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Britney Spears Topless?!

Britney Spears Topless?!

O-M-G! You done lost yo mutha freaking mind!

Wearing a straw hat and over-sized shades, Britney Spears drops her white linen top and poses for the pictures in the front garden of one of her friend’s houses using only freshly picked flowers to cover her chest.

These scandalous pictures surfaced just moments after her 14-minute performance at the House of Blues. Oh Britney, Britney, Britney

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed but still can be viewed here.

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  • koala

    OMG what is wrong with her?? I thought she was trying to make a comeback?!

  • koala

    she needs to go to rehab to fight her addiction to the media. I think that’s her worst problem.

  • dora

    She is such a media whore. Where the hell are her children during all this crap? When the reality finally hits her that she has no talent, she will be in rehab again.

  • mae

    MILF, MILF, MILF If you got it flaunt it ain’t nothing scandolous here. Y’all need to shed your holier than thou Crap.

  • The Real Deal

    LOL! She really is retarded.
    Damn, she’s ugly. And don’t try even to push your saggy tits up, everyone knows you got ugly, saggy tits.

  • Danicka

    what a jerk… I feel bad and ashamed for her kids

  • Nika

    Looks like her brains leaked out of her (bald) scalp. There’s been one crazy after another right from the time she shaved that mop of grease off her head.

  • saskia

    oh my god!!!!!! why she did that?
    She is not normal!!!!!

  • enaenano

    this is just wrong… what is she doing? she looks horrible!

  • Lula29

    Britney Spears has the right to live her life without so much media scrutiny. My God, do we need to have photos of everything she does?

    She’s not mother of the year, she didn’t need to have 2 kids at her age and maturity level, which is something she will have to live with, I pray for her kids, that their mother grows up, but all this media hoopla is going to kill this woman. I’m not rooting for her demise, I’m sad for her. She didn’t sign up for all this mess.

    I’m not even a fan of her music, but man, why do people have such a need to build someone up just to tear them down. As if some of y’all ain’t damn stupid.

    I hope Britney will find peace on this earth somewhere.

  • jz

    i dont think that is her!!

  • Amy

    She’s a nutjob. Who does this?

  • The Real Deal

    She really is retarded. And don’t even try to push your tits up, everyone knows you have ugly, saggy tits.
    Ugh, those poor kids!

  • schizophrenic

    Disgusting. I feel sorry for those poor flowers.

    This chicks needs to lay off the drugs. Her greatest problem is she super insecure, she should really stop living her life for the public.. The idiot will do anything for attention, ANYTHING!

    Where were her kids while she was taken these pictures?

  • Mmmmm

    WOW, those poor kids. She is making Fed-ex (Kevin) look like a golden boy.

  • Meg

    No way is that her. Click on the smaller pics they really don’t look like her.

  • Oli

    Crazy piece of shit!

  • anon

    Are we sure thats her???
    With glasses and hat on could be anyone?

  • jeff

    NOT AT ALL HER. You guys are so lame.

  • Dumdums

    She’s bi-polar and immoral.

  • matiana

    Whhhhhhhyyyyyyy? Is it cute, sexy, pretty? Time and time again Britney the answer is NO. Put your damn clothes on and leave them ON!

  • Simon

    My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn, she’s ugly!

  • brandy

    That 100% looks like HER. But who really cares anyways.

  • princess no one

    I remember once reading a new paer article where a guy sad that he knows so many details of britney’s body that he thought he was going out with her…….but dont we all know too much about brit’s body

    You said it best Jared

    u said it best jared …….Oh, Britney… Britney… Britney…

  • mickey

    Why would naked pictures of Britney surprise anyone? She has been determined to take her clothes off ever since she got famous. She is nothing more than a glorified stripper anyway.

  • Mondo Bongo

    WOW!!!!!!!!! what a surprise! :(

  • thin-girl

    ok , ewwwwww!!!

  • Erica Kane

    She’s so fucking nasty! Lower than trailer trash…so what would that be? Just plain trash?

  • [Fug Face........]

    The sad thing is – she has fans.

  • don’t believe it

    She’s done so crazy things in the past but I don’t think this is her.

  • Jess

    LOL – - Don’t believe a word.

  • sue

    i’m amazed at how fricken stupid she is! She is her own worst enemy.

  • sue

    Why is she wearing a wedding band????????

  • Bibi

    She’s completly out of her mind! Why is she doing this? It’s so useless!

  • Susan

    No shock factor here.

  • JON

    Plain ole crazy lady

  • Samatha

    Is she back on the drugs? I read she was at several nightclubs last weekend.

  • iva

    i don t get it …the more i think the less i understund …i don t get you , you americans …can someone of you explain to me , what do you people see so bad n crazy in this pic ? what s so upsetting ? eher is the catch ?
    the pic is like thet pictures from early 70 …so what . and i m not her fun n i never was i don t like that music n all that i m way to old for that..but what is the problem…seriusly i would like to hear your explenation …and btw she dosen t look ugly , n her breasts do not look ugly ….she is still just a girl..and act like that know girls like to dress to pose …it s not dirty

  • beebee

    Lula29 Says:

    May 2nd, 2007 at 1:32 pm – flag comment
    Britney Spears has the right to live her life without so much media scrutiny. My God, do we need to have photos of everything she does?
    There would be media scrutiny if she didn’t invite it in. BRITNEY LEAKED THESE PICTURES HERSELF!!! The media wouldn’t have these photos if she didn’t give it to them. Also, the paps would know where she was EVERY MINUTE of the day unless HER PEOPLE CALLED them to tell them where she is going and when she’s leaving her house so they can get pictures!

    Always crying “victim” is getting REALLY OLD.

  • Looch

    good god…take this bitches money away from her and send her back to her piece of **** lifestyle back in the south. what a crazy ****ing bitch she has become!!! she needs help and less xanax..

  • britnaylover

    Britney’s live topless video was leaked as she was trying to be fummy in the video shoot for gimme more. The site below has it, it is half way down the page.

    Britney Spears gimme more video topless


    She is something else.

  • Liane

    I think everybody should just leave her alone!!! The paporazzi are the problem. They totally make her look like she’s nuts. If anybody else would have to put up with what she has to on a daily basis Im convinced half of them would be in the “looney bin” by now.
    The girl has photographers in her face 24/7. They are the ones making her crazy!! she can’t even go for a coffee or to target without being harrassed. Im surprised she has kept her cool the way she has concerning the paporazzi, I would have lost it a long time ago..
    I wish her all the best.