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Kelly Clarkson - "Never Again" Music Video

Kelly Clarkson -

Here is the premiere of Kelly Clarkson‘s “Never Again” music video from her forthcoming third album My December. What do you think of Kelly rocking out in her new vid?

Kelly Clarkson – “Never Again” Music Video
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  • b

    that was awesome! bad ass kelly

  • schizo¬∑phren¬∑ic

    Kelly you rock! who cares if you eat the furryburger.

  • jess

    does anyone know who the guy was in the video?

  • Mike

    badass video. this song will be a huge hit. thanks!

  • Lizzie

    Really good!Loves it:)


    bad ass video!!!!


    bad ass video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mediterranean

    “Because of you” means a lot to me! I love that song very much.

  • she is cute

    i like her :)

  • Mike

    @ Roooozie–
    Kelly actually drove her bf’s car off of a cliff in a video from a few years ago, before Shakira went after he bf’s car. Not the same thing but neither is this and “Don’t Bother.”
    OH! And the fat comments are not getting old at all. People keep saying it yet it does nothing to her. She’s still the same size and ain’t changing.

  • Mama Bear

    Reminds me a lot of Alanis and her brand of angst. The guy wigging out in the video was hilarious! Way to go, Kelly!

  • Tim

    nice video, but the song could have been better. where are all the catchy hooks!?

  • Melissa

    Beginning of her video reminded me of Britney Spears’s “Everytime” video.

  • literally

    It kinda bored me…a lot. It sounds like all of her other man-hating songs.

  • tay

    just rock!! never again will love you…

  • hahahahahah

    Why is she trying to be Alanis Morissette? It’s like a silly school girl remake of “you oughta know” and it’s kind of creepy. ew. I feel bad for the poor guy who had to make this video with her – having his face grabbed by her big fat hand and having her scream in his face? LOL, I hope they paid him a lot and she had breath mints after she ate her double quarter pounder with cheese. nasty.

  • Jen

    It had a bit of a Britney vibe to it, but I loved it. Totally smokin.

  • katalibria

    love it! =) she looks great.

  • Gavin

    The video was awesome, yes it is not the greatest song, but I think it is catchy. Who cares if she just sings man hating songs? lol….there are a lot us who get heart broken and this music stands for what it is. and fat? compared to who? she is not fat, she is a normal girl. no wonder we have all those mary kates and lindsay lohans, because of people like all of you calling them fat.

  • rockerdude22


  • Simintel

    Oh please people…this video is awesome!!

    And for those of you who are saying she copied Shakira, get over it…if Shakira drove her bf’s car off a cliff in her video then she copied Kelly’s “Low” video…stop making totally random connections and enjoy the video for what it is…FANTASTIC!

  • SARA

    simply amazzzzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    OMG!! badass video!!

  • Melissa

    AMAZING VIDEO! The guy in that video was HOT!!!!
    This is A hit.

  • Victor

    the song is fantastic, she’s maturated, and the vedeo is awesome!!! YOU ROCK KELLY!!!

  • Jason

    LOVE the video, it was amazing. And Kelly looked amazing to. I wish that I was that guy in the video, lucky bastard Kelly is all over him.

  • lol

    “Maturated” LOL. Yep, she sure is maturated. She’s over-maturated.

  • lol

    I think it’s creepy that she keeps grabbing his face.

  • Gabe

    That guy is totally hot.. the song… I’ve heard better from her… ooooh! did I say that guy is HOT??? *@*

  • Tom

    Love, love this new video and the song rocks. Way to go girl, you’re awesome.

  • J3$$!C@

    My favorite idol, Miss Kelly Clarkson. This is not her best song, but the video is pretty awesome. I hope this is a hit.

  • jenny

    its ok she put on a few but she’s still cool

  • http://TrevorBrown.Org trevor

    Is he supose to be drowning her in the beginning then running off to hide out with his bew bitch?

  • blooes


    Thanks for sharing it!

  • Tucker

    That video was great! The songs only been out for like two weeks and its already a hit, and its not like since u been gone was an automatic hit, it took a couple of months to reach number 1
    the song and vid where awesome

  • Oliver

    Obviously the people who thinks its creepy, does not get the meaning at all, because you guys are too busy thinking shes fat. Seriosuly she did an interview yesterday on radio, here what she said.

    “when people make fat comments about me or say the outfit is not flattering, do they think i really care what the think, if i did i should have been really skinny. and for people who dont like my music, i dont care, IF MY ALBUM MY FLOPS, AT LEAST I MADE AN ALBUM THAT I WANTED AND I CARED ABOUT, and not same formula that i did for breakaway”

  • Oliver


  • Lola

    You Stinkers stop calling kelly fat…. some of you all would love to look like kelly so buzzzz off hatersss…..!!!

    love the video kelly and keep on going girl…

  • sue

    great idol, great voice , all-around greatness!

  • Raye

    its terrible the song snd the video this has got to be her worse

  • moo

    oh, come on. what a moose. no originality, either.

  • i like the blond

    I definitely don’t blame the guy for banging the blond instead. She’s way hotter than Kelly.

  • Sahara

    well im a kelly freak … soooooo kelly looks unbelievably hott!! i love her to death and the video is really cool i dont kare what yall think or say wtvr i kno ppl have opinions but… keep the bad comments inside please … i hate paris hilton and hilary duff but i dont curse there stuff …and shes sooo not fatt im sure you guys wieght soo much more than herthats why you curse her … yup … and if you dont have anything good to say just keep your big mouth shut please … and do not click on any thing that says kelly clarkson ever again if your a hater

  • phoenix

    Some of the comments posted about Kellys new video are chldish and idiotic. Sounds like a 10 or 12 year old kid wrote them. For example the person who says she copied off of Shakira , the person who says shes trying to be Alainis Morrisette and saying that she ate a double quarter-pounder is stupid and immture. What a stupid RETARDED IDIOT. You come off looking RETARDED by making that double quarter pounder comment which is a dig at her weight obviously. LOSER. Get over it. Kelly is her own artist and her own person. Stop making idiotic and stupid connections to another artist just to find something to bash on Kelly for and put her down. GROW The FUCK up and get a damn life RETARDS.

    The video is awesome. Kelly ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    That was fucking awesome!!!! I love Kelly! She is fricking awesome! And copied Shakira? Shakira doesn’t have the balls to do a music video like that!

  • Oliver

    Okay if she has no originality, try to explain the meaning of the video. And what happens at the end?

    The ghost kelly showed the guy “in his nightmare” what would it be like if he went with the blonde. And then in the end he realizes that he should just stay with kelly and gets out of the car. Then the trophy wife kelly leaves him, cuz she eventually couldnt take anymore. The ghost kelly and the wife are different. Ghost kelly was the ex, who got cheated on by the blonde and he still continued on cheating on trophy wife with the blonde.

  • leticia

    Kelly you rock!!! love the song:)

  • stephanie

    i love the video kinda creepy but it s awsome kinda like a little movie and oh she didn’t copy off anyone and she not fat . and to the haters whatever keep hating who cares it must suck beinging you . please stop saying rude comments about kelly and move on . and i’m sorry if i offend anyone

  • Kelsey

    The “she is fat”comments ar getting so old. she likes food leave her!! BABY GOT BACK, that what i’s better to be a size 4 then to have bones sticking out! Kelly rocks! good video and song.

  • BECK

    [[[[[amazig intense video!!]]]]]