben…I’m trying to give him more credit!
    And again…how do you know that she trapped him? Birth control pills aren’t 100% effective! Please…GROW UP!
    Anyway…you have your point of view, I have mine! No reason to carry on this discussion! Only time will tell if this is a loveless marriage! I repeat: I hope to be wrong about Ben…I hope that he is a good father and husband!

  • rocky

    And so the debate goes on and on and on…

    One thing is clear: As long as Jen Garner is happy with her new family- the Michael Vartan fans will continue to hate her and be bitter, no matter what.
    What a life to live!

    I’m no Garner fan, I follow more the careers of Julia and Angelina but to tell you frankly guys, Garner’s lovelife is nothing compare to this two. But I am the kind of fan who is not obsessed with the stars’ personal lives. As long as they are good in their craft I am happy with it.

  • ben fan

    And those who claimed that she was a fan of Ben, I don’t think so.
    I think she’s a fan of another actor.
    Pretend… pretend… pretend.

  • dina

    ben fan, what another actor? I asked some questions about Garner´s relationship with Vartan because I wanted to know what this woman did to her other men, what to expect from her. She hurted her ex-husband, she cheated on her ex-boyfriend. There is no guaranty that she won´t hurt Ben. “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”
    I said that Ben is not a gentleman? Well, Kevin Smith calls him much worst and he´s his best friend. Ben is not perfect, he knows it and his fans know it and they like it that he is “a bad boy”. I´m a Ben Affleck fan. Just yesterday I watched “Dogma” again. He is great in it!
    Many Affleck´s fans don´t like Garner and say that she is ugly and he married her because she was pregnant. Birth control pills aren’t 100% effective? Yes, but she didn´t get pregnant in her first marriage or from her co-star. What , Ben has a super sperm? 30 – something women know how to use all kind of of birth control methods to not get pregnant . Unless they want to get pregnant.

  • angel

    The lady protests so much!

    An obsessed fans think they know more about the private lives of the celebrities – what happened and where it happened- more than the celebs themselves.
    And they always thought they are right even when you know how ridiculous they are.

  • lisabeth

    “The lady protests so much!” You are right. Garner protested too much when she said there was nothing going on between her and Affleck on “Daredevil”-set.

  • Tess

    I find it extremely amusing that just a mention of Jennifer Garner can conjure up so many debated comments. This is like reading a good soap opera…bwahaha! There’s lots of truth to some of the comments but I sure as hell ain’t revealing which ones.

  • mystique

    Wow, a lot of comments about Jen Garner!
    It’s because she’s still hot and popular.
    If she’s not, people will not bothered to talk about her whether the comments are positive or negative.
    I’m sure Just Jared will always featured her. It helps the site.

  • lula29

    I love Dina! Tell it like it is girl.

    Jennifer Garner is a faker and it’s obvious her marriage is not what it’s cracked up to be. She wanted Ben Affleck something fierce and he was never really that into her. He thought she was cool, probably just as a friend, but she did trap him.

    I’m not a Garner fan, if that’s not obvious. I couldn’t watch Alias because I consider her too much of a light weight and was disappointed they casted her in the lead role. However, her rise to fame, via sleeping her way to the top, is obvious and anyone who doesn’t see that is delusional.

    She is far from a good girl and smothering the hell out of a baby because you are lonely in your marriage does not a good mother make.

    Also, she should be known for her acting abilities and not the perception that she’s a good mother. Her daughter is barely 2 years old, she is still in the process of learning to be a mother. She hasn’t completed her journey yet so why all the crowning her “Queen of Motherhood”. That’s what really creating the backlash against her, that and her fake I’m a good girl BS.

    I mean, don’t any of you ever ask yourself, why her and Ben never hang out alone together. Not even at industry events, they don’t even take pictures together and I dont’ want to hear nothing about they are trying to be low key. Please. They can be low key and still photograph together at industry events. That makes no sense.

    I know this is long and I seem obsessed, but she gets on my damn nerves. She’s talentless and needs to go away.

  • hush up

    I don’t know about now, but Garner was one of the most attractive women in Hollywood before she had her baby. You need to see her for yourselves. You guys have no idea what you are talking about. She is very attractive. I’d like to see your ugly mugs posted here w/o your makeup while you are going about your everyday lives. We would all cringe. Garner goes most places W/O ANY MAKEUP ON and she looks good. She has beautiful skin and great features. The photos are bad, but she is not ugly. Ben described her as drop-dead gorgeous and she is.

  • hush up

    … to get her man, Garner did get pregnant though. No way to disagree with that.



  • Rennaroo

    Oh my GOD everyone, Jennifer Garner is handling fame as best she can. Seriously, it’s like these people are damned if they smile and are friendly with the paps and they’re damned if they act like they don’t exist. What do you want from them? And as for the Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan thing, are you aware that they went out? That she was with him after her divorce to Scott Foley? I’m sure there was a reason they dated, and if I had to see my ex every day, and they were tormenting me, I would ask my boyfriend to set them straight too. You guys are so terrible to these people, would you go to your childrens’ preschool and see a smiling family and say how annoying they are, how they’re attention whores and they’re ugly? I don’t think so. I think it’s pathetic how all of these people go online and just BASH these poor people, who are just doting parents. What do you think? Jennifer Garner is going to say “Oh my kid’s not the cutest, but at least I have one? Oh she’s a pain?” I don’t think so! Of course she’s going to say how lovely she is (which she is) and how fun it is to be a parent (which they seem to have). Don’t bash these people because you’re miserable. Find another damn hobby that doesn’t hurt others. You’re pathetic and lonely.