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Nicole & Keith's Family Cruise

Nicole & Keith's Family Cruise

Australia’s most famous couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban reunite with extended family on Sunday for a 5-hour cruise around Sydney Harbor aboard Kidman‘s multimillion-dollar yacht, Hokulani (“Starry Heavens” in Hawaiian).

Holding hands and smiling, Kidman and Urban were joined by Kidman‘s 14-year-old daughter Isabella, who just dyed her hair blue and is wearing a t-shirt supporting another old school American rock group, Blondie.

Watch video of them four boarding the yacht here.

Kidman‘s sister Antonia (with baby Sybella, 5 1/2 weeks), her parents Janelle and Anthony, publicist Wendy Day and other friends and family also joined in on the boat trip around the world-famous waterway.

Kidman is in town to film Baz Luhrmann‘s forthcoming big-budget outback epic Australia co-starring Hugh Jackman. (See pictures of Nicole & Hugh dancing together on set.)

25+ pictures inside of Nicole‘s family cruise…

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01 nicole kidman keith urban ice cream
02 keith urban nicole kidman holding hands
03 antonia kidman sybella
04 isabella cruise blue hair
05 keith urban nicole kidman
06 nicole kidman sister antonia kidman
07 keith urban nicole kidman holding hands
08 keith urban smiling
09 nicole kidman isabella cruise keith urban
10 nicole kidman isabella cruise keith urban
isabella cruise blue streaks
janelle kidman nicole kidman mother
keith urban nicole kidman 01
keith urban nicole kidman 02
keith urban nicole kidman 03
nicole kidman daughter blue hair
nicole kidman daughter isabella
nicole kidman family cruise
nicole kidman family
nicole kidman hokulani yacht
nicole kidman isabella cruise keith urban
nicole kidman keith urban cruise
nicole kidman mother janelle
nicole kidman publicist wendy day 01
nicole kidman publicist wendy day 02
nicole kidman relatives
nicole kidman yacht hokulani
nicole kidman yacht

Photos: Costas
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# 1

Cute picture. Thank you!

# 2

They are adorable….

I love this couple.

# 3

So sweet, they are wonderful.

# 4

Ah, that’s a cute pic. I am hoping to see more. Maybe one of Keith swimming or sunning so we can see if that ridiculous “ankle bracelet” story is true, or NOT.

# 5

Thanks for the picture.

# 6

ahh so cute. where’s the baby?

# 7

Aww, I love that picture where Nicole is holding the baby. A very cute family.

# 8

bella looks gorgeous. the picture with the baby is SO cute!

# 9

nicole and keith are so adorable. I wish them both the best.

how CUTE is that picture with Nicole and Keith feeding her ice cream?!

that video is so cute. bella and nicole holding hand in hand.

thanks for the pictures. they’re such a gorgeous family. can’t wait for connor to come by next week! (apparently so by rumors.)

LOVE the pic of Nicole holding her niece….adorable!!

they are so mismatched

Damn, he fed me ice cream like that once……..

in my dreams.

your ass is mismatched. at least they have no age difference.

nicole is so gorgeous.

Thank you for the great pictures JJ.

This family is so beautiful.

thanks for the pictures!!

nicole’s still really pretty.
but she used to be the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen before.

R Says:
May 6th, 2007 at 2:48 pm – flag comment

they are so mismatched

I was thinking the same thing. She looked better with Tom. At least she’s finally hanging out with one of her kids she seemed to forget about.

Nicole and Keith are the most gorgeous couple in the world.Nicole even without make up and with “normal” clothes, is simply beautiful!

I love the Nicole’s dress.She is so elegant and fashion…She is great with Keith, they are really in love!

Well i would like to know where are those stupid people who said Nicole doesn’t like her kids!

[Fug Face........] @ 05/06/2007 at 3:14 pm

nicole didnt dump that lame yet? smh.

Rock star @ 05/06/2007 at 3:14 pm

Nicole is the most sweet and tender person in the world.It’s so clear she is happy in Australia close to her family…

Altough being adopted, Bella is very beautiful as her mother.I like her hair and Nicole’s clothes.

Is that David Garris in some of the photos? If so, why the hell is he there? They don’t have drivers in Australia for Nicole to use?

Foster ball @ 05/06/2007 at 3:19 pm

I think Keith and Nicole have chemestry, they are just shy and very private people, something i like.It’s clear they are in love and in my humble opinion the are a very sweet couple

Foster ball @ 05/06/2007 at 3:20 pm

Heather who is David Garris?

Nicole is so simple and down under person.She is the pride of Australia and i’m very happy seing her resting and having good time with her family!
thanks Jared for these photos


Foster ball, David Garris is Nicole’s driver/assistant/friend/movie going companion. Whenever you see photos of Nicole in LA, David isn’t far behind, whether it be on the red carpet (this year’s Oscars for example), leaving doctors appoitments, business meetings, lunches with just the 2 of them. I hope he’s either gay or has a very understanding girlfriend/wife.

They make a cute couple.I don’t understand when people say they are “mismatched”. Everytime i see both together it’s visible they are in loved and not just acting to cameras as Tom ad Kate or Katie do!

Isabella looks incredibly happy, just elated to be with her mom. She’s a very pretty young lady. She appears quieter when around Tom and Katie. Wonder why she is there with her mom during the school year and wonder also where Connor is. Maybe it’s just some much needed mom time for a young girl. Whatever the reasons I hope they are enjoying their time together.

There is something different about Nicole’s face. It’s around the lower cheek and mouth area. She looks fuller in that area.

Wendy Day @ 05/06/2007 at 3:48 pm

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! One good photo op with Isabella and these saps will forget that she usually never spends time with her.

Raichill…Nicole’s face looks like always..

i have to comment, David IS always with her. He must be very close to Nicole now.

bella IS pretty, like her mom, even though their not gentically related.

Dave Garris has also become Keith’s friend. He drives/is security for them both.

Thanks for the pictures Jared.

You're Scaring Me @ 05/06/2007 at 4:26 pm

Daisy, how do you know Dave has also become Keith’s friend? You always talk as if you know all of these personal details about their life.

Who’s Dave?

Too bad Keith Urban sometimes acts like a stupid kid.

Keith and Nicole make such a beautiful couple!!! I don’t think they are mismatched at all. They seem to be soo much in love! Keith looks totally hott and Nicole looks stunning! They are my favorite “Hollywood Couple”!!

Isabelle looks like her Dad Tom C. She will be a gorgeous lady.

I guess I stated it wrong, sorry. For me it would stand to reason that Dave & Keith have become friends because Dave Garris has worked for Nicole for over a decade & provides security for them both when they are where he is needed. He MAY have flown to Sydney with Isabella since it is a long flight & she flew over on a commercial airline & not a private jet as was mentioned in a newspaper article.

Nic is wonderful, Keith is a gentleman.

This family is adorable……


Hmmm, I think it’s collagen that has changed her face.


I think it’s collagen that has changed her face.

i love both Keith and Nicole.I’m happy they have time to rest and be with their relatives.and i don’t see any change in Nicole’s face…some people are really inconvinient and boring!

Keith and Nicole make such a beautiful couple, thanks JJ

Linda brandon @ 05/06/2007 at 6:22 pm

thanks for posting those pics there so cute its nice to see families together enjoying the day think its sweet please keep on posting those nice see some nice pics showing a much normal lifestyle maybe not the yacht still look like just a normal family having a good time

Wee Man Keith @ 05/06/2007 at 6:37 pm

Love Nicole always will but Keith Smallbine is Digusting!The Little Dwarf has Man Boobs a Mullet and a huge nose from his drinking and doing lots of coke.Did I mention hes a man that isnt Loyal.Nicole always has to hold the wee mans hand,afraid hes gonna go cheat or look for booze or drugs,Watch him Nicole theres women on the yaught.Nicole I know she loves him but I wish she would have hook up with some one in her Class as far as entertainer ,by the way he sings horribly!Someone buy him a c-cup please.He is a Mess!Nicole is BEAUTIFUL!Wee Keith is SCUM!

Nice photos but obviously staged by Nicole’s publicist. Nobody dresses like that for just a regular family outing on a boat. They’re even color-coordinated. That being said, I’m glad to see one of Nicole’s kids finally with her. I wonder why Antonia’s other kids and her hubby were not there.

What a beautiful family. Nicole and Keith are wonderful together. They radiate happiness.

I wish them luck after Keith’s rehab. Its disappointing when stars do that.
I dont get it? are they always searching for something and are so unhappy?

I like Tom and Katie too. The kids are bless to have both sides love them.

Nicole is not glowing though.
My family thinks she looks so old now and I cant remember the last film I saw her in. KU is a loser.
I dont see them lasting forever. Nicole’s comment about Tom is so obvious she’s very much in love with Tom even till this day. Tom did treat her like a princess and was so good to her. Even complimented her exhubby for the many career tips she learned from him.

I think some people’s rose-tinted glasses need removing. If Nicole isn’t careful she will end up looking like Farah Fawcett. The collagen in her lower face is on its way to making her look jowly.

How is it disappointing to need help and ask for it? And I’m not talking about the Britney’s & Lohan’s of the world.

Maxine, Antonia’s husband is not there because he has been in a facility in Sydney the last few weeks. A facility that treats, depression, psychological problems and alcohol related problems. Is he a loser too?

And from everything I’ve ever seen, Keith Urban does treat Nicole Kidman like a princess. There was a recent quote from her stating “My husband’s heart is the most beautiful part of him.”


Wow, it must be difficult for Antonia, having recently had a baby and with 3 other children, to have her husband unwell. I hope he makes a speedy and full recovery.

WOW Nicole is not working and remembers her family? This two will divorce and its obvious she has botox as many critics said so.

It’s nice to see Keith spending time with her family, seeing as he doesn’t see his own family anymore.

I think Nicole looks smug … but you gotta give her credit. I’ve never seen her lips looking bigger. I think Isabella is there because of the negative media attention NK has been getting recently about not seeing her kids. VOILA…photo op. Very very convenient.

They are mismatched because he’s hot and she’s old and fug.

Where do you see that they’re in love? They hold hands? He can barely look at her. He hasn’t looked happy since they hooked up. Poor fella. He’s in deep and is probably trying to work his way out. Let’s all hope he does. For his sake.

And how do you know Keith doesn’t see his family anymore? He was just with them a few weeks ago according to fansites.
And as far as Nicole seeing Bella. As the gossip guru for Parade put it last week–she does see her kids often, she just doesn’t display them for photo ops like her ex. You can tell by pics that she is close to her kids. If she were a totally absentee mom you wouldn’t get the sense of affection that comes through the pics. I think, personally, she gets the ‘never sees her kids’ abuse because she is now the non-custodial parent which is a role reversal. Larry Birkhead was at the Kentucky Derby without Dannielyn. Did the posters on the blogs crucify him? No. The majority said it was a well deserved rest. Geez. He hasn’t seen his daughter since she was born and then gets custody last week and now he is out? Yet Nicole gets slammed because she doesn’t use them for constant photo ops?

Isabella is adorable. Nicole is faded and Keith is pathetic. ofcourse some hail people that are in and out of rehab because most of them are addicts too.

Nic’s Ave Maria act is so fake. She had many boyfriends before she met Keith.
And reports of her committing adultery with a producer no wonder TC divorce her.
She’s a ***** like most women in Hollywood are. She’s not pretty at all.
She looks like that white lady in the water.

Her sister is so cute why is she not a film star she’s so pretty. Where did Nic get curly hair from?

I agree with you, Dancer.
The people like to invent gossips.

This seems just envy.

Gail, you sound like a comlete moron.. soo yeah..

They are the perfect couple.. Nicole is atoundingly beautiful .. and keith is so cute.

Just leave them alone you spitful people and get back to your own pathetic lives.

Not Buying It In Nashville @ 05/06/2007 at 11:22 pm

Just in time for MOTHERS DAY

We get photos of Nicole playing the most hypocritical role of her life

That of MOTHER

Guess when Keith got his hand caught in the German masseuse cookie jar – he not only cancelled a show in the UK – but was summoned for the photo op.

If this was a family outing…WHERE IS HIS FAMILY?

And Wendy Day – publicist – just HAPPENED to stop by.

They must really think we are that stupid! It’s SO TRANSPARENT.

one not fooled @ 05/06/2007 at 11:33 pm

WooHoo! Isabella rebels. Can’t wait til Tommy Boy gets a look at the blue streaked hair.

Phot OP PR @ 05/07/2007 at 12:30 am

As usual, a planned photo op for the ice queen to show she is indeed a mother. Bella probably got the blue hair as a bargaining tool, agreeing to go along with her PR.

Keith used to spend time with his family and never does anymore, it’s always her family. How sad!

It’s amazing how many still buy into the crap PR she sells, how dull to be so naive.

So cute! Thanks Jared :)

i sense no love and joy in this pic.

gizmatage @ 05/07/2007 at 1:09 am

Am I the only one who thinks that Bella look a lot like Tom?

Thanks Jared. Great pics.

And for all you critical people out there, let them be! Y’all are the same people that argues that the JP’s are mismatch and still wallowing in self-pity for JA. You just cannot stand to see other people be happy whether they are celebrities or not! Your lives must be sooooo miserable that the only high you get is bad mouthing anyone to make yourself better. Go get some counseling, you twerps!!!

BTW – #71 It is impossible for Isabella to look like TC because she is an adopted daughther!!! Get a clue!!! I for one would not want any children to look like that controling scientology fanatic.


“Your lives must be sooooo miserable that the only high you get is bad mouthing anyone to make yourself better. Go get some counseling, you twerps!!!”

It’s great that you love this couple but it’s unrealistic to expect that everyone loves Nicole or Keith and is going to agree with you. By all means, have your say about why you think they are great, but don’t resort to abusing other posters for their opinions. It’s not necessary. Write down some thoughtful and inspiring reasons as to why you like them and who knows, you may even sway some people to your way of thinking.

it’s about the plump lips nikkers……

pfft what a wanky comment Raichill.. I agree with Juno…


keith’s family is in the Brisbane area who he will get to see on Tuesday! He will start rehearsals there. You have no idea when & where Keith sees his family.

so phone

why do the paps KNOW THEY ARE HERE AND GOING TO THE BOAT? (Tom Cruise ex boat by the way)

it’s true, nicole look like michael jackson so much! mostly the nose

If those pics are not staged….I will eat that silly hat she is wearing.Whats with the scarf?Is she hiding that wrinkled neck,’
Did anyone notice her shoes?????OMG!For such a wealthy woman,they are a disgrace.I throw away better shoes then the Queen is wearing……Looka t her pics and her giant feet…….They are dirty-white sneakers adn not laced….Who the hell is she kidding..Right-who makes such a big deal over an outing?Just get on the damn boat and go……And are those frightful people drinking??????Do they NOT have any regard for Keith? Who would drink in front of an alcholic?Stupid-stupid boy-what the hell have you gotten yourself into???????

NICOLE’s parents, sister, nieces and nephews were there, even HER publicist and driver. Where were KEITH’s parents, brother, niece and nephew? We always see him with her family but we never see them with his family. What’s up with that? We used to see his family in Nashville fairly frequently but now never in Sydney – which is so much closer.

Toni. umm i wouldnt take your advise on fashion sense. You obviously have NO idea.

Nicole doesnt have to wear a bloody formal gown out in about in her own city to please the likes of you..

your an idiot.

katieee——–An Idiot………Anyone who believe Nic’s BS is the idiot.
Did you see those shoes?OMG! They are dirty for one thing….When ever she dresses herself-(I hate to include Keith BUT!) they look like street people.All she needs is a shopping cart…..She has brought him so far down-he will never see daylight..I just hope Nashville gives his sorry ass the old heave ho…And whoever called those 2-Hollywood’s sweethearts.Has to be from “OZ”.No one in this country misses those dregs.Keep them both there………And while your at it-take all your trash back….
PS_ON OUR tv they are calling her-Get this…..I love it.His Cash Cow….
So stick that somewhere and smoke it……….Idiot My Ass

To Nicole and Keith fans,

These people who criticize Nicole are the same people who follow her photos everywhere on the internet and say the SAME THINGS. There is nothing new there. I wonder if they have a job. Probably not. Even If they do, they won’t last long because it is obvious they have no social skills and, judging by their writing, only knows a few words. What kind of person would search the web on a daily basis looking for Nicole’s pictures only to say the same hateful things over and over and over? Yep, mental case ones. If they want to be critics or hope to capture a reader’s interest, they should at least be creative with their description. Of course, they can’t do it. They have brains the size of a peanut. In other words, ignore them.

jared, i belive you should retitle the first pic if you look closely, you can see baby sybella (on nicole kidman’s lap) while keith is holding the ice cream cone in the first picture. the baby dosen’t even show(in the stroller) in pics # 3 and 6.

You know…I hear about the skeptics and how nasty they are. Yet where I read, the skeptics post opinions and non-skeptics attack them … personally. For a change, use your keyboard and post about the couple and not other posters. There is no need for abuse, unless you can’t think of something nice to say about Nicole?

In my opinion, this was a staged photo opportunity in direct response to rumors that NK doesn’t see her kids. And if she does see her kids, as some claim, why don’t we see pictures…like this…more often? I don’t for a moment accept the “oh, she is just too private with her kids and so, she doesn’t expose them to the media”. If that’s the case, why isn’t she so private with her sister’s kids…even her sister’s newborn baby. NK doesn’t see her kids and now, to try to convince us that she IS maternal … she has Bella and next week Connor over to do the mother thing. It’s just for show…and lookie here, it worked!! Mission accomplished!

As far as Keith, this relationship has had a negative impact on him personally and professionally … and that is quite obvious to those who have followed his career closely for years. He hasn’t had a #1 single since 2005, he hardly toured in 2006 and unless a swchwack of dates are added in 2007, he will have done about 7 dates more in the US in 07 than he did in 2006..which by his own admission was a very quiet year for touring. So much for the massive tour that people keep raving about.

I’ve heard his tickets aren’t selling like hot cakes, as they would have in the past. You know…it IS possible for someone who is married to have a successful career and put effort into it. Keith’s main focus seems to be making sure he is towing the line with NK…and if flying back to Oz 10 times over the next six-seven months doesn’t screw him up, I will be surprised. How many more shows will be cancelled or not up to pare because he’s exhausted? Time will tell and I hope he does have a successful tour. I am a Keith fan…but I am not very optimistic about it, to be honest. He had such momentum heading into the early part of 2006 and it’s just fizzled out…and I am not sure he can get it back so easily.

yikes…she looks like she’s 55 yr old…what happened to nicole? i used to think she was stunning.

i don’t think she really does see her kids very often, you know. otherwise you’d see pictures. nope…she’s got her daughter there to try to overcome the rumors of her being a bad mother, but i think she’s moved on and just wants one of “her own.” she keeps saying it…must make her “adopted” kids feel special … huh?

i like keith urban…great musician. but he looks like a wimp lately. where’s the killer guitar? me thinks nicole has tamed the bad boy who was the great guitarist and now he is happy just holding her hand and carrying her purse. too bad.

Stephanie @ 05/08/2007 at 7:32 pm

Ohmygosh those pictures are wonderful. I like Bellas blue streaks in her hair. Nic’s new niece Sybella is beautiful I heard from someone else theres more pics to be seen of Nic and Keith and especially ones of Keith shirtless (YUMMY) but I dont know where to find them.

Nicole botox>Keith LITTLE M @ 05/08/2007 at 8:34 pm

NICOLE,KEITH,FIRST, Keith is a ugly little troll he is so ugly, short&short and ugly and a alcoholic a snorter hes Nasty! His BREASTS are BIGGER THAN NICKY’S! HE DISGUST ME! YUCK,YUCK,AND YUCKIER! UNFORNATELY NICK HAS SCREWED UP her Face! BOTOX THAT face to DEATH!! Lips IMPLANTED LOOKS UNNATURAL! SHE looks nothing like her former self!Her sister looks like what Nick use to look like! EYEBROWS BOTOX MUCH TO HIGH,HAIR BLEACHED TO LIGHT,STARVING HERSELF TO DEATH!!BUT IM more digusted with the little man!!KEITHS NASTY!!

What fun to have your family all together on a beautiful day sailing in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Nicole is beautiful and Keith is a Hunk. Saw him in concert last year and he is one of the sexiest men around. I think Bella looks pretty typical for her age.Nicole has always said her children live a very different life. I also read that only her childrens judgement of will count. How many critics have talked to Bella and Connor about their mom. They always look pretty happy to me. I think they are so lucky to have such a close family.

To: soHappyforsalma Thanks for the pics, love to see Keith – Bet they cost Nic alot of money to have them taken , you can tell they are staged she’s always looking and smiles right to the person with the camra.

They can’t win, if she trys to keep away from the pazz’s, keepe head down etc, people are critical. I personally think you are jealous, have little beauty or talent yourselves.Plus you are just MEAN people. Sad!!

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