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Jessica Simpson is a "Major Movie Star"

Jessica Simpson is a

Jessica Simpson shows off her gorgeous gams, walking along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on Friday after shopping along the famous strip.

The former Dukes of Hazaard star was scheduled to shoot the spy comedy The Witness in June, but now she’ll be joining the Marines that month instead, People reports.

Jessica, 26, will start filming a comedy in Louisiana next month called Major Movie Star about an actress who enlists in the armed forces.


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  • angelinammm

    she is looking better and better
    I think she is not pretty but lately she is glowing :)

  • MissyB

    She does look better and better.. I honestly think it’s the fact that she isn’t a stick anymore.. she has curves and looks fantastic! She’s so much more casual too… this John man of hers is doing some great changes to her!

  • http://jessicSIMPSON harriet

    jessica is pretty with blonde or brunette. she is much more low key now with john mayer and not so skinny. she’s looks great with curves and shows the young kids today you can look amazing and not be stick skiny or anorexic. love her!

  • boohoo

    No matter what she does she’ll also look like a tranny. it’s those man shoulders and beefy legs.

  • WTF

    Those thighs are HUGE and she/he’s a tranny.

  • Cindy

    Those man legs makes her look Tranny like. I understand why John Mayer like her know since it’s rummored that he is gay. Then this is the perfect person for him that he can still be gay with.

  • Sailor

    Got to get her paid people to post lol……Now some real comments.
    I think she look hideous so you are not changing anyone’s mind. I think JS is trying to make Nick jeolous and he can care less about her stupid behind. This chick can’t act her way out of a paper bag. I think her camp is scrambling around trying to scratch up a career for her so she can stay in hollywood long enough to nail Mayer who is oblivios dumb as her.

  • Ann

    Short, stumpy legs – ugh.

  • Guillermo

    These legs are amazing. It’s just NORMAL for a woman to have curves you stupid asses. When you fuck, you don’t wanna grab a bone, don’t you ? OH! You’re gay, sorry. HAHA, you just don’t fuck girls, they are so curvy…

  • Joey

    When will her fat ass lose weight don’t she know she is in the business where her looks count very highly, as superficial as she is she should know that and lose the damn weight piggy.

  • Joey

    No stupid Ass John Mayer must be gay which explain why he is with dumb ass Jessica.

  • Shoes4life

    Why oh why do they keep casting her arse in movies!? She can not act!

  • sasha

    Oh crap NO! Another movie for this no talent? Damn go away!!

  • Mary

    Her bag is sooo big. How much stuff does she need to take around with her?

  • eurobitch

    what an ugly fatty she’s become..the only reason she gets roles is because she has threesomes with producers and her pervert father..

  • Ashley

    Jessica Simpson and Mischa Barton have so much in common. They can’t dress, can’t act, have crappy fake hair and do a whole lot of nothing. They must be so proud.

  • BradK

    Gorgeous???? They look like a couple of tree stumps and her hair color sucks some major ass.

  • Jill

    Her hair is ratty looking it would be better if she take all that ugly weave hair outl I can’t believe someone is casting her in yet another movie, they figured if she did a military movie it may sell better at this time. so pathetic they are really desperate.

  • Shauna

    I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling it. With her ‘outfit’ ending at the widest part of her leg, she almost looks dumpy. And with the combo of the flip flops, and no makeup, she looks like any other normal college age girl who is out and about.

    She can look amazing, but here, she just looks very average. Seriously. She reminds me of any woman throwing something on to run a quick errand, and hoping that you don’t run into anyone you know. Just being honest!

  • get real

    do she think she can hide behind that big stupid purse she is dumber than she look

  • lurker opinion

    The movie reminds me of Pvt Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn. Sadly Jessica Can’t act.

  • Queen Bee

    Not another movie where they are wasting valuable film. Do they keep casting her hoping she might have a hit and finally hit big. Her record executives seem like they have the same disease.

  • cavawho

    I personally think Jessica is fantastic! And she looks it too. : ) Would you really want to be holding/hugging a bag of bones? Besides as Bryan Boy said, “Did you know that most members of the heterosexual male human species are attracted to curvy members of the opposite sex? They like to see a full bust, hips, lips, tits, thighs, etc? The only ones who like thin girls are pedophiles, modelizers with penile erection dysfunctions, gay men or all of the above.” hahahaha!!

  • jay

    Those legs are short and stubby. She looks so dirty.

  • Jackie

    You people are crazy! FAT!?!?! Her legs are perfectly toned, her skin is beautiful, and she is dressed casually just hanging out. I would like to see what some of you look like. I have a feeling that it isn’t even close to as good as she looks. FAT?!?! Give me a break…

  • eurobitch

    ^^ fat ass

  • Dumdums

    Oh yes.. how about the movie she did recently.. not shown? You know Nick is hitting himself in the head and weeping to whomever will listen.. OH>> man I missed out on having a famous-talented wife.. Without me dragging her down, she’s shooting like a rocket thru the heavens to become a greatest star ever!! har har

  • Julia

    JS on film again…..OH NO! What became of the reverend’s dau.? I just can’t believe that a “preacher” is trying to get his dau. to sleeze films nowadays! Cleavage, ass, whatever….isn’t that OLD NEWS now! Marines! Give me a break! Jessica, Britney and those gals who think they can get away with something in this..get real…..there’s gotta be more better news than this…..who the hell cares about celebrities…..they don’t last long! Maybe we all should start taking BETS as to which marriage lasts the longest! Go gamblers! Those gals are like those hyper, little dogs they get for themselves!!!

  • (‘@’)

    Hmm…”A MAJOR MOVIE STAR”? Since when? I can’t even name one of hers movies…