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Bana's Movie Bombs

Bana's Movie Bombs

Aussie actor Eric Bana shoots a promo in Santa Monica on Friday looking like his usual hot self.

Looking less than hot is his poker flick Lucky You co-starring Drew Barrymore, which tanked at the box office this weekend, opening in sixth place and barely making more than $900K on Friday.

It’s barely going to make $2 million dollars in its opening weekend!

For more pictures of Eric Bana in Santa Monica, CLICK HERE!

Eric BanaLive with Regis & Kelly!, 5/3

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Boris
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  • Rii

    Aaaawww, but it was to be expected when the film opened the same weekend with Spider-Man 3.

  • Besane

    It’s not Bana, but Drew Barrymore. She can’t open a film with her one dimentional “pixie charm”. She has ridden her family fame all her life, never developed any artistry of her own.

  • amanda

    Thanks JustJ! So good to see Bana looking “like his hot self” again. The not so Lucky You was recorded pre-Munich summer 2005 – and I never understood why they choose that “boyish” look on EB in LY! This one is much much yummier! There are far too many boyish-looking men out there already lol lol!

  • amanda

    Thank you JustJ! so good to see Bana looking “his hot self” again! The not so Lucky You was filmed during the summer 2005 pre-Munich! I never understood why they gave EB´s character in LY that “boyish” look! This is much much better! There are far too many boyish-looking men out there already lol lol!

  • Amara

    Besane, I was going to post the same thing. The only time you know that a Drew Barrymore movie is opening, is when you see her on the cover of some magazine. Drew and so many of the others are coasting on family name, connections, and being someone’s spouse. After the last Charilie’s Angel movie her career should have ended.

    Eric Bana is an actor with amazing range and versatility. Something that is lost on a lot of one-dimensional posers in films today.

  • Roberta

    Never mind! BTW I’ve heard that the movie is not bad.

    Bana, you’re so handsome!

  • tiger

    Damn baby, now he is gonna be a tease? He is so very fine. wipping the drool from my chin. Those pictures of him are just too fine for words.

    I am planning on seeing this movie in the threatre. I wanna see him on the big screen again.

  • Roberta

    He is so good!

  • S

    BANA is great! Have you seen Troy or Munich? WOW
    Its Drew that cant act at all WHY is she still in movies and why was she voted Peoples sexiest woman? Shes about as good of an actor as Cameron Diaz and her only good movies are Shrek

  • O well

    I agree Eric Bana is hot and a good actor. Drew is always in the same kind of romantic comedy movies and she’s not a great actress.


    Why is it Eric Bana’s movie that ‘bombed,’ and not Drew Barrymore’s?! LOL Isn’t she the headliner and bigger star? :D Everytime that trailer came on, it made wonder why anyone should see this movie, the lines of dialogue that Drew is saying in it, are so stilted and vapid. I like Drew too. I think she should stick to drama or perhaps black comedy, I think that’s her forte — leave the rom coms to Sarah Jessica Parker, and leave the BAD rom coms to Jen Anuston…or better yet, don’t leave her anything…just make her go away. LOL

  • Besane

    CLINIQUA Says:

    But I’m afraid Ms. Orange’s shelf-life as a rom-com “actress” has long expired.

  • Don’t blame Drew……

    I saw it, and she’s hardley in it, the movie is just BAD, too much focus on the card playing and casinos, little to no rom-com…

  • maria

    this man make me crazy with and witout glass

  • Cheerios

    In all fairness, M&MS 2 couldnt compete with Spiderman3. LOL There just arent alot of movies that cater to boys (youngins, tweens, teen or early twenties). This is just their type of movie. But I would have thought the ‘most beautiful’ could have atleast bought in a few more. YIKES!!

    Why is she even getting roles? I dont think she is beautiful at all. She is cute. But beautiful. Naaaa. Count that award amongst others that are up for sale.

  • black

    Sorry boy…..he seems like a nice guy, but he´s lacking the “it” factor.

  • maria

    Eric Bana is the man more sexy hot handsome lovely nice and funny of the world…………… I LOVE ALWAYS ERIC BANA

  • Chris

    dont blame the actors blame the people who realeaed to go againsit Spider man its like they dumped it on a weekend like this…… the problem is they set a realse date and move it around like 500 times or move it to next year……. thats why it tanked

  • Chris

    dont blame the actors blame the darn Dictore for makeing the movie

  • amanda

    Every little boy between seven and 50 love their Spiderman lol – no wonder
    it got a huge boxoffice! And although I think the Bana´s sexiness and it-factor is enormous lol, Lucky You imo seemed a rather bad idea from the start!

  • agree totally

    I agree totally. Drew Barrymore is a problem at the box office. Remember “Music & Lyrics”, right. She is poison just like JA. Also Drew is fat, old and not that pretty.

    It’s not Bana, but Drew Barrymore. She can’t open a film with her one dimentional “pixie charm”. She has ridden her family fame all her life, never developed any artistry of her own.

  • christine

    thanks for posting the R&K interview i was hoping you’d put it up! i love Eric!

  • Chris

    also look there is a sequal most every week at the box office this year its going to be a hard summer for movies this summer

  • Meg

    I saw Lucky You, and I thought it was actually pretty good. It was just totally marketed wrong. It’s not a romantic comedy, it’s barely even a romance. It’s a poker movie that deals with father/son issues. And then like almost every movie EVER, there is an element of romance. I thought Eric did a great job (his facial expressions when he’s dealing with his dad are amazing), Drew was… Drew. I wouldn’t dismiss Lucky You based on the trailers or the low box office numbers -neither do it justice.

  • Meg

    PS Cute pics ;-)

  • lol

    Besane Says:

    May 6th, 2007 at 2:47 pm – flag comment
    CLINIQUA Says:

    But I’m afraid Ms. Orange’s shelf-life as a rom-com “actress” has long expired.


    Drew is much better than Ms. Orange. at least, In Drew ‘s acting, we know, she’s sad or happy. and she could also kick ass. while Ms Orange had only one facial expression and can only play one role. ” Rachel” in very movie.

  • dominico

    For the first time in my life, I had to leave the theater before the movie ends… I like both, Eric and Drew, but definitely, this is a boring movie… I went under the impression that I was going to see a (one a year) romantic movie with my girlfriends, and instead I had this one… B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!

  • Diana-Bana

    The movie was terrific! It’s no suprise that it tanked at the box office – after all, nobody gets shot! Lucky You is actually a very deep and almost existential exploration into the life of the ordinary hero Huck. Definitely not a romantic comedy. I wish the movie would have dealt a little more with the possibilities for Huck, especially at the end. What if this had been “his day and his moment”? This moral dilemma was underdeveloped. Everything is about the father and the father isn’t interested in getting to know his son or giving him a chance under the sun. Yes, the movie might appear to be boring at times, but it does a superb job in recreating the drabfullness of endless days at the casino. Bana does a fantastic job, as usual; he is really this compulsive loser of a sort, and you (for a moment) forget that he is simply the most gorgeous man on Earth, and one of the greater contemporary actors to boot.

  • Bibi

    Eric Bana is talented. Drew, maybe, less. I think it’s her fault, not his. And by the way, Eric is hot!

  • Chole

    I love this movie, because Eric was in it. And because of this movie I learn how to play poker, so I was able to follow the movie. I took my husband and even he enjoy it too. :)

  • angela

    eric es un gran actor ,tiene buenas peliculas ,es talentoso y tiene un gran carisma
    y se ve que entrega todo en sus peliculas………….me encanta eric bana, besitos para el.