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Heidi Klum's Picture Perfect Family

Heidi Klum's Picture Perfect Family

Heidi Klum and hubby Seal prepare to depart from LAX airport on Thursday in Los Angeles with their 3 children — Leni (she turns 3 tomorrow), Henry, 20 months, and Johan, 5 months.

You know they’re not any ordinary family when they travel with this much luggage.

How cute does Leni look with her cornrows?

20+ pictures inside of Heidi and her family…

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heidi klum family 01
heidi klum family 02
heidi klum family 03
heidi klum family 04
heidi klum family 05
heidi klum family 06
heidi klum family 07
heidi klum family 08
heidi klum family 09
heidi klum family 10
heidi klum family 11
heidi klum family 12
heidi klum family 13
heidi klum family 14
heidi klum family 15
heidi klum family 16
heidi klum family 17
heidi klum family 18
heidi klum family 19
heidi klum family 20
heidi klum family 21
heidi klum family 22
heidi klum family 23
heidi klum family 24

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76 Responses to “Heidi Klum's Picture Perfect Family”

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  1. 26
    langtry Says:

    Aww, little Johan (along with the rest of their kids) is so cute!

  2. 27
    isitreallythatserious? Says:

    awww Leni looks too cute with the cornrows! Nice family and as a fan of the other family…I’m not going to touch that discussion above with a sick d***.

  3. 28
    Brooke Says:

    I love this family… even though they are “famous”= they seem sooo NORMAL- relaxed, happy, smiling, interacting and playful with their kids… so unlike that fake british import fam that is heading to the US this summer… any of you notice the contrast as well???

    What a breathe of fresh air Heidi and Seal are…

  4. 29
    MommyLove Says:

    They’re adorable. But how many people do they have traveling with them?? I have 3 kids too-so I know the more hands the better-but it looks like they’re with 3 or 4 other people.

  5. 30
    Mmmmm Says:

    amara Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 1:06 pm – flag comment
    What sucks here is that the Brangelina fanatics take every opportunity they can to take shots at everyone else. You can’t mention a family without them posting comments that try to elevate their beloved family. If you say anything positive about a mother and her children here they come with their statistics about Angelina. This site should be renamed Just Brangelina, so the people who have a realistic outlook when it comes to them can just stay away from the freaks that congregate here.

    That is sooo funny and yes so true. If you dont mind I am going to post in on the B&A threads. LOL Just Brangelina … that is a good one

  6. 31
    Our world is coming to an end... Says:

    MrMister leave the babies alone already!They’re innocent and haven’t done anything to you!Too easy and unfair to poke fun at kids!

  7. 32
    Jenna Says:

    Seriously how many people to do you really NEED? Her parents and THREE NANNIES, COME ON! TELL ME THEY AREN’T SPOILED PARENTS AND KIDS!

  8. 33
    La Says:

    Oh how cute, ah I love when this family, The Beckhams and the BAMZSP go on trips, they always look like it will be fun. Ah look at Johan in pic #3 so happy.

  9. 34
    La Says:

    Ah and pic 23 ah. I think Henry is at the age where Daddy is fun and cool and so he looks up to him and wants to be with him alot.

  10. 35
    black Says:

    Poor Leni……now she has to wear that hairstyle in order to fit in her black family…..

    Why is it, that white people never want to go “back to their roots”?

    Black people always feel the need that they have to distance each other from the rest of us- to go looking for their “culture” or whatever.

  11. 36
    emma Says:


    Andrea – England is just as racist as the USA. If not more – the most part of the UK is nowhere near “Civilized”

    ^^^^^ thats Bullshit. what a pathetically stupid and uneducated assumption and generalisation.

    let me guess you live in the US? sit your ass down and STFU. you have no idea what your talking about, nor what it is like, like all countries, there are some racists, and many who are not. America is a lot bigger than the UK and i still wouldnt sit here saying America was more racist. so go do some ******* homework before you come back here posting hugely offensive remarks..

  12. 37
    Smitto Says:

    Henry and Johan have got ugly hairlines.
    The little girl is gorgeous though.

  13. 38
    Nany Says:

    I think all their kids beautiful in their own ways.

  14. 39
    dzsungi Says:

    I did not read all of your comments and usually I do not make here comments, but this time I could not stand what many of you wrote.
    1.Leni is cute because of Heidi with any kind of hair(African like or not)
    2.I love Henry so much!He is a cutie with his hair and his “strong” body.I would cuddle him:) my op.the little one looks very much like Heidi.I like that he smiles so much!
    And their parents are hot together!
    It makes me sad that you say white is more beautiful than black or any other ethnicity.
    God bless this family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 40
    Anna Says:

    Callie Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 11:06 am – flag comment
    Cute babies – all of them (I think Henry is just very big like his dad, makes him look more mature then he really is). These children are always with Heidi, she’s very hands-on (is that Heidi’s mom holding the youngest boy?), which is so nice to see. Seems Leni is never with Seal though, seems like she pulls away from him, but I could just be imagining it. Perhaps Heidi carries Leni because she is lighter then Henry, so Seal always carries Henry?? Looks like this was one busy start to a busy trip!!

    Yes, that’s Heidi’s mom. And I’m pretty sure that’s her dad in some of the pictures.

    I think you’re just imagining it. There’s loads of pictures of Seal carrying Leni. :)

    Johan is such a cutie!!

  16. 41
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    black Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 3:27 pm – flag comment
    Poor Leni……now she has to wear that hairstyle in order to fit in her black family…..

    Why is it, that white people never want to go “back to their roots”?

    Black people always feel the need that they have to distance each other from the rest of us- to go looking for their “culture” or whatever.


    because up to 1960′s, black people were tortured, killed, lynched or jailed for tapping into their cultures.

    so given that only since 1964? did we allow blacks to sit on the same bus raow as us or drink from the same fountain, it only makes sense that in the last 60 years, a huge effort is made to reconnect to their culture.

    most white americans have no problem tracing their roots to generations.

    blacks can only go so far. at some point, the only documentation of black lineage is just a number, the sex of the slave purchased and his value at purchase time – no documentation of place of origin etc.

    i would think descendants of such a cruel system would want to finally uncover their roots.

    we do it – i have rich white friends who are obsessed with finding their lineage and preserving it down to finding the right coat of arms in scotland that belongs to their ancestors.

    have you ever heard of the daughters of the revolution and the mayflower brigage? clearly, white americans are VERY serious about connecting to their roots – especially if they are of an upper class.

    read a book or something.

  17. 42
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Johan is gorgeous. Lenni is cute (no Shiloh but cute). Henry not so much but I am sure he will grow into his looks. Like, Elizabeth Hurley’s son, Henry is one of those kids who suffers from looking too much like a little man and not enough of the childhood cuteness.

    But he will be a very handsome man once he hits 18 or so!

  18. 43
    amara Says:

    Black is an idiot, you’re wasting time explaining anything to someone with such a narrow mind. If you look at ancient Greek and Roman sculpture you can see cornrows on the women. It’s a great way to keep a child’s hair from flying around expecially when traveling.

  19. 44
    Helena Says:

    Y’all are gonna smack me….I just don’t think this is a particularly attractive family. Mom n daughter are boring, dull faced and dowdy looking, and Dad n the boys are downright ugly. Seriously, if I met those kids (any of ‘em) I’d have to cover up my gasp of horror and figure out something nice to say that ain’t a lie…something like: “Oh, you must be so proud of your family! They must be so precious to you!”

    When these kids gow up, they’ll be frightening!!! It’ll be worse for the girl, girls’ looks are more harshly judged. Hopefully her Mom knows good surgeons. They can rid poor Leni of her unfortunate nose at age 13 or 14. They can take the harsh out of the rest of that kid’s horse-face when she gets to be 17-18……….hopefully the boys will have Dad’s talent and bod to fall back on because those faces….HO-LEE COW…only a mother could love ‘em.

  20. 45
    T Says:

    I forgot she even had a third baby. aww I was wondering who the cute little baby was. Soooo adorable!

  21. 46
    T Says:

    I like the Afros the boys are rockin’ too.

  22. 47
    Longtime Fan/Lurker Says:

    Helena….you are stupid..stupid…stupid…if i met you on the street I would runnaway screaming.

    God…some people should not be allowed to have a computer or access to the internet.

  23. 48
    Leni Says:

    Heidi had 3 babies in 3 what? she said that she wanted to have kids with closer ages than her and her brother had, so that they could play together, and i believe that it’s a good idea.
    2 of the babies are black….so what? This is the most beautiful family ever: 1 german-italian-american little girl; 2 african-english-american-german babies; one english father and one german mother!! those kids are going to be So great because of that! Leni speaks english and german and she’s only 3!!!!!( i bet that some of you can’t even speaks english), heidi has her own accent , so does seal, isn’t that wonderful??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
    What wrong is what some of you said about the babies.
    Happy birthday to Leni!

  24. 49
    J3$$!C@ Says:

    Whoah Nellie. I had no idea about Johan. When did this happen? haha He is a cutie patootie.

  25. 50

    Mrmister Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 10:42 am – flag comment
    Seriously, what’s wrong with Henry’s mouth? His tongue is always sticking out. His hairline is awful too.

    Leni is beautiful!!

    Smitto Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 4:19 pm – flag comment
    Henry and Johan have got ugly hairlines.
    The little girl is gorgeous though.

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