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Happy Birthday, Becks!

Happy Birthday, Becks!

David Beckham, aka Mr. Golden Balls, turns a healthy 32 today and celebrated with wife Victoria and fellow former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (she was accompanied by TV comic BFF David Walliams).

Birthday festivities for the footie ace included a shopping trip in London and then dinner at the posh Cipriani restaurant.

The Beckham family will be moving to Los Angeles shortly since Vix recently came back from signing the contract on the their multi-million-dollar mansion.

UPDATE: More pictures added of David and Victoria‘s shopping trip on Bond Street. Becks had his feet measured for a custom pair of shoes at the exclusive Lesley & Roberts store on Wednesday

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  • Hey Now!

    She took a trip to st. tropez(fake bake) between day and night.

  • Hey Now!

    hmm this filter thing is annoying. I put S.T. TROPEZ. the fake tanning product. I don’t see how that counts as a derogative word?

  • jessica

    i loooooooooooooove her dress! and his suit is pretty hot! lovely couple – just not too sure about the blonde!

    happy birthday becks!

  • Lara


    She looks great,her tan is wonderful and goes with the dress and i love the headband.So cute.She has a great style,he bores me to death!

  • Lara

    Whats wrong with having a fake tan?Please at least its a lot healtier than sunbathig to death!

  • Christina

    WOW!! She looks fantastic! Both her and David look GREAT!

  • Ruby

    aww the hairbands cute, it makes her hair look better. still not loving the bleached dos!but both are hot anyway!

  • DUH

    he’s hot.

  • jeff

    He’s only 32?!? Don’t get me wrong – he’s super hot – but 32?! He is not going to age well.

  • [Fug Face........]

    great couple.

  • Hey Now!

    Nothing wrong with a fake tan Im just saying that wow from day to night she looks completely different. I fake tan it is a hell of a lot better then risking getting skin cancer but a pain to keep it up. So chill lara!

  • buggey

    skin and bones… Never smiles. No one talks about her. Negative comments on Angelina about her weight.

  • Vanessa

    Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with a fake tan. Much healthier than sitting out in the sun all the time. I just wish she wouldn’t overdo it. The orange skin makes her look older.
    Other than that they both look great. Still haven’t gotten used to David’s hair, but the man is gorgeous. And Victoria is a total hottie in that dress. She looks stunning. I love the Becks. One of my favorite celeb couples.

  • Tierney

    becks looks so hot in the last picture! and victoria looks really nice in the picture in the shop with no shades on. and shes totally rocking that evening dress.

    oh by the way your tan does always looks darker at night under the lights than it does in the daytime – plus if shes just had it done then it will look bright.

    they look fab – and who ever said becks looks old for 32!?!?! well if my boyfriend looks that good at 32, then id be over the bloody moon! i think he looks amazing for his age – and so does victoria!

  • SoHappyForSalma
  • ~keely~

    she looks pregnant in picture 8. they look good – don’t like the hair on either of them though.

  • blooes

    Nah, don’t call him Golden Balls, call him Goldfinger! :D

  • Gavin

    She looks very god, i love her hair like that, becks looks good as well

  • ginny

    Great couple!

  • namerequired

    i like this couple but i notice that Vix always has one of her hand in her pocket trying to look cool looks annoys me a bit.

  • jackie

    i want her legs!

  • erin

    Mel B and Emma Bunton were also there..

    3 out of 4 spice girls, but no other football players weird, you’d think this was a party for victoria!?!

  • 1718

    reminded me when brad pitt was blonde. ugh. so fugly. goodthing david has some face value. as for victoria..well shes not the prettiest but at least she knows how to dress up. her hair right now is definitely unique. love them both

  • vicky

    David is deathly handsome !!! hair is growing on him so much ! they both look good !

  • Terrible

    As usual she looks like a slut with anorexia.

    The fake tan makes her look skanky.

    David is hot, but needs to go back to his original hair colour.

  • Mia

    Jared in the UK Davis Walliams is everyone’s boyfriend
    Geri’s just one of many

  • LJ

    Hey Erin his football friends were playing that night in Milan.. there were his friends too. Great to see almost every Spice..

  • Raichill

    I wish Victoria would get over her need to have an oompa loompa fake tan. She looks ridiculous. I don’t find her attractive at all. She is like a statue with a bland expression. Just too fake.

  • Ella_


  • ben

    Vicy skelton looks so blakish. She should quit this fake tan.

  • stupid pr king

    they both look so fake & ugly from the hair to looks nothing about them looks real and human they almost look like (ugly) MANEQUINS, not suprised about vix she’s always being a self obssessed bitch even when she was a nobody(try watching the audition tape she sent in to get into spice girls, the bicth was all over&about herself didn’t sing one note wonder how she got in the group ) but david seem to have lost himself and instead of being his own person (B/4 HE MARRIED THE SELF OBSSESSED BICTH) he’s become a COMMERCIAL COMMODITY, they live and breath selling their lives to public to get fame and money (both their careers down the s**t hole not that she had b/4 marrying him) not sorry for her but for him he could have being an iconic footballer with his talent.

  • Kayson

    ^ someone needs therapy! calm down love, they were just celebrating his birthday, not starting a war. chill!lol! god, these pictures have really ruined you day haven’t they!lol!

    oh and by the way amongst all the crap you wrote i just had too pick up on the last line, david beckham is not only an iconic footballer – hes arguably the most iconic footballer of his generation!!!!

  • ~Chloe-Ann~


    lol! yeah some people really need to get out more. all that hate for someone youve never met…what a waste of energy!

  • Caroline

    He is so hot!!!And Victoria is very sexy!They look great together!

  • Cynthia

    He is so attractive and sexy, I am soo jealous of Posh. You go girl! Happy belated birthday Dave!

  • LJ

    Just like some of you say, i can’t understant that hate against some celebs… you are watching pics of them and saying stupid things like she is bitch or she only cares about her or… please!!! Why spend that time in here to bitching??? I don’t hate any celbs because i don’t know them and i don’t believe those f..king trashy papers..

  • Irishgirl

    David is so gorgeous, and he gets better looking the older he gets. Posh is so lucky.

  • Christina

    Victoria looks absolutely AMAZING! She and David are the HOTTEST couple ever.

  • SweetyKat

    Omgosh! Victoria looks like Whitney Houston did a few years ago at that award show. She looks like a stick with two softballs glued to it. How much more skinny is this chick gonna get?!

    I can’t get used to Beckham’s hair. I think he looks better natural.

  • Soft

    Anyone that thinks that Vic the Breadstick looks hot needs psychiatric help. You must be either very young or very insecure about yourself. She is anorexic. Since when has anorexia been hot??!!!

    These two try so hard all the time to match each other, and get media attention, that its quite sad. There really has to be something lacking in their lives.

  • SweetyKat

    To Ben:

    I find your comment deplorable. I don’t know what you mean by blakish? You probably meant blackish. I mean, it’s obvious that Victoria is biracial, mixed, multiracial, whatever they are calling it these days. At least she’s always looked that way to me.

    I have to agree that she looks like a “skelton”….skeleton

  • Bella

    Thank you LJ! I keep reading about him looking upset because he wanted to hang out with his football friends. If you notice in the pix, he’s smiling in the afternoon and frowning at night — just like all other ManU fans were! His family and his non-football best friend, Dave Gardner, were at the party. Plus there were some cute pix of them leaving the party in a car with a big grin on Becks’ face, so maybe the Spice Girls cheered him up…you never know.

  • lo0oly

    OMG he is amazing and victoria god :( i dont like her:p

  • Dashel

    I would lose the smile if i were them as well, having the paparrazi following them like dogs all over the place.