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Isabella Cruise has the Blues!

Isabella Cruise has the Blues!

Isabella Cruise, the adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman, jets out of Valonz Hair Salon in the Padington district of Sydney on Saturday after spending four long hours getting her hair dyed blue.

Isabella, 14, also sported a t-shirt supporting American rock band The Ramones and checkerboard kicks.

Did Tom Cruise‘s daughter catch the crazies?

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Photos: Costas
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# 1

oh come on now, she is not a celeb…leave the kid alone.

must be hard going through puberty with everyone watching, even harder when botox-mom and scienco-dad are your parents.

i think you should not post pics of the kid when neither of her parents are with her…it’s tasteless and cheap.

# 2

She’s just being a typical 15 year-old, good for her. I hope to god the girl with her isn’t a Scientology “minder” Tom sent along since she’d be with Nicole.

# 3

gosh i wonder how katie and her quiet thunder is going to take this??

# 4

She is Tom and Nicole’s daughter… shouldn’t be referred to as “adopted” daughter even though that is how they became her parents!

# 5

Umm, I am a huge Katie fan but, your comment was hilarious!!!
Good for her, just leave her alone, she’s not a celeb just a 15 years old kid!
I say the person with her is a Kidman family member.

# 6

Enough already with the adopted remark and she should be left alone.
She’s no celeb, just a 13 years old kid. Umm, I am a huge Katie fan and your comment was just hilarious. I wonder how Katie and Tom Like it, considering their traditional taste in fashion.

# 7

Jared you suck! Trying to damage a 15 year olds reputation by associating her with Tom is like accusing Ireland Baldwin of being like Alec or Kim. You would never do this to the child of Brad or Angelina. Trying showing other celebs a small amount of the respect you show Brangelina.

# 8

isnt she 13? or is she 15? hmmm

# 9

They couldn’t find Keith and Nic today so they track down Bella. She looks like a typical teenager, ready to go to a rock concert. Maybe she’s going to see Keith in action.

I agree A Mom..enough with the adopted already..she is just their daughter.

JJ you slipping..shouldn’t she be Isabella Kidman Cruise. Your slipping. Nickers isn’t going to like

Isabella is 14 and she does look like a typical teenager. Let her have some fun. Though I am not sure if these pictures should be here because she is not with either of her parents & is not a celebrity. I hope the kids will be in town to see Keith perform.

Also her name is Isabella Cruise. That is how she was listed on Keith & Nicole’s wedding program.

“I wonder how Katie and Tom Like it, considering their traditional taste in fashion.”

Who cares what Katie Thunder thinks–Isabella isn’t her kid. Besides, with that rat’s nest she sports she’s the last person who should ever comment on anyone else’s hair.

Not a tom or katie fan @ 05/05/2007 at 3:58 pm

I agree, leave her alone. She’s a child and it’s difficult enough going through the teenage years without having a camera pointed in your face and having people make fun of your choices. And I assume that the media uses the word “adopted” so that everyone, including Isabella herself, doesn’t mistake her for a “real” daughter. That word should be banned. It’s really no one’s business how they became a family.

Are we sure she’s adopted? she looks just like Tom Cruise to me.

Poor girl doesn’t have mom.

Daughter is daughter, adopted or not so please drop it, just a request. I know Cruise is gonna flip! But since he once said he liked Eminem and Jaz and Jalie Foxx, dude could even copy Bella. LOL

FrenchIroquois @ 05/05/2007 at 4:10 pm

you never say ”adopted” when talking about MZP. What double standards ! Leave her alone.

pr person @ 05/05/2007 at 4:14 pm

Love, love, love the hair cut! And the blue actually doesn’t look to bad. Go Isabella!!

gizmatage @ 05/05/2007 at 4:20 pm

HA, STFU — she’s in Sydney obviously visiting her mum, otherwise Tom wouldn’t have let her just go across the world on her own. Honestly, just coz Nicole doesn’t take her kids to public soccer games doesn’t mean she doesn’t see them.

At any rate — I, too, am fed up w/ media who keep using the word “adopted” children. I don’t even know if you guys remember how the media refferred to the late Bob Hope’s children as “adopted” children when Bob passed away. And his kids are in their 60s…..

Shoes4life @ 05/05/2007 at 4:35 pm

I agree on that “adopted” should not be used to reference any child or adult. Family is family whether by blood or not.

She looks adorable – I’m sure Nicole knew about it; I doubt a salon would do that without permission.

I’m glad Nicole is spending some time with Bella. At least Nicole allows her to be a teen and have some fun with her looks. I was so annoyed to see that Jada Smith referred to Connor and Bella as “Kate’s” children, as if they didn’t have a mother.

Phoebe, A salone would do that without permission ;)

Isabella is 14 – January 1993.

Hey, I’d probably be Emo too if Alien Cruise was my father.

A Mom Says:

May 5th, 2007 at 3:24 pm – flag comment
She is Tom and Nicole’s daughter… shouldn’t be referred to as “adopted” daughter even though that is how they became her parents!


I’m so tired of people acting like it’s a freakin’ tragedy if the word “adopted” is used. Geez, get over it. She obviously has a family that takes care of her. Why should it matter if a blogger or a journalist points out that she’s adopted? Not unless, of course, some people think the state of being adopted is inferior to being with birth parents. I personally don’t think there’s a difference. The word “adopted” is just that. Let it be.


Great picture Bella, should be great to be far away from dictator Tom Cruise.

She’s just a typical teenager. Plus she’s not a celeb and she’s been quiet so far, not doing any crazy behavior. She should be left alone. And I personally think her hair pretty cool.

Whatever craziness Tom is going through… her daughter shouldn’t get the backlash. I think she’s a great kid considering what she has to go through.

Original jpf @ 05/05/2007 at 7:09 pm

I’m so glad to see her shaking it up a bit. She’s looking quite cute and good for her. Love that Ramone’s tee.


I think its a typically teenager thing to do to dye your hair blue etc but couldn’t they have done a better job? it looks kinda crappy

In a few of the pics Ive seen of Bella she sometimes looks like Nicole. And her brother looks a lot like Tom.

Well aquame… i beg to differ with your opinion. As the mother of a son adopted from Russia, I don’t like for people to refer to my child as being my adopted son. Yes, he was adopted and I am not ashamed to admit it and my son knows he is adopted. He is my son… it doesn’t matter that I didn’t give birth to him. So excuse me if I don’t like it when the media uses “adopted” and “biological”. It just isn’t right. I introduce him as my son.. .I don’t say here is my “adopted son”.

angelinammm @ 05/05/2007 at 7:19 pm

she’s rebelling :)
it’s all part of finding your identity
we’ve all been through that

There’s a typo,the salon is called Valonz,not valoonze

she looks alittle flushed

A Mom, there is a difference when you introduce your son to people, and when readers find out a celebrity has a chid. We’d like to know more, like is the child biological or adopted. I am pretty sure nobody means it as an insult. I just think it would be unfair to withhold that information from someone who’s not familiar.

aquame I totally agree with you. Adopted is not a ugly or horrible word so why the fuss? It’s a fact that she and her brother Connor are adopted. Getting so upset about it makes it seem like it’s something shameful, and it’s not . It’s not going to change the truth by not mentioning it, besides concidering that Connor is black I don’t think their adoption is a secret to either child. ..I think Bella looks cute and just like any other typical teeenager.

animatrix @ 05/05/2007 at 7:41 pm

So i guess that Tom CRAZINESS is indeed contagious!!! Xenu is going to be mad with Isabella for doing this to her hair!!

Original jpf @ 05/05/2007 at 7:44 pm

20 maxine Says: May 5th, 2007 at 5:03 pm – flag comment

I’m glad Nicole is spending some time with Bella. At least Nicole allows her to be a teen and have some fun with her looks. I was so annoyed to see that Jada Smith referred to Connor and Bella as “Kate’s” children, as if they didn’t have a mother.


I can understand how that could be taken the way it was, but I honestly don’t think it was meant to exclude Nicole. They (Connor/Bella) very well may view Katie as a mother too, but I don’t think that means she anyhow replaces Nicole.

Speaking of Jada, Will’s eldest son Trey considers her his mom, and she calls him her son but neither to the exclusion of Sheree, Will’s first wife and Trey’s mother.


Sophie.. why do you need to know if a celebrity’s child is biological or adopted? What difference does it make?

That’s pretty rare to see a female bodyguard…. ;)

tomcruiseisstillnuts @ 05/05/2007 at 8:03 pm

Tom was quoted a while back saying something about how he couldn’t wait to have a child of his own.

I think all of those huge amounts of olive oil he has to drink as part of Scientology made him forget that he already has “kids of his own”.

Who said I need to know? It is nice to know because people probably presume that a person’s chis is his biological child, unless you tell ther otherwise. As for what difference it makes, are you implying that I think less of a child if he/she is adopted?
And 42 I think he meant he couldn’t wait to have a biological child. Why are you trying to be rude?

You said so yourself that “we like to know more.. if the child is adopted or biological” that is why I asked. I am not implying that you don’t think less of adopted children.

Jared – Please don’t become Perez. You have better shots and info. This child looks fine, considering the parents who raised her and the handler who is pulling her through the crowd. Let’s give her a chance to live.

42, I may be not the biggest Tom’s fan, but he has never said he couldn’t wait to have “kids of his own”.

Yes, I said we like to know more, not we need to know more. I like to know a lot about certain celebrities, that being the reason I come to this website.
And I think you meant : I am not implying that you do think less of adopted children.

[Fug Face........] @ 05/05/2007 at 8:29 pm

“Did Tom Cruise’s daughter catch the crazies?” what the fcuk?!? she’s only 14. Lol

This is why I hate the paps and media. Leave this family and their kids alone.

Maybe the people should start criticizing the moms,dads,family life of Jared and other celeb stalkers. Im sure they also wont like it if people diss their famiy members.

Ok, she has blue hair. But WHY does she have GRAY hair?

I dont like the hair dye but what a cute wholesome kid. Tom is a good man and very good to his family. Their bond with Katie shows what kind of a woman Katie is. A wonderful one that is.

The blue hair is just a 14yrs. thing…… What is so shocking is that she’s in Oz. with her Mum that’s odd. Where’s Katie ???

Iamatomandkatiefan @ 05/05/2007 at 9:02 pm

Jared can we call you Perez jr now? I thought Perez was the only person that would actually make fun of children. If I were you, Perez is the last person I would want to be compared too. She is a great kid, having some fun, leave her alone. She has great parents, which incluse Tom, Katie, Nicole and Keith. They are wonderful people with wonderful children.

I admire this family a LOT!

Has anyone noticed that up until Suri, Connor and Isabella were referred to as Tom and Nicole’s children. It is only recently that their status has been changed to “adopted” children.

I think she looks great, but agree that she should be left alone. Must have been a slow celebrity day in good old Sydney.

NIcole’s DAUGHTER, Isabella, looks darling!! So glad she is able to be a normal teenager when she is with her MOM!!

They have a tight MOTHER – DAUGHTER bond. NO ONE will EVER come between them.

Bella is fortunate to have a wonderful family and not those typical spoiled teens today. She has the love of Tom,Katie,Nicole and Keith.

oh shut up already to differentiate who was born to whom is all the article was doing. come on people nobody was trying to hurt anyones feelings.

Blue hair good for her, Who is the girl with her?

Wow Isabella is all grown up.

She was just a baby last I saw her.

Missouri Fan @ 05/05/2007 at 11:24 pm

Isabella is beautiful!

Isebella is free now!

Free from Tom.

Good on her! Anything that distances herself from the confines of Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes world is great!

She is a typical young teenager and looks just great! I really don’t understand why you have to publish her picture and the rather unkind remarks about her. She is the daughter (yes, adopted, but why mention it again and again) of two famous actors but is entitled to some privacy. Just leave her alone.

Original jpf @ 05/05/2007 at 11:48 pm

42 tomcruiseisstillnuts Says: May 5th, 2007 at 8:03 pm – flag comment

Tom was quoted a while back saying something about how he couldn’t wait to have a child of his own.


I’m not a Tom fan, but I’m 100% certain he was never quoted as saying this, and I’m also 100% certain that you will not find a reputable publication saying he did. Tabloid? yes, there is every chance they boldly printed yet another lie, but even they wouldn’t risk saying Tom was quoted and not have something fullproof to back it up. He didn’t say this.


Isabella and Connor are great kids. But let them live their lives.

They’re in the good hands of Tom and Katie. I dont believe the crap tabloids write on this two and the same usual suspect of haters. Everywhere Tom and Katie goes worldwide they are greeted by many loving people.
It shows the haters are only a handful.

Isabella’s hair looks better than Kelly Clarkson and Rachel McAdams especially when other woman are way older.

Geez. Leave her alone. She is 14. Who would want paparazzis following you around at that difficult age. Let her dye her hair blue. Poor thing has crazy parents. That is enough punishment.

check out my friends youtube celeb comedy.
what the buck? you will love it. trust me.

He’s not taking a shot at Bella, the comment was geared towards Tom. Because Jared has his head up Nicoles ****. So it was a swipe at Tom, not Nicole or Bella. I think he’s on Nicoles payroll to help her out spread positive PR for her.

Swiping the kids,Tom,Katie or even Nicole is so low. None of us are perfect so some of this jealous sad lowlives need a reality pill and needs to get a life.

geez, she’s fourteen. she’s not the one who’s famous;her parents are.
and, uh, YEAH, she’s with her mom. Hence they word ‘sydney’, which is where Nicole is, shooting a movie.

Nicole does see her children a lot, especially Bella. She’s smart enough not to get them under the media and papaarazzi’s; this time they got lose.

TomKatFAN @ 05/06/2007 at 3:12 am

She’s adorable. When she grows up she will have similarities to the great lovely actresses from The Office Jenna Fischer and ER’s Maura Tierney.

She spent four hours in the salon for that?
Of course this kid is confused. She is already adopted and don’t know her real parents. Second, her parents split up, third, she has to see her father in the tabloids everyday smiling from ear to ear with his new wife and baby, and fourth, she has a stepdad to deal with.

She migh have had to WAIT in the salon hence her being there for 3 hours. And 1 dying it.

It’s actually Valonz, not Valoonze! It’s one of the most highly regarded salons in Sydney…. getting an appointment would be very hard if you’re not rich, famous, or the daughter of someone rich & famous!

Sundayrose @ 05/06/2007 at 6:29 am

Cubanita Says:

May 5th, 2007 at 6:00 pm – flag comment
Hey, I’d probably be Emo too if Alien Cruise was my father.

The Ramones… Emu?… WHAT???????
And anyway, leave the girl alone. Girls at that age need escape… even ones with “normal” lives and “normal” parents…some escape with boys, some escape with drugs and drinking and some choose to escape with music… good music, by the way. And vintage… circa 1974.
Ramones, emu? The “Emu’s” wish.

Bella looks beautiful.

haha she loooks GREAT let her be people.

Least she inst the sterio typical girl.

I think its freshinging.


It took four hours to do that to her hair?! That was a waste of time.

Linda Tow @ 05/06/2007 at 6:57 am

She is a normal teenager and has a head screwed on, everyone says Tom has raised a smart kid. Wow, she has got fake blue highlights, it’ll wash out in a few days.

Catherine @ 05/06/2007 at 8:44 am

WOW I love the hair it looks amazing…. and i stick to the comment i made in the pasted i hope she turns away from her dad and that scientology crap in which he believes now that she is hit puberty ever girl has the right to do whatever she wants and that cult **** is holding her back from being a normal teen

If the press comments are true that she doesn’t like Katie and she is starting to realise that her dad is a control freak then hopefully we don’t have to wait long before we see her in the hands of her proper mother Nicole

If you want my advice Bella from a girl that is the same age as you stay in Sydney you’d be alot happier there then America with a freak of a dad like Tom

luv ya

lol, the press said that she doesn’t like katie?

but those will wash away in a short time, shorter than what you think – most are probably thinking of like hair colourinhs. wrong.

and your right, the salon IS so respected that you can’t get an appointment unless your famous.
She’s under good control. She’s with her mom now.

BTW there are new pics of Keith, Nicole, and Nicole’s Sisters Antonias baby Sybella. SO CUTE!

Linkinpark @ 05/06/2007 at 1:25 pm

The style looks good on her.

Why would you call her crazy? She’s 14, a teenager!
And I think it looks cute on her :)

I read on a nic fan site nic wants the press to know Bella is with her since the story about Keith saying she’s not with her kids much. I saw Conner stayed with Tom in LA.

well thats just bullshit so dont listen to that sort of junk.

Leave the kid alone!!!!

And why do you call her the “adopted” daughter of Cruise and Kidman???? She’s their daughter………doesn’t matter if she’s adopted or not.

She’s a teenager, let her be!!!!

she’s a really fat kid… and that color is terrible

im glad to see her havin fun. like the hair!!

I think her Hair looks disgraceful! I mean The idea was good but the dying is terrible! Her mum payed all that money just for the hairdresses to make a complete trash of her hair! plus she should have dyed it black first!!! But apart from the bad hair shes seams alright and I must agree that people should all just leave her alone! Poor girl!


she’s a punk-rock scene kiddo. the shoes are very much emo (even though it’s originally ska) i like the blue hair.

curtis paul @ 11/29/2007 at 11:25 am

Can’t wait to see new photo’s of isabella,She looks happy when not around tom.

i love bella streak blue hair omg i want one

omg i love bellas streaks i want my hair to be blue too thank god fo her

good pic of isabella

i had blue streaks but my idiot mom told me 2 get rid of it god what is the deal it is just hair bluuuuuuuue hair i want 2 be just like hannah montana ,avril lavinge isabella cruise.the stars always get the good stuff .

i had blue streaks but my idiot mom told me 2 get rid of it god what is the deal it is just hair bluuuuuuuue hair i want 2 be just like hannah montana ,avril lavinge isabella cruise.the stars always get the good stuff .

isabella is sow creat.i like her hear i have it tu.and your sisters name is suri and my name is tu suri!!!!!!!!

stillwonder @ 11/25/2008 at 5:44 pm

i wonder’s who is took bella virginity?

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