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Blake Lewis Rocks Jon Bon Jovi

Blake Lewis Rocks Jon Bon Jovi

American Idol contestant Blake Lewis sang his own remixed rendition of Jon Bon Jovi‘s “You Give Love a Bad Name” with a whole lot of beatboxing. Here’s what the judges said:

  • Randy said, “Most original version of a song on American Idol… That was hot.”
  • Paula said, “This was amazing.”
  • Simon said, “Half the audience will hate it, half will love it. I think it was the right thing to do. Massive risk. This is what’s going to keep you in the competition next week.”

What did you think of Blake‘s beatboxing performance? And more importantly, which two Idols will be going home tomorrow?

Blake Lewis – “You Give Love a Bad Name”
Jon Bon Jovi week on American Idol, 5/1
VOTE BLAKE LEWIS — 1 866 IDOLS 04 or 1 866 IDOLS 10!
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  • Just Jared

    My vote’s for Phil and… okay, I can’t decide who else. ACKKKKK!

  • Carrie

    Phil and sad to say Chris. Blake rocked it out tonight!! He is awesome!

  • hr

    wow that rocked! very impressed…

  • Laur

    i think Blake is on a whole different level then everyone else. Sure everyone there can sing…but Blake is an artist, the way he totally changes song is amazing. Hes friggen awesome.

  • bdj

    The beat box part was okay, not necessary for a Jon Bon Jovi song. However, Blake is a good singer. Lakisha rocked da house and Melinda was her usual great self. Chris will probably be going home. You can only listen to a fake Justin Timberlake routine one time without dozing off. Just kidding Chris fans.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    Phil had the best vocals of the night. Black’s performance was impressive, and entertaining [that's what counts] he’s going nowhere, Chris also. The fat girl was the favorite to go home last week, so I’m sure she will be sent packing tomorrow.

    Worst performance was by Jordin, it sucked.

    I’m convinced that Head&Shoulders is retarded. She has to be!!!

  • tanique33

    blake was hot as hell. i thought everyone stepped up, except jordin. hers was a damn mess.

    i think lakeisha and maybe phil or chris tomorrow. now it gets sad.

  • ryllstar

    You Give Hair A bad Name

  • Jules

    that was the best. I loved it. Wish I hadn’t missed Idol. I cannot believe Phil is still in the competition. He sucks.

  • Jon

    I thought everyone did good tonight, and it wasn’t Jordin’s best week.

    As for Blake he really impressed me tonight. I don’t think he has the best voice, but he works with what he has. He did a great job with his own rendition of the song, which i loved. He kept true to who he is, and didn’t try to be a rocker. He’ll do great.

    As for leaving i think even though she did great tonight it’s LaKisha’s time. Also Phil, and maybe Chris. It’ll be hard but people gotta go. : (

  • Very Bad Ben

    how short IS Blake? he’s a midget. not hot. sorry.

  • Mary

    I LOOOOVEEEEEE blake!! he is sooo original and always impresses me

  • candy man

    Phil is good tonight but i dunt like him since day one so i want him to go home….
    & it’s sad to say but the result is combined with two weeks vote so Lekisha or Chris r going home too….

  • faithinher

    Blake was a breath of fresh air. Loved his originality and risk taking.

  • bb

    blake is the only contestant who can make something I normally wouldn’t listen to, something which I am GOING to listen to. i think that about says it.

  • Cutie

    Well said bb! I love what he did with the song. To be quite honest I was totally BLOWN away. I watched that clip 5 times and I still can’t stop watching it. lol. He is a real musician.. actually the only one I ever saw on AI. Having a good voice is not enough, you need to know what to do with it and what music is, have personality, etc. He is my IDOL.

  • angelah

    I didn’t likei t during the first seconds, but wow that was hot.

  • blooes

    How could half a audience hate it?? I don’t get it. Simon judges too hard sometimes.

  • Kibbell

    It rocked big time!

  • Maria

    Blake’s a ROCKSTAR!

  • carmen

    I think Phil and Chris is going bye, bye ,bye tonight..

  • Me myself I

    Melinda has the best voice, but Blake is so unique and creative and has a decent voice to boot. If he had some coaching he’d be unstoppable. He impresses me over and over. I think it should be between these two for the title.

    I can’t stand Chris (sorry fans) – he just plain sucks and does that head bop thing. He belongs in a boy band if anywhere. I think it should be Chris and Phil to go home. Jordin is good but bombed last night, so she is teetering too. Lakisha is good, but not sure she’s necessarily the Idol. We shall see!

  • candice

    wow total rip off of justin timberlake. he’s not artistic, he’s a copy cat.

  • Pinkgirl

    Blake’s rendition of “You Give Love a Bad Name” was insanely horrible! I was embarrassed for him!!! Anyone who is actually IN TO rock would feel the same way. He is pathetic.

  • nastyhero

    i think we’re in the minority Pinkgirl. i despised his version, too. it was completely unnecessary. for the life of me, i don’t understand why people think this kid is so incredible. we already have one of them running around…Justin Timber-flake. one is more than enough.

    yeah i said it. what?

  • Mmmmm

    Blake rocked! I liked Phil too tho, he really does have a good voice. I loved when Kiki kissed Simon …. mmmm

  • suspicious package

    I LOOOOVED Blake’s performance. It updated the song and sounded like a complete remix. Very original.

  • John

    that totally sucked. Once again, jusjared goes mainstream when we ALL KNOW that melinda doolittle had the best vocals.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    Phil – best vocals.

    Sad he gets no respect, he by far has the best voice of the males.

  • Lynn

    Blake was AWSESOME!. He is my favorite and I was very impressed with his performance. Sadly I think Chris may be sent packing. Don’t know who the other bottom person would be.

  • Cutie

    I have goosebumps all over after watching his performance. I LOVE Blake… he totally OWNED the performance. I would buy his music immediately.

  • Sherry

    I thought that Blake was incredible. It was creative and exciting and inspired. There’s no point in singing someone else’s song if it just sounds exactly the same as the original. Blake is in his own category, even if he doesn’t win he’ll have little trouble securing a deal. I love Jordin usually but she just couldn’t pull it off last night.

    I’d like to see Phil/Nosferatu go home and I think it could either be Chris or Lakisha who goes as well. She was amazing this week but I think last week might have really hurt her chances.

  • Sherry

    By the way, thanks for the video, I shared it on my own site (and credited you of course).

  • Sam from France

    I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan, no need to say I generally have a hard time with anybody touching to one of the band’s anthem…But this one was quite impressive. before he started to perform, I was scared because this guy doesn’t seem to have a strong, rock voice, which is a must to sing this song. But what he did with his weaker voice is not that bad, not to mention the beatbow, which gives a whole new sound to the song.Being french, I don’t really follow American Idol (apart from what i see on JJ,LOL) so I can’t compare Blake to the other contestants, but he took great risks with that song and I sort of liked it.

  • J

    The reason people like Blake is that, for “American Idol,” he is completely original. Lakisha and Melinda are overrated – why? Because Fantasia already won and disappeared…do we need another?
    Chris is a wanna-be Timberlake. Phil can’t sing.
    So, it’s down to Jordin and Blake.

  • Brianna

    That was so not awesome. That was horrible. Blake is LAME.

  • Irma

    BLAKE is amazing!!!! That was one of the best songs ever on American Idol. He is my absolute favorite. I hope Lakisha and Phil go home, but I think chris is going home.

  • d

    So glad so see chris go, as soon blake singing 311 at the begining of the season made me start watching and the whole time i coudlnt belive a 100% justin copy like chris could get so far. Everything from his cloths, his hair, even his voice is a copy of timberlake. The only thing chris coudlnt copy was justin’s ability to dance, which chris makes up for by doing some weird head bop that was irritating.

    Blake on the other hand almost seems like the kid at the back of the class in the competiton. While people like lakeisha melinda and jordin have typical vocals that are on the show, blake has a more modern sounding voice and style which is awesome. His version of the time of the season was one of the best songs and this rendition of bon jovie was amazing. Was very glad to see him come back to his modern sounding beat boxing that he had at the begining. If he keeps this up he could finish #1 or #2, and will probably end up being a star no matter what the outcome is as he has a lot of unique talent.

  • TT

    Blake just won American Idol with that performance. The guy is an entertainer and that’s what counts. There may be better singers but he’s the best showman AI has ever had. If he’s managed right this kid is going to have a good career. Really impressed with what he’s done, reminds me of Madonna, not the best voice but she sells it and she gets it.

  • David

    I was entertained.. but this wouldn’t be the type of music i would buy and listen to! noooo way!
    I read somewhere that he gets a lot of head shots because he does a Michael Jackson thing.. where he grabs his you know :) !!

  • Joe

    Blake was horrible, he ruined you give love a bad name, Beat boxing was popular in the mid 80′s, its stupid – no one wants to hear it, and it’s a singing competition, not a freestyle breakdance…… he destroyed that classic song, I can’t believe a lot people liked it, they have no ear for music and obviously are not Bon Jovi fans, a true JBJ fan would understand you don’t mess with a classic.

  • Jake

    Can I just say that was MONEY. Blake was cool but Teddy Campbell is the freakin’ Man!!!!

  • Aliened99

    First of all, I must agree with some of you, Blake Lewis is on a completely different level than anyone else. Secondly, I must comment on the overall lack of taste that most of you seem to have. The fact that there are actually people that say that Blake’s rendition of “You Give Love a Bad Name” shows how little you know about good music. My girlfriend likes Blake, but I she’s also said hes a good looking guy. I noticed that the majority of people who comment on him say that he’s “sooo hot.” Well that, boysand girls, is the sole reason for him getting this far on American Idol. The man has absolutely no talent, except for his ability to take a good song, and turn it into pure trash. When he is actually singin, he’s mediocre, but when he starts his beatboxing shit, it’s an absolute disgrace. And when he butchered one of the all time great songs (Bad Name), he disgraced not only Bon Jovi, but the show itself, and the viewers watching it. He disgraced the show because the judges let HIM through. They were impressed with his beatboxing. Yet, there were people who were really good in the auditions and Hollywood weeks that got sent home. And as for the fans who vote for him, Blake is living proof that people don’t actually succeed on this show based on their talent. They get by because people see them as eye candy and can’t bear to go a week without them. Chris is gone, finally, but it should have been Blake instead of Phil. You want more proof of people with talent leaving? Gine is better than Blake, but she’s not here. Now THERE’S a contestant for you. I understand that the people on the show should take chances from time to time, and God knows some of them pay off. But how someone can take a chance like Blake did, and NOT GET VOTED OFF, makes me lose alot of faith in the credibility of this show as well as the musical taste of the people that watch this show.

  • d

    Just because you don’t enjoy beat boxing doesnt make it bad. You might not like rap music but the millions rappers pull in every year proves that other people like it.

    Also if you think he destroyed the song by changing it and that makes him suck in american idol. Do you not understand that they are supposed to make the song their own? There are many, many, many people who can sing and take a song performed by someone and copy it to perfection. They cannot be successful because all they are doing is copying someone else. Blake actualy took a song, that many people enjoy and put his personal twist on it. Whether or not you dislike beat boxing doesnt mean that he did a bad job. His ability to throw his own style in there and have it blend into the song is what makes him good. He did not do what singers such as chris did and just walk up and literally copy bon jovi, which is why he deserves to go on in the show.

  • TT

    Blake is the man. All this garbage about musical integrity and classics, it’s Bon Jovi, give it a rest. Blake is an entertainer, something the other contestants are not. If you want somebody to hit you over the head with their rendition of some sappy song like wind beneath my wings then he is not your man. Blake is the male version of Madonna. He adapts and makes a style his own. He is the American Idol.

  • David

    I miss Sanjaya :) Sigh !

  • Chuck

    Blake is the true artist of the ones that are left. He can do more than just sing. He knows how to take the right risk and he knows how to mix things up in a way that will work!

  • KC

    At first I thought Melinda was the one. She is a powerhouse, packs a wallop and can belt out a song with class! But I gotta tell you, I am really digging Blake! He is definitely talented, the most original, and his voice is Beautiful!! His performance the other night was brave and Amazing! How can anyone say he can’t sing?!? Looks had to go to Chris – he was totally adorable, but I’m not surprised he and Phil got booted off. It’s down to the barrel now. These last 4 are all great, but, I think in the end it will be between Melinda & Blake. I love Melinda and I think that no matter what happens she will do great – no more backups for her, but I think Blake is just more Idol material…. We’ll see.

  • Eric

    Alot of people don’t really know what AI is really all about and what Simon, Paula and Randy are looking for. They are looking for good vocals but most of all they are looking for individuality, by the time i posted this we already knew who went home. Blake did something the judges wanted to see and impressed Randy for once — He took Bon Jovi’s song and made it his own. Putting his personality into it and it made it the most powerful performance on idol this season, people will be talking about Blake’s version for years to come.

  • Sam

    he can sing like me!(i can’t sing well).. he might know a trick or two to change songs.. but sorry.. this man will have a limited audience..Blake will fade away like others did!
    plz Guys.. don’t repeat what the gudges say.. they know nothing!
    it’s like the show is washing your brain or somethin!
    this season sucks!