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Jennifer Garner: I See Violet in Me

Jennifer Garner: I See Violet in Me

Proud parents Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner arrived at LAX airport on Sunday night, returning from their one-week holiday in Mexico accompanied by their 17-month-old daughter Violet.

Ben and I like more things in ourselves that we now see reflected in Violet,” Jen told People in their Most Beautiful People issue. “To see my dimples in her makes me like my dimples because I share them with her. I hope to pass on to my daughter my mother’s comfort in her own skin, which I think I got some of.”

The former Alias star continued, “Violet is the most beautiful thing. Just that she exists and I get to hang out with her. I think that I can read her mind because I’m with her all the time. Then she’ll do something off the wall and surprising. There’s no one who is more fun.”

More Affleck family pictures inside…

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92 Responses to “Jennifer Garner: I See Violet in Me”

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  1. 26
    laheina Says:

    She’s got a movie coming out so she’s dragging that kid out at every opportunity.

    Not only is she over rated, but her PR people need a new gimmick. Next.

  2. 27
    Blech Says:

    “And maybe no one trashes her for “being all hot and bothered for Ben when they made Daredevil and then she got hot and bothered for Michael Vartan both while still married to Scott Foley” because Foley has said himself that no cheating took place in their marriage. I doubt you know about that more than he does. If Garner had in fact cheated, he probably wouldn’t have said that. And Garner has commented in recent interviews that there was nothing going on between her and Affleck while shooting Daredevil. Really, people shouldn’t believe everything they read in gossip magazines and think they know all about what’s happened in celebrities’ lives.”


    She used Michael Vartan. Her marriage breakup wasn’t because of him, it was because of Affleck and no one should have expected Scott Foley to do a tell all. He has much more class than that. There were far too many rumors on the set of DD for there not to be anything going on plus her ogling Affleck during the Dinner for Five video is so telling.

  3. 28
    liz Says:

    Surely no one could possibly think she would be truthful regarding her feelings for Affleck on the set of DD and if anyone did, then they are verrrrry naive. Of course Scott Foley didn’t accuse her of infidelity. What would it gain him? Nothing more than looking like a cuckold, something that most guys do not want to appear as. She’s a great manipulator, a fact that many insiders will confirm.

  4. 29
    angelie Says:

    I think she’s still popular because if not, you guys will not talk about her at all!
    The more comments, the hotter the star is…

  5. 30
    jackie Says:

    Who is Michael Vartan?

    I like this family. Very normal and down to earth.
    I love babies and Violet is pretty and cute.
    Jen is gorgeous, too.

  6. 31
    Joan Says:

    The only reason Garner remains in the news is because she married Affleck and had his child. Had she not married him, one would have to be searching the web to find any stories about her. And most of those commenting were Alias fans or fans of Affleck. Garner is not highly popular in Hollywood on her own merits.

  7. 32
    shelly Says:

    Who is Michael Vartan?>>

    Jackie, Michael Vartan was JG’s co-star on her tv show Alias. Shortly between the time that JG broke up w/Scott Foley and the time that she started dating Ben Affleck, JG and Vartan dated. I think the relationship lasted only a few months according to her camp, though if you ask Vartan’s fans, it lasted longer than that. Not only that, but a huge furor erupted when Vartan’s character got written off Alias. JJ Abrams, Alias’s showrunner, claimed that he meant to write Vartan off the show all along, but Vartan’s fans claimed that JG asked him to be written off the show because they’d broken up and she had started dating Affleck. I was no longer an Alias fan by then so I didn’t care but I remember that Vartan’s fans were really incensed over him leaving the show. Eventually, Abrams responded to the backlash by writing Vartan back on the show when it ended.

  8. 33
    Mediterranean Says:

    I don’t find beautiful either Jennifer or Violet and either Gywneth or Apple. Violet and Apple can be called cute, just because they are still kid.

    Let’s be frank, do you really think that these women are beautiful???? Come on!!!!!

  9. 34
    Joan Says:

    re: shelly Says post: Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner dated for 14 months and lived together for 10 months…which is fact. JJ Abrams had nothing to do with the firing of Michael Vartan. In fact, Abrams was pretty far removed from anything to do with Alias other than a being mouthpiece, as he was fully involved with directing MI3. The blame for the firing of Vartan should be directed toward those who stepped in for Abrams and most think he was fired because of Garner’s insistence that her pregnancy be included in the storyline and her not wanting to work with an ex whose character would be father to her character’s baby. But there was a huge backlash when it happened and many quit watching and many still blame her for his firing to this day even though he was written back into the series for the last few remaining episodes.

  10. 35
    Larice Says:

    Maybe some of you should get a life. Do you know exactly what happened between Ben and Jen during the shooting DD, were you there on set? No! So you don’t know anything for sure. It’s just gossip, rumors. Same for Jen supposedly having Vartan fired from Alias. You don’t have first hand reports, only rumors.
    And the Afflecks are the most beautiful family in Hollywood. Jen doesn’t need tons of make-up to look good, unlike Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson and most others.

  11. 36
    anne Says:

    Why JG and Michael Vartan broke up?

  12. 37
    carmen Says:

    if you don’t like this family why you are spending time to look and comment about them you stupid people

  13. 38
    Mediterranean Says:

    to carmen,

    We do comment because we just wanted you to ask us this stupid question just yourself! Satisfied?

  14. 39
    Mediterranean Says:

    to carmen,

    We do comment because we just wanted you to ask us this stupid question just like yourself!


  15. 40
    shelly Says:

    Joan, thanks for the correction. I honestly couldn’t care less what happened between them or w/Alias. The show had gotten so bad after its 2nd season that’d I’d quit watching anyway.

    I did hear rumors that Garner and Vartan were living together, and also that he’d proposed to her but she turned him down. Don’t know if that’s also true but I suppose it could be. He certainly seemed pretty smitten w/her when they were together.

  16. 41
    A Person Says:

    I think Violete is a cutie. and Ben? well he can ditch the ball and chain and come on over to my place anytime.

    I was not a big fan of JG before she married Ben and I am not one now. I felt she just did not have what it took to play an agent on alias. I did not watch the show, and I usually get into programs like that.

    A Ben and Matt lover am I

  17. 42
    A Person Says:

    Oh and BTW, Violet has her daddy’s mouth

  18. 43
    LisaM2 Says:

    Well, Michael Vartan must not be too upset with JenGar — he just went out to lunch with her (well, a month or so ago). If he can get over it all you who are still (after what –3 years?) upset she dumped him should get over it. Its long over with and obviously was not that serious a deal if they can still be friends!

    Why is everyone so upset jennifer garner is “intoxicated” with her daughter? I think its sweet how much she loves her. She is a baby who is very loved obviously by both her parents. Garner doesn’t go to magazines to pose with her daughter, she is just coming back from a friggin vacation! Its not her fault the paps see how much everyone is intersted in her & her baby so they keep following her everywhere. And based on how everyone responded to this post, she is very interesting to you all.

  19. 44
    dina Says:

    Many fans have lost respect for her. Even her now husband Ben Affleck doesn´t really respect her. In public he says nice things about Garner, of course. But according to his friend Kevin Smith Affleck so told him about dating Garner: “You know Elektra? I f***ed her mouth.”
    And then she got pregnant just after few months of dating. And another Affleck´s best friend Matt Damon said that Ben HAD to marry her quickly ( she was showing already), “he just wanted to get it done”.

    LisaM2, Affleck still talks about his relationship with J.Lopez in his interviews. After more than 3 years. Obviously he still can´t get over it. His fans and medias still compare Lopez and Garner. Garner still talks about her first marriage to Scott Foley and compare it to her second marriage in her interviews. And JG and Foley´s split was 4 years ago. See?
    I doubt her ex-fans are upset that she dumped Vartan, he deserves a better woman. They are more upset about her fake “good girl” image. Garner calls herself a”good girl” and ” a prude”. It´s rather obvious she isn’t that “good girl” after all.

  20. 45
    Say Me Says:

    “Post by Larice: Same for Jen supposedly having Vartan fired from Alias. You don’t have first hand reports, only rumors.”

    But some of us do have first hand reports on how it went down.

    “From LisaM2: Why is everyone so upset jennifer garner is “intoxicated” with her daughter?”

    Because she’s running her motherhood and love for her daughter into the ground. I loved my first baby, too, but didn’t go around shouting it to the heavens and all who would listen on a continuing basis Enough is enough…it’s overkill at this point. Surely there’s something else interesting in her life she can talk about such as working with charities and such.

    “And based on how everyone responded to this post, she is very interesting to you all. ”

    Actually she’s not that interesting but her pics with Violet keep popping up on a daily basis and quite frankly, she’s become rather snarkworthy at this point in time because of the daily pics.

  21. 46
    Too Much Said Says:

    I’ve just found out who some of the stupidest people in the world are…they’re the ones who hate Jennifer Garner, a talented actress, a beautiful woman and a caring person, for no reason and make a sport of calling her names and trashing her unjustly because they have no lives and they envy who she is and what she has in life.

    Here’s a bit of news for you small minds who call her a “famewhore” because of the paparazzi pix of her being published on a daily basis…she never asked to have those photos taken of her or Violet by those hyenas, and she’s dealing with them as best as possible. If she lashed out at them like, say, Sean Penn used to do, the tabloids would have a field day with it and that would just give you more ammunition to attack her…and she realizes that, that’s why she won’t do it.

    My bit of advice to you negative types who get your kicks from attacking Jen for no reason…get over yourselves and get a life.

  22. 47
    h Says:

    She got pregnant after about ten months of dating. So?

    And jeez, like Affleck is the first man to brag about his sex life to his friends. But if Kevin Smith said that in public, he’s a jerk. And I believe Affleck is asked about his relationship with Lopez all the time, it’s not like he brings it up himself.

    I’m not a big fan of Garner and Affleck, but it’s just stupid to believe everything you read. And if someone loses respect for someone who gets pregnant after almost a year of dating – you’re aware that this is the 21st century, right?

  23. 48
    Joan Says:

    Post by Too Much Said: The same could be said about you….stupid for obsessing over a celeb who you really know nothing about other than what her PR people dish out to you and what Garner herself says in interviews. You don’t know her, you don’t live with her…you only see and hear what she wants you to see.

    My advice to you is to get a life yourself.

  24. 49
    jackie Says:

    So this all happen a long time ago and Vartan fans are still bitter about it.
    Go and get a life. Move on!
    How come Vartan can’t find a woman? Is there any fans of his here who can be his girlfriend and just leave Garner alone?

  25. 50
    angel Says:

    In my experience only ugly people has the guts to say that the stars are ugly. I wonder why?

    Jen is beautiful and Violet is cute and lovely!

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