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Ryan Gosling Goes Shirtless

Ryan Gosling Goes Shirtless

Ryan Gosling shows off his beach body during a ‘boys only’ vacation on the beaches of Miami with — guess who — BFF Zach Shields, the boyfriend of Rachel McAdams‘ younger sister, Kayleen McAdams.

Where are their lady friends?????

The shirtless buddies were spotted splashing water onto each other and checking out the seashells on the shore on Wednesday. Ryan and Zach (rumored bandmates) have also been spotted in Vegas in March and at the airport in April.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling shirtless on the beach…

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01 ryan gosling beach
02 ryan gosling shirtless
03 ryan gosling shirtless
04 ryan gosling shirtless
05 ryan gosling shirtless
06 ryan gosling shirtless
07 ryan gosling shirtless
08 ryan gosling shirtless
09 ryan gosling shirtless
10 ryan gosling shirtless
ryan gosling beach
zach shields beach

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Kadena Press
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  • Mary

    Wow Ryan Gosling is pale! but hes still so HOT! I think him and Rachel McAdams are the cutest couple ever!

  • hr

    hmm.. guess he stopped working out after “the notebook” huh? it’s ok, he’s still pretty great.

  • kate

    so he’s in miami and his “gf” isn’t even filming her new movie yet? they are soooooooooo over.

  • [Fug Face........]

    someone needs to hit the gym.

  • Abby

    “so he’s in miami and his “gf” isn’t even filming her new movie yet? they are soooooooooo over. ”

    she’s on location right now, fyi.

  • erin

    zach is kinda hot

  • elizajane

    she’s on location doesn’t mean he can’t pay her a visit. he seems to have enough time for his guy friends playing at arcades, going to miami but no time for his girlfriend? i don’t buy it for a sec.

    btw he desperately needs a tan

  • Harrison

    Wow, it’s a really sad state of affairs when people think somebody who has the body of Ryan Gosling needs to go to the gym.
    I would sure enjoy a beachside vacation with him…

  • Jules

    ^agreed! He looks good to me!

  • Amy

    by the looks of the photos, he found a little gift for Rachel? :)

  • Miller

    I don’t think they’re done. No self respecting man breaks up with Rachel McAdams. Dude, Claire Cleary rocks!

  • lux

    ^ LOL Amy!

    He’s adorable and perfect just the way he is. Some of you have some serious body image issues to work out. Don’t let the media influence you!

  • Bibi

    lux, you’re so right! Ryan is looking good, and he doesn’t need to go to the gym … I think a lot of people would die for a body like that.

  • ALM

    Oh, Ryan. How I love thee. And with the shells…can we say cute? And hey, its JUST NOW turning into summer…lets cut him some slack in the tan department.


    two words..pale geek!!

  • Raichill

    Yes, he is pale. So what. That’s his natural skin colour. He isn’t all reddish- brown and leathery from too much sun and he certainly isn’t a funny orange colour from those awful fake tan spray booths.

  • André

    that’s not hot..that’s so white it’s almost yellow-green.
    and some1 rly needs to hit the gym.
    Or stay with those stylish clothes on.

  • Pikes

    He looks good, He needs new swim trunks though. “mom pants”

  • black

    Way to go whitebread!!!

    (But on another note…do you Americans even have black-bread?)

  • pennkim

    I think he looks fine. His body looks like it’s in great shape to me.

    I loved him with Rachel but I hate to say I think the rumors of them splitting are true. He could probably be spending time with her but instead he’s in Miami with guy friends. They also haven’t been seen together in like 3 months. That’s not a good sign. Him hanging out with her sister’s bf isn’t a big deal if they are broken up. I dated a guy for 7 months and he and my brother became good friends during this time and remain good friends to this day, 2 years after we broke up. He was even one of my brother’s groomsmen in his wedding. I’m rambling now.

    sigh Ryan still looks cute!

  • black

    Oh wait a minute……….it just occured to me….this is young HERCULES, isn´t he?

  • Mollie

    Ryan, call me

  • skylar

    O.K., so he is a little too pale(hey, he’s Canadian). But his body is beautiful. I was so relieved to see that he isn’t all ab perfect like the Hollywood himbo of the week.

  • Cynthia

    Ryan has a beautiful physique, he doesn’t need to go to the gym. He and Rachel are over, he said it himself, let’s move on now.

  • Jamie

    “He and Rachel are over, he said it himself, let’s move on now. ”

    Ha! You wish Cynthia!!

  • Cynthia

    It’s not a matter of wishing Jamie. He said so himself according to many tabloids and newspapers. Get a life man!

  • Cici

    He is pale, but doesn’t bother me, he still lookin HOT!!

  • PAM

    Oh right and tabloids NEVER lie right Cynthia?

  • Cynthia

    Pam, tabloids lie and they tell the truth. A pappo asked were they over and he said “oh you didn’t know, we broke up.It’s been 3 months, he has not been with Rachel. Doesn’t that tell you something? Are you 12 or something? Personally I don’t care whether he’s with Rachel or not. Better yet why don’t you ask Ryan are they together!

  • Tra

    Yum Yum! I want me some!!!

  • Jamie

    “A pappo asked were they over and he said “oh you didn’t know, we broke up.”

    So.Not.True! Ha! If you only knew Cynthia!

    If you’re going to quote…get your facts right! LOL

  • Nikki

    Ok um…I live in Miami…Sooooo I BASICALLY NEED TO MEET THIS MAN. hahha. Anyone know how long he’s staying here? Maybe I can hit the beaches in the weekend to see if I catch him around.

  • Ashley

    YUM!! Ryan looks fantastic. I can’t believe he got into such great shape so fast! It was just in December that he still had the weight he put on for “Lars and the Real Girl.” He looks sexy and thank god someone in Hollywood still has their natural skin color.

  • Harrison

    Nikki, if you find Ryan on the beach, I hate you — I mean good luck! ;-)

  • Non


    Actually a pappo didn’t ask where is Rachel tonite, that was OVERHEARD by a pappo, when a friend asked that question and Ryan was OVERHEARD to reply “oh haven’t you heard, we’ve broken up”

    A lot of people are saying Ryan was being sarcastic when he said that, due to the amount of publicity about getting married one week, then splitting the next, and then the following week at the Fracture screening in NY when asked buy a pappo if they were still together, he said “I don’t know??”

    Way to keep everyone guessing??

  • Cynthia

    Whether they broke up or not Jaime man, I could care less. Obviously you are obsessed about them being together. Why don’t you ask Ryan are they together for yourself. While you at it Jaime I suggest you get a life man,and go fuck yourself!

  • Jamie

    Thanks for the recap Non. That is much closer to what actually happened and what was said!

    He never responded to a PAPPO “oh haven’t you heard, we’ve broken up” as Cynthia suggested. It’s these little mistakes taken out of context that fuel the rumors. So again, if you’re going to quote, please be more accurate, Cynthia. And there’s no need to be hostile.

  • noname

    Him and Rachel seem done. Lainey is the only gossip still claiming they are together. Her credibilty was shot with me after she boasted that Tori Spelling was pregnant, way before she actually was. Lainey’s gossip is bs.

  • jeff


  • Caz

    Fat, thin, pale or tanned – I’ll have him anyway please!!!!

  • George

    he’s dating some publicist from Miami

  • Jen

    I think Ryan looks so cute! So what if he’s pale, he looks good. Not sure if him n Rachel are split coz over here in England we no nothing about him! Hardly anyone even knows who he is. I think he was adorable in Remember the titans.

  • Nell

    No! That girl was his tour guide in Miami. I think she may even be married…What gave you the idea they’re dating?

  • Tally

    I heard when asked at the Fracture premiere ‘where’s Rachel’ Ryan replied ‘haven’t you heard we split up’

  • babyblush

    don’t they have beaches in canada, or atleast a tanning salon. He’s still cute, he should have spent a little more time in miami.

  • Naj

    He’s soooooo yummy! with or without rachel! i still love Ryan!

  • H Golsing

    OMG!!!! who cares if he’s still with Rachel…i think he should move on…. he’s sooooo cute!!!!! L O V E him!

    PS. I Agree with Caz: fat, thin, pale or tanned he’s really goddamn H O T!

  • Tally

    Is he back wiv Rach then???????????
    Coz i think he is just gujus

  • lzk

    He is cute! will somebody tell me if him and Rachel had broken up?

  • Celeb_Star

    luv him.