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Nicole & Hugh Put on Their Dancing Shoes

Nicole & Hugh Put on Their Dancing Shoes

Here are the very first exclusive pictures of Nicole Kidman on the set of the forthcoming Baz Luhrmann-epic Australia taken last Thursday, April 26.

The Oscar-winning actress put on her dancing shoes and practiced her footwork with fellow Aussie co-star Hugh Jackman. (Nicole portrays English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley, who falls in love with a cattle driver, played by Hugh.)

Amongst a sea of dancing extras, the A-list Aussie actors danced into the sunset with co-stars looking on, including Bryan Bowan (brown blazer), Bruce Spence (plaid shirt) and Ben Mendelsohn (black shirt).

The very first Australia pictures to surface were of Hugh sporting a fake mustache also taken on Thursday, April 26. Filming continued throughout at Sydney’s 150-year-old Strickland House in Vaucluse, which is doubling as Darwin’s Government House.

The Baz buzz for the day says: This film is looking up — Hugh and Nicole look like they have a ton of chemistry together!

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hugh jackman set of australia 01
nicole kidman hugh jackman set of australia 01
nicole kidman hugh jackman set of australia 02
nicole kidman hugh jackman set of australia 03
nicole kidman set of australia 01
nicole kidman set of australia 02
nicole kidman set of australia 03
nicole kidman set of australia 04

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  • janeway

    Thanks for the pics Jared. They are fabulous!! You are right, Hugh and Nicole look sooo hot together. Not only are they beautiful, but it looks like they are having a ball. It looks like he could kiss her at any moment. Boy, what I’d give to be in Nicole’s dancing shoes!


    Will this chemistry between them go further? I’m very curious about that.

  • HF

    Well they are supposed to be falling in love in the movie! And Hugh and Nicole are really good friends – Nicole roomed with Hugh’s wife (before she met Hugh) when Nicole first came to Hollywood, and they are still good friends. Hugh and his wife were at Nicole’s wedding to Keith Urban and he sang a song at Nicole’s request, and Nicole presented Hugh with his Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for “The Boy from Oz” at the 2004 Tony Awards, so they know each other REALLY WELL.

  • brenda

    Nicole looks amazing in those pictures.

  • Daisy

    Nicole & Hugh look great! Love Nicole’s hairstyle here.

    Yes, they are great friends so this will be a wonderful teaming on screen.

  • André

    Nicole Kidman = too much Botox.

  • Urban Myths

    Watch out Keith… she’s getting cozy with her co-star! I’m just saying…

  • Daisy

    Get over it!! We have already said & Keith knows as well as anyone what great friends they are & his wife too. Gee, Keith is Hugh’s friend too.

  • jannie

    Oh lord there goes the baby bump again. God we will hear about all over again.

  • LILY

    I love love love her hair hope it’s not a wig!!! It looks sooooooooo much better!

  • “You’re Scaring Me”

    I’ve been reading that the new title of this movie is going to be “Ugly In The Wind”.

  • “You’re Scaring Me”

    Of course it’s a wig, her real hair is a disgusting bird’s nest.

  • LILY

    Are they filming now or what ?

  • Daisy

    Yes, they are filming.

  • maxine

    I like her outfit. The face? She just doesn’t look like herself anymore.

  • WTF

    She is so beautiful. I’m not seeing the botax everyone talks about.

  • CoGirl

    Too bad she never smiles like that when she’s with her husband. :(

  • Jessica

    Is she supposed to be pregnant in this movie or is she just pregnant in real life?

  • katieee

    she is beautiful!! hugh is such a hunk!

    anybody bagging them out.. why are you here ?? go away will you..

    annoying nobodys.

    Australia’s gonna be great!

  • Sue

    Of course she’s not pregnant. Being pregnant means that she would actually have to step back from her oh so precious career and nuture another human being, much like her “best friend” Naomi Watts. Her sister clearly got all the maternal instincts in the Kidman clan. Unless of course she needs the PR.

    Is Jared on the Wendy Day payroll too?

  • Sofia

    If she isn’t playing pregnant in the movie then she MUST be pregnant in real life. That is not a small bump caused by good southern cooking, that’s a big bump. It only takes a few weeks to film a movie. Even if an actress makes 3 movies a year that still would leave her a lot of spare time. Just because Nicole doesn’t flaunt her kids around like some other people doesn’t mean she doesn’t spend time with them. I am from Sweden where being a career woman isn’t looked down upon. We are not stuck in the 1950′s when a woman’s place was in the home. Just because a woman has a career doesn’t mean she’s not a good mother.

  • Me

    My God! so pretty.

    Charming couple.

  • natalie

    I’ve never seen her smile at Keith the way she is in the dancing pics with Hugh – she tends to fall for her co-stars! I am sure the baby bump rumors will be right around the corner. If she is, just another child that she will neglect!

    Has Jared received his first check from the Kidman PR team yet?

  • black

    They look like they´re having a bit too much fun….

  • brenda

    I Don’t think she is pregnant her publicist wendy day said a few weeks ago that she is 100 per cent not pregnant.she also said they were just friends and it turn out they were dating.time will only tell.It does look like she is but maybe she is pregnant in the movie or maybe it is the way they took the picture.keith said oneday when the time is right they will have a baby.that is going to be one cute baby.bren

  • Miller

    What the heck happened to her mouth!? It looks 10 times too big!! SHe’s had so much work done you can’t even tell it’s her!

    Another bomb for Nicole. Too bad, Australia is a great country and Hugh is fantastic. She’ll drag them all down.

    And I agree that we never see her smile like that with her so-called husband. She just looks pissed when she’s with him. Poor guy.

  • Mmmmm

    Hugh is great, mmmm

  • Dancer

    Thanks for posting these Jared! Those of us who love Nicole are obviously in the majority and the haters can’t stand it so have to accuse you of being on the take! Such a beautiful, classy lady!!!

  • Perfect

    Keep the pictures coming Jared!! Australia deserves to be known, and you’re doing great work.. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman are the darlings of australian actors.. And they do make a lovely couple.. Therefore the casting director did a good job.. Remember Hugh sang at Nicole’s & Keith’s wedding.. Just because they’re in a movie together doesn’t mean they’ll hook up, and destroy a marriage.. Thats more Pitt-Jolie style.. In Australia, we have morals and values..

  • natalie

    Perfect, you obviously don’t know her track record for “acting” with married men then do you?

  • “You’re Scaring Me”

    Nicole has the gut of an anorexic, and she likes to stick it out every now and then to get the pregnancy rumors rolling again.

  • HollywoodHater

    Wow, whoever said that they don’t see the botox everyone is talking about – are you freaking blind???? Her lips look like they are seriously hurting her in the pictures where she is smiling. I mean, doesn’t she have friends who tell her that she looks insanely disgusting???!!!!!

  • mimzy flapper


  • natalie

    Can lips explode?

  • Deb

    Sofia..this fim is planned to take 7-8 months and she has several lined up right after. She isn’t pregnant..she just knows how to work the media.

  • AA

    The guy in the brown blazer is Bryan Brown, not Bowan… He starred with Tom Cruise in Cocktail..

  • natalie

    I haven’t seen Bryan in anything in a long time. He aged gracefully!

  • Bleck!

    OK, who doesn’t see all of the botox she’s injected into herself is blind………………..
    that ‘bump’ she seems to have…………please, that’s pent up gas……………..she’s eternally pregnant………..makes me sick……………………..only good thing I have to say is the hair length on her is nice much better than the rat’s nest she’s usually sporting……………………..bleck!

  • maxine

    Sue said: “Is Jared on the Wendy Day payroll too?”–Sue, go to NKU (Nicole’s PR site est. by her publicist) and see who’s their newest member posting links to Nicole’s pix on justjared. The same name, btw, to make sure Nicole’s followers don’t get the boards confused. No wonder you have a crowd of worshippers coming down here the minute another Nicole thread opens.

    BTW, Hugh is terrific, as always, he’s just a sweetheart. Bryan looks great, I haven’t seen him in a while.

  • Davilyn

    Sophia, I’m not sure where you came to the conclusion that it only takes a few makes to make a movie. The standard shooting schedule for most films is about 3 months. As this one is an epic, it’s suppose to wrap sometime in October/November of this year. My thinking is that it will go for longer than that.

    As to Ms. Kidman’s “bump”…as she will be in front of the cameras, riding horses, moving cattle, dodging the bombs that hit Darwin, wouldn’t you suppose that this is going to be a VERY physical shoot? Not any place for a 40 year old woman during her first pregnancy as when (or if) she does become pregnant, it will in all probability be, a high risk pregnancy. We’ve seen many shots of her recently with a very flat tummy. She was reed thin in that red dress on the red carpet at the Oscars. There has been talk that some photos of her have been manipulated to make her appear to be in the early stages of pregnancy. I suppose, to fuel those rumours. Is it possible that since she is wearing an empire style dress, that maybe the wind is blowing just right, or from the angle the picture was shot, it’s making her look a little fuller in the tummy? Is that possible. I find it so RIDICULOUS that people make judgements and come to FIRM conclusions about people, based on a photograph. Why do let yourselves be swayed to such conclusions so easily? You make comments you know nothing about and you end up looking like fools. This kind of conduct is what gives fans bad names and the internet, very little credibility.

    Observe closely, think before you type, be kind to others and GROW UP!!!

  • maxine

    Nicole has a protruding tummy, it has nothing to do with a pregnancy, she just has a very boyish figure or her posture is bad on this photo. Either way, I doubt she’s pregnant. She’d really have to give up a movie or two and stick around her hubby more.

  • Ginger

    it’s impossible Nicole being pregnant!!!!are you crazy people????she is riding horses, and she always had that body….stop with these stupid comments about botox!i will call it envy!

  • Claude

    Nicole and Hugh make a wonderful couple!Nicole new hair is great!

  • twilithe

    She is Pregnant, that bump is obvious and to the botox plastic surgery buffs please just give it a rest. She’s never looked more natural in these pictures.

  • Davilyn

    I still cannot figure out the NEED to come here and rip her up. You don’t care for her acting? You don’t like the way she looks? Fine. But why the vitriol? Why don’t you find those you do like, and go make “happy” comments about them? Constructive criticism is acceptable, but this kind of venom? I just cannot figure out what this woman has done to inspire it? You think she’s a lousy mother because you cannnot find pictures of her with her children splashed all over the tabs? You have no idea what her relationship is with her children. With photos and blurbs that are swayed to conjure up controversy (because that is what sells), you form ABSOLUTE opinions and then find a public venue to spew them for.

    I said a few weeks ago in another post here, surely we can do better than this. Surely, we are better than this. I do find it fascinating this need that humans seem to have to hurt each other. I think it all comes down to jealousy. We see others with so much and we want some too. Well, the first human born (Cain), did in fact murder his brother (Abel) because of jealousy. I guess it’s just in our nature. Very sad.

  • Sofia

    Davilyn, I agree with many of your points. However, since you commented on my post I said this: “If she isn’t playing pregnant in the movie then she MUST be pregnant in real life.” She could be playing pregnant in the movie because that does look like a baby bump. Yes you are right, a lot of people who post here speculates about people and things they know absolutely nothing about. On the other hand, this is a gossip site and that is what gossip sites are for.

  • ISA

    I love the pictures. Nic and Huhg are wonderful.


  • Davilyn

    You may be right Sophia, either the character or the actress is pregnant. But if it’s Nicole, it sure does seem like irresponsible behavior to me. No movie is worth risking a baby. I still think it’s the dress and the camera angle. But that is just my opinion.

    And I have nothing against harmless gossip; what is a movie about, who’s dating who, etc. But don’t you think that some of the comments here about Nicole Kidman are just viscious? And people speak as if they are spouting the gospel truth. I just don’t understand why in the discourse of discussing stars, we have to decapitate them. Especially in this instance where they’re slinging mud at someone who isn’t living a Brittney, Paris or Lindsey lifestyle.

    I’m new to internet chat. Guess I just haven’t learned the ropes yet and if this is what is required of me, I hope I never do.

  • maxine

    If someone says she’s had too much Botox and PS, how is it “decapitating” her or slinging mud? It’s not even viscious, it’s obvious she’s overdoing it. She’d be plenty pretty without it. If you want to hear “she’s the most beautiful thing under the Sun” over and over again, go to NKU. As far as I know, JustJared is not a Nicole’s fanboard. You have to get used to the fact that people disagree. Besides, internet boards thrive on gossip and here is another bit of it:

  • Davilyn

    I’m not talking about what her beauty routine might or might not be. I don’t care. And no, I do not need to hear that “she’s the most beautiful thing under the sun” over and over again. I like her, I think she’s lovely and talented, but she is not my favorite actress and I have never visited her fansites. I’m here because I think that Hugh Jackman is the greatest ALL AROUND talent in show business today and because he leads a non-tabloid life, the word has yet to leak out. But it will.

    I have no problem with people disagreeing and tossing different opinions back and forth and this is what I believed internet chat to be. But what I’m finding on this forum (and not for the first time), is this kind of garbage…

    Quotes from “YOU’RE SCARING ME”…
    “Her real hair is a disgusting bird’s nest.”
    “Nicole has the gut of an anorexic, and she likes to stick it out every now and then to get the pregnancy rumours rolling again.”

    Quote from “HOLLYWOOD HATER”… (this person is telling us alot about him/herself just by the screen name…they hate)
    “Doesn’t she have friends who tell her that she looks insanely disgusting???!!!”

    Quote from “NATALIE”…
    “re; a possible pregnancy…”If she is, just another child that she WILL neglect.” (the key word there is WILL).

    This is not just harmless gossip being tossed back and forth. This is venom. People making statements that are not just SUPPOSING something, but they are stating their opinion AS FACT. If they even said something like…”in my opinion”, it might not come across as so hostile.

    What I want to know is, how does this kind of “talk” about “anyone” do any of us any good? Or do you think it is just harmless fun to come to the internet and let loose on the rich, the famous and the beautiful? Things most of us will never be.

    There’s a school of that goes something like this…
    By our actions and even our thoughts, we send energy out into the world and the energy you send -positive or negative- comes back around again to find you.

    Something to think about.