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Kate Middleton Gets Holla'd At

Kate Middleton Gets Holla'd At

Speaking of Kate Middleton, the former princess in training headed to work with a gal pal on a sunny morning in London on Wednesday.

After catching some construction workers checking her out, Kate, 25, cracked a smile and laughed about it with her girlfriend.

Holla at cha, girl!

But she won’t be at this job for much longer! Reports came in last week that Kate will be moving to the states to work for designer Tom Ford in New York City.

“The rumor is that Kate might be some sort of consultant or public relations person,” one source has said. “She enjoys fashion and has an eye for it although she doesn’t consider herself a fashionista.”

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  • N

    She doesn’t strike me as the Tom Ford type. Aside from sleeping with a future king how is she qualified for this job?

  • [Fug Face........]

    I’ve seen construction workers holla at ugly retarded midget chicks. kate’s nothing special.

  • si

    oh she is special alright, someone whom can be offered millions of pounds to tell all and refuses it in my book is special especially when you know she could do with the money, she would be as assert anywhere she goes to.

  • Claudius

    People just don’t get it, Kate & William is just laying low for awhile because the press was getting to be to much for them. There is no rush for them to get married. They still keep in contact with each other and she still wears his ring. William & Kate is still seen together at Hot London clubs and they are still inlove with each other. I bet we will see her at the Diana Concert in July and at the memorial service in August. The romance is not over.

  • night

    The romance is over it’s time for people to snap out of the media brainwashing Kate stories.

  • Cyndi

    This is funny, hopefully she can finally get a real job and a life. Even thou it would be pathetic for Tom Ford to offer a job to a woman who got neither the fashion sense nor professional experience to qualify for such posting.

  • Skylar

    Figuring that you people have no idea what her qualifications are (and probably never graduated from a prestiges college like she did – with honors mind you), dissing her is just ridiculous. From all accounts she has done an outstanding job at Jigsaw as a buyer and I have no doubt that wherever she works, she will continue to be an asset. I say good for her.

  • lola

    oh my god!! the comments here are hilarious it seems like kate is around here or her mummy or that fan club that she have … haha! get a life and a job! is O V E R no more princess life back to the real world katie darling..I hope that william can find someone that really deserves him like that Holly Branson!!

  • night

    The press and photographers need to leave Kate alone, she’s no longer William’s g/f, and has done nothing to get all this attention.

  • Sara

    Kate did not graduate with honors. She had a 2:1. That is not a first class. Learn the British grading system please. And she went to St. Andrews which is where the rich but dim kids who can’t get into Oxbridge go. And is she not a buyer…she is an assistant buyer for all of five months…in which time she has taken over four vacations and probably actually showed up to work less than half off the time she should have…she was only even doing four days a week.

  • gossip

    Claudius Says:

    May 2nd, 2007 at 7:28 pm – flag comment
    People just don’t get it, Kate & William is just laying low for awhile because the press was getting to be to much for them. There is no rush for them to get married. They still keep in contact with each other and she still wears his ring. William & Kate is still seen together at Hot London clubs and they are still inlove with each other. I bet we will see her at the Diana Concert in July and at the memorial service in August. The romance is not over.

    OK??? Wake up and smell the cofee….its over and its about time that you accept that fact.
    Think about it… if they were not broken up, why would the Prime Minister Tony Blair comment on the fact that they were broken up!!

  • night

    Why would Kate being blaming Prince William’s Father for breaking them up if this break up wasn’t true as well ??? You don’t go around and blame the royal family for your break up with a Prince and think that your getting back together with him later down the road.

  • erin

    these girls look tough, like ass kickers. what a lucky girl, to work for/with tom ford?!!! omgod.

  • Mediterranean

    They broke up! It’s so funny that some of you still keep the hope of “still together story”. That’s why William is all around the world with different girls.

    Tom Ford offered the job to Kate just because of the request of one of the wealthy friends of H.R.H. Prince Charles. Only one phone call was more than enough.

    St Andrews is surely NOT the best university at all. What was her major, by the way???

    Kate refused the million pounds to tell her story, what story for God’s sake???? Their sex life? Then she and her family won’t survive in England and Commonwealth countries. THERE IS NO STORY TO TELL, that’s the reason she kept quiet.

    But she could have told us the reason her mother chose St Andrews for her.

    She has to get out of England before everybody is tired of seeing her.

  • Isobel

    Everybody with any sense IS tired of seeing her so the sooner she gets out of the UK the better. Look, for those who don’t get it – KM had a relationship with William for several years, but during that time they broke up on a few occasions but then got back together. However, this time it was all made public, the Prime Minister even commented on it, Kate has reportedly said it was because of Prince Charles (huh?), William is quoted as yelling ‘I’m freeeee!’ in a nightclub, William was flirting with other girls for weeks before they broke up, etc. Woolworths presumably have trashed the mugs they’d been daft enough to have designed when they believed all the press hype – and some of you think it’s not true, they’re still seeing each other and will get back together? Please use some logic – this is OVER for good.

    To clarify – KM has a 2:1 degree in history of art – not the hardest subject in the world to study. (Unlike Holly Branson, William’s friend, who is studying medicine.) And what has Kate done with this degree since leaving uni? Well, for months on end she was seen doing plenty of shopping but little else, then (maybe on William’s advice) she took a job as a trainee or assistant accessories buyer at Jigsaw. Jigsaw is owned by friends of her parents and, as someone has already pointed out, during the few months she’s been there KM has been away on many holidays. I’m pretty sure the other employees there don’t get that much leave. Also, the job is said to have been only 4 days a week, in order to leave her with long weekends to see William. Do all Jigsaw employees get a 4-day week, so they can socialise with their boyfriends/girlfriends? Does this sound like a girl who has done anything to be offered a prestigious job when there are obviously others who are manifestly more qualified to do it? And since no doubt William will have lots of other girlfriends who’ll in their turn becomes exes, are fashion houses going to offer them all jobs? Honestly, the whole thing is so silly you couldn’t make it up.

  • Bobby

    Jealous Much! She is going to be living a glamour, rich life and what will you all be doing? Going back to your sad pathetic dead end jobs with a beer swigging loser of a boyfriend/husband. Most of you probably didn’t even going to college and are suriving on a highschool education. Bunch of losers.

  • Erin

    Regarding the comment about Kate refusing money to tell her story; seriously, for the tabloids here (in England) it wouldn’t matter what she said – mundane or not, they’d publish it. Personally, I think it’s pretty classy of her to keep quiet on all of the details, juicy or not.

  • Mediterranean


    I completed my studies at university with honour by the way!

    I live in Côte d’Azur.

    I travel on business class or a private jet which is given by the company where my husband works as VP.

    My husband and I have houses and appartments in France and Turkey.

    My husband and I prefer to drink the best wine.

    I buy whatever I like.

    And I still think that Kate is a bore! I find that William did a good think by leaving her.

  • Matilda

    What don’t we get, Claudius? What inside knowledge could you possibly have? It certainly is not a competency of the English language.

  • Mediterranean

    a good THING, not think! Pardon!

  • insider

    No they have broken up for good. That is how William is. i am surprised this relationship has lasted THIS long. .because he hates public relationship.The last long relationship he had, he broke it off with her…. and that was when he finished with Eton College to go to St. Andrews University.

  • Kerry

    Mediterranean, so let me get this straight, YOUR husband clearly is the SUCCESS and not you. I seriously doubt you are the one who has earned the money to pay for the finest wines and apartments in France and Turkey. AND clearly, he is the one who is a success to be able to fly around first class. Why don’t you try accomplishing something on your own instead of treating your husbands hardwork, money and success as your own. I have no doubt that you buy whatever you like with money that your HUSBAND EARNED. You have nothing to brag about. In fact, you are an embarrassment.

  • night

    Wow people get rude just because some don’t believe Kate Middleton is as great as others want to believe and worship her. That is lame.

  • Sara

    No one is jealous. Just stating the facts. We know what degree Kate got and where she went. We know she did nothing for 18 months after graduation. It’s pathetic and silly of you to try to invalidate our opinions–based on facts–by taking personal jabs–particularly when you have no idea who we even are. And anyway, it wouldn’t take more than a elementary school education to see that Kate Middleton is just a regular girl who doesn’t deserve any special praise or opportunities just because she dated (and got dumped by) Prince William. Why does she deserved to be hero worshiped?

  • Mediterranean


    You really made me laugh good but you should NOT have shown your jealousy so obvious. Next time try to cool down and take a deep breath before you vomit your negative feelings and thoughts.

    Read my comment over and over again until you get it right. Firstly? I was not showing off. I was very fed-up at stupid people like yourself.

    How do you know what I do in my life? I do earn my money. But I always enjoy spending my own, my family’s and my husband’s money. I never had a problem with that. Why do you? Poor you!!!

    P.S. I do know your real name, why don’t you go back to the thread where you belong famously?

  • Kerry

    Jealous about what? I am not the one who came on here bashing a girl that you will NEVER know and making yourself sound better than her. I seriously doubt you own your own money, enough that is to live the high life of private jets and unlimited shopping sprees. I have no doubt you enjoy spending other people’s money because you clearly have no problem claiming their success as your own. Unlike you, I earn my own money, I spend my own money and my successes are MINE….NOT my husbands.

  • Ronnie

    Kerry, I completely agree with you. Whoever is this ‘Med’ person is, is clearly one of those idiot women, that probably married for money and will suck any man she comes in contact with dry….and than pass the $$$ off as her own. Clearly she has a pathetic life. IF she is as rich as she claims to be, living the high life, what the heck is she doing waisting her time posting on these websites. Her husband is probably banging some hot model.

  • lola

    People, focus. We are not supposed to be bashing each other, we are supposed to be bashing the celebrities. This website is tearing us apart!

  • Sophia Morrisson


    THANKGOODNESS FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!! Though it is worth mentioning Sara that a 2:1 is an Upper Second with Honours – but like you said Isobel – in ”History of Art” Oh PLEAAAASE – such a pathetic degree. Her parents are millionaires and therefore have connections.

    I’m studying at Warwick university in the UK and so the press here have reported that the fact that Kate Middleton’s mother was an air hostess created some tension between her and William because his friends constantly teased her about it saying things such as “trolley coming through”. It it’s one thing you should know about the British is that those who were born into high society NEVER LET those you weren’t forget that they are less royal/special than them. A bunch of uptight ass***** with nothing but a string of complexes.

    But nevertheless, she is going to work for Tom Ford? He probably wants to sleep with her knowing his reputation and the only reason she is getting the PR job is because she will bring attention to his brand because for some reason the US are obsessed with UK royalty even if she was only a part of it briefly. She was in the media and so she got the attention – I’m doing a degree in History – but we don’t have a Prince to smooch off of in this university everyone actually works hard here so as far as I’m concerned she is just a lucky cow.

  • Sara

    Sophia, thanks for the correction. I shound’t have said without honors just that it wasn’t a First Class and therefore she was not at the top of her class with highest honors/degree possible. While studying at Bristol, I found that 2:1s were pretty par for the course. Anyway, she is still a normal, regular girl. I don’t think she deserves undue praise for having dated and been dumped by a prince. I don’t hate the girl. I just don’t think she should be getting jobs at Tom Ford based on a History of Art degree from a mid-range university and fives months as a never there junior accessory buyer for her parents’ friends.

  • Mediterranean

    Kerrry=Ronnie (different name but same s-h-i-t!!unfortunately),

    You are A wasted slut. Firstly you don’t have any respect in you even for yourself, that’s why nobody can find a normal humanbeing in you. You are jealous, useless, pennyless, cheap p-r-o-s-t-i-t-u-t-e who comes here to spend a day because at night? it’s time to find a customer for you.

    You come here to pick on the other people only to satisfy your own disgusting being.

    You will kill yourself for a life I and the others do have but you have one which you deserve.

    I do know who you are, you can’t face me on the other thread, YOU ARE A LOSER! YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF S-H-I-T. Nobody likes you even on the other thread. You are not only lonely, you are also lonesome. But no pity for you.

    It must be very hard for you to find a decent man like mine when your custormers who come to band a cheap p-r-o-s-t-i-t-u-t-e like you. Do you consider them as your husbandS as you wrote down??

    I do choose to ignore you from now on. And I shall live my life pleasantly. You keep on being jealous and suffer.

    Do me a favour, drop dead!!!

  • Mediterranean

    You are a wasted s-l-u-t!!!!

  • Chris

    TEEHEE! I think that Mediterranean person has lost it. Boy did Kerry and Ronnie touch a nerve (truth always hurts). I agree with the both of you. If she is as ‘well off’ as she claims to be and living the high life…..what the heck is she doing on this website (and she posts to other sites as well). Funny comment about her husband banging a supermodel. I have no doubt that he is…with a wife that has a trashy mouth like hers I would too (you can tell she was born on the wrong side of the tracks). She clearly is not to bright either making all these assumPtions about what kind of life anyone of us leads. I can guarantee she has a highschool education, her husband is NEVER home (because he is off with his mistress) and all she has is endless hours to rant and rave on entertainment blogs. YA FOLKS, WE ARE SOOO JEALOUS. You can tell she is European.

  • Jay

    That Mediterranean bimbo is a nutbag. I really do hope her poor sap of a husband is banging some hot supermodel. Typical chick though, takes credit for her husbands success and money and proceeds to call it her own – while she sits home all day, cruises these entertainment websites (clearly jealous of the lives these celebrities lead) – ya she’s a real prize. Clearly money doesn’t buy class because this skank has none with that mouth of hers. Talk about being a loser.

  • Michelle

    LOL ! I think bashing this “Mediterranean” tramp is a lot more fun than the story about Kate Middleton. If anyone needs pity is the poor schmuck that married this money grubbing dirt bag. It’s women like this that give the rest of us a bad name. I can’t believe she had the nerve to take credit for her husbands success. I can guarantee, without her husband, she would NOT have the ‘highlife’ she claims to have. WHY? Because no one with 1/2 a brain in their head, who was hardworking and driven would utter the crap she has. The only thing she seems to care about is bragging about her husbands wealth and spending his money and spending her days surfing the web. She is pathetic. I pity the poor husband. She is a Eurotrash JERK!

  • Jamie

    Can we vote this Mediterranean idiot off the board? HAHA What a loser. Let’s hope her husband see’s the light soon and divorces her ASAP, leaving her with nothing. Lets see how successful she is fending for herself. L-O-S-E-R with a capital “L”. I can guarantee that her husband has a mistress.

  • Mediterranean


    you can go to the hell!!

    you insult, swear, write disgusting things to everybody when you don’t like the way they write things about your favourite people on the other thread. Have a wide guess who they are???

    I do know who you are and you are so coward you can’t write to me with your real nickname.

    You use different names to pick on me which is so pathetic

  • Mediterranean

    When a liar do slander a decent man, God punish the liar eternally.

    Be shamed of yourself to talk about my husband in this way. God will punish you bad inshallah and I do pray for it.

  • Jay

    OH GOD! The Mediterranean bimbo is at it again. Her husband must be out banging some hot chick. Hey, Mediterranean dumbarse, I don’t know who Kerry, Ronnie, Michelle, Jamie or Chris are, but it is clear your riduculous money grubbing messages where you take credit for your family and husbands success also rubbed them the wrong way. It has nothing to do with you dissing Kate Middleton (GET A CLUE)! Another thing, you have NO clue who anyone is on this board or from what country they are from so go scream your psycho rants some where else YOU NUT JOB! Another thing…learn how to write. GOD I pity you poor husband.

  • Nouvel


    I got a news for you: I SHALL WRITE THINGS I LIKE AND I DO NOT CARE OF what you say and think of it. Because you are so worthless. I step on you and just walk away.

    My being must be hurting you so much and deeply. You keep on writing this about me. Go ahead. You don’t have any power to change anything in my life. Your disgusting wishes will never come true. There is a saying as if God had accepted the dog’s wish, the bones could have rained from the sky. That’s why do keep on vomiting you obsessive, aggressive, meaningless thoughts and feelings. At the end, what goes around comes around.

    You must be the one who had a husband banged someone else behind you or you must be the one got banged and they go back the their ones, these men must be using you too bad. With all the comments you made, it is so obvious that you go through this on daily basis, you keep on experiencing well.

    As I said I do know who you are because I do know the way you write your comments and even you try hard to change yourself, it comes out perfectly. You can’t respond me with your usual nickname but everybody knows how low you are. You are kicked out from the other website and will be soon from here too. You gain nothing but hatred which you deserve all your life.

    You criticise my language, oh yes look at the words you have been using in all of your comments.

    I do know that you only follow me to vomit your disgusting feelings towards me, you don’t care what the thread is about. Because I decided not to write on the thread you generally comment your negative being. I do know your problem. With the very last comment you made it very clear to me.

    My husband doesn’t even bother to turn his head for the people like you.

    YOU ARE A REAL PSYCHO, get your medicine!! I do know who you are so well.

    I am so proud of myself, my husband and my family whom you don’t have in your life. I shall go on as I like. you just go to hell where you belong. Don’t forget what goes around comes around. Just wait and see.

  • Mediterranean

    to all

    Nouvel is my niece who is using my laptop while her stay at us who likes to hang around on this website time to time.

    to psycho,

    don’t get so excited about this, I do use my nickname always, I am not like you at all.





  • Kristan

    The Eurotrash is out again. Clearly money grubbing HOs run in the family if this Nouvel person is truly related to the money grubbing Mediterranean. Oh that’s true, apparently we should all be jealous of this pathetic loser because her so called faithful husband is rich AND SHE TAKES CREDIT FOR IT. What I think is hilarious is when you get one of these European idiot’s on an American bog, the only insults they can come up with are the same only thing, you’re a prostitute, you’re ugly, you’re poor, you’re on meds BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…… LEARN HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH AND BE A LITTLE MORE ORIGINAL WITH YOUR INSULTS. You are shallow, stupid, clueless and by the way, your husband is CHEATING ON YOU.

  • Nouvel

    hey you, why does our family wealth cause you so much disturbance?

    My aunt must be right, it should not be very easy for you to earn your life by being on the street all day and all night long to get paid for a quick f**ked! She certainly touched your nerve by guessing your occupation. Our wealth must be hurting you bad. Don’t believe in a movie called “Pretty woman” because a w-h-o-r-e like you stays always a w-h-o-r-e.

    She can’t go low like you when she swear because she has a CLASS. We got a rich family and she got a rich husband. The rich finds the rich ones, not someone trash like you. You talk always about her husband, it shows how much it hurts you not having one, specially like hers. As far as you don’t have a real man in your life, your f**king father must be f**king around a lot. And your shallow, stupid, clueless and classless mother (as you are) just sits and waits for him. Because she is so pennyless, she has to put up with your father. This must be your story

  • Kristan

    Blah, blah blah blah. You keep repeating yourself. Try to be a little more original instead of sounding like a broken record. I can guarantee if someone offered your ‘aunt’s’ husband a million dollars to bang a super model…he wouldn’t even think twice about it. By the way MORON, I am not the one who talked about a husband so, get your facts straight. The both of you are so stupid that you think you are talking to one person. I can keep this up all day long so bring it on. Obviously, the people are bashing you did hit a nerve. Only pathetic losers such as yourself would go online a brag how much money you supposidly have. I mean really, who cares how much money you have because clearly, money neither buys happiness or class (which neither one of you has). Every other word out of you mouth is the “F” word and the only insult you can come up with is calling a perfect stranger a prostitute – give me a break. Like I said, it’s not even original. The truth hurts that both you and your aunt are egotiscally, self centered Eurotrash nut bags. Go back to Turkey and stay there.

  • Nouvel

    Isn’t it strange that you know nothing about my aunt but you are so sure that her husband is cheating on her and she is not happy? Think before you claim something so cheap. My uncle-in-law is not a gigolo. He is a kind of guy who values his wife and his daughter highly. You can find a man like him rarely nowadays. Why does our wealth disturb you so much?

    F word bothers you but “banging” is OK with you. This is so hypocritical, pathetic like you.

  • Jesse

    Hey American guys and girls, my advice is just to ignore that Mediterranean person and her equally shallow niece. It is obvious that they just DON’T GET IT and they never will. No one gives two shits about whatever money they may or may not have, and yet they insist on letting us know how rich the husband is (I agree, where would these two vain shallow individuals be if it wasn’t for the hard work of the husband? I am sure they would just find some other rich sucker and take credit for that person’s hardwork as well…I mean really, WHO DOES THAT?) They are ignorant, stupid people. I read their posts and they are beyond ridiculous. Lets not forget the fact that if this Nouvel person really is her niece….what does it say about the women in that family? You have an older ‘aunt’ that clearly has nothing better to do than spend her time on a American entertainment websites dissing this Kate Middleton person and the minute someone calls her to the carpet, she lets of a string of crass, asinine trailer trash talk AND she gets her niece involved. AND the best they can do is call everyone a prostitute and repeat how rich they are. I say, go back to whatever backward country you come from and stay there. By the way, I have no doubt the rich husband has a mistress in every city and I say GOOD FOR HIM.

  • Mediterranean

    This is for very last time:

    I do really NOT care what you think of me, my family and my husband. Think, feel, say as you like. Because you believe that everybody’s life is just like your worthless life.

    I do live my life as I like. If you got a problem with that, it’s your problem? not mine. You are trying so hard to lecture but it won’t help you to solve your personal problems. I am not the reason for lost life.

    After all the messages you wrote under different names only show that how miserable life you have. You didn’t come to this thread to write anything about Kate; you have been following me because I did fix you bad on the other thread where you are obsessive, aggressive, vulgar maniac.

    By the way you are racist. I got a bad news for you: the racist Americans like you are not accepted by the rest of world. We do hate the racists, especially when these racists happen to be American. There are many good people in your nation but there are some rotten ones like you and they are found disgusting by the world.

    P.S. After all my niece is most probably very right about your father and mother. Because you have nothing in your head but a cheating husband. Strangely very obvious, isn’t it?

  • Kristan

    Of for Christsakes, if you didn’t care what anybody thought of your, you stupid ignorant egotisically hick, you wouldn’t keep responding. So who is the hypocrite? Another thing, who cares what you Europeans think about Americans. Finally, your husband is still cheating on you – you ugly, disgusting HAG!

  • Al