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Heidi Montag: Bikini and the Beau

Heidi Montag: Bikini and the Beau

From A to C!

The Hills star Heidi Montag shows off her newly sculpted schnoz and boob job to boot at the beach on Thursday in Los Angeles, accompanied by live-in boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

The reality TV pair played a game of paddle ball and showed off their affection for each another in more ways than one — they kissed, they cuddled, they shot water guns at each other, they chased each other in the water, he did push-ups with her sitting on top of him, he carried her on his shoulders and he even slathered sunscreen on her. Whew.

30+ pictures inside of Heidi and Spencer

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heidi montag bikini 01
heidi montag bikini 02
heidi montag bikini 03
heidi montag bikini 04
heidi montag bikini 05
heidi montag bikini 06
heidi montag bikini 07
heidi montag bikini 08
heidi montag bikini 09
heidi montag bikini 10
heidi montag breast augmentation 01
heidi montag breast augmentation 02
heidi montag breast augmentation 03
heidi montag breast augmentation 04
heidi montag breast augmentation 05
heidi montag breast augmentation 06
heidi montag breast augmentation 07
heidi montag breast augmentation 08
heidi montag breast augmentation 09
heidi montag breast augmentation 10
heidi montag breast augmentation 11
heidi montag plastic surgery 01
heidi montag plastic surgery 02
heidi montag plastic surgery 03
heidi montag plastic surgery 04
heidi montag plastic surgery 05
heidi montag plastic surgery 06
heidi montag plastic surgery 07
heidi montag plastic surgery 08
heidi montag plastic surgery 09
heidi montag plastic surgery 10
heidi montag plastic surgery 11
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  • Yily

    couldn’t care less about this d-list couple. jared, why do you even post their pics?

  • babyblue

    I have to admit she looks great… I’m totally Team Lauren, but Heidi looks gorgeous in this pics!

  • Danni

    I agree with Yily and I think she looked better before.

  • Gigli

    omg cassie posed nude in allure mag..ahh she cant sing but still wow

  • Hey Now!

    a little too “happy” lmao it looks so staged they saw the paps(tipped them off) and are milking it.

  • LPS

    Spencer’s butt ugly!

  • SkankyHO

    Her boobs are way too big for her body frame and height.

  • thiscoupleisboring

    “Hi neither of us have jobs, lets stage a photoshoot” “look at us we are lame and ugly”

  • team lauren

    korny & staged

  • André

    her boobs make her look fat.
    and i cant’ believe she’s with Spencer.
    He’s a jackass.

  • 2985

    Hm, stage and pose much? Ya know, it’s nice to know should she get carried away by the waves at least she’ll float with those devices in her chest! :lol:

  • brandy

    She looked better before.

  • brendan

    Totally agree. fully staged – such cheezeballs i cant even deal.

  • GAG

    GEE…that doesn’t look tooootally like it is staged and completely fake and all posed. Those are like cheesey romance novel and porn poses. You know she went and bought a new bathing suit and they practiced what poses they would use in front of the mirror first and everything and then they called the paparazzi themselves. Dumbasses.

  • Andrea

    Since the nose job she looks a little too much like Spencer. Creepy! You know they called the paparrazi and told them they were going to be there. Must have been a slow news day!

  • LALA

    They are prob just so poor that they can’t afford to hire someone to take their pictures so they thought they would pose a bunch and then just ask the paps if they could have copies or cut them out of mags/copy them of the comp themselves. LOL!

  • Cheese-say

    No only are her boobies and schnoz fake, so is this day at the beach, it looks so fake and setup!

  • Hot Tamales

    Yep, this is most likely a staged-setup because it just looks so unnatural and posed, it looks as if they are playing to the camera/s. Nonetheless she does looks great!

  • FleurdeLis

    Why does anyone care about these people? I have no idea who they are, much less what ‘The Hills’ is. Do they really deserve any space on this site??

  • daishstarter

    Heidi is just not pretty.

  • [Fug Face........]

    she gets 20+ comments?!? Lmaooo.

    she is? she’s done what?

  • wtf

    total photo op! these pictures are posed!!!

    HE is a complete ANAL PROBE
    SHE is a complete LOSER who likes anal probes..\

  • Amy

    Who cares about these people?

  • Andrea

    I like Heidi she seems like a nice but naive girl. I think Spencer is a bit of a control freak. I actually can’t stand Lauren Conard sorry that girl is such a sour puss. Lauren always looks miserable and unhappy. I just don’t get why people like Lauren. Even on the other show reality TV show Lauren was on she was always bitter about something she is annoying. I am glad Heidi is happy she has a right to live her life the way she chooses.

  • Lori

    These picture are totally staged. I think her nose looks terrible.

  • mel

    No one even mentioned Spencers GIANT TEETH! He is a tool and I don’t even know why I am posting this! Eventually they will break up and he will talk trash on her and she will look as stupid as those fake knockers! NO MORE POSTS WITH SPENCER!

  • Who What Where

    [Fug Face........] Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 10:46 am – flag comment
    she gets 20+ comments?!? Lmaooo.

    she is? she’s done what?


    Now she has 26 comments!

  • Who What Where


  • Who What Where

    26, 27 28, 29, 30… Whatever Teehee *snort*

  • Alexandria

    Agreed, STAGED.
    Gah, what did she do to her nose. She was so cute

  • jS

    Attention whores!

  • megan

    how tacky, to stage this so obviously. um, heidi is one of the least attractive people i have ever seen. her whole face is a chin.

  • Liz

    ew they are so gross. Please no more pictures of them.

  • Mary

    I think her boobs are way to big for her. She could’ve went to a B. I’m about her size and if I got C boobs I’ll look ridiculous.

  • Celene

    she looked MUCH better before, she just looks HORRIBLE now, and i dont get the fascination behind looking like pamela anderson, SERIOUSLY! infact it makes her look fat.

  • Ali

    Good boob job, fake looking nose job.

  • Marie

    Let’s not give her any extra attention. I love that she looks worse now than before. It’s a cliche to use the word karma, but if the silicone fits…

  • Bianca

    She looks gorgeous!! I love these pictures! Please post more!! They are such a gorgeous and happy couple, I love to see that from the kids in Hollywood!! I’m glad that she was confident enough to ignore all the poor advice her supposed friends gave her and be with the man that she loves. It was obviously the right decision for her and led to her happiness. Her nose and breasts look great and it’s barely been a month since her surgery if that long. She’s just going to continue to look better and better, good for her!! Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

  • Lala

    “Bianca” you’re a retard.

  • Casie

    Okay Bianca…..aka Spencer.

  • JM

    Bianca, you’re being to annoy the majority of visitor’s that find Heidi and her ‘re-newed Michael Jackson nose’ to be a little bitch. Seriously, if you love her so much, go set up a forum and masturbate over Spencer. He’s a fug bastard and she’s a dumb bitch.

  • JM


  • ally

    ew. spencer is sooo gross! he has a beard…but its blonde..but still hes so gross. im totally team lauren. if spencer and heidi get to appear in the hills 3, i’ll turn of my T.V while they are on. ewwww. what a gorss couple. i use to like heidi, but now shes shrunk to spencers level, which is beyond low! ew. poor girl, but it was her choice to LOOSE a best friend! i hope lauren won’t take her back as a friend when she comes running back to her. Heidi dosnt deserve lauren to be her friend! and these photos are staged. everyone can tell! hahaha. what IDIOTS! Spencer must be the WORST manager in the world. he forces heidi to do what she dosnt want to! ewww. plus hes so gross.!

  • dj

    Her ass and boots are so sexy. I am a big fan of Heidi. I love her.

  • joy

    she was so cute and inisunt… shes just a slut

  • BattManch

    Someday there will be random guy who will get sick of these 2 idiots and punch spencer’s ugly face. ugly guy with an ugly face and ugly personality. Heidi need some brain transplant

  • Me

    I love Heidi!! she’s awesome, Spencer sucks