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Nicole Kidman: Take Your Daughter to Work Day!

Nicole Kidman: Take Your Daughter to Work Day!

Nicole Kidman returns to work on the Sydney set of Australia Monday morning dressed in proper equestrian gear including riding boots and jodhpurs (tight-fitting trousers).

The Oscar-winning actress was accompanied by 14-year-old daughter, Isabella Cruise. (Her blue streaks look like they’re fading already!)

Nicole, 39, was last seen on the Sydney set of Australia 2 1/2 weeks ago dancing with co-star Hugh Jackman. She practiced her horseback riding skills early last month at Sydney’s Centennial Park.

The Aussie A-list actress was last seen enjoying family cruise with hubby Keith Urban and close friends and family yesterday.

Below are scans from Australia’s OK! magazine with basically the same pictures posted here last week from The Strickland House.

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nicole kidman isabella cruise australia set 01
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84 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Take Your Daughter to Work Day!”

  1. 1
    Lila Says:

    Nic looks a little like Michael Jackson in those pics.

  2. 2
    In Lurking Mode Says:

    Nice to see Nic with her daughter. So much love. I wish the the very best.

  3. 3
    Liz Says:

    Glad to see Bella enjoying time with her mother. Now every one should stop going on and on about how Tom refuses her to have the kids. I don’t think the die was parmanent.

  4. 4
    ColeWoodson Says:

    See Nicole is a good mom!! I can’t believe how old Isabella is! So sweet.

  5. 5
    maxine Says:

    Bella is clearly happy to be with her mom. Maybe she put her foot down and demanded to spend some time with Nicole? Good for her, she looks much more at ease than with Katie.. oops.. “Kate”. At least Nicole has a close relationship with her.

  6. 6
    Lucy Says:

    Nicole is gorgeous in that outfitt.Bella is a beautiful girl

  7. 7
    mandy Says:

    i love Nicole and i can’t wait to see Australia!Sound like an Oscar contender!

  8. 8
    Louise Says:

    “Maybe she put her foot down and demanded to spend some time with Nicole”-pathetic your comment Maxime!

  9. 9
    Pelgar boy Says:

    God, people critize Kidman when she isn’t with her kids, but when she is with them she is critize again!Decide please!!!!

  10. 10
    patheticLouise Says:

    What’s so pahetic about that comment?

  11. 11
    natalie Says:

    I know a photo op when I see one! Think back to the poor Nic articles that were recently published stating that Tom, the evil ex, was keeping her children from her. Tom had to send the kids whether they wanted to go or not – otherwise she would have tarnished his image even more. Spending time with her daughter – hardly – remember, she is filming a movie! Also, seriously, what teenager holds their mom’s hand!?!?!

  12. 12
    natalie Says:

    maxine, please, the kids love Katie. They look more happy when they are with her!

  13. 13
    Gidget Says:

    Just another (yawn) photo op for the Kidmans. Big deal.

  14. 14
    lela Says:

    They look happy with Tom and Katie cos they are oe big happy family. i love how the friends who have been defending Tiny tom and his beard call Isabella and Connor Katie’s kids. bet you if they break up the next wife will also take on the role of mothe. Puhleese!!

  15. 15
    pr person Says:

    “Tom had to send the kids whether they wanted to go or not – otherwise she would have tarnished his image even more.” HAHAHAHAHA….. Tom is pretty good at tarnishing his own image, Nicole doesn’t have to do a thing.

    Nicole and Isabella hold hands all the time… maybe it their thing.

    Nobody knows how those kids feel about Katie. It isn’t like they have actually come out and said that they love her/dislike her. I’m sure it is alot more complicated than some would like to believe.

  16. 16
    Ringo Says:

    I still hold my mum’s hand occassionally and I’m 19. This photo is obviously taken from afar as it’s quite blurry, I don’t think it’s staged. Could it just be they’re both touchy people? I think it’s sweet.

  17. 17
    Daisy Says:

    Yes these photos were taken from afar & I agree unless you are actually the people in a relationship no matter what it is does anyone but you know how you feel!

  18. 18
    Ringo Says:

    Nicole holds hands all of the time with Naomi, of course people have accused them of being big lesbos so maybe she should keep her hands to herself hence forth lol.

  19. 19
    You're Scaring Me Says:

    Man, her lips are huge! This movie is called “Ugly In The Wind” right? Good title.

  20. 20
    rachel Says:

    no, its australia.

    and bella and nicole loook absolutely BEAUTIFUL. thanks for the pics! bella looks oh so more happy with her mommy.

  21. 21
    koala Says:

    Nicole fans always defend Nicole by saying she is so private and that is why you don’t see her with the kids, unlike Tom who they claim uses them for publicity. And yet, Bella has been photographed everyday since she arrived in Australia.
    I’m glad that Nicole is spending time with Bella, and hope that people stop accusing her of never spending time with her kids, but I also hope that people stop accusing Tom of pimping the kids out when they are seen with him, becasue Bella has already been photographed 3 times in less than 1 week, which is more than we see her when she is wiht Tom.

  22. 22
    koala Says:

    I also find it pathetic how people feel the need to argue about who Bella is happierr with. She obviously has 2 parents who love her, and 2 step-parents who lover, and she looks happy with them all!

  23. 23
    be honest Says:

    the kid is not cute.

  24. 24
    koala Says:

    * love her

  25. 25
    foolishppl Says:

    it’s pathetic how the tomkat fans think,(as i’m sure all the bad comment is from them that’s what they know how to do best run ppl down like thier flipping hero TC) cos it’s obvious tomkat photo op themselves and can’t deny it anymore, now everyone is doing thesame, cos i don’t understand a mother and child holding hands is a problem,or jealous cos as much as TC and his fans want KH to be seen as the mom to make NIC look bad, the kids are not into her that much considering all the time they supposedly(according to TC)spend together, yet just a fews hours with THEIR REAL MUM you can see the love and affection just shows no matter how hard(TC) try the “mother child bond can never be broken” so try on but they will never luv KH as they love their mom, oviously she’s their step and dad’s new wife but that’s as far as it will ever go.So you TC/KH/TOMKAT can fans
    can drop dead world is sick and tired of you lot and

    NATALIE the only time i’ve seen those kids that happy is when they’re with their own friends playing soccer not with TC especially KH so snap out of ur disillusions and see things for what they really are(thought KH was the only one being drugged apparently the world is wrong about that as the TC fans have all also gone XENU)

  26. 26
    Sandbitch Says:

    All this celebrity hand-holding is really starting to give me the sh*ts…

  27. 27
    natalie Says:

    Sandbitch – you nailed it right on the head!

  28. 28
    ISA Says:

    Nic is happy with Isabella, Isabella is happy with Nic.

    Tom’s fans should be disappointed with this, lamentable, this is not a competition.

  29. 29
    Me Says:

    They are adorable, now Bella and Connor has a true family, good for them.

  30. 30
    jess Says:

    I don’t think Tom’s fans give a flying **** about kidman: she’s dead
    see, nobody goes to her movies anymore, actually, they never did

    they mostly see Mrs Tussauds’s wax face :) poor isabella! her mom is a freak!

  31. 31
    Minavito Says:

    That poor girl is really tough to look at. Sorry, but she’s completely lost when it comes to style or gracefulness.

  32. 32
    ju Says:

    They are so adorable, thanks JJ

  33. 33
    Ve Says:

    You are right, ISA and foolishppl, Tom’s fans are pathetic.

    Nic is happy finally.

  34. 34
    Sara Says:

    Jess: I do go and see Nicoles movies, I love Nicole and think she is a great actress, I have been a Nicole fan for along time. I dont understand peoples problem with her, or Keith Urban, you dont know them so you do not have any idea of how they are like, it is not fair to judge a person you dont know. Nicoles seems to be a good mother, and just because she is not seen with Isabella and Connor as often they are seen with Tom Cruise dosnt mean she dosnt see them.

    I have nothing against Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and I dont think it is fair judging them either we dont know them,

    they are all people just like ous but happens to be famous, so they have the right to their privacy to

  35. 35

    In Lurking Mode Says:
    May 7th, 2007 at 12:27 pm – flag comment

    So much love.
    How in the hell can you see “so much love” from one damn photo.

  36. 36

    Liz Says:
    May 7th, 2007 at 12:28 pm – flag comment

    Now every one should stop going on and on about how Tom refuses her to have the kids.
    Child, these morons always want to blame Tom for Nicole’s neglect as a mother. Tom has never stopped Nicole from seeing those children, she is just too busy for them.

  37. 37
    maxine Says:

    Sheesh! I meant Bella wanted to be with Nicole and either her or both of them forced Tom to let Bella spend some time with her mom. That’s ALL I meant by my comment. It was meant to be positive. Nicole’s fanatics are a bit over-sensitive.

  38. 38

    You people are so childish. Why is it that if you criticize Nicole you must be a Tom fan.
    I think Nicole is a gawky, unattractive, pasty, poor mother, who does not have must time for her children. So there! That does not have anything to do with Tom. I am not a fan of either of them.

  39. 39
    Love Says:


    Nicole is entitled of being happy, be not so envious.
    Don’t worry with to Nic, be happy too.

  40. 40
    [Fug Face........] Says:

    Ever since – boozer, every time I see nicole she looks more ridiculous than the last.

  41. 41
    You're Scaring Me Says:

    This movie would stand a better chance of being good if she wasn’t in it. She has a knack for ruining movies. So simple-minded that Nicole fans think you must be a Tom fan if you don’t like her.

  42. 42
    katieee Says:


    then why the hell are you here looking at photo’s of her.

    Piss off. Gosh.

    They look like a loving mother and daughter ..

    it annoys me so much. people critizing her and her daughter.

    You dont know her!!

    You never will!

  43. 43
    Jane Says:

    It’s tough for any kid whose parents share custody. The reality is that they can’t be at Tom’s place in LA and with Nicole in Australia at the same time. It doesn’t mean one parent loves them more, it just means they can’t be two places at once. Luckily both Tom and Nicole seem to be sincerely trying to do what’s best for their children rather than fighting amongst themselves.

    These kids have have acquired two step-parents and a half sister in the past year. Hopefully they’ll learn to love all of them!

  44. 44
    Aussie Says:

    Actually nicole kidman and her kids get a tonne of photos taken in australia because the photogogs never leave kidman alone when shes at home. Nicole kidman IS australias biggest star and because of that she never gets a moments peace. She is to australia’s photographers what angelina jolie is to americas. The highest paying photo

  45. 45
    WTF Says:

    Isabella & Nicole actually ARE together.

    When GMD is photographed he is with zombie bride AT the kid’s functions NOT WITH the kids themselves. When they walk the kids are 2-3 feet behind the couple as they kiss and grope eachother.

  46. 46
    Juno Says:

    Thanks Jared.

    For those of you who do not like Nicole or Keith, why can’t you just SKIP this thread or any of their threads. If I don’t like a particular star, I will NOT waste one iota minute in their threads. I skip them. PERIOD. You are here because you are curious and full of ENVY. And the only way to make yourselves feel better is to undermine and vent your venom when it’s really anger towards yourself. GUT FEEL you probably want to look like her. Maybe your all short and squat and lipless and cannot afford BOTOX because you are already behind in paying your monthly dial-up. GROW UP!!!!!!

  47. 47
    You're Scaring Me Says:

    Want to look like HER??? You are crazy woman! Hahahahahaha!

  48. 48
    gizmatage Says:

    Post #30 jess — Please, you’re delusional if you think people don’t go to Kidman’s movies anymore. There’s a reason why she’s very famous coz though she might not be well loved in America, she’s more of an international actress than a lot of American celebrities.

    Having said that — I don’t want to criticize both “mothers” — Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes — all I know is that if kids of divorced could be happy still with their mothers and also step-mothers, then we all should be happy. Too many hatred in th is world, let’s all just be happy.

  49. 49
    Original jpf Says:

    Love Nicole, and my affection for Bella is growing. She seems like a sweet girl.


  50. 50
    Minavito Says:

    I was referring to Isabella when I wrote “that poor girl is tough to look at”, not Nicole.

    Plus her posture stinks.

  51. 51
    katieee Says:

    Minavito your are a cruel and spitful person. I feel sorry for you.

  52. 52
    dayday Says:

    wow bella looks so happy in those pics!

  53. 53
    natalie Says:

    Juno – if you think we are envious of Nic, you have another thing coming. I’ll take my looks over her’s anyday. I am comfortable with my appearance that I don’t need to pump bacteria into my body to make it look – um, I’ll use the word “better” very loosely here. I would never guess her to be the same person she was 15 years ago. Just imagine what that face will look like 15 years from now! Don’t give her the mother of the year award yet! Remember she said it herself that she doesn’t have time for her kids because of her career and spending time with Keith in Nashville. Hmm, they haven’t lived in Nashville for over six months, and she just recently started filming, so what has been her excuse for not seeing the kids since when – shortly after her marriage? We know she didn’t spend the Christmas holidays with them again. And please, please don’t blame Tom for this – if he is violating their divorce decree, she could easily take him back to court! Sorry this is so long!

  54. 54
    Noone Says:

    Could it be that Isabella is just happy to be free for a few days?
    In LA she will be homeschooled by Tiny Tom’s sister in Scientology fashion, not even by a teacher. The only time she is out is for her soccer games. And she is driven by a big van with tinted windows.

  55. 55
    Marie Says:

    These naysayers are the SAME PEOPLE who go all over the web and track down Nic and Keith’s pictures and post the same criticisms. They must have a saved file in their PC, cut and paste the same words to every article about the couple. I tracked hundreds of them now and there will be more, I am sure.

    My advice to Nic and Keith’s fans is to completely ignore them. Don’t try and argue with them nor respond to their posts. These people have no common sense, have brains of a six-year old, and tend to blabber incessantly; certainly, no interest in others point of view. From what I’ve read about this type of behavior, the person is: a loner; no self-esteem; can’t get along with others; not doing well academically; and the internet is only one outlet for their misery.

    Again, this group will continue to pop up in every Keith & Nic article. PLEASE REMEMBER TO IGNORE THEM. Better yet, don’t read their posts.

  56. 56
    Miller Says:

    I thought Nic was oh so careful about having her kids photographed so that’s why we never see pictures. Looks like she doesn’t care anymore and brings them out for these photo ops only. A true family? HA Nic doesn’t know what a family is.

    Her face looks weird. Plastic and fake. Not a pretty look.

  57. 57
    Deb Says:

    These people have no common sense, have brains of a six-year old, and tend to blabber incessantly; certainly, no interest in others point of view. From what I’ve read about this type of behavior, the person is: a loner; no self-esteem; can’t get along with others; not doing well academically; and the internet is only one outlet for their misery.

    Marie Marie Marie..That’s usually what we say about you dumb bunnies who believe everything Nickers and her PR spin..:)

  58. 58
    natalie Says:

    I’d like to add my two cents to Marie. I am the COMPLETE opposite of the people you describe with “this type of behavior”. I also don’t see things for what they appear to be. I am not gullible! I have heard in the video of the happy family walking down the sidewalk that one of the girls say to the other, “Aren’t we suppose to hold hands now?” Real or fake family – you figure that one out!

  59. 59
    pr person Says:

    Above you said “maxine, please, the kids love Katie. They look more happy when they are with her!” So if you don’t see things for what they appear to be, how are you able to make a comment like that?

  60. 60
    natalie Says:

    Here’s where my academics come into play! Kids don’t lie when it comes to how they feel about people. All you have to do is look at their faces/body language – not TomKat’s and not Nic’s face to see how the kids feel about who they are with. Look at their body language at the Nick Awards and compare that to their body language when they are photographed sitting next to Katie at a sports event. It is very obvious that Katie is significant in their lives! Holding hands is all staged – do you not see a pattern with her niece/nephew and now Bella? It will be interesting to see if Connor will have to hold her hand too when he gets over there. Pictures can be worth 1,000 words when they aren’t used for a photo op!

  61. 61
    pr person Says:

    HAHAHAHA…. So using your logic “holding hands is all staged” then holy cow… Tomkat must be staging every single picture I have seen them in.

    Isabella clearly loves her mother; the issue with Katie is more than likely alot more complicated. Not to say that Isabella doesn’t “like” her, but “love”… not so sure.

  62. 62
    natalie Says:

    Interesting . . . I guess I haven’t noticed Tom ever holding their (Bella/Connor) hands. And yes, hand-holding is staged with Nic – watch the video and you will hear the comment!

  63. 63
    pr person Says:

    I have seen pictures of Tom with his arm around his children. I have also seen pictures of him holding his daughters hand. Ahhhhhhh…. I see, so it is only “staged” if it is Nicole.

    Did you ever stop and think that maybe the girls were goofing off for the photog’s? Being silly..? That would be my first thought. Not that the pictures were “staged” or that it is a “fake family”.

  64. 64
    rachel Says:

    watch the video and you will hear the comment?

    nice try. I have, out loud, the loudest in my volume. NOT TRUE AT ALL.
    and first off, if they did actually say that, how would you know? now that’s called pure hatred. your either a tom or katie fan to hate her deliberately for saying that, plus how you say how she’s happier with her dad and her stepmom.

    wow natalie. nice try. stop trying to get the negative out of nicole and her daughter.
    Course you wouldn’t see Tom holding bella and connor anymore. he’s too busy groping his new wife at soccer games and either with new born alien child. poor bella and connor. they should go home to their mom.

  65. 65
    rachel Says:

    and I’d like to point that Nicole is like the Angelina Jolie or the Julia Roberts in Australia and all other parts of Europe, especially Paris and London – the UK and Italy. She did several ads outside the country and that made her famous out there. She’s well loved everywhere but not noticed in the US because of cruise and whatever his wife’s name is probably and their new child seems to be profounded by the media.

    I honestlly did go with the media and did think that it looked like an alien. Cruise used to be hot, now I don’t know about his wife. Haven’t seen her up close.

    And vividly, they wouldn’t even see these paparazzi’s taking their picture. The paparazzi’s are up high. These aren’t “staged.” Isabella clearly look happy. This picture bought internationally would probably cost 1 million dollars. She might be no use in the US because apparently half the people here are fawning over tom cruise with new wife and child, and have “forgotten” about nicole – but internationally, she’s more loved. Which is good.

    Who’s a UN ambassador? Who’s a UNICEF australian ambassador? Who donated charity ON THEIR WEDDING DAY to the Sydney Hospital?
    Right. Nicole.

    What did cruise and whatever his new wife’s name is do so far up to donating money or helping others? or be in a position to help others?
    none from what I’ve known.

  66. 66
    natalie Says:

    “new born alien child” – now that’s a REAL sweet comment about an innocent baby – especially when she is one of the cutest babies out there!

    UN ambassador – don’t EVEN get me started on that story.

    They donated money from their wedding picture to the Sydney Hospital. Did you hear the pathectic amount that was donated because there was absolutely no interest in the picture? Who did they get that idea from – Brad and Angelina, and they raised a heck of a lot more money! Nic thought she could get the same amount of money, but go figure – paparazzi aren’t even getting the high bucks for pics of the royal Aussie couple!

  67. 67
    BRENDA Says:

    AMEN SISTER!!!!!

  68. 68
    pr person Says:

    Who cares about the $$ amount?! Or who donated more, or who raised more money….. Are you kidding me?! It is the fact that whatever money was made was donated to a hospital for petes sake.

  69. 69
    natalie Says:

    Yep, she is wonderful. She let’s you know every charity event she is involved in so you don’t forget. She cared more about the publicity generated by this wonderful gift of money instead of just giving the donation quietly – no press release of the donation would have been classy!

  70. 70
    pr person Says:

    OMG! How do you know that she cared more about the publicity that was generated? The fact is, you don’t.

    And now it is a “wonderful gift of money” and right before that it was “a pathetic amount that was donated”? Quit contradicting yourself and being so wishy, washy.

  71. 71
    natalie Says:

    You obviously don’t know sarcasm when you hear it! If that gift was made entirely out of the goodness of her heart, it would not have been a publicized ordeal!

  72. 72
    katieee Says:

    Natalie, your making an absolute idiot out of yourself! do you have any idea how thick you sound? haha.. tosser.

    And btw if you HATE nicole so much.. why do you watch videos of her and look at pictures of her? have you got some weird kinky habit or somthing??


  73. 73
    natalie Says:

    No, I’m not kinky, but Nic does a pretty good job of being kinky herself – have you seen her movies?

    Interesting that I haven’t taken any personal bashes at you, but yet you have no problem attacking posters that don’t think the same way as you do. You even make sick and sad remarks about an innocent baby! All I have to say is that Nic’s fans are one classy bunch – just like her! Oh, and that is sarcasm!

  74. 74
    pr person Says:

    So according to you, Nat, that Christmas Tree donation to that family, last Christmas, by Katie; was staged and not done out of the goodness of her heart, as it was a “publicized ordeal”. To quote you, “She cared more about the publicity generated by this wonderful gift of money(mine: Christmas Tree/presents) instead of just giving the donation quietly – no press release of the donation would have been classy!”

  75. 75
    katieee Says:

    well it really seems like you do.. if i dislike a celeb i dont stalk there videos and pics. And write abuse on it.

    yes i don’t mind attacking black hearted people. I mean i seriously dont understand WHY YOU ARE HERE.

    go to a celeb you like!! and post nice comments on them. Dont be cruel.

    And i have never sad anything about tomkat’s baby. Thankyou very much.

    yes *clap clap* for you witty sarcasm *cough*

    get over youself.

  76. 76
    Mire Says:

    Nic needs to be seen with Bella she’s trying to make people think she’s a good mom she’s a joke and needs to go to rehab so she can brake the botox habit she’s like a crackhead with that stuff. Poor Keith maybe he will find someone young to have a baby with when he’s on tour.

  77. 77
    Mire Says:

    Nic put down the needle and back away far away!!!!!!! And til your make-up person to take a hike…… eek eek eek

  78. 78
    katieee Says:

    get a life mire.

  79. 79
    LILY Says:

    Get a clue katieee!!!!

  80. 80
    katieee Says:

    chime out LILY !!

  81. 81
    kiti Says:

    They’re comfortable and cute together.

  82. 82
    aLLIE Says:

    its sooo sweet and beatiful for bella to love her mommy sooooooo much . nicole kidman must be sooo proud of her daughter to be who she is and during nicoles wedding bella said don’t worry momma i will walk with you down the aisle. how sweet

  83. 83
    Allie Says:

    i wish i were nicoles baby girl i love her she loves kids and she believes in god her husband keith love her and is going to be a great daddy the baby that nicole is going to have will love mommy and daddy for good.And conor and I are both 13 and we have a lot in common we are both tomboys speaking he is a boy w love horses who does i loooooooooove horses we make a great team.Bella and i are pals we love soccer and shopping and m hair has blue streaks.I wish i was their family love em

  84. 84
    jANE Says:


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