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Lindsay Lohan Snorting Coke

Lindsay Lohan Snorting Coke

New pictures of Lindsay Lohan participating in a marathon cocaine binge, dubbed Blohan 2007, have surfaced compliments of British tabloid News of the World.

Sordid snaps reveal Lindsay snorting the drug and shoving it up a friend’s nose before cramming into a bathroom stall with two friends.

The 21-year-old actress “slash” singer was seen arriving at Teddy’s nightclub in Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel at around 11PM on Thursday, March 8. (The top-left outfit taken outside Teddy’s matches the one of her inside the club.)

Lindsay‘s “friend” ratted her out saying that she:

  • SNORTED 20 lines of cocaine in ONE night alone
  • STRIPPED down to a thong before inhaling the drug off a coffee table
  • BRAGGED of wild sex sessions with a host of celebrities including singer James Blunt and model Calum Best.

Lindsay‘s other sexual conquests as told by her “pal” include James Blunt, Jude Law, Calum Best, Joaquin Phoenix, Benicio Del Toro, Jared Leto and James Franco.

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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Credit: News of the World, ONTD; Photos:
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  • sal

    wot a dumb idiot

  • 1Gossip



    Lindsay, get off the dust!

  • reason

    looks like somebody wants to be kate moss

  • ladybug

    and i thought being a coke whore was something to be ashamed of?!?

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    What a stupid c*nt!Hopefully she’ll definitely bites the dust when her 15 minutes of fame are up. She doesn’t deserve nor her money neither the opportunities she gets to play in movies. She is an insult to real artists.

  • WTF

    Not Joaquin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    the freind sounds like all she wanted was money to rat her out to the magizens … i hate these stuiped magziens that print fales stuff……. still like Linsdays even though she a coke head

  • Chris

    oh yeah and whole real cares about there personal life.. they dont need to be stalked each time they do something

  • Pikes

    No movie studio will hire her now without mandatory drug testing. Career=Over

  • Lo

    this will just blow over.
    nobody cares..

  • Lo

    yep her career is over just like Kate Moss’ career…right you wish!

  • Whatever

    I’m not shocked about all the men she reportedly slept with…. except for Joaquin! If true, it must’ve been a lapse of judgement – maybe it was an “I’m-horny-let’s-fuck-and-run” moment for him. Oh well, can’t blame him – we all have “what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking” days. It’s not like she was “Ms. Right” for him, rather “Ms. Right Now” hahahaha.

  • anon.

    You aren’t “cured” with the kind of outpatient “rehab” Lindsay got. This isn’t surprising, it’s just very sad. I don’t feel sorry for her, but I have a feeling she is going end badly. No parental guidance ever, she’s just been a family meal ticket. Lindsay has talent. She could have done so much. She needs serious intervention. While I’m sure she has been with lots of guys, I think her celebrity “list” is a “wish list” more than anything else.

  • Kelsey

    it doesnt look like lindsay! ( black hair) i think its just someone playing her. but still, if this was true it would not suprise me at ALL!

  • Amara

    Sad to say but this will probably do wonders for her career. Look at what happened with Kate Moss. The best thing that happened to her career was being caught snorting. Look at how many people ran out and purchased her hack Top Shop collection?

    No one expects anything from Lindsay anyway, other than to watch her downward spiral and have her pathetic little life made into an E True Hollywood story expose. Then all the questions will be asked like. Why didn’t someone come to her aid? Or, how did it get to this point? I hate that I’m even posting on this little twit. People like her make me sick. Yet, the press continue to put them on the cover of magazines and millions of young girls admire them.

  • Lucie

    Goodness me. If she really did sleep with Joaquin Phoenix and James Franco, I will be severely disappointed in them. But the James Blunt thing I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true, just cos I think he’s a whiney idiot.

  • noneya

    I don’t believe it about Joaquin. NO WAY! say it isn’t so she is so gross

  • piper, with a low

    So does this mean that Dina Lohan won’t get that gig on The View?

    Oh, chucky darn!

  • dsa

    stupid shit, hate her!!! bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek !!!! grouseeeeeeee

  • hollyword

    she also has red hair.

  • Courtney

    To above, the one with the black hair is her friend. Linds is giving her the coke with her finger. THAT IS HER!
    I have to say Im really dissapointed, me being a big fan, I obviously know she has some party issues but I REALLY hope this story gets HUGE so she can really get some help. I hope this just doesnt blow over. I hope People magazine gets this story going too. Now, we have the photos to prove she has an addiction and its not just stories.

  • kmillz

    really sad…..she use to be a good girl before she tried to be down with Paris Hilton and her too live crew

  • Irishgirl

    It is sad. Drugs are so bad. What is lindsay doing, messing around with coke. She is being stupid.

  • S

    I dont believe she was with Joaquin or James Franco. I see Lindsay, but I dont see her actually snorting anything

  • angelah

    she’ll get her deviated septum fixed i n the near future :twisted:

  • angelinammm

    jail! with other skanks Hilton, Nicole, etc..

  • angelinammm


  • supernova

    It is known that to use this drug from very first time and every time does kill braincells you can not recover anymore, so let them do their end alone, lets not continue to have any interest in them….

  • Kimmmm

    As shocking as this is….


  • Anon

    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe half that list… those are probably her “dream” guys… most of them are far too respectable to ever consider doing anything with Lohan other than a movie and that’s just because they get paid… Unless her friend meant she paid all of those guys to have sex with her? I might consider that…

  • Shimmeringdew

    It doesn’t even look like she has her finger at the other girls nose it looks like she is doing something with her eye.
    I am not a fan of Lindsay – but come on…JJ this should not even be on here as it doesn’t show “Lindsay” “using” anything. As for the friend, who knows what that is in that hand or where to the face its being applied.
    This is why I hate tabloid use…unless its 100% real – proven – or true …why help the girls already bad name…
    This “posting” is just about as worse as picking up the Enquirer.
    The pics here could have so been edited and what not….
    My opinion said……………………………..

  • Cyndi


    yeah, she’s really snorting coke…………….Not. Dumb idiot who shot these could not get an actual picture of Lindsay snorting anything. Some other chick is getting it in her nose, while Lindsay is either sitting on a toilet or talking 2 another women in the bathroom stall. Maybe next time World of the News try to accuse plp, they can get it right. Jared, watch out or you might be sued for unfounded allegation.


    The list of names will hurt her more than the cocaine allegations. Oddly enough, if true, and Lohan has been bragging about doing those guys, that would probably hurt her worse than the cocaine allegations.

    Those guys have established respectable careers, and if they in fact have all been notches on her belt – I’m sure they would be mortified at people finding out.

    What will happen is, those guys will certainly make sure they are not caught dead with her — and more importantly, any prominent actor/director/producer who hasn’t hit it and doesn’t want people to think he has, will immediately nix her from worthwhile projects.

    It may have already started to happen, perhaps that’s why Sienna Miller (ironic) got a part Lindsey had supposedly sewn up. I was amazed Lindsey with her rep had gotten a movie like that anyway — it just proves to me, that the casting couch is alive and well in Hollywood. If Lindsey was ticking off names of hot young actor conquests, you can best believe she didn’t stop there.

    If this is some friend trying to extort her, or tell lies, she needs to come out strong and deny it.

  • james

    lindsay will never be kate haha but i still love that bitch xx

  • missf

    joaquin phoenix?


    anyway, im surprised that anyone is surprised by this think. she’s never looked sober.

  • anonaona

    she’s so cool.

  • http://- lina

    well it really could be a fake, cos the drug pics doesnt show her face… but i wouldn’t wonder… every rumour has its true and the one about lindsay’s using drugs isn’t only a rumour since the rehab, so it could be true.. but looks more like a fake to me.

  • Alan

    As a real fan,How’s about a peace pipe?
    Every reason one’s have for doping is only good for that One.
    All things happen together for good,let’s jus’hope she’s gonna be able to Love.
    Anyways,what could anyone say about Marilyn or Anna or Elvis that’ll bring them back?Fly and be Free!

  • jcharm

    if she really had sex with james franco, how could that be? she only met him last year in early june at her movie premiere, then all the rumors came out that they were dating, but before the premiere, i saw pictures of him and ahna(current gf) together on the set of spiderman 2. and james girlfriend is not even starring in spiderman 2.???????????????????????

  • Truthyness

    I bet just about everyone in Hollywood is doing coke and shagging anyone they can. They are all drugged out whores!

  • andré

    i’m shocked.

    she’s actually a lil bit sluttie, han?

  • namerequired

    how come 5 out of 7 of the guys’ names start with J. what about you Jared. ha ha ha ha.

  • Ria

    This girl is a mess. She is listing all those guys because she knows they would look bad if they call her a liar. She might have wanted to sleep with them but it is a question mark if she really did.

    James Franco already dissed her and short of calling her an outright liar, Jude already said he has never hooked up with her and that it was all in her head. She did follow him to New York but if people actually read what was said about the two of them, all they did was hang out at The Box with her mom and friends.

  • bowow

    I can’t believe this girl gets so much press. Maybe people are fascinated by coke heads, but is it necessary to post her picture on all the blogs?

    It only encourages her to act out. Obviously Lindsay is in need of serious help and therapy.

    She’s not a good actress on coke, get help!

  • Emilia

    Shit what a surprise.

  • Dr Jube

    Life experience has instilled in me a very finely-tuned cokehead radar. Are any of you seriously suprised?? At all???

  • berlin

    okay, aside from the pictures of her standing or sitting, you really can’t tell if that’s her stuffing the friend’s nose. right? how stupid is this.

  • kay

    lmao, i love all you idiots that are like “you can’t tell it’s her doing anything!” get out of denial, honestly.

  • Oh boo

    Oh boo. Everyone in LA is doing coke around the clock. Big surprise that she is too. lets cry ourselves to sleep now. Everyone?

  • so siiiiick

    Lindsay is such a dumb slut she makes me sick