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Paris Hilton: 45 DAYS IN JAIL!!!

Paris Hilton: 45 DAYS IN JAIL!!!

Paris Hilton arrives 18 minutes late to her court hearing in downtown Los Angeles on Friday afternoon.

The heiress is currently testifying at Metropolitan Courthouse on her own behalf and could be thrown into jail for 45 for violating her probation for an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction.

Paris, 26, pleaded no contest to reckless driving back in January and was sentenced to 3 years probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines.

UPDATE: Paris was just sentenced to 45 days in jail, starting June 5 at the Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF).

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Paris said moments before Judge Michael T. Sauer made his decision.

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Credit: TMZ; Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Danielle/Raul
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  • natalie

    She wasn’t sentenced to any jail time despite getting trouble w/ the law while she was on probation? Shocking.
    Her court outfit is nice though. haha

  • N


  • [Fug Face........]

    Thank god.

  • Tiffany


  • thursday

    Hope her sorry ass doesn’t get raped by some desperated lesbian. It’s called Karma ya dumb bitch!

  • Neela

    she needs to go to jail. sadly, it might be one of those prisons that seem more like a resort for celebs. even more sad, i think even if she were sent to men’s prison, she would probably enjoy that.

  • Juls


  • kate

    good she deserves it

  • nona

    man, is she ever in for a rude awakening. the total control over her every move and word. someone like her who takes for granted that whatever jam she gets into, her wealth would shield her and who has minions to literally clean up after her. this is gonna be brutal. karma.

  • Raichill

    Silly little girl. I hope she gets thrown in a cell with a butch cellmate.

  • Katherina


  • kate

    you’re right Katherina!!Money don’t give everything good!!hehe

  • fact is

    she should not have been late, that showed disrespect for the law and the judge reacted

  • stalin

    she’s not being sent to a special prison – the judge specifically ordered that she serve FULL TIME in prison with NO special privilidges or accommodations (like the pay-to-stay programs they have in California where for a hundred bucks a day you can stay in a “nice” prison) – the judge also said she IS NOT ALLOWED WORK FURLO OR ANY OTHER PROGRAM THAT WILL TAKE HER OUTSIDE OF PRISON FOR ANY REASON – every minute of her 45 days will be in a GENERAL POPULATION PRISON. Bwahahahahaha! Hey Paris! Open wide!!!!

  • mar

    she is going DOWNTOWN now!! Maybe Lindsey Lo can give her some tips to please the ladies!

  • fact is

    i feel sorry for her, she has all the money but she hasn’t found her soul

  • HaHa……..Ha

    HaHa, serves her right. It’s about time celebs learn that they don’t get special treatment just because they have money and plastic bodies.

  • cheeky

    HELL YEAH!! It’s about time!!! She has got away with enough already. I believe again in the legal system!!

  • oshkoshb’goshdamngosh

    She’s the same age as me? I thought she was, like, 8.

  • Hmm

    FINALLY someone who is rich and famous has to do time. I’m so glad they went after. I mean how many pictures were there of her in one of her many cars during the time she was supposed to have a suspended license? It was a flagrant display of “you can’t do anything to me.” Finally, I’d like to say that I am glad that the LA district attorneys finally grew a backbone and went after someone famous. They usually cater to these people who have all the money and privilegde in the world and take a dump on people of lesser means.

  • Katherina


  • Katherina


  • Jenna
  • kiwbelle

    she should get that eye surgery before she goes, no need for contacts in the can.


    Free Paris!!! Free Paris!!

  • Neve

    hahahahahahahahahahaha, serves you right bitch!


    You guys are a bunch of Morons. Its not bloody nice going to prison, whatever kind of prison. I don’t think she would have been sentenced so harshly, it seems to be just because she has a HUGE public profile and the courts have to prove that treat everyone equally. Noone HERE knows her, so don’t go mouthing about what she deserves.

    She’s Human for God’s sake.

  • Reader

    Wait, has Nicole gotten any jail time or something for her driving habits? Personally I think Nicole’s shindig was far more severe than Paris’, but either way I’m glad she’s getting punished. If it were you or me, we’d be in jail and no one would have sympathy for us!

  • Andrea

    Paris deserves this. I am so glad she got this maybe it will wake her up and let her and those other young celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears and the others to know they are NOT above the law. Paris Hilton is going to have a rude awakening in women’s prison. Women’s prison is NO JOKE. She is going to be heckled, harassed, she is going to have to learn the hardway. I think this is sweet justice. People like Paris think they are better then everyone else. NO SYMPATHY for Paris Hilton throw her in the slammer and throw away the key!!!!

  • TskTsk

    Now this is the Best Week Ever! I want to hug that judge!

  • Lo

    poor paris.
    I’m not a fan but this is pretty steep :(

    No need to worry, there is plenty of time for appeal….

  • Nikki

    Rejoice America – justice has been served!

  • rose

    hahahahahahaha….serves you right Paris..can’t say now..”thats hot”…hahahaha..better watch when you sleep Paris..tons of lezzies there, but not the Britney type that you like..more like SUMA wrestlers..type..hahahaha

  • Hmm

    She’s not getting a harsh punishment. She’s getting the same punishment that any other person who was caught doing that would get. What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with people who are sick and tired of seeing Parasite be unhappy because coming very soon will be 45 days of no Parisite?

  • Hmm

    oops I meant being happy not unhappy. =)

  • Shaun

    Later slutty. Better be careful who you flash that crotch at while in the slammer. Big Berthy might come sniffin around.

  • mae

    Oh my I don’t like the girl but I actually feel sorry for her. Even if in the end they appeal and she escapes the clink hopefully this would be a wake up call for her. Gee, all them rough dykes will eat her for breakfast.

  • Neela

    IDIOTS Says:
    May 4th, 2007 at 8:01 pm – flag comment
    You guys are a bunch of Morons. Its not bloody nice going to prison, whatever kind of prison. I don’t think she would have been sentenced so harshly, it seems to be just because she has a HUGE public profile and the courts have to prove that treat everyone equally. Noone HERE knows her, so don’t go mouthing about what she deserves.

    She’s Human for God’s sake.


    She does deserve it. She could have killed somebody!!! She is irresponsible and such a freaking waste of air. I don’t even think that sentence was harsh enough. And I think she only has herself to blame if she is being judged by so many people. There are videos of her snorting coke, making outrageous racial slurs, being drunk, etc. Don’t say those don’t exist. She put herself in this situation, and she needs to do the time for violating her probation–it was only probation and a fine and a suspended license. She has money to get other people to drive her. She has the money to be flipping decent, but instead, the c–t decided to continue with her nihilistic ways. So, everyone here has the right to go mouthing off about what the “heiress” deserves.

  • pipi

    Don’t like her but I have a tiny twinge of sympathy for her. She’s a product of her environment but she asked for it by breaking her probation TWICE!

  • angel


    Maybe this will teach that spoiled b!*%# she can’t always get what she wants…and also to respect the law, silly girl thinks she can flirt her way out of a jam.
    I hope she gets celled with a huge hairy lesbian named Bob who hasn’t been laid in months.

  • krystal..Aka Preggy

    Thank the lord she needs to learn a damn lesson and stop being so stupid somtimes!

    I’m 16yrs old and i’m telling this to a 26yr old..She needs to make somthing of her life and stop partying all the damn time a month is good wont see her ass for a long time..or her (Vagina)

  • Me

    Hey #27, have you ever had a loved one killed by a drunk driver or even worse a drunk driver with a suspended license? I have, last December 26 holds a horrible memory for me! Her DUI charges are serious, and if she were being made an example of they wouldn’t have given her 36 months probation without community service and jail time for her first charge; they wouldn’t have let her go the first time she was caught driving without a license, they wouldn’t have given her 30 days to get her affairs in order before sending her to jail.

    She NEEDS this! Hopefully this will make her aware of her actions. She NEEDS to learn a lesson; if she doesn’t, she could hurt or possibely kill someone in the future with her selfish ways.

    This has nothing to do with her Public Figure. It has everything to do with the many chances she has been given and thrown away because she feels she is above the law. Justice was served today!!!

  • marie

    Don’t drop the soap b*tch!! You could have killed someone with your drunk, slutty @ss! But at least the outfit was cute. That’s hot ;)

  • A Non

    This is the best news I’ve had all day (year?) I can’t stop laughing. And guess what…that stupid f*ck Perez who always kisses her ass hasn’t got the balls to put this up on his site when every other blog has it front and center. My hope is that he gets sent up river, too!

    *does a happy dance*

  • mickey

    Serving Time? Serves her right. I just hope she can’t lawyer or money her way out of it.

    They should really put all of these tacky sluts (Britney, Lindsay, Nicole, Kim Kardashian, Kimberly Stewart, etc.) in jail for their various crimes against women.

  • someone

    Justice was served, nice how she tried to blame it on her PR guy!

  • Lo

    Her lawyers are going to appeal this.
    Paris will not go to Jail……Amen


    you’re an ass- she broke the law- you’re name is evry apt- you are a frigging idiot

  • YoYo

    Nothing rocks more than this news! Though don’t despair all you Paris fans. She’s already stretched as wide as the grand canyon so its not like the first night of broom handling will be too hard to take!!

    Gawd this is like the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Time to get taken down a notch or 30 my deary.

  • one not fooled

    Oh lets get real, daddy ain’t gonna let his little wonk eyed princess go to anybody’s jail. They’ll buy their way out of this somehow.