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Nicole & Keith's Family Cruise

Nicole & Keith's Family Cruise

Australia’s most famous couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban reunite with extended family on Sunday for a 5-hour cruise around Sydney Harbor aboard Kidman‘s multimillion-dollar yacht, Hokulani (“Starry Heavens” in Hawaiian).

Holding hands and smiling, Kidman and Urban were joined by Kidman‘s 14-year-old daughter Isabella, who just dyed her hair blue and is wearing a t-shirt supporting another old school American rock group, Blondie.

Watch video of them four boarding the yacht here.

Kidman‘s sister Antonia (with baby Sybella, 5 1/2 weeks), her parents Janelle and Anthony, publicist Wendy Day and other friends and family also joined in on the boat trip around the world-famous waterway.

Kidman is in town to film Baz Luhrmann‘s forthcoming big-budget outback epic Australia co-starring Hugh Jackman. (See pictures of Nicole & Hugh dancing together on set.)

25+ pictures inside of Nicole‘s family cruise…

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01 nicole kidman keith urban ice cream
02 keith urban nicole kidman holding hands
03 antonia kidman sybella
04 isabella cruise blue hair
05 keith urban nicole kidman
06 nicole kidman sister antonia kidman
07 keith urban nicole kidman holding hands
08 keith urban smiling
09 nicole kidman isabella cruise keith urban
10 nicole kidman isabella cruise keith urban
isabella cruise blue streaks
janelle kidman nicole kidman mother
keith urban nicole kidman 01
keith urban nicole kidman 02
keith urban nicole kidman 03
nicole kidman daughter blue hair
nicole kidman daughter isabella
nicole kidman family cruise
nicole kidman family
nicole kidman hokulani yacht
nicole kidman isabella cruise keith urban
nicole kidman keith urban cruise
nicole kidman mother janelle
nicole kidman publicist wendy day 01
nicole kidman publicist wendy day 02
nicole kidman relatives
nicole kidman yacht hokulani
nicole kidman yacht

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91 Responses to “Nicole & Keith's Family Cruise”

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  1. 51
    KS Says:

    What a beautiful family. Nicole and Keith are wonderful together. They radiate happiness.

  2. 52
    Andrea Says:

    I wish them luck after Keith’s rehab. Its disappointing when stars do that.
    I dont get it? are they always searching for something and are so unhappy?

    I like Tom and Katie too. The kids are bless to have both sides love them.

  3. 53
    shrek Says:

    Nicole is not glowing though.
    My family thinks she looks so old now and I cant remember the last film I saw her in. KU is a loser.
    I dont see them lasting forever. Nicole’s comment about Tom is so obvious she’s very much in love with Tom even till this day. Tom did treat her like a princess and was so good to her. Even complimented her exhubby for the many career tips she learned from him.

  4. 54
    Raichill Says:

    I think some people’s rose-tinted glasses need removing. If Nicole isn’t careful she will end up looking like Farah Fawcett. The collagen in her lower face is on its way to making her look jowly.

  5. 55
    Heather Says:

    How is it disappointing to need help and ask for it? And I’m not talking about the Britney’s & Lohan’s of the world.

    Maxine, Antonia’s husband is not there because he has been in a facility in Sydney the last few weeks. A facility that treats, depression, psychological problems and alcohol related problems. Is he a loser too?

    And from everything I’ve ever seen, Keith Urban does treat Nicole Kidman like a princess. There was a recent quote from her stating “My husband’s heart is the most beautiful part of him.”

  6. 56
    Raichill Says:


    Wow, it must be difficult for Antonia, having recently had a baby and with 3 other children, to have her husband unwell. I hope he makes a speedy and full recovery.

  7. 57
    Mel Says:

    WOW Nicole is not working and remembers her family? This two will divorce and its obvious she has botox as many critics said so.

  8. 58
    SoHappyForSalma Says:

    More pictures here:

  9. 59
    Lara Says:

    It’s nice to see Keith spending time with her family, seeing as he doesn’t see his own family anymore.

    I think Nicole looks smug … but you gotta give her credit. I’ve never seen her lips looking bigger. I think Isabella is there because of the negative media attention NK has been getting recently about not seeing her kids. VOILA…photo op. Very very convenient.

  10. 60
    Miller Says:

    They are mismatched because he’s hot and she’s old and fug.

    Where do you see that they’re in love? They hold hands? He can barely look at her. He hasn’t looked happy since they hooked up. Poor fella. He’s in deep and is probably trying to work his way out. Let’s all hope he does. For his sake.

  11. 61
    Dancer Says:

    And how do you know Keith doesn’t see his family anymore? He was just with them a few weeks ago according to fansites.
    And as far as Nicole seeing Bella. As the gossip guru for Parade put it last week–she does see her kids often, she just doesn’t display them for photo ops like her ex. You can tell by pics that she is close to her kids. If she were a totally absentee mom you wouldn’t get the sense of affection that comes through the pics. I think, personally, she gets the ‘never sees her kids’ abuse because she is now the non-custodial parent which is a role reversal. Larry Birkhead was at the Kentucky Derby without Dannielyn. Did the posters on the blogs crucify him? No. The majority said it was a well deserved rest. Geez. He hasn’t seen his daughter since she was born and then gets custody last week and now he is out? Yet Nicole gets slammed because she doesn’t use them for constant photo ops?

  12. 62
    gail Says:

    Isabella is adorable. Nicole is faded and Keith is pathetic. ofcourse some hail people that are in and out of rehab because most of them are addicts too.

    Nic’s Ave Maria act is so fake. She had many boyfriends before she met Keith.
    And reports of her committing adultery with a producer no wonder TC divorce her.
    She’s a ***** like most women in Hollywood are. She’s not pretty at all.
    She looks like that white lady in the water.

  13. 63
    Mire Says:

    Her sister is so cute why is she not a film star she’s so pretty. Where did Nic get curly hair from?

  14. 64
    Me Says:

    I agree with you, Dancer.
    The people like to invent gossips.

    This seems just envy.

  15. 65
    katieee Says:

    Gail, you sound like a comlete moron.. soo yeah..

    They are the perfect couple.. Nicole is atoundingly beautiful .. and keith is so cute.

    Just leave them alone you spitful people and get back to your own pathetic lives.

  16. 66
    Not Buying It In Nashville Says:

    Just in time for MOTHERS DAY

    We get photos of Nicole playing the most hypocritical role of her life

    That of MOTHER

    Guess when Keith got his hand caught in the German masseuse cookie jar – he not only cancelled a show in the UK – but was summoned for the photo op.

    If this was a family outing…WHERE IS HIS FAMILY?

    And Wendy Day – publicist – just HAPPENED to stop by.

    They must really think we are that stupid! It’s SO TRANSPARENT.

  17. 67
    one not fooled Says:

    WooHoo! Isabella rebels. Can’t wait til Tommy Boy gets a look at the blue streaked hair.

  18. 68
    Phot OP PR Says:

    As usual, a planned photo op for the ice queen to show she is indeed a mother. Bella probably got the blue hair as a bargaining tool, agreeing to go along with her PR.

    Keith used to spend time with his family and never does anymore, it’s always her family. How sad!

    It’s amazing how many still buy into the crap PR she sells, how dull to be so naive.

  19. 69
    Fritt Says:

    So cute! Thanks Jared :)

  20. 70
    mamas Says:

    i sense no love and joy in this pic.

  21. 71
    gizmatage Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Bella look a lot like Tom?

  22. 72
    Juno Says:

    Thanks Jared. Great pics.

    And for all you critical people out there, let them be! Y’all are the same people that argues that the JP’s are mismatch and still wallowing in self-pity for JA. You just cannot stand to see other people be happy whether they are celebrities or not! Your lives must be sooooo miserable that the only high you get is bad mouthing anyone to make yourself better. Go get some counseling, you twerps!!!

    BTW – #71 It is impossible for Isabella to look like TC because she is an adopted daughther!!! Get a clue!!! I for one would not want any children to look like that controling scientology fanatic.

  23. 73
    Raichill Says:


    “Your lives must be sooooo miserable that the only high you get is bad mouthing anyone to make yourself better. Go get some counseling, you twerps!!!”

    It’s great that you love this couple but it’s unrealistic to expect that everyone loves Nicole or Keith and is going to agree with you. By all means, have your say about why you think they are great, but don’t resort to abusing other posters for their opinions. It’s not necessary. Write down some thoughtful and inspiring reasons as to why you like them and who knows, you may even sway some people to your way of thinking.

  24. 74
    Blazer Says:

    it’s about the plump lips nikkers……

  25. 75
    katieee Says:

    pfft what a wanky comment Raichill.. I agree with Juno…


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