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Angelina & Pax in Prague

Angelina & Pax in Prague

Angelina Jolie enjoys some down time earlier this week with 3-year-old Pax and 2-year-old Zahara (below) in the garden of their private property in Prague.

Inset: Shiloh, almost 1, is walking again with (possibly) Angelina‘s assistant Holly Goline.

Who was on patrol, protecting the kids? None other than Angelina‘s most loyal security officer Mickey Brett.

Below is one more picture of Brad Pitt holding baby Shiloh. And another of a local paparazzo from the Czech Republic getting arrested after refusing to get down from a tree overlooking the Jolie-Pitt’s garden.

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brad angelina pax shiloh prague 01
brad angelina pax shiloh prague 02
brad angelina pax shiloh prague 03
brad angelina pax shiloh prague 04
brad angelina pax shiloh prague 05

Photos: Martin Hykl, David Kundrát
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  • Yily

    Love this fami

  • Yily

    Love this family! Pax and Shiloh are adorable.

  • angelah

    3rd. Thanks for posting the new pics

  • KK1

    That could be Angelina wth Shiloh. Don’t remember Holly’s hair being that long. Can’t really tell with the trees in the way.

  • Grace

    Hope they have lots of family fun this weekend! Blessings and peace to all! JJ your the best!! :)

  • Love Brangelina


  • Love Brangelina

    Ok more like 6th but gosh i love them :)

  • Love Brangelina

    Oh I spotted Z in pic 2

  • angelah

    Yea, j@red should add Z n his caption. It looks like Angie’s hair is reddish for the role?

    Ok back to my research tm…oiy

  • angelinammm


  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Hi AJ/BP supporters…There’s Our Angelina..Looking Happy..Day after Ang and Brad’s romantic dinner..Lots of loving always puts a smile on a womans face, especially if its Brad.Shiloh exploring her world precious.Pax&Z look quite content with their mom around.Thanks Jared for posting the pics.Back I go…

  • konnitiwa

    I think haters missed or ignored the pics Shi with Angie.
    I saw Angie carrying or touching Shi in 7 different pics.

    Nambia (jun), LA(jun), New Orleans (Aug), India(oct, twice) , Cambodia(nov), Plague(may)

    Shi is luckey to have a great person as her mother.

  • jolierocks

    thank you thank you for the new pics!!!! I love to see such great pics…a happy family enjoying themselves

  • Steffy M

    Wonderful family.. Angie even with no make up is so beautiful, baby Shy in the pic with her daddy, looks a lot like him..Brad is always hooottt..

  • jolierocks

    I do miss pictures of angelina w/ shiloh…or better yet…how about a family portrait! :D

  • jolierocks

    i hope Pax is adjusting well and bonding with his family…ok tired..ZZZzzzz ;)

  • tondogirl

    jared thank you for deleting post#11
    you rock and rules………GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITTS
    KARMA may befalls to those evil haters who are trying to destroy the Jolie-Pitts family.

  • AKOSI’A’

    konnitiwa Says:

    Those pictures can be accessed only if the naysayers do that easy task. It’s so transparent to see that she, Angie does care for all of their children. I don’t know what the hell they (naysayers) are on but their perceptions are still opaque to the max.

  • AKOSI’A’

    Quit PMSing! Don’t worry you’ll get to be numero un one of these days.

  • Sandy

    Thanks JJ for the new pics. Sooooooooooooooo lovely !!! I admire them for their efforts to lead a normal family-life with their children !!! Angie looks so happy and content. All the children are so beautiful! Shiloh is a perfect mix of her parents, although I think she looks so much like little Brad right now, which is so cute!!!

    God bless the whole family!!!

  • konnitiwa

    Jared thanks. #11 sad person is spreading same lie on every blogs.
    Her nature is repeating same nonsense.

    Pax seems enjoying his new life. Mad and Pax and Z make good playmates and soon active Shi will join them. They will have their own world. Papa needs a daddy hat.

  • Black Dahlia

    Damn Angie. Blobs need love too.

  • Black Dahlia

    Srsly what’s it going to take for her to interact with her daughter? It’s almost like she’s going out of her away to not be photographed with her.

  • pony

    what’s so funny is that all the trolls complaining about angie not giving shi any loving is that they can’t do a damn thing about-lol-call child services in CA-and before they stop laughing they’ll call the mental ward for the mentally insane-lol-really what can they honestly do-shiloh is not the trolls child,family member,or any relation-if you’re so concerned have the balls and call child services and see how you’re dismissed-

  • to Blob Dahlia

    #23 is the one who really needs love.

  • pony

    back on topic those pics of angie and the kids are great-love angie in black

  • Sandy


  • Mad & Pax

    I see Pax is wearing Mad’s old shirt, he wore in their NO pics coming out from that restaurant. Zee was also seen wearing Mad’s old t-shirt. I wonder if Shiloh’s wears Zee’s old stuff also?

    I like it that even if are so rich, they are also practical. Just like Julia Roberts, she plans to let new baby wear her older kids stuff.

  • Rachel

    they grow up so fast. shiloh looks like such an angel. the children are so lucky to have parents like them and the parents are so lucky to have these children…

  • konnitiwa

    Yes, I remember Z was wearing Mad’s old shirt. Shi will wear Z’s .
    Angie has been seen with same clothes or same old accessories.
    She is not a fashion icon type and neither her children.
    She has been wearing same pendant since her mother passed away.
    It could be Marcheline’s memory.

  • Anadin

    i’d say that pic three is angelina, just because of the arms, is holly that thin? and the hair might look that way because of the light, whatever cute photos.

  • Us weekly!
  • naia

    but it seems that the woman in the pic have blond hair.. angie’s hair is brown ang longer.. i think this id the woman who carried shiloh when they first touch down in prague… maybe shiloh nanny…what do u think?

  • candycandy

    I’ve heard Mad have a tutor . I’m not sure but I guss Angie and Brad took nannies and a tutor with them this time.
    They brought the English nanny ( she is ex teacher who Angie met up at a refugee camp) with them , when they went to Pakistan and Tokyo in 2005.

  • Sophie

    well obviously they all have their own nannies

  • anustin

    aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!for fannistonz!

  • anustin

    black soul dahlia!go to hillz!

  • pony

    karma is funny-life and lies have been making a ton of money by printing lies about brad and angie-putting them on the cover week after week and in the process they sell almost double what US weekly sells-now US weekly is refuting lies and style stories almost evey week now -insisting in this week issue that b&a haven’t broken up and even quoting cindy g -this is US weekly dilema-try becoming credible and sell less issues or copy life and lies,which has become the national enquirer, and sell more issues-whichever decision they go i thought i would never see the the day that US weekly would be refuting lies written in another trashy tabloid-it’s all about the benjamins.

  • NaNa

    I also believe the woman in the above third picture is not Angie and she may be a nanny. But I think it was Angie who carried Shi when they came to Prague because the way she carried a child, her cloth, and because if the woman was not Angie then there was no Angie in the whole pictures (Holly got out first, and Holly is a bit shorter and thicker than Angie with short dark hair so the woman was not Holly.)

    I belive they have a nanny and a tutor.
    Nanny is a young woman (we have a picture of her in Namibia – the woman who Mad leaned on in the animal shelter picture – with everyone even with MP and her son. We also saw her picture in airport when they were coming back arter Angie completed TGS filming – there were three women including Angie, Holly and some girl). I think an old woman is probably a tutor.

  • NaNa

    About US W, I do not trust it.
    This time they try to write truth quoting Angie’ manager, Brad Rep and James’ alleged interview article but next time they will be back to their original form – rememer last time what US W said about Angie’ NY stay. It is a tabloid.

  • Tabloid circulation


    life and lies,which has become the national enquirer, and sell more issues



    here are the latest tabloid circulation figures:

    Us Weekly 1,751,709
    Star Magazine 1,542,218
    In Touch Weekly 1,268,579
    National Enquirer 1,149,106
    Ok! Weekly 757,538
    Life & Style Weekly 752,926

    From Advertising Age

  • fan

    ot- paris hilton serving time is priceless-it couldn’t have happen to a more deserving person

  • US is Virus

    Whatever US wrote, it is for $$$$$.
    They have been smearing in more spiteful way than other silly tabs. Don’t buy virus magazine.

  • http://htt// flase
    Brad Pitt Demands Bottom Double For New Film

  • Who cares?

    Angelina doesn’t look so good.

  • angiee

    Shilooh is soo adorable! I wonder when Angelina and Brad are going to get married though ..

  • sherhona

    aww thats soo cute!!! The Brangelina Family is soo beautiful!!
    i love you shiloh!!

  • cutie

    ok who cares when they are etting married or not….wow why ru people so excied for that day to happen