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Jennifer Garner @ Costume Institute 2007

Jennifer Garner in Valentino Couture.

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jennifer garner costume institute 2007 01
jennifer garner costume institute 2007 02
jennifer garner costume institute 2007 03
jennifer garner costume institute 2007 04
jennifer garner costume institute 2007 05
jennifer garner costume institute 2007 06
jennifer garner costume institute 2007 07

Photos: Peter Kramer/Getty
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  • Shoes4life

    She looks kind of sad in some of her photos, I hope all is well.

  • Hey Now!

    Aww maybe she misses violet? She looks like she doesn’t want to be there.

  • Sophie

    That dress is BIG, LONG. And there is Renee in that dress like the model.

  • alison

    This isn’t her thing, she’s not into fashion, she doesn’t really know how to “work it”. I’m sure she’d rather be at home in sweats than at this event, but hey you signed up for it you better show up. She seems so much more self conscious now since she got married and gave birth, there was a time during the early part of her Alias days where she always was one of the best dressed and she seemed into it, not now. I guess she’s got more important things in life. Hopefully Ben’s insecurities haven’t rubbed off on her.

  • lurker opinion

    Hair looks a mess and the dress is big. The front is nice but the back looks as if the designer has not finished cutting the dress.

  • lula29

    I’m not sure if she looks sad, but her hair definitely could have been done better. I’m also not too sure about the dress. She looks more insecure in the outfit than sad to me.

  • Sophie

    Does someone know or can find out please, who the earrings are by?

  • Ace Tomato

    Wow, I wouldn’t recognize her without the photos being labeled.

    Too much dress. Hair is awful. She looks odd.

  • Sophie

    Ben’s insecurities? Fill me in.
    And yeah, the hair is blaah.

  • Hey Now!

    Actually re looking at the pics. It seems to be she is pregnant again. She has a belly and in the second pic she has her arms in front hiding her belly. If she isn’t pregnant again then she is insecure about the extra weight and worrying that people will speculate like I just did lol.

  • DW

    There is a NSFW n-slip in the 5th picture….she deserves better.

  • alison


    Ben has said many times himself in interviews that he is perceived as cocky and arrogant but in reality he is a bundle of insecurities. Jen has always been confident and she has always carried herself really well in events like this. Maybe it is the dress, maybe she hates it, whatever it is she just looks off, or maybe I have too much time on my hands?

  • freddie

    her hair looks greasy she look’s like crap she is trying to hard to much dress and that hair what a mess

  • lula29

    She has no reason to hide her belly because she’s not carrying extra weight so I doubt that’s what her insecurities are about. She doesn’t feel confident in the dress it seems, and with good reason, it doesn’t do much for her.

    I think this isn’t her thing, but she wanted to be an actress so . . .

  • Sophie

    Thanks Alison.

  • Hey Now!

    JLO WAS THERE TOO! Maybe that’s it. How can you not see the extra weight lula? It’s not the dress because it goes over the shape of her stomach that dress looks like it would lay flat but because she has some extra weight it takes the shape of her stomach. To me her arms in front signal that sh eis hiding something. I don’t think that was a nipple slip in pic 5 looks like one of those nipple gaurds to avoid a nipple slip.


    I think she has a bun in that oven….

  • lula29

    I’m not in the habit of checking for baby bumps on celebs. Also, she’s slim. She has no boobs really, and she always had a thick middle to me because she lacks a waist. But it could be a pregnancy who knows, I just doubt until there’s an announcement.

    I always took an arm cross like that to mean a bit shy or insecure. I just don’t think she looks comfortables, who knows why. I can’t read minds or predict the future.

  • Sophie

    AH Lula I thought you could at least one.

  • lula29


    I don’t understand what you mean.

  • Lila

    It’s a gorgeous dress just not on her. Her hair doesn’t look like it’s been washed. I still love her though….

  • Sweet Swede

    What? Did she not have time to do her hair and makeup? With a dress like that you can’t look like you just got out of bed and didn’t have proper time for a shower.

  • maxine

    The dress is too extravagant for her. She doesn’t have the ego to pull it off. Someone talked her into wearing it and you can see she’s regretting it. She’s probably not too happy about La Lopez being there. You can see she’s unsettled.

  • Sophie

    Lula – read minds or predict the future. (heeheehe sarcasm)
    Sweet Swede, who knows maybe something with her kid came up. However she should have been ready. It seems like a pretty big event.

  • Sweet Swede

    Sophie – Let’s hope so for her sake since that would be one of very few legitimate excuses.

  • mini

    Pregnant? Na… When she was preggers with Violet she had big boobs. Now she has none. She always has this belly thing , she just has no waist. And in this dress with this hair she looks like a Drag queen.

  • Faithinher

    I thought the dress looked nice on her, but the hair definitely kills the overall look.

  • nicole

    i think she looks fantastic

  • MissCarla

    She can do no wrong in my book, love her.

  • shelly

    The dress would be great if only Valentino would stop attaching those fugly capes in the back of them! This looks just like one of her awards show dresses a few years ago, though it a different color, but it still had that hideous thing tacked onto the back of it. Ugh!

  • Shmoo

    Overdone. She’s talked before about being in the worst shape of her life and except the Oscars right after she had her baby, her fashion has tanked every time she’s dressed up.

  • Danni

    Her body language is definitely showing that she’s not comfortable. I think the dress is too much and she’s not wearing it…it’s wearing her.

  • alison

    The reason why she has her arms in front of her like that is because the dress is falling, the top is too big and she is conscious of having a wardrobe malfunction. That would make anybody uncomfortable. Jen needs to take the time to have proper fittings instead of winging it all the time, the result is usually awful, case in point.

  • Mmmmm

    I think she is still in mommy mode and not interested in being there, which I dont blame her. She looks more comfortable playing with Violet at the park. I think her face always looks good, she has those cute dimples and great lips!

  • Cynthia

    Jennifer Garner looks nice. Her hair and makeup looks okay too.

  • Ida

    She looks great! But it looks like she miss Ben and Violet. And that is way too big for her.

  • Dee

    I am a big Jen Garner fan and have always loved her in red but theres just something not right with the whole look. She looks just I’m not sure,different. Maybe shes not feeling well I don’t know.

  • Mediterranean

    Her make-up was great. For hair-do, I don’t know maybe it’s fashion now. But the dress was awful. On top of it, JLo was there and she looked great again.

    If she was pregnant, she could have bigger breasts.

  • Delphine

    She’s so beautiful!

    I like her dress!

    But on one of the picture she looks sad

  • dfasddagsd

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I think she looks gorgeous!


    That dress should have been dark blue or black. NOT red!

  • cherise

    she looks like gorgeous


    TOE UP!A HOT D@MN MESS!Wrong,Wrong,Every which way she turns its Wrong!Horse Teeth Jen with her Beady Eyes and her Captain Spock Ears,looks a Homely MESS in that ILL Fitted Dress!DONT CARE About Her PERSONAL iSSUES she should have never stepped out the door Lookin like That!As Homely as she is, She should have stepped it up!Jens Hair Makes Her look CRAZY and UNKEPT,,but she normally looks UNKEMPT.WHY?Guess she really does’nt care what she looks like even at this fancy gala!Go Home Jen,youre a MESS!

  • Juno

    augghgh…… grease unkempt hair………… and what’s up with her pose? Like she really don’t give a damn. The dress would look better on someone else.

  • adoring fan

    To Lila and anyone else who thinks her hair looks unwashed, either your are working with a very inferior monitor (try investing in better quality equipment) or perhaps a visit to the eye doctor is in order. Her hair appears very silky and shiny on my screen. Also she looks radiant and beautiful. Her dress is lovely and the color is very flattering. She has every reason to hold her head up high and bask in her good fortune. Not only is she beautiful inside and out, she is blessed with a beautiful baby girl and a gorgeous husband who adores her. She is a very talented and down to earth person. I love her on the red carpet; in the park and at the farmers’ market.

  • A Person

    Jlo would have rocked that dress. it is just to much dress for gardner.

    She makes Ben look so old and he is only 35.

  • Teele

    don’t like