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Kate Walsh Loves Alex Young

Kate Walsh Loves Alex Young

Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh has been dating Alex Young, a production co-president at 20th Century Fox, reports People.

His blockbuster credits include X-Men: The Last Stand and Fantastic Four.

Kate, 39, first stepped out with Alex for an April 21 lunch date at the Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Angeles and then again at an April 28 fund-raiser for Barack Obama also in L.A.

BTW, what did you think of last night’s Grey’s Anatomy spin-off episode?

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  • poeticinjustice

    I thought the spin off was good, but with the grey’s cast along side. I don’t know how well they will do when they air on their own, without the cushion of grey’s anatomy in the same show as lastnight. But it looks pretty good.



  • megan


  • Alina

    The spin-off was soo awful, it was a total bore. I could have turned off the tv if I wasn’t waiting for scenes from SGH. Kate Walsh is a horrible actress, she was given so many great potential, emotive scenes to work with last night and all she did was a lip-puckering and eye-browing raising. I am so sick of that! She doesn’t have the acting chops to head her own shows, seriously.

  • Shmoo

    Hated it. They turned an interesting, sophisticate woman into a silly little girl and dumbed her down considerably. Taye Diggs was the only good part. The rest of them were horrible and were trying way too hard. And that kiss? With tongue? Ew.

  • bowow

    Yeah it came off as one giant soap opera. All the acting was so bad ..the characters seemed so smug and superficial. Like Young and the Restless. Bad writing.

  • Bunny

    As someone else has said-IT SUCKED!! It was silly and poorly writen and acted. I will never watch this show if it ever makes it on TV.
    And last nights show was a mess, a waste of two hours.

  • Sanj

    It was awful….switched to ER instead……..hope she returns back to Grey’s!

  • Lolly

    I agree with the previous posters. Really, really childish, more childish and whiney than Grey’s. Came off worse with the two shows mangled together. Self-absorbed, sex-obsessed, navel gazing and just plain idiotic. Desperate Doctors. And GAWD it’s squirmingly squicky to SAY you’re going to kiss someone “with tongue” … as Nike sez-Just Do It. Poor Tim Daley should have said “I’m not saying that!”. Poor Paul Adelstein.

  • shelly

    Huh? I thought she was dating that actor who was on Reunion last year? Dave someperson?

  • Bunny

    As someone else has said-IT SUCKED !!!! Both the writing and acting were bad and if this ever makes it on TV, I will not be watching.
    And last night was a waste of two hours.

  • Mmmmm

    Agreed the sex-obsessed, navel gazing and just plain idiotic. Also the kid wasnt even hot .. I dont think it will last.

  • lauren

    last night’s episode was just terrible all around.

  • Langtry

    What Shmoo said. As if “Grey’s” couldn’t get more insipid, they had to dumb Addison down with the cliched “I Want A Baby!” whine. Where would she get the time, what with holding down a Doctor/Surgeon’s gig, dating, sleeping around with wildly inappropriate choices of men, shopping, cruising around in an un-child friendly vintage convertible, and hair, skin, mani & pedi appointments, etc. Seriously, what does this character think a bay is, a Prada handbag?

  • sarah

    counia manman zot!!!!!! zot pa connet ayen!!! and I don’t thing that kate walsh is an horrible actress!!! she’s great !!!!! so alina!! and the other !! fèmé guèle a zot!!!!!! counia manman zot!!!! saloptè ki zo yé!!:! merdee!!!!!!!!!

  • Jai

    i actually liiked it…i would watch it, i think the drama is going to be pretty good

  • JenJen

    *blush*…I really like it…..maybe I am the only one? They did dumb Addison down, but she was back to herself by the end. I think it was just for the transition.
    Its a super cast!

  • Shmoo

    Oh, and I’m already tired of hearing about Kate Walsh and who she’s dating. She’d better be careful- overexposure is a bitch!

  • blackfriday1978

    SUCKED! I switch back and forth with other TV station so I can avoid the “non-seattle” sences. It’s killing me because the way they made it all interwined but not related at all… such a drag, plus, it is just not interesting on the “California” side… sorry… I like Kate Walsh.. just probably won’t watch the show

  • Greys anatomy fan

    Spin – off: too much LA ( Spin off) and too little Greys anatomy. The Spin off SUCKED

  • kidsmom

    I liked the spin off. I was more bored with the GA stories and was hooked on the new characters and Addison’s new friends. I hope it does well.

  • greys

    What was that? What do Shonda Rhimes thinks? Hate it.

  • B Money

    The spinoff was boring and uneventful. I didn’t like any of the new characters, I didn’t even think Taye Diggs was all that great. The other guys were definitely pointless and I don’t think this show will be a hit. Ax that show now ABC, it’s not going to go anywhere.

  • Kimmmm

    I LOVED IT!!!!! SO amazing . KW was fabulous in that elevator scene after finding out she was infertile. It was fresh and I was so depressed after like normally on Thursdays

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    I like the spin off…I like kate.

  • LoveKate

    I LOVE the Spin-off!!! The GA parts were boring. I Love Kate Walsh. She is FABULOUS!!!! Love the Kiss with Addison and Pete.

  • Laur

    I loved the spin off! i think its gonna be good.

  • Sandy

    The spin-off sucked! Two HORRENDOUS hours of televison. UGH. What were they thinking?

  • Julia

    Kate Walsh is a horrible actress and how much did they dumb down Addison. This spin-off is crap. Not going to watch it if it ever gets picked up, which no one in their right mind would pick up this bull****.

  • Jacky

    I like Kate but she’s just not a good enough actress to carry her show. Last night demonstrated that, it was awful, horrible, lame, contrived…

  • Lee

    I find Addison endlessly fascinating, but thought all the new L.A. characters boring. I hope they keep Gray’s as it is, but I’d still watch the new spinoff and give it a chance.

  • J. McSwiggins

    The spin-off didn’t hold my interest at all … I kept hoping Seattle Grace would come back on. The new characters are old and generic and boring and I can’t imagine getting hooked on any of them.

    I think Dr. Shepherd is very appealing, so I’m not sure why they failed so miserably.

  • sabine

    i don’t understand where the negativity is coming from. seriously. the Spinoff delivered! I’m happy with the new characters, their relationships with each other, and man the new LA setting is really just refreshing. I hope it gets picked up! :) I laughed and sympathized with the Ocean Wellness crew. It’s no Grey’s Anatomy, and thankfully so (I’ve honestly gotten tired of how that show’s plotlines have turned out). I think Kate and the new cast did a great job!

  • sarah

    fèmé guèle nwè a zot!!!!!!!! counia manman zot!!!!! aih chié ba zot!!!! zot pa connèt ayen!!! vié amérikèn ki zot tout yé!!! merde alors!!! vous n’ètes que de sales conasses julia, alina(conne) and the other (couniasses) qui critique kate alors que c la faute de shonda rhimes si c pas bien!!!! you judge so fast the serie!! wait it!!! it will be maybe great!!! so counia manman zot!!!! merde!!!! aller vous faire mettre!!! FFFFF……….CK!

  • sarah


  • seriously

    Good grief sarah, no need to spaz out and call people names because they don’t agree with your opinion.

    I have to say that I liked the spin off – sure it’s a little schlocky but I don’t expect it to be anything other than that! If you’re expecting an intellectually challenging documentary, don’t turn it on come Thursday night – it’s brain candy night :-). I’m willing to give it a few more episodes and see how it plays out. I love Grey’s but enjoyed the switch up of characters and storylines.

  • Calliope

    I love the people here.
    I hate Addison and Kate Walsh is the worst actress ever.
    GA will be better withourt her!!!!!!!!

  • Calliope

    Spinoff is perfect for her. It’s sad because I like Merrin and Amy.

  • sarah

    calliope counia manmanw!!!merde!!!!!!

  • AMC

    The show was so boring! It is not going to work….too forced. Hopefully, Kate will go back to Seattle Grace.

  • mcdreamsteam

    The spin-off totally sucked. So boring and it was just a Grey’s wannabe … actually, Grey’s was a Grey’s wannabe on Thursday … lol … it was just a terrible two hours of television …

    any of you unhappy with the way Grey’s is going should sign the petition to Bring McDreamy Back — and return Grey’s to its former glory –

  • S.

    Loved it. The problem is that for a hardcore Grey’s lover it is sad to see that the main show has gone stale (It jumped the shark with the Ferry episode). The spin off was so much better it hurts the fateful. Thus they scream and shout and rant.
    The numbers say it had the best 18-35 female viewership for ABC in the last 10 years. Not bad, heh?

  • McHottie

    Thhe spin off was great, though I didn´t watch all of it, just some clips…But I liked what I saw. So, GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • piper

    looved the shooow!! addison is sooo funny i totally loved her!!!

  • lily

    best show ever! i don’t know why so many people didn’t like it, much better than GA

  • Pam

    this was how most of the people acted when Addison first arrived in SGH. i’m not saying all, but most of those people came to love her along the way.

    i think that people don’t like the idea of the spin-off now but they will come to love it as it goes. :)

    it really depends on the writing, really and if you come to think of it, well, if it’s from GA, the great show we all know and love, it might also be good right?

    those are just opinions of my rambling brain, but come on guys! let’s give it a chance :D

  • Bobbi

    Kate is a great actress, liked the spin off.
    Don’t dumb her down. Liked most of the new characters. Kid not so cute so abs a nice surprise, but that was the point…
    Not quite sure where they will be able to go with it.
    GA fabulous and structured by the interns and the medical training set up.
    Running a private practice where is the structure to contain the drama or comedy? The “set up” would require skewering the insurance companies, HMO’s managed care and patients who make a living out of sueing doctors, legislation to limit jury awards… you see the inherent dilemma. Be forewarned, keep Kate SMART or you’ll pay teh price.
    Ideally you’d be able to do a kind of As Good As It Gets combination of draam and comedy and they have the characters for that, do they have the writers or the cojones to try? They have moe than enough talent, go with it, not against it and get hte necessary WRITERS on board!! THAT would make TV history, treating and applauding writers as they deserve. Make them as much a part of the limelight…without the words you’d all be nowhere…
    You asekd

  • Berry

    I loved it! Nice to see the LA scene. Interesting character played by Diggs. He’s so good-looking. Kate Walsh did a superb job. My favorite part was her with the acupuncture pins flapping around on her face. I also liked Diggs’ line about hugging a man……”Let’s draw some blood…..” I hope it gets picked up. Shonda is a genius. More power to her!!!

  • dana

    I love the spinn off … and Ga without Addie its getting really BORED !

  • hilla

    i liked it and i think that kate is a very! good actress and i think that she can carry her own show.

    i like it and i think that she is very good and i am going to watch it!!!!!!!!!

    kate walsh is ana amazing actress and how think that she is not- wrong.