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I See London, I See France, I See Sienna's Ugly Underpants

I See London, I See France, I See Sienna's Ugly Underpants

The very first pictures from the set of The Best Times of our Lives!

Sienna Miller‘s skirt blows up with the wind on the North Wales set of her forthcoming film The Best Times of our Lives on Monday in England.

Co-star Keira Knightley was seen carrying a baby on her shoulder down a set of stairs and walking along the rocks of the shore.

Sienna replaced Lindsay Lohan as Caitlin, the wife of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys). The film also co-stars Cillian Murphy and was written by Keira‘s mother Sharman Macdonald.

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01 sienna miller underpants
02 sienna miller best of our lives set
03 keira knightley carrying baby
03 sienna miller keira knightley
04 sienna miller keira knightley
keira knightley best of our lives set
keira knightley carrying baby
sienna miller filming best of our lives
sienna miller keira knightley 01
sienna miller keira knightley 02
sienna miller kneeling down
sienna miller shooting best of our lives
sienna miller ugly dress
sienna miller ugly skirt
sienna miller underpants

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Big Pictures
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  • [Fug Face........]

    That’s sienna miller?!? It looks like carrot top, that has to be carrot top.

    That keira is hideous.

  • Fattie

    Keira looks like Johnny Depp ont this picture!! She’s usually so pretty

  • Kroq

    It’s them vs. Portman and Johansson in “The Other Boleyn Girl”!

  • yikes

    That’s not her underware, those are thigh high stockings.

  • StMadonna

    I’m not a fan of either, but Sienna is forever in the new lately, but she doesn’t impress me at all.

    Neither does Keira, she’s so annoying.

  • Sarah

    As far as I know, they’re filming in Cei Newydd in Ceredigion, not North Wales. I’m Welsh and I think I should know. Dylan Thomas was from Laugharne.

  • angelinammm

    baby’s crying

  • L

    Oh man I looked at that first picture and thought it was a man cross dressing, didn’t realize it was sienna!

  • qqq

    01 looks like a man

  • madison


  • tanique33

    despite sienna, i cant wait to see this movie. hell, im just glad lindsey is not longer a part of it.

  • Vanessa

    I can’t wait for this movie. And as stated by tanique33, I’m really glad Lindsay’s not in it. I don’t dislike Sienna & Keira but a bunch of you people appearantly do, but it’s still all right because at least they can act, no?

  • Jess

    I think they both look beautiful

  • tanique33

    vanessa, that is the bottom line. i actually don’t dislike keira, at all. she won me over if pride and prejiduce. now, i’m a huge fan of her acting. i dont like sienna, really, but i think she can act.

    and jonathan rhys is one of my faves. so, it seems like a win win movie.

  • Shoes4life

    HAHAHA!! Fug Face I thought it was Carrot Top too when I first looked at the photo.

  • Mia

    I don’t know why but they both look really cool which seems funny as they seem to be playing working class paupers.

    And Tanique I don’t think thats Jonathan Rhys Meyers its Matthew hun.

  • Mia


  • tanique33

    haha, mia, slip, i meant matthew. i’ve still got the tudors on the brain. yes, matthew, i didnt want to see him opposite LL so, now i’m spared.

  • Movielover

    Sienna and Keira can act, since when???

  • André

    I love Keira.

  • André

    but she looks a lil bit like Helena Boham carter here.
    not great at all.

  • lola

    I love keira. and i think they look the way look, for the movie. i don’t think are meant to look like glamazons.

  • mills

    I’m pretty sure that Hienna will show off her flats tits again, is that she ALWAYS do in her trashy films?!

  • Lila

    They both look like cross-dressers. But like the rest of you- I thought that was Carrot Top in drag! Sienna is looking hideous!

    Keira’s look hardly surprises me because that’s how she looks 99% of the time.

    {It’s them vs. Portman and Johansson in “The Other Boleyn Girl”! }

    Johansson is far from my favorite but I’m pulling for her and Portman over these two. People onset of TOBG have already released reports and said that Portman is amazing in her role. Sienna and Keira can’t act- they’re famous for being “pretty” skinny girls from Britain.

  • chubbyone

    Sienna is missing a neck & Kiera needs a teeth transplant…I can’t stand looking at them both.

  • Rose

    I am sick and tired of the trio of Portman-Johansson-Knightley being proclaimed as the most ‘sought after young actresses’ out there.


    None of the them really know how to act and don’t even get me started on Sienna. Baggin an A-lister and then having a movie career, dear me where this business is going.

  • Bibi

    Keira’s face looks like a corpse. Her cheeks are so gaunt.

  • Shelbs

    WOW nice skirt…..if anyone can pull that off i guess it is keira Knightley

  • ohmy

    whose idea was it to dress them up like ragamuffins?

  • e

    they are suppose to look like “grown up” women, not teenagers…
    the clothes are not very flattering, but i think that keira can wear them with pride haha. she is stunning even wearing that old lady skirt.
    i DO believe keira can act. she was amazing in pride & prejudice…im a big fan of the book and i was quite captured by her performance of elizabeth.
    anyway, despite the stupid clothes things: this movie might be a good one. the script might be good (sharman wrote with a.rickman the winter guest, so i cam trist her) and both cillian murphy and matthew rhys are very good actors.

  • dsa

    keira? pls get some food…bleeeeeeeeeeee

  • Me

    I really think people should stop talking about young actresses this way (for all the negative comments) Keira is about 22 years old- practically teen- and she is one of the only down to earth actresses out there. She is still insecure and is a human being, if she cant act and your the big judges hear then why dont you step into her place? As for sienna I dont really know alot about her but she seems to be about the same. Why do you have to compare Portman and Johanson like that to? portman and Knightley are probably my to favorite female actresses so im happy theres going to be TWO movies. BTW this isnt supose to be some big hollywood movie where everyone looks Flawless so stop commenting on how “nice” they dont look because we all know that they are perfectly attractive people. Also i think they got it wrong isnt keira playing caitlen? and sienna playing Verra? might have that wrong..

  • hubblebubble

    keira has gotten way to enhanced cheekbones theyre skeletal
    i used to not notice anything but thes best time of our lives pics have got me really worried also she should go blonde again
    its natural

  • DizzyMissLizzie

    Oh come on people that’s for the movie! and by the way since when do they have to look good just to please u? they’re just ordranery people…give them a brake!