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The Jolie-Pitts Take in Prague

The Jolie-Pitts Take in Prague

Loved-up couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie couldn’t take their eyes off each other during a romantic meal in Prague last night.

The actress is in the Czech Republic shooting the forthcoming action thriller Wanted (The U.S. premiere is set for March 28, 2008) with Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy.

“They are clearly very much in love,” one fellow diner said. “They were chatting intimately all through their meal and were holding hands across the table. Angelina couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. They were totally engrossed with each other.”

The pair were also spotted playing in a park in Prague with — what looks like — Maddox, 5, Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Jolie-Pitt family will be staying in a villa in the diplomatic part of Prague-Dejvice for about four weeks.

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  • Mediterranean

    They are the diamond couple of Hollywood!!

  • reba

    breathtaking….what else can you say?

  • Mediterranean

    I love the look Angie has for her man! It’s meaningful, beautiful. It’s love!

  • Besane

    Thank you Jared!

    About to break up? Brad wants his ex wife back? NOT LOL!

  • wow

    I love it! And no, that is not Brad’s mother in the park!
    They are so in love….true loves exists and it doesn’t always have to start out like a fairy tale.

  • black

    But they really do look happy in this one!

    Way to go!!

    Another child is on the way….

  • Besane

    That photo with the two of them is so beautiful, if someone makes a documentary of their daily lives it can go straight to the theaters LOL!

  • wow

    I Love it

  • Angie

    SHOCKER >>>>>she’s holding Zahara …where is Shiloh????????
    Why does everyone love this family so much……Angelina needs help.

  • ben

    Their body langage says it all! This two are in love and happy.

  • suspicious package

    Woot woot! Now that’s what I’m talkin about! The look in her eyes says it all. God, I love this family.

  • NoMoreBRANDgelina

    Typical. When rumors are rampant…pose, pose, pose.
    Sorry, Jared… I’m not buying what they’re selling.
    Tick. Tock.

  • Mmmmm

    Body language says Angie is into him but Brad is turned away from her. Hmmmm …

  • QQQQ

    Thanks JJ

  • Yuck!

    The look and the body language; she has that for every man she fancies. Brad is reduced to sloppy seconds. Totally whipped and loving every minute of it.

  • msg to D at #15

    The Poser will get this info from her reps soon and start posing with Shiloh. Count on it. She’s been doing that since the early days of Maddox.

  • Honey

    Thanks JJ, they are definitely in sync:)-best Hollywood couple of the century!


    Is that really Brad? He looks dreadful. Mistress hasn’t been good for him.

  • http://htt// voice


  • suspicious package

    She’s not his mistress, she’s the mother of his children.

  • Frenchy

    That’s so intrusive..who took that picture? It looks like a cellphone picture. Anyway we all know they are in love so that’s not news.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • bela

    love love love love loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove

  • Besane

    15= 16= 17= 18

    FF resident troll is gracing her presence here. Can we blame her? You failed yet another day wishing their break up. What a sad pathetic life you have. Have fun tomorrow failing, AGAIN.

  • debjosy

    Please people ignore the trolls for once. Just step on them like the insignificant species they are. Keep this a happy thread.

  • The real lou

    #26 Besane,that about sums it up,lol!Sad indeed!

  • Angie

    Their in love and the best couple in Hollywood make me vomit…….Angelina you should be ashamed of yourself….spend some time with Shiloh……you make me sick to my stomach saying you feel more for your adopted children.

  • JustCheckin

    D Says:

    May 3rd, 2007 at 9:55 am – flag comment
    I’m not trying to hate or anything on the couple and their kids, but doesn’t this B%$#@ (Angelina) ever hold her biological child?

    She held her daughter in German, Front cover and in India. There are photos!

    So much of the break up rumors. Those tabs..mag. knows they can sell their magazine only if Angie and Brad are on the cover.

    Very admirable of the Jolie-Pitt Family.

  • Angie

    Ever hear of WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND…well Brad left Jenn for Angelina….he’ll get back what he did to her.

  • croatia

    Jolie-Pitt family rules!!!! leave them alone…!!!!
    it’s now 2 years, that they are headlines in tabloids..give them a rest!!!
    they deserve

  • 2222

    JA is a Old woman

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    I hope the Jolie-Pitts gets chance to truly enjoy Prague. Bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  • bela

    GOD , i love this family
    love love and peace

  • Anadin

    Isnt it odd how people who hate angie always say bi$$h she is not holding shiloh, but never seem to realise that brad is not holding her either and fail to realise that we’ve seen more photos of her being held by her mom that her dad, they say love is blind but i think hate even more so,

  • LLM

    Thanks JJ, what a beautiful family. I really love them.

  • Love it

    I love their artistic bohemian lifestyle. They are true artists. They go where the work is and bring their family with them wherever they go. Even in their attempt to tone down, their inner and beauty shines through. Real beauty can not be covered up. Of course they are in love. How romantic would it be if Bradley proposed?

  • Hiya

    Thanks, Jared, for the new thread and lovely pics! Great way to start off the day! :)

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    #9, 25…Angie…Angie…Angie…funny you have the same name as someone you supposedly hate…Girl Take your medicine right now….

    I know you trolls/haters…losing is so hard for you….

  • Deanna Troi

    Angie Says:

    May 3rd, 2007 at 10:10 am – flag comment
    Ever hear of WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND…well Brad left Jenn for Angelina….he’ll get back what he did to her.
    Sheesh, woman, give it up. It’s been more than two years and 4 kids now.

    Go to a Julia Roberts board and mouth off the same thing, since Danny Moder left his wife (Julia even paid for the divorce acceleration) for her … I don’t see anyone saying the same thing for AMERICA’S SWEETHEART, who was a major slutsky in the 90s. Was it because Vera Moder was a nobody and Jennifer Aniston was a somebody once upon a time?

  • ok

    Haters are really running out of ideas. I was at Sammies site and checking the archives and L&S had a cover :It\’s over just before they flew to Namibia, those fools are funny.

  • Reposting



    Eyewitness account post from iVilliage/Daily Blabber site

    “I know you want hits to your site, but that is definitly not what happened, and I know because I was there.

    It was simply a dance and nothingmore. Wyclef and others including myself egged Angie on to “shake her bon bon.” She was hesitant at first but got up with the rest of us, and for the recordm she’s a good dancer. She is one of the most genuine persons you want to meet. My kids were so amazed at how down to earth and approachable she was, and how sincere in her interest of them. She seemed a little tired, but in great spirits, and she never played diva once. She danced the Samba with Oliver, and to call it anything other than a fun time dancing, or more than a room full of people having a beautiful celebration of a unique gathering would be insulting at best. Whoever gave the lying account above isn’t at shame as much as iVillage is for taking as gospel something said for the purpose of putting Miss Jolie in a bad light. You’ve just insulted my kids (students)and me .

    I challenge you to put up my account.

    Posted by I Witness on May 02 at 02:20pm

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pictures, I am enjoying these pictures


    OH MY GOD!!! The pyscho’s have entered the building.. its amazing how obsessed and freaky some of you idiots are and you don’t even realise it… Yes, fine, whatever, admire them from afar.. But seriously, some of you act like they are the second coming of christ.. Go get a life

  • http://htt// voice


  • Frenchy

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Angelina finished 15th on the TIME poll. Not bad. Brad finished 19th. Well done. But like I said the teens took over this poll. Look at the results:,28804,1611030_1612457,00.html

  • someone

    I see they still don’t let Zahara walk!

  • The real lou

    Thank you Jared for the new pictures.I just love the picture of Brad playing with his 2 sons.Adorable!!!!!

  • Shy

    They are happy. For once please haters, just let go. You really dont have to be that negative. This is a relationship thats going to last forever. Are you really going to hate her forever? She never said that she loves her other children more than Shiloh. What she said was that, at that moment when Shiloh was very tiny, a person could not really tell much about her. It is the same with all babies. They eat, sleep and play. It is only later that their personality shows. Its just a fact. Then she said that she has to be careful with her love for the others, but then she did not need to after she had Shiloh. Every mother worrys about her children and you worry extra much when you have a biological after an adopted child. You worry that they would feel that since they are not your biological children, you would not love them the same. That was her point. The fact is Angie loves all of her children the same regarless of what the haters says.

  • julie

    not into this couple or brad and his ex but can i say the brangelina fans are the most obssessed pple alive jeez regarding the replies whenever their pics is posted on this site or any site for that matter, guys seriously get a job or go do something valuable with ur time.

    That being said looking at the pics they do look like buisness partners on a buisness date (with the lady admiring the guy) rather than lovers on a romantic date, seriously the only passion they have are those kids even by now you can tell the sex drive has waned off, they look like they are not getting any won’t be surprised if they don’t even share a room, from pics shown since they hooked up it’s obvious Pitt is not as happy as he was with his ex the kids are all that is keeping him if not trust me they would defo be over by now,take it or live it guys just my observation. ooppppppps i’ll xsure keep it to myself next time like always.

  • Mmmmm

    Only 29 posts before the X gets brought in … LOL! I think it is so funny how the followers reference certain covers or pics where AJ is hold Shi, which they are always the same pics. Shi is almost one and should be walking .. so no reason she couldnt be out playing with the other kids. Poor Angie, she has so many itmacy & mental issue’s, being a mother I wish she would get some help instead of trying to fill her voids with more kids.

  • I’m scared of YOU!!!

    SCARED Says:

    Look in the mirror, honey! You are the major psycho here. We have a reason for being here, we love the Jolie-Pitts. You on the other hand are the freaky, obssessed one, and you don’t even realize it! Why go on the thread of people you don’t admire? You don’t see me on a Paris Hilton or Britney thread posting how I hate them (waste of my time).

    Since when did anybody act like they are the second coming (blasphemy, anyone?). We just admire them, idiot. Why don’t YOU GO GET A LIFE!