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Fashion Faceoff: Thakoon Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Thakoon Dress

Curvy chick America Ferrera wore Thakoon’s sandwashed silk orchid dress from its Spring 2007 collection at “An Evening with Ugly Betty” presented by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at The Leonard Goldenson Theater in North Hollywood on Monday. She finished off her look with Jimmy Choo shoes and jewelry from Martin Katz.

To the right, supermodel Lesly Masson.

“I think it’s hilarious when people call Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria curvy,” America has said. “Come on. They’re not curvy; they’re small. I’m curvy.”


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Photos: Stephen Shugerman/Getty
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  • Amy

    It looks like a sack on the model. very cute on America

  • Jules

    defintiely america. it is so nice to see a celeb that is not ano. she looks beautiful

  • bdj

    America’s curves enhance that dress. It looks like a sack on the model.

  • Reader

    America, hands down. On the model it just hangs. America fills it out nicely. :o)

    Love her shoes too.

  • Shoes4life


  • schizo¬∑phren¬∑ic


  • Rose

    America looks gorgeous in that dress! It looks awful on the model

  • MonkeyShines

    America wears it better. Her having a shape makes that dress look great.
    I agree on the model it looks like a sack, wholely unattractive.

  • Jekki

    America for sure! That is a dress that needs curves in it and she fits it perfectly! Just beautiful!

  • A Certain Smile

    Hallelujah! Some people who have some sense:) America looks so much better.

  • R

    are you kidding me with these ‘who wears it better’ between heifers and models! 99% of the time it is obviously the model – as is by far the case in this instance…

  • vbn


  • angelah

    America rocks it!

  • angelinammm

    I didn’t even notice the other chick
    btw America has beautiful hair

  • coalharbourqt

    America looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress – so much better than the model, who looks drab and lifeless compared to America’s healthy, glowing look. Anyone who thinks she’s a ‘heifer’ needs to have a look at themselves and the crap in the media that they’re allowing to brainwash them.

  • Celeb_Star

    Lesly Masson (the model).

  • 1006

    America the beautiful.

  • first time poster

    america.. hands down
    i have a lot of respect for someone whos comfortable in their own skin…

  • Nando

    America the Mexican. lol

  • Sweet Swede

    America looks so cute in this dress. The model? Dull.

  • Kitten

    America definately, she looks great in that dress, it swamps the model

  • ZzaRaZza

    Wow, America is shining in those pics. Really good looking. Somebody please feed the model :-)

  • Amy

    The model looks like a clothes hanger with a dress hanging on it. Ewwww.

  • aglaias

    of course the model. for god sakes .who can think that America is better than the model? I think those who has the same weight. Lol :-) be logicall

  • WTF

    Most of the time on the comparisons the dress isn’t fitted correctly. It’s almost always too long. Actresses don’t have access to seamstresses??

  • D

    To #19 – Nando

    America Ferrera is not Mexican. She was born in California and is of Honduran descent. Her parents were born in Honduras (Cental America). I get pissed when people automatically assume that a Latin looking person or someone with a Latin name is automatically Mexican. I’m not Mexican or Honduran, but Puerto Rican and I cringe every time I hear that assumption. Nando #19 and anybody else who thinks like you: There are 20 Spanish speaking countries, look it up.

    BTW – America is freaking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    How can so many people say America? This isn’t even a question worth asking. Of course the model looks better. America looks like a blob. I don’t understand why people are trying so hard to promote being fat. It’s not pretty, people. Not at all.

  • Kimberly

    America doesnt look like a blob, I think she looks 10x better than that model. That dress just doesnt suit the model at all and America makes it flattering :) . Plus her hair looks good too~

  • thea

    america looks WAAAY better :) shes glowing, unlike the model who is dull. Though, i dont think its the same dress.. looks a TAD different :-/

  • david

    Please, the model wears it better. It looks like curtains on America, but couture on the model.

  • Anthony

    Lesly EASILY

  • Bibi

    She’s right. Jessica is not curvy anymore. She used to be.

  • hoho

    huh..? why everybody call that fat sack of grain beautiful.

    absolutely the model. america.. she’s just to overweight.

  • R

    no brainwashing going on here, thx
    i just like seeing my size 2 @ss staring back when i look in the mirror, that’s all

  • anon1

    Not kidding.

    I work in fashion, and…

    America looks better in it. Wrong choice of dress for Lesly.

  • anon

    America def.

  • Meg

    Well, R, I enjoy being a size 4, but c’mon, that model looks like she’s going to keel over and die. Anorexia, anyone? She’s just washed out and drab.

  • Mary

    It looks on the Model. I don’t think the dress is very flattering on America. I’ve seen her wear better.

  • Sweet Swede

    Anyone who calls America Ferrera a fat blob is in desperate need of a reality check.

  • lina

    It look much better on America

  • robz

    Looks like an ugly 80s sunday school dress

  • Angie

    That dress looks 1000000000 times better on America than that stick-thin model….. it looks like a fancy potato sack on the model

  • AB

    everyone saying America is fat needs to go to therapy…. you anorexic sluts make me sick.

  • MRs.kabalan

    Although both ladies look fine in the dress, it is obvious that America wears it so much better.

    Also, FYI America is not Mexican. :) She is Honduran. :)

  • lala

    They both look nice. America looks happier, that’s for sure. I love how different body types can be beautiful in different ways!

  • Prakash

    America looks just stunning in that dress…and the other one…THAT is supposed to be a supermodel??? U gotta be kidding me.any strong moves and that dress is gonna slip off that hangar of a model…lol!!! They could’ve shown the dress in a hangar and it would still be the same. You can’t even see the shape of the dress and I’m 100% sure that more than 90% of those who’s gonna wear that dress would be much more healthier than this hangar!!!