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Paris & Nicole: Harper's Bazaar Cover Girls

Paris & Nicole: Harper's Bazaar Cover Girls

Legally challenged Simple Life stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are the cover girls for the Harper’s Bazaar June 2007 issue.

“I think I get in more trouble just because of who I am,” Paris tells Harper’s Bazaar in an interview before her 45-day sentence in the slammer. “The cops do it all the time. They’ll just pull me over to hit on me. It’s really annoying. They’re like, ‘What’s your phone number? Want to go to dinner?’”

Adds the hotel heiress, “They just pull me over, and the paparazzi, of course, take a picture. All the time. I have so many cops’ business cards. If it’s the weekend, I have parties at my house because only cheese-balls go out on the weekend.”

Nicole was busted on DUI charges of her own back in December.

Reports The Daily News, “Wearing zebra-print outfits meant to resemble jail stripes the two starlets are pictured in a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot running from models dressed as policemen.”

Harper’s Bazaar June 2007 hits newsstands May 22.

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  • Mmmmm

    Gosh she (Paris) is so full of herself and she is not even hot, she look like Woodstock or any bird for that matter. Jail time will do her some good … just goes to show you can be rich but still be white trash.

  • NicoleRocks

    Thanks Jared! Hopefully we get scans too. Can’t wait to see the photoshoot
    Great Cover! The best duo out there.
    I could watch Simple Life for days….
    Nicole is so beautiful :) with Foxy.

    Free Paris!

  • Anadin

    paris looks reasonable, nicole looks sick ewwwww.

  • madison

    Harper’s is quickly losing credibility, surprise surprise!

  • BettY

    The Both Look Really Good!!!!:):)Im soo looking forward to the rest of the pictures and the interview!!!yey!

  • viki

    wtf are those trashes doing on the cover of bazaar??

  • SkankyHO

    That Bi*tch needs needs to spend 45 days in jail…maybe she will learn something during her many many hours of staring at the walls in her jail cell.

  • rebecca

    Nicole looks strange…These two really didn’t deserve to be on the cover. Everyone is so sick of them… Aren’t there any other cute celebrities in the world left?

  • Sandbitch

    There’s only one cute dog in that pic..

  • Mia

    Harpars Bazaar has just cheapened their image having them to on their cover

  • k.c

    I’m totally going to boycott Bazaar magazine now… They’re celebrating two morons who endangered the live of others (drunk driving)? That’s stupid.

  • nonoa

    the only cute b**ches were the dogs

  • Eathan

    This is the US edition? I can’t believe Glenda Bailey allowed this!

  • Eathan

    This is the US edition? If it is, i can’t believe Glenda Bailey allowed this!

  • NicoleRocks

    Yees it is.
    And she she did.

    Annd ofcourse who wouldn’t.
    So excited about the cover….looks gorg!

  • [Fug Face........]

    Other than her going to Jail, is paris really thread-worthy?

  • bowow

    Exactly so many more deserving actresses and musicians.

    Hey how about some one of african american, asian or latino
    descent on Harpers? I challenge the editors.

  • Courtney

    Im SOO sick of Hilton, there are new pics of her getting high at coachella (click my name to see them)
    She thinks she can do anything she wants anywhere. Im glad shes going to jail.

  • [Fug Face........]

    I wouldnt mind seeing some more african american thread period.

  • inhirnamy137

    Talented Asian, African-American and Latin actress can barely get covers, yet these two drunk driving, no talented, POW camp skinny wenches can get a cover, Iam so glad beak-nose is going to jail.

  • inhirnamy137

    BOW WOW- I don’t even read your comment before I post my message….LOL!

  • Maniston Fans: MOVE ON

    Talented Asian, African-American and Latin actress can barely get covers, yet these two drunk driving, no talented, POW camp skinny wenches can get a cover, Iam so glad beak-nose is going to jail.
    How about top models?? These annoying actresses have taken over the covers from top models. I would have rather seen the likes of Doutzen Kroes, Caroline Trentini, or Jessica Stam on this cover instead of two bad role models for teenage girls in North America.

  • Jules

    Great, lets feed her ego even more!

  • inhirnamy137

    #22 A Top Model would be nice, but I would take the dogs being on the cover over Paris n Nicole.

  • Lilac

    Hahaha… Breaking/ thinking you’re above the law is just sooooo funny, isn’t it Paris & Nicole? Pathetic. creatures.

  • ZzaRaZza

    FUGLY cover


    Paris says: Only cheeseballs go out on the weekends????

    Note to Paris: some people actually have something called a J-O-B, you know,
    (a “real” J-O-B) which we do during the week which leaves the weekend free to go out! Gawd, she’s a dufus!

  • mickey

    That poor little dog. Paris is ugly inside and out. Nicole is just useless.

  • hena

    Can’t these bitches go away?????


    I hope the 10 people who subscribe to Harper’s BIZARRE, drop their subscriptions after this.

    Love her logic re breaking the law and getting pulled over constantly….

    :lol: — If that’s the case, shouldn’t Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johannsen, Natalie Portman and the 99% of the REST of the female populace who LOOKS WAAAAY BETTER than skanky big bird wonky-eyed lookin’ PARIS HILTON, have stacks of tickets, arrest warrants, and suspended licenses ALSO??

    The letters and cancelled subscriptions they will get. This was a mistake of the HUGEST proportions.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    No one will buy this magazine because she or they are on the cover. They are completely annoying and pointless. Somehow the media thinks the public has some interest in these two. In reality, they are the least interesting “celebrities”, self involved, self perpetuating, and unaware of the mass distain they provoke. And OH! The police pull her over to HIT ON HER!! To quote Rosie: “Deluuusionallllll!!”

  • bowow

    inhirnamy137 , that’s what everyone should be thinking. more diversity in the us media.

    although i guess magazine sales are way down due to the internet sites like this

    what about:

    america what’s her name

    zoey deschanel

    jenny lewis

    beth ditto

    that chick who should have played mariaane pearl

    parker poey

    tina fey



  • AndrĂ©

    I liked it..both of them look rly cute.

    paris smoking pot at coachella was kinda lame.

  • meee

    Those ugly bitches are on the cover of a magazine??


  • dingdongdell

    way to go harper’s bazaar….putting two criminals on your cover. yes..driving while drinking is a crime. think of the potential dangers they put all other people. maybe if they killed or maimed someone they could get a star on the walk of fame. paris and nicole are two worthless users of space on this earth.

  • um

    The cover of the magazine is spectacular because of the cute little doggie!

  • Lo

    i love Paris and Nicole.
    so gorg on the cover :)
    Nicole and Foxy beautiful as usual.

    P.S. Free Paris!!!!
    She doesn’t deserve this.
    I’m confident in the appeal process :)

  • Jill

    My God, is Harper’s Bazaar THAT hard up for a cover? They’ve just given me one more reason never to buy or subcribe to the magazine; the main reason being that it’s a poor imitation of Vogue.

    I remember back in the day when Harper’s Bazaar was a really excellent fashion magazine, emphasizing class and glamour. Then their new editor, the late Liz Tilberis, decided it was all about “youth and ectomorphism” (her words) and brought down the level of the magazine to the college-age set. Now they act like they are trying to give “Life and Style” a run for their money. Next thing you know they’ll be featuring articles about how to fix your trailer up.

  • Lo

    Just Jared please keep up the great work and continue reporting on the celeb you report on.

    Anyone that doesn’t like it should find a new blog

    Gisele is the highest paid super model. period.
    How can she be overrated?

    Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are always in high demand.

    If you don’t like them thats your problem…stop trying to spread your stupid assumptions.

    Nobody cares except you appearently about the so called today’s top models. why don’t you start a new blog about them yourself!

    I love Jessica Stam but i only wanna see her on the runway sorry. Top Magazines know what people want. The haters will always claim they are being trashy! really d.o.o.f.u.s.

    If you knew about the personal lives of this so called topmodels…i’m sure they wouldn’t be any different from s regular celebrity.


    Think now she believes that those cops really stalk her! :D

    Poor Paris, if she had more brains she wouldn’t hit jail. But, yeah, she’s a blonde.

  • Amy R.

    Right. Because only cheeseballs have to work during the week.

  • Liz

    Paris is so conceited. She is NOT pretty or attractive at all! I love Nicole though :).

  • Liz

    She’s so full of herself. What a way to piss off the entire police department. Hey Paris, They were just doing their job! Any person speeding down the highway in a Bentley with the lights out would get pulled over.

    I was sort of feeling bad for her, but not anymore. Now, I think her doing a little time in jail will give her a much needed dose of reality.

  • io

    Free Paris?? Are you f*cking kidding me? How about stone Paris to death for being a drain on the Earth’s oxygen. Oh, and a little thing like: endangering the lives of others ( had she hit someone with her car no one would be supporting her..or at least no one rational). WTF is up with all these stinking rich b*tches thinking that just b/c they have the dough they can do anything they please? (cue Mama Hilton ranting about how this is a “waste of taxpayers’ money”) Gimme a break. I for one think they should jail her just for squandering the opportunities she had to actually matter in this world.

  • vanishparis

    i love nicole…
    i love simple life just coz nicole seems so real…and not fake like paris…
    paris needs to realize that nicole is now as hot and popular as her…
    really hate paris…she sucks!!!
    deserve the jail..forever if can.

  • mikey

    Thats Hott and anorexic



    YOU 2 ARE SO COOL!!!!!