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Brittany Murphy Marries Simon Monjack

Brittany Murphy Marries Simon Monjack

Brittany Murphy has pulled a fast one on us, eloping with screenwriter Simon Monjack, reports Us Weekly.

The 29-year-old Clueless star (this is her first marriage) was spotted partying with her new hubby at a Playboy event at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, where both were sporting wedding rings.

“[Murphy and Montjack] were drinking Crown Royal, and [they] didn’t want photographers to take pictures of their rings,” said one source. “They were waiting to make a formal announcement on Monday. They were dancing in the V.I.P. section and around DJ Reach’s booth. They looked very excited, happy and jovial.”

Below are some exclusive shots of Murphy and Monjack leaving a post-Oscars party in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 25.

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45 Responses to “Brittany Murphy Marries Simon Monjack”

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  1. 1
    berlin Says:

    soo.. i like murphy, who could forget her in clueless? and her transformation has been a thing of plastic and physical envy. but. this man is fug. okay, so i don’t know him, but on top of eloping, it’s not a good sign spending the first few days of marriage at a PLAYBOY EVENT.

  2. 2
    Shay Says:

    she looks pregnant

  3. 3
    trullesand Says:

    he is fat. but maybe he´s a good guy.
    @berlin: hey, you´re living in berlin?

  4. 4
    Varty Says:

    And this will last for maybe 4-5 months!!!

  5. 5
    Violette Says:

    Ugh – I really like Brittany but not so keen on her hubby :s

  6. 6
    John Says:

    Simon Monjack is a con artist! He has been married before. He has a daughter in London. He uses different social security numbers. He conned his last girlfriend out of a car and her savings account. He conned the girlfriend before that out of $20,000 by stealing a credit card. He gave his last girlfriend a fake engagement ring. He ruined her credit. He convinced a casting director to buy him a car in her name and promised to pay the bill- never did. He also never paid her for her work and skipped town. He pretends he’s a millionaire and his business partner died and so his money has been frozen for the time being. Oh, and he wears his pants (that I’m sure Brittany bought him) way to tight. Like a stuffed sausage! OPEN YOUR EYES BRITTANY- see him for who he is!

  7. 7
    sara Says:

    Simon Monjack is has been married before and owes his ex plus many girlfriends serious amounts of money. He is a con man. Bought fake diamond rings for women in the past and wiped them out financially. Oh, Britney, you married him with your eyes closed. Good luck. Hope you have a pre-nup!

  8. 8
    Ex Mrs Monjack Says:

    Hope she’s got a very good sense of humour and great solicitor on standby…..

  9. 9
    charles Says:

    Simon Monjack is a tremendous con artist, sociopath and thief. It is amazing that he is still on the loose and not in jail! He has conned women into giving him money, changed his phone number all the time (pretending he was important), he somehow lost his family’s money on the truly horrific film “Two Days Nine Lives”, and has been scrambling to catch a wealthy or at least connected women to open doors for him.
    He has been married before. He tried to attach himself to Alexandra Kerry at the Cannes Film Festival a few years ago (luckily the Secret Service must have checked him out asap). He was labled a “slick talking promoter with a dubious background”. He keeps claiming he has family money, a wealthy partner’s money, etc…but in reality he has nothing.

    If anyone knows Brittany’s Management, they should send advice: have background check done on Monjack…his past is so ugly it is not even funny…he was also bankrupt in the UK…it goes on and on.

  10. 10
    Kate Says:

    The world is an unfortunate place because Simon Monjack is in it. He stalks J DATE (Jewish online dating service) for unsuspecting women and fools them with his charismatic personality, British accent, and pseudo wealth, in order to live off of their money. Simon’s evil knows no bounds. He drops other people’s money like it is nothing. He is nothing but a sharp tongue, brilliant manipulator, and thief. His mood swings are erratic with a childish rage that pops up out of nowhere. He is Bipolar and has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Brittany, he is dangerous and will tell you anything you want to hear. His life is his own fantasy script that he re-writes every day. Sorry for your tragic mistake and make sure your rings aren’t fakes!!!

  11. 11
    Elly Says:

    Poor Britany- Simon dated my best friend for 6 months- flew out to LA and never came back- she then realized he had chrarged hundreds of thousands of dollars on her credit card-they were engaged with a fake five ct diamond ring- This could only be done by a ruthless SOB- by the way he also claimed that his money was in Switzerland and due to banking laws could not be sent to the US so they had to live off her $$ and credit cards (opening new ones in her name of course)until his money coudl be sent.
    G-d bless Britany for taking him off the scam market.

  12. 12
    STELLA Says:

    Simon Monjack is a spoiled child who only recognizes his own needs and will continue to disrupt lives and abuse women to satisfy those needs. He lives in his own fantasy world where the facts continue to change constantly. I knew him for a short time – he abused someone very close to me – a beautiful trusting person who remains trusting and beautiful thanks to a wonderful support system of dear friends who all fell for Simon’s charade as well He is slick. We are so greatful that he is gone from our lives but we feel for his new inner circle – “watch your wallets and your backsides”.

  13. 13
    zeta Says:

    Simon Monjack has NO talent and has been waiting to con the “big fish” for years…now he has Brittany. Hope she checks him out. Why she could even consider doing a feature film with him and risking her career and reputation is beyond all reason.

    Here is his ONLY work as a feature director, he BBC simply stated “what a mess”. Don’t be clueless girl! What has he been doing for the past 15 or so years? He’s a total failure and knows it.

    Monjack needed to con an actress and marry her…there is no way he was going to attach any talent to a project based on his own merits and track record. Spooky that he managed it, and hope he has not already blackmailed Brittany and/or threatened her family.

    He tried with Alexandra Kerry a few years back in Cannes, but the Secret Service caught on and got rid of him quickly and efficiently, and she denied ever knowing him although he tried to convince the world of the contrary.,13907...

    ” PRESIDENTIAL hopeful John Kerry’s kids are downplaying rumors of potentially embarrassing romances. Daughter Alexandra Kerry, who’s about to go on the campaign trail for her dad, insists she’s not dating Brit producer Simon Monjack, a wheeler-dealer who was seen chatting her up at the Cannes Film Festival.”

    There were numerous articles on this – Just google it…A. Kerry had protection, Brittany obviously did not.

    Save yourself Brittany and really assess the situation. You did not know this man at all when you married him.

  14. 14
    zeta Says:

    Our prayers have been answered. Simon Monjack will be directing nothing from jail:

    Murphy’s man faces deportation
    BY: WENN | Thursday, May 24, 2007
    Actress Brittany Murphy’s new British husband faces deportation after outstaying his work visa, according to U.S. reports.

    The JUST MARRIED star stunned Hollywood when she wed producer SIMON MONJACK earlier this month (May07) and now U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer has exposed the Brit as an illegal visitor.

    And to make matters even worse, the publication has dug up information suggesting Monjack has a civil judgment against him and a series of felony arrest warrants.

    A spokeswoman at U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement has confirmed to the Enquirer that the Brit faces a court hearing about his future in America in July (07), and could be kicked out of the country.

    She says, “He’s accused of overstaying his visa and could be deported.”

    The I.C.E. spokeswoman also tells the tabloid that Monjack, who was among the producers of Sienna Miller’s Factory Girl film, recently spent nine days in jail after he was arrested at Murphy’s home in March (07).

  15. 15
    john Says:

    Well, fellow Simon haters, it seems some friends of Brittany’s have decided to dispute some of our claims. Not to put them down at all, but it seems they have been taken in and fooled by the always lying Simon Monjack. Of course his lawyer has gone on record saying we are all just “disgruntled girlfriends”. Funny! I never dated the fat slob named Simon. In fact, I always found him to be physically repulsive .I did find him to be very charming on our first meeting though. It went down hill from there. Really, I just want to send Brittany and her friends a message. I am actually quite a fan of Brittany Murphy. I am not interested in seeing her hurt at all. Quite the contrary. I would like to see her so called “Reps” do something to protect her heart and money! When they first began dating someone called her reps to warn her and the “reps” simply said, Brittany is very happy right now and we won’t do anything to make her unhappy. More like we won’t do anything that may put our paychecks in jeapordy. Got news for you “Reps”, when Simon steals all her money, you won’t get a paycheck then either! I don’t believe her people checked him out because the dirt is so easy to find. Look at all these people who have written comments on him. We’re not all crazy. It’s not all the same person. He is not a good person. I wish you that have been conned by him , Brittany and her friends all the best. But my biggest wish is that he gets exposed, deported, divorced and left with nothing. Just how he left his business partners, those employed by him and of course, his “disgruntled exes”.

  16. 16
    Justice-at-last Says:

    Thank you John…I would also like to wish him criminal punishment for all that he has done. Did you know that he sometimes had a few women going at the same time? He even admitted to this. He has no soul. Some of us have been waiting for years for him to be exposed (he threatened families etc.)

    Brittany’s Reps are ridiculous! Cant’t they even use google?,13907,06_24_2004_9_-3,00.html

    Now we all eagerly await to hear what happens..if he gets convicted for the felonies and goes to jail. Hope his mother does not bail him out this time.

  17. 17
    john Says:

    I did not know about more than one woman at a time. Only that he finds another victim before he leaves the current one. He also threatened my friend. The reason I have been so vague in my comments is I too am fearful of what he would do. I do however think him marrying Brittany is good in the sense that we finally have a medium to expose him and hopefully he won’t get away with this again. It’s really sad to come on these gossip pages and see that people that barely know him have stuck up for him. I know that they have yet to find out who the real Simon is. I would like to save them the time, heartache,and money, but it’s just like with your children-you can warn and try to guide them away from danger, but sometimes they have to learn the hard way.

  18. 18
    Justice-at-last Says:

    It is obvious that many people that have been conned have much to say and can confirm the same patterns – but are reluctant to speak out as Simon Monjack has threatened them all (including ruining their families). What to do about this? By far the best bet would be for this whole scandal (especially the felonies and sleezy finance deals) to be disclosed in the press. IT is unlikely that women will speak out against him – frankly they are terrified of what this psychotic freak will do. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing.

    It is true that he breaks down and blubbers…then he can’t keep his stories straight and will contradict himself all day long. (Serious personality disorder).
    Let’s hope the Press will pick up on this. If they could supply us with a secure method, we could supply them in the right direction.
    Otherwise, just someone doing a complete background check ought to show something.

  19. 19
    Loving It Says:

    Simon Monjack has been dying to be in the spotlight, have his photograph taken, and be someone famous for decades (no, he is not 37 years old).

    Now he is getting his claim-to-fame – as a serial Con Artist, liar and thief with piles of debt, civil judgements against him and some felonies?

    Simon, you finally hit the Jackpot, and since you are “married” to Brittany, it will all come out.

    We are all thrilled for your Ex-Wife..she has been waiting for this moment for a over a decade.

    You lose.

  20. 20
    Manfred Says:

    If people really want to expose this con man, be assured that the National Enquirer will protect your identity if you insist on it. But if there are enough people who will go on record, Lowjack can’t sue everyone. How long will he be able to fight especially since he has NO DEFENSE?

    As for anyone sticking up for Fuckjack/Hijack, purporting to be his friend… these posts are ALL written by HIM. HE HAS NO FRIENDS. HE’S HURT, BURNED, DEVOURED, SCREWED, LAID WASTE EVERYONE HE’S EVER MET!!!


    He hopped in bed with Brittany while still engaged (with a fake diamond) to his fiancee. She was devastated. This is awful, but the least of his heinous sins. His business deals are all fraudulant… and we have personal knowledge of several producers and backers who lost millions. Line up and be counted. The sheer number of suits will take him down. Now that he’s married to deep pockets, his victims have a chance of getting their money back. Chip, chip away, and the Gross One will fall. All it takes to sue the ******* is a decent atty… and a few bucks. If he ripped you off, go for it!!!!!!!

  21. 21
    Trumbo Says:

    I know Simon Monjack and want to state categorically that every rotten thing published about him on this site about him is 100% true. He has ruined the lives of two women I know. He is a true sociopath who makes up wild lies, but delivers them so calmly, and with such a lovely accent, that one finds it unthinkable that he could be lying. The lies all involve vast wealth, a past full of artistic achievement, and his having actual talent. All bull. Up until now he has only defrauded and stolen from helpless anonymous woman, but now he has dared marry a celebrity. Huge mistake. He is at last going to be pubished for the terrible things he has done.

  22. 22
    Manfred Says:

    Conjack has stolen from many people who I personally know. They were not girlfriends or fiancees. The amount of money he theived is in the millions. And still he doesn’t pay for anything… but gets Brittany now to foot all the bills… that is if he pays them at all. He stiffs everyone. EVERYONE!!!! And he’ll stiff Brittany. It’s like that old joke: Why does a German Shepherd lick his balls? Answer: Because he can. That’s Conjack… likcing his balls and conning people out of their money for himself. Why? Because he can!!

  23. 23
    D. Says:

    If Britany or any of her friends ever read this . i dont know or care about simon for all i know he’s a nice guy or has to be really cunning to be able to fool you. but i dont think he’s right for you. of course i’ve never met him i have no idea. i mean give him a chance but maby there’s someone else out there for you. i doubt you’ll ever evan read this. but if you do think about it will ya thanks

    my email is

  24. 24
    Annonymous Says:

    All who have vented about Simon never said anything until he marries Brittany, he has been around for a while conning so many and yet you all are so afraid? of what? everyone is so gullible? sociapaths are manipulative and cunning, but if you recognize it why not do something? all these women who have money to give him, surely you can dial a lawyer sue him pro se?

    Evil will end up in flames as the coals are being stoked and the truth will come out Simon!

    Will you repay Brittany for the rings if the White Hotel becomes successful Simon? and pay your child support too?

  25. 25
    Anonymous Says:

    Justice has not occured as yet if anything Simone has gotten the catch of the moment! he is not on trial he only got married to someone who desperately wanted to get married at this time of her life this is the 3rd person in less thant 2 years she hooked up with…the National Enquire will get to the bottom of this soon enough and we will be entertained at the end of the summer:)

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