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Justin & Cameron: Back Together?

Justin & Cameron: Back Together?

Are Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz getting back together?

After nearly four years together and then breaking up in January, Justin, 26, and Cameron, 34, certainly looked cozy around one another on the green carpet at the L.A. premiere of Shrek the Third on Sunday afternoon.

A peck on the cheek today… back together tomorrow!

Sidenote: It must have been a hot day in L.A.! Poor Cam, her sweaty pits are all soaking through her dress…

More pictures inside of Antonio Banderes, Melanie Griffith, Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Amy Sedaris and Cheri Oteri

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00 justin timberlake cameron diaz shrek 3 premiere
01 justin timberlake cameron diaz shrek 3 premiere
01 justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
02 justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
03 justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
04 justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
05 justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
06 justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
07 justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
08 antonio banderes melanie griffith shrek 3 premiere
antnio banderes shrek 3 premiere
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justin timberlake shrek 3 premiere
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  • TskTsk

    She wouldn’t dare get back with him. She realizes that he’s a conceited jackass and has moved on. He’s needs to check himself before he ends up lonely living back in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • P.U.

    Ewww… her pits are all sweaty!

  • T

    I like amy sedaris and cheri oteri right infront of them.

  • Raichill

    It looks like a friendly meeting and kiss to me. Nothing more.

  • A Nonny Moose

    aren’t Amy Sedaris and Cheri Oteri in those pictures, too?

  • Michael

    I can’t stand Justin’s voice. There’ll be no dance moves to gloss over the squealing of his. Honestly, I don’t understand why women go ga ga over him (can’t sing, lyrics dumb as shit, ugly, and arrogant prick pretending he’s a gentleman.
    Does anyone else fell Cameron’s film career is on its last legs?

  • Lucie

    ^^ haha yeah justin’s talking voice is very squeaky like a teenager’s. That’s why I can’t imagine him acting in serious roles like the film he made with christina ricci

  • erin

    they’re both in that movie!

    of course theyre both going to be on the red carpet!

    ^I can’t stand his voice either, I always wonder why people don’t bring it up as much as David Beckhams

  • Maniston Fans: MOVE ON

    They’re still young, so I’m not surprised that all of these young stars are breaking up and hooking up.

  • S

    Cam’s pits are NASTY. She seems nice though and she doesnt need to be around jacka*s Justin

  • joytothehurled

    I know that sweat. That’s running into your ex sweat. Girl wasn’t sweatin’ when she arrived on the red carpet, but as soon as she saw Justin her pits cried her a river. A stressful situation like that, ain’t no amount of antiperspirant gonna hold back the perspiration.

  • lux

    They both look completely uncomfortable. Justin’s face is stiff and he can’t even look her in the eyes.

  • Hey Now!

    lmao she is known to have very sweaty pits. Wasn’t mtv awards that she won for shrek that she was in a white dress and she pulled it up to wipe her pits? Surely Im not the only one to remember that. It was pretty classless of her to do that.

  • oko

    aww she is the cutest…I think it’s so funny how her underarms are nice and dry when she is posing w/ Mike Myers…but then when JT comes along…she gets all nervous?

  • MerDer4ever

    you guys are hysterical.. you just made the rest on my night/morning


    Ichibod Crane…oops – I mean Justin Timberfake, just used Cam to make connections in the acting world, and specifically to land a role in her franchise. He’s a sh*t. You think he would have gotten the part if he hadn’t been Cameron Diaz’s boyfriend? Come on. I can’t get over how tacky and crass that is.

  • black

    I think so too…….even though I´m not really fond of them, I always had a feeling that this thing between them was gonna last long.

  • Eathan

    Justin needs a stylist.

    wtf is Eddie smiling about? what a cunt, he doesn’t want his kid he did with Mel B, but he’s willing to promote kids movie? how low!

    Melanie Griffith looks lovely.

  • amara

    Poor Cameron living life as a human and sweating. Just like Jared to point out something that distracts from someone. I have to ask would you point out that the fabulous, saintly Angelina sweats? No way, she is perfect and you are officially to the brangelina’s what Perez is to parasite hilton.

  • remember da truth

    Everyone was commenting on how hot is was that morning, and on the red carpet, before seeing JT, Cam was saying how hot it was. JT also commented on how he couldn’t wait to change clothes. She was sweating because it’s 90 degrees out, not because of JT.

    I think they still have some fond feelings for each other, but a hello and a kiss is not getting back together.

  • Mmmmm

    I think it is great that they can be civil and mature about seeing each other. The amount of time invested, I am sure they still love and care for one another. I for one am glad that they are real enuf to realize that just because the relationship ends you can still care for someone, the context of the feelings isnt the same but the feeling of caring for each other can exist.

    PS. She is not your typical hollywood girl, very real burping, sweaty pits in all ..

  • Mmmmm

    Amy Sedaris ROCKS!

  • Mmmmm

    I think its great that they can be mature about the situation and civil. Considering how much time they have invested, I think they are real to realize that you can still care about someone even the context of the relationship has change, good for them.

    PS. She is not like most hollywood types, she has sweaty pits, burping etc .. she seems real

  • Mmmmm

    Sorry for the double post, didnt think the 1st went thru. ekk!

  • black

    Yeah, jared what´s up with you?

    You never were that mean before. Well, you have every right to be,I´m just saying…

  • Bibi

    I don’t think they’re back together … i hope she moved on.

  • Tim

    Justin is also known for sweaty pits. What’s more, he doesn’t use deodorant (see the link below for corroboration).

    Link ===>