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Hugh Jackman Gets His Java Fix

Hugh Jackman Gets His Java Fix

Hugh Jackman gets his java fix after leaving the Top of the Town hotel in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst on Sunday.

Accompanied by wife Deborra-Lee Furness, Hugh had been attending an event (Hugh has the pink-papered invitation in his shirt pocket) and left the hotel with hot refreshments for the trip back home.

Hugh, 38, is in town to film Baz Luhrmann‘s forthcoming big-budget outback epic Australia co-starring Nicole Kidman. (See pictures of Nicole & Hugh dancing together on set.)

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Photos: Costas
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  • cheddar

    Either or. He just looks good period!!!!!

  • Sophie

    Do you think his wife has had work done?

  • RA

    No, I don’t think Deborra-lee has had work done. She’s just got great bone structure and beautiful skin. And she apparently takes good care of herself.

    I have a slight preference for clean-shaven Hugh. But either way he’s fantastic!

    Thanks for the photos, JJ.

  • Raichill

    I don’t she has had work done either. I think she is 47 and she looks around that age to me. I am sure her young children keep her active.

  • Hugo

    Damn Jackman, His wife is gorgeous!
    Really she’s 47? mmm…. I don’t care: Deb call me!!!

    BTW they look a little angry each other.

  • janeway

    Thanks Jared, I know I can count on you for my Hugh fix. They are a beautiful couple. And just like any couple, they can’t be smiley all the time.

  • wishiwasthere

    I love the two of them together. And Deb looks even younger in person, but it’s not that she’s had work done. She just has an amazingly radiant personality!

  • Meg

    Perhaps she said “don’t look – thare are those damn paparazzi again!”

  • erica

    I don’t know about eveyone else But the elephant in the room is that is his wife looks way older than he does.

  • Meg

    Well, she actually IS older than him… why shouldn’t she look like that?

  • ALI

    I love Hugh. I wonder what he sees in his wife. She’s not even pretty

  • Robbie

    ALI, so only pretty people are worthy of a happy marriage? Hugh and Deb have been together since 1995, married since 1996. They are best friends as well as husband and wife. WHY must relationships always come down to someone’s looks or how old someone is??? Deb’s several years older than Hugh, that’s never been a secret. So what? Only outside Australia is it a big deal–the Aussies don’t care about that stuff. Besides, looks fade…it is character and heart and respect that last in a relationship, and these two have those qualities in abundance. By the way, as anyone who has had the privilege of meeting this couple can tell you, in person Deb is an incredibly warm, raucous, talented woman. And she IS beautiful, but in the real-world way, not in Hollywood plastic terms. She just radiates positive energy and strength, and she’s just a REAL woman, earthy and without pretence. I’m Deb’s age, and I wish I had half her spark and joie de vivre…Hugh admits it’s he who has to keep up with Deb, not the other way round! Hugh is a lucky, lucky man.

    By the way, there’s a nice interview with Deb in this month’s Interview magazine…nice to see that she’s getting notice for her own work again after so long away from acting.

  • Jackie

    We have no idea what kind of marriage they have or whether they’re really romantically in love with each other. People marry for a variety of reasons. Just because Hugh is good looking and in show business, doesn’t mean this marriage is a romantic fairy tale. Deb will be 52 years old this year. Hugh grew up without his mother. I know several Australians who believe they married for career reasons and that Deb was a good mother/mentor figure for him. Now that H has had some success, he can help her revive her career. Deb admitted that her career was going downhill when she met Hugh. I don’t think their “marriage” is what they present to the public, but so what. That doesn’t mean they aren’t nice caring people or that Hugh isn’t a talented performer.

  • Davilyn

    Here we go again. God, this is getting boring. What’s going to satisfy you people, a leaked home video of the Jackmans in bed making love? Will that do it for you? Or would you just come back and say…”it’s a fake or they just did it that ONE TIME and then leaked it themselves to prove that they’re real.” I can actually hear people saying such shit.

    Yes, I’ve heard a few of those stories too, about how some down under think the marriage is a fraud. In fact, I met a director from Aus at an industry function here in LA who hinted at just that (he wouldn’t come out and say it directly, just sort of danced around it. The coward). And btw, this was a real stand up guy. Despite my protests that I wasn’t interested, he kept insisting that I was going back to his room with him. He was a pig. I stuck it out because I wanted to pose a scenario to him to see his response. Here it is…

    They meet up in 1995. He’s fresh out of drama school; no fame, no money, no nothing, just a good looking kid with some potential. She is a name actress, certainly no Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchett, but still, a star of some merit in Australia. They marry within a year of meeting. Why? If the relationship is fake (he’s queer and she’s a fag hag providing cover), why marriage? Why not just live together and see if anything comes of his career? If so, then make it legal and parade around the world as Mr. and Mrs. Big Movie Star. He’s got his cover and she now has access to show biz high society and maybe a jumpstart to her own stalled acting career. But no. They marry. Why? If he was looking for cover for homosexuality, wouldn’t it make more sense to marry a young, pretty starlet, not a woman purported to be somewhere between 8 and 14 years older than him? Surely he must have known that marriage to an older woman is a big red flag where gayness is concerned. For why else would a man WHO COULD HAVE ANYONE HE WANTS marry an older woman? How could he possibly love a woman who doesn’t fit the “Hollywood” mold of beauty; sliced up, botoxed and wearing a size O? Why it must be a fake.

    And then we come to Mrs. Jackman. I’ve asked this question on this blog before…What was in for her AT THAT TIME to marry an unknown, penniless, gay actor? She had no idea that within 5 years time, he’d be a Hollywood movie star. No one did. If he hadn’t stumbled into musical theatre and met Trevor Nunn (who got him out of Australia and all the way to London’s National Theatre with Oklahoma which led directly to Hollywood and the Wolverine), he might still be in Australia working in local films, tv and theatre. What was in for her to marry him BEFORE stardom hit? No one can answer that question for me, including that obnoxious director who struted around acting like he knew everything. Now, if she had married him AFTER stardom hit, that I could buy. But not before. It makes no sense. One more time, what was in it for her? Can anyone answer that question for me?

    Which brings us to today. He’s made it. He’s a big friggin’ movie star and he’s only going to get bigger. So why not dump the older wife (THE COVER) that is only fueling the rumours of homosexuality. Dump her Hugh. Go get yourself a Halle Berry or a Charlize Theron or better yet, 21 year old Scarlett Johannson.

    If this marriage is a ruse, why continue on with it? She’s provided him cover thus far, but the naysayers are saying it’s a fake and it’s holding you back, man. Go get yourself a newer, sexier more famous wife Hugh. You dumb ass.

    What I really want to say is…
    It’s so easy to come to a place like this and say whatever you want about someone. But I wonder if any of you would dare say these things to their faces?


  • Davilyn

    I just got off the phone with a good friend from Melbourne and this subject came up. She laughed and told me to give it up, as people are going to believe what they want to believe. I know that she’s right but still, unsubstantiated mudslinging -towards anyone- bothers me. And then she reminded me about the jealousy that’s been directed towards the Jackmans from some of their Australian peers. Hugh made it pretty damn quickly. From drama school graduation in BFE Perth in December of ’94 to him walking onto that Vancouver set to assume the role of the Wolverine in July of ’99, was a roughly 4 1/2 year journey. From Perth to Hollywood in 4 1/2 years is not very long at all. In fact, it’s a bloody miracle. And when you factor in that from the moment he graduated drama school, he has never been unemployed as an actor AND since graduation, he’s never done anything other than act to support himself. No cab driving. No waiting tables. Just acting. Now THAT’S the bloody miracle. And because of his meteroric rise, there is some resentment from certain quarters. And so…the raised eyebrows, the questioning, the “talk.” It’s human nature.

    Also, Jackie (up above) mentioned that since Hugh has NOW achieved some success, he can help Deb revive her career. Well from my calculations, Hugh Jackman became a star in this country in July of 2000 with the premiere of the first X-Men film, NEARLY SEVEN YEARS AGO. And to my knowledge the only acting work that has been thrown the Mrs. way -since that time- has been a supporting role in an Australian film (Jindabyne, just released here in the U.S.) and another supporting role in Charlize Theron’s upcoming Ferris Wheel (later this year). Yup, that’s some deal she cut with her gayboy. Nice going Hugh. She’s covered for you and you can’t even get her cast in some of your films? What about this TV show you’re involved in? Nothing there for Deb either, huh? Nope, she’s spent the past seven years traveling the world with him and raising his children. Which poses another question…

    If this marriage is a fake, why do they travel from location to location together? Don’t you know how it’s done in Hollywood? Mr. Big Movie Star buys the Mrs. a mansion and plants her and the kiddies in it while he travels the world making movies and bed hopping. That is how it is done.

    And where are the incriminating photos of Hugh? Perhaps some shots of him in the great -yet secluded- outdoors doing a little sunbathing with a sweet, young thang? (I have seen those same photos of another male movie star who shall not be named). Or how about a shot of him kissing another man (on the mouth) goodbye at the airport and then trying to cover it up by saying the man is the family’s nanny and they’re just an affectionate crowd. Oooookay. Where are the sightings of him slipping in and/or out of a gay bar somewhere? Or getting caught in a park at 5:00 in the morning with no explanation for why he’s there? What about his early liasons back in Australia before he became famous? Surely in this day and age of spilling your guts for a buck, some guy would have come forth by now to say…”yeah, I did him and here’s the photos to prove it.”

    Where is the evidence that Hugh Jackman is a homosexual? Let’s see…he’s married to an older woman and he’s played gay on Broadway. OMG!!! Tim Robbins, Ashton Kutcher, Kurt Russell, Guy Ritchie, Desi Arnaz, Hume Cronyn and Clark Gable were at one time or currently are, married to or living with older women. And Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, William Hurt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heath Ledger and Leonardo DiCaprio have all played gay in their careers.

    This isn’t rocket science people. Hollywood has been attempting to cover up the homosexuality of it’s stars since the beginning. If Hugh was, I promise you, he’d do a better job of it. He’d dump the older wife, cat around with as many starlets possible, HE’D NEVER PLAY GAY and he would have milked that Wolverine persona for all it was worth; swaggering onto talk shows with all the macho he could muster.

    That’s how you cover up homosexuality in Hollywood.

    But think what you want.

  • Keeley


  • Phoenix


    Well said you two!

  • sophinena

    how old is deb realy? and how old is hugh realy? i realy want to kno

  • Maldinth

    @sophinena: She is actually 54 and Hugh is 41.(I agree with Jackie#13)

  • StillInPerth

    I am not going to comment on the very lengthy diatribes above except for one point. I was at drama school with Hugh. If he is gay, then he was either more deeply in denial than any man I’ve ever met or he is the greatest actor on the planet.

    Given where we were (the perfect place to ‘come out’ and people were, left right and centre), I think it’s extremely unlikely he kept it under wraps back then and has successfully managed to do so up to now. Just sayin….

    Hugh was a lovely genuine man. Not an ounce of pretense or ‘fakeness’. And trust me, in that world, you become expert at picking the real from the fake. What you see in interviews now is exactly what he was like all those years ago, as a scruffy 1st year student, just arrived from Sydney and with absolutely no clue what the future might hold.

  • in denial

    I believe he was in denial of his full sexuality back in his twenties. A lot of people are actually like that. It is not uncommon.