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Scarlett Johansson @ Costume Institute 2007

Scarlett Johansson @ Costume Institute 2007

Scarlett Johansson in modified Stella McCartney Fall 2007.

To the right, Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam.


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Photos: Getty/Peter Kramer
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  • kyky

    Runway model

  • madison

    She looks like a hooker.

  • sunshineday

    the model

  • Shimmeringdew

    Stella the model – I am not liking Scarletts blond thing going on either…she looks better in darker hair.

  • [Fug Face........]

    That picture of apple-head is at a bad angle.

    The model aka The-bulimic-chick aka Bone-r-us aka aka’s-are-corny looks better.

  • whochangedtherules?

    didn’t “supermodel” used to mean we actually knew about the model AND recognised her? Naomi must be having a fit somewhere.

  • Shoes4life


  • any

    the model!!

  • N


  • Anthony

    Stam,Scarlett looks like a hooker ..trashy and horrible

  • hoho

    STAM rules

  • krufh

    this dress was worn before, i can’t remember who!

  • Ace Tomato

    Roger THAT whochangedtherules.

    When I hear the word supermodel I still see Linda, Christy, Naomi, Cindy, Stephanie . . . you know the rest.

    Kate Moss made it. Giselle made it.

    Even the new crop of well known model names (Gemma, etc) aren’t quite Supermodels yet.

  • Sweet Swede

    Can’t really make my mind up about this dress. Not bad but it does look a bit awkward on Scarlett. In fact, I think it would look weird on anyone except for a model on a runway.

  • lurker opinion

    The dress would be better if a little longer. The model looks better.

  • hehe*

    kirsten dunst wore this dress a while ago w/ her bf =)

  • atropos

    model. scarlett should’ve ditched the fishnets :)

  • rafaela

    yeah kirsten wore it in spidey premiere

  • rebecca

    Gosh! What’s wrong with scarlett? And her shoes and that hairstyle!!

  • krufh

    ohh yeah, kirsten wore this during the premier of spiderman. i believe kirsten was on this event too.

  • terra

    kinda weird

  • Bibi

    Scarlett. The model is so skinny.

  • gala

    Kirsten Dunst wore that dress a few days ago

  • waterhouse

    jessica stam for sure

  • remember da truth

    I think Scarlett looks much better. She takes the playfulness of the dress and does a Varga girl thing with it — that’s why the fishnets. Guess most people here just don’t get it! Her curves fit the dress better, and she has better legs. She has the same shoes as the model, but she took the whole look to a different level and it really works.

  • Jim

    I too agree with a couple of comments above. I think Jared is using the word ” Supermodel ” too much. Half of these models ain’t nothing yet in the fashion world. Even Daria, whom many considered to be the next supermodel since Gisele, is now almost dissapeared from the fashion world. Let’s see how long can Gemma last. Staying power is as important as runway works and covers.

    Btw, the model definitely wore that dress better than Scarlett. I still don’t get why the world is crazy about her. World’s sexiest? Please.

  • guilherme

    I think it looks really good on Scarlett.
    About the “supermodel” thing, I think that all supermodels who did big campaings, appear on the list, and are makeing a lot of succes like: Stam, Gemma, Carol Trentine, Daria can be considered supermodels. Gisele and Moss are what they call Uber models… those who are beyond all that.
    I’m sorry about the english. Correct me if there’s any mistake.

  • jasss

    runway model!

  • Rebecca

    runway model
    scarlett’s legs look unshapely in that dress. it’s too short for her and distracts attention from her best assets.

  • lurker

    Runway model. This dress was made for someone skinny.

  • lala

    MODEL. scarlett looks like she’s taking drink orders by the 5 cent slot machines.

  • AndrĂ©

    and i’m the one that hates Stam..

  • Essie

    Jessica Stam looks way better. I really can never get into ScarJo’s looks. She always looks so much older than she is and so cheap!!! She has never looked fresh and young.

  • yara

    i dont like this scarlett dont know why but she has some talent, but she’s not really pretty.

  • inhirnamy137

    Scar looks overrated as usual the model looks better and classy.

  • anon

    I always go for the real person over the model but this is the exception. It looks MUCH MUCH better on the model, but then again I think my biggest issue is that Scar Jo’s hair and makeup looks completely dreadful.

  • mr.Fisherman

    that fishnets look kind of obscene with that dress. sorry, Scarlett! Jessica rocks that dress, not you!

  • mr.Fisherman

    btw: hate the colour.

  • Juno

    The model but of course! What the he l l was Scarlett thinking – that she can get away wearing this Tinkerbell outfit on her full figure. Geeeeeze!!!

  • Andrew

    She’s a knucklehead, indeed.

    But her body is so intense that she looks better than the vapid, pretend-bored, stick-like neutered “girl” next to her.

    She exudes humor and life, not attitude like the weasel model.

    A man can’t keep his eyes off her in this dress and wouldn’t look twice at the model. It’s about the woman in the dress, not the dress.

  • Michael C


  • whatindaworld

    I believe Scarlett wears it better. Curves are better than bones any day. The supermodel’s legs are almost non-existent she is so skinny. It’s gross I’m sorry that is what I believe. I don’t like Scarlett’s hair though, but I don’t like the model’s shapeless hair either. I just think she needs to eat once in a while but what can I say I like women with toned meat-on-the-bones bodies a.k.a. healthy looking bodies. I just don’t believe she should be considered a super model when she looks like she barfs after every meal. This isn’t what little girls should aspire to be. I believe in being healthy and in shape and I’m glad Scarlett embraces her curves, because that is much sexier. The super model’s facial structure is gorgeous I’m not saying she isn’t beautiful but she would be better with a few more pounds.

  • eriiiiiiiin

    Scarlett needed to do something different with her hair. but i give her props for making that dress interesting. Stella McCartney’s stuff is soo plain/ugly. Jessica looks great too, but she’s just so pretty. It’s a shame that Stella is so unorginal and can’t make the dress stand out on it’s own though.