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Hayden Panettiere Explains Lohan Comment

Hayden Panettiere Explains Lohan Comment

Hayden Panettiere, who plays pom-pom princess Claire Bennet on Heroes, takes a stroll to Starbucks with lil’ brother Jansen and their two dogs on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The Heroes babe even noticed a cover shoot she did with her dog for Animal Fair magazine, while walking past the newsstand.

Hayden is so down-to-earth and recently told USA Today that appearances can be deceiving. “Paparazzi will take pictures of me coming out of a club, and they’ll say I’m partying, that I’m drinking underage at a place I’m not supposed to be,” she says.

“But they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. At El Scorpion the other night, I had a lime juice and Sprite, and I was looking at it thinking, ‘Somebody’s going to take a picture of this and say I’m drinking.’ So I put it down and grabbed a bottle of water.”

Hayden Panettiere explains her “Lindsay Lohan comment”

12+ pictures inside of Hayden and celebrity sibling Jansen

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Credit: USA Today; Photos: Shawaf
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  • amy

    That’s such a crock of bs. We all know she’s not in the clubs drinking lime juice and spirte or water. I can’t stand her trying to uphold this image of herself knowing damn well that it’s all just a facade. No one is that dense to believe that she goes into clubs and doesn’t drink.

  • angelinammm

    wow.. the cutness

  • rachel2

    she’s big boned

  • pookie

    bla bla bla bla don’t even say us that you never drink alcool… we’re not stupid drink if you want pfff ..we don’t care of what you drink…
    like hayden but “lime juice and Sprite” who cares ??!!

    jansen is so cute

  • dat_dOod

    Big boned?

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Really, why does this chick get so much buzz? Any takers for this question??


  • al


  • hmm

    How old is that boy? He looks so young to be drinking a latte~

  • Vader

    Hayden is so gorgeous and sexy. Not only does she have beauty going for her but an incredible mind. She is going to take Hollywood by a cosmic storm.

  • black

    What kind of a mix is she anyway?

    Her brother seems naturally tan.

  • http://No Kevin

    What’s up Hayden Kevin here your kid brother Jansen
    Panettiere is handsome you are so blessed to be doing your
    acting, modeling and singing thing god bless the whole Panettiere
    family I would like to meet you and the family!!!

  • evelyn

    jansen is so cute.i wanna marry all ladys back off.cuz i am totaly inluc with him.

  • shelby

    I don’t know anything about Hayden, but in her defense I go to clubs and bars all the time and don’t drink, just there to socialize. So it is certainly possible. And I am legal.

  • tom

    jansen is hotter then his sister by a long shot

  • samantha

    you dogs are so cute i have the sameones and i love you please goout with me do you have a girlfriend

  • kiyanna

    jansen is so cute and I really want to meet him or get his email!

  • Billie Jean

    I think Hayden is pretty good looking but I wouldn’t want to ruin her rep who ever is, but I REALLY like to meet and have Jansen’s e-mail address(if he has one of course!)because I want to get to know his real self instead of his movie The last day of summer which doesn’t have his real identity which freaking sucks!!!! Anyway,I would want Jansen to more like a best friend more than a boyfriend because it wouldn’t work out, but still it’s okay if he did become a boyfriend if it works out but I know it wouldn’t work out because I’m two years younger but the best friend part I would mostly like. Oh and the girls that think their gonna have Jansen for a boyfriend……DON’T BRING YOUR HOPES UP BECAUSE IT’S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!! All you guys are only having admiration which doesn’t do anything except only liking him. That’s the only thing that’s gonna happen.Now back to Hayden, I would like to give a tip to her but not to insult her and all but I think she should wieght. just saying and know offense. I think your figure is perfect…for now. But at least she models. That’s a start…..sort of. Anyways you guys keep being celebs because you guy are better than other celebrity like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan because they’re firty and those are the kind of people I really REALLY hate but if Hayden is like that, she is firty in a good way but I don’t hate her. She’s a GREAT singer,acttress,and modeler. Keep going going for it!!!! And for Jansen, keep being cute!!!

  • heather

    jansen is 13.

  • Billie Jean

    Woo hoo. I know he’s thirteen. I’m not stupid.

    ~Billie Jean= )

  • http://YAHOO ANA


  • Phoebe

    Ana, SHUT THE F**K UP!!!Jansen has a girlfriend, and by the time you get a chance to date him, pigs will fly.And Jansen doesn’t want you to say,he’s a hottie because he has a girlfriend. Jansen, if you visit this collum,you’re welcome since I back you up cuz that’s what friends are for,right?And all the girls are obedient to Jansen, well, most of the girls, but I’m obedient cuz I never said, ONCE Jansen’s a hottie.Ana, go get a boyfriend that you know VERY well, not Jansen, you don’t know him, and he doesn’t know you, so nicw try!Have a nice Jansen-less life!!!

    Jansen if you’re friends with Ana, hate me all you want, but I’ll miss our friendship.

  • Jacoreyal

    Jansen is mine Ana I don’t give a flip if you live by him I love him and I have his e-mail address so don’t hate.Jansen is mines and I really don’t think no one or nobody can take him Ana.And if you try and take him you have to go threw me first.Ha,Ha,Ha.

  • http://HaydenPanettiereexplainslohancomment. Anonoymous

    Look Jasen has a gf.

  • http://HaydenPanettiereexplainslohancomment. Anonoymous

    oh i men’t jansen.

  • JAcoreyal

    Ha That’s Funny.

  • http://haydenPanettiereexplainslohancomment. Anonoymous

    Yeah hilarous.

  • Jacoreyal

    Yeah are you a girl or boy. Your name is kind oy spicy.

  • Jacoreyal

    No I Ment Wierd

  • http://http/HaydenPanettiere Anonoymous

    woz ur name? r u a boy or girl? well my name ain’t anonoymous lol.

  • http://haydenPanettiereexplainslohancomment. Anonoymous

    well my name is nt anonoymous r u a boy or girl wts ur name?.

  • Jacoreyal

    Oh me I’m a girl.

  • Jacoreyal

    Oh me I’m a girl.

  • http://haydenPanettiereexplainslohancomment. Anonoymous

    look people if you don’t like hayden then don’t come on this site salging her off because hayden dose not want to now if you don’t have nothing nice to say about hayden then don’t sy nothing at all.

  • Jacoreyal

    I’m with ya girl

  • http://Jansenpanttierehaydensbiggestfan. Anna

    im a girl.

  • http://fu JacoreyalBanks

    I Don’t No U

  • http://Jansenpanttierehaydensbiggestfan. Anna

    no you dont now me and i dont now you either

  • http://Jansenpanttierehaydensbiggestfan. Anna

    i dont now you either

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    my sister

  • http://haydenpanettiereexplainslohancomment Anna

    who is your sister ? .

  • kb

    Awesome coverage! Thanks!