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Paris & Nicole: Harper's Bazaar Quotes

Paris & Nicole: Harper's Bazaar Quotes

Here are some more quotes from Harper’s Bazzar‘s interviews with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie via Us Weekly.


On getting in trouble with the law: “I think I get in more trouble just because of who I am. The cops do it all the time. They’ll just pull me over to hit on me. It’s really annoying. They’re like, ‘What’s your phone number? Want to go to dinner?’ They won’t even give me a ticket. They just pull me over, and the paparazzi, of course, take a picture. All the time. I have so many cops’ business cards.”

On going out: “I don’t really go out as much anymore. If I do go out, I go out at like 11 and stay till 12. If it’s the weekend, I have parties at my house, because only cheese balls go out on the weekend.”

On what people think of her: “It’s weird sometimes. I think people think I’m not human. They feel like they know me from seeing me in all those things, and they come up with their own explanation of what they think I am. They say, ‘She doesn’t work.’ I work! Every single day, I’m traveling around the world. I wouldn’t have been able to do this, without working. It’s just annoying to me that people think things like that.”

On how many pictures she has of herself: “A lot, It’s just for fun. I’m looking for another house right now, in Malibu, and another in Bel Air. I’m going to keep this house as my office, or a party place, or whatever. In my new house, I will not have pictures of myself everywhere. It will be my more mature home.”

On aspiring to be like Martha Stewart: “Maybe when I’m old.”

On falling out with Nicole in 2004: “There was no reason why we were fighting; it was just silly. We believed what other people were saying. People are really twofaced in this town, and they were trying to play us against each other. It made me sadder than any breakup with a boyfriend. It was just like the worst feeling ever.”


On her scrapes with the law: “Every mistake I make, there’s consequences, I don’t take anything lightly.”

On being above the law: “Well, clearly I’m not! Otherwise, it would be smooth sailing. I get caught for everything!”

On her plans for herself: “My plan was not to be a celebrity. My plan was to be a singer and an entertainer. I wanted to go to NYU, major in musical theater, do Broadway, and come out with an album. Unfortunately, I started fucking up when I was in my teens.”

On her friends: “This year, my biggest struggle has been realizing that some people close to me are not good for my life. I’m a girl and I love to gossip, but when I hear that people I consider friends are talking about me, it really hurts my feelings. It’s not, ‘Is Nicole okay?’ but more like, ‘I heard that Nicole blah-blah.”

On her ex-stylist Rachel Zoe: “There’s definitely an idea that Rachel styled me and she dressed me every day, like I was her Barbie. That’s not the case. She dressed me for events.”

On her love of rock ‘n roll style: “I like really pale, I like really skinny, I like people that kind of look homeless. Back in the day, it would have been David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix…”

Harper’s Bazaar June 2007 hits newsstands May 22.

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  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    I like Nicole..I hope only the best for her..

  • squeezemejohnny

    Hendrix was pale?

  • sue

    yeah, the cops hand her business cards…..LMFAO! California Highway Police just happen to have buisness cards made up just for her! They pull her over because she’s weaving all over the road and is driving with a suspended liscense! She already got away with the later once. She needs jail time.

  • http://none kate

    cheeseballs? first off only cheeseballs use the word “cheeseball”, second, people go out on the weekends because they have these things during the week called “jobs”. and no flying all over the world to party is not concidered a job…what a loser. have fun in jail!

  • NARC










  • megs

    Nicole is so much cooler than Paris. That’s all.

  • Lo

    i like pale = Bowie
    I like skinny = Bowie & Hendrix
    I like homeless looking people= Joel?

    she is so adorable.
    I love you Nicole

  • berlin

    nicole is the definition of cool girl, minus the uber skinny phase. paris, er, she’s O V E R.

  • Burpie

    kate Says:

    May 8th, 2007 at 7:00 pm – flag comment
    cheeseballs? first off only cheeseballs use the word “cheeseball”, second, people go out on the weekends because they have these things during the week called “jobs”. and no flying all over the world to party is not concidered a job…what a loser. have fun in jail!

    Thank You! You took the words out of my mouth. Some people have REAL jobs, where they actually WORK…………she must not understand this.

  • Sophie

    Awww Paris and Nicole together. Cute.


    At least Paris doesn’t have to struggle now to get media attention.

  • Mash

    Does Paris actually ever LISTEN to herself! She is so stupid and sooooooooooo
    full of herself. She acts and thnks like a 6 year old. I am suprised that Nicole even hangs out with her.

  • Stella

    Oh no,Jared, stop posting stuff about these two…I can’t even find the right word to describe them…. So irritating!!

  • vanishparis

    GOD…i really love nicole!!
    she is so real and cool than the other bitch-paris
    i hate paris till i die…..
    n will be nicole’s 4ever cheerleader!!!!

  • Whitney

    ahm, people: you need to stop hating Paris and Nicole. Get a life, you really need to think about how she feels about going to jail. What about you go to jail? That is not cool. Maybe you’re just jealous. Let her live her life, live yours, if you don’t like them, don’t talk about them, don’t buy the magazine, ignore them. You’re only proving them better than you. I love them. SO f*ck off.

  • Stephanie

    Why do u all love 2 hate on Paris and Nicole? I bet most of u, if not all of u have even meet them. They’re just normal people like u and me, only Hottier! Like Paris’s quote says, ” People feel like they Know me just because of what they have heard, they are so….annoying. I wish they would all just get a life!” And BTW if u all hate them so….much then why r u all on a website looken them up? Like Paris says ” Get a Life!!!!!” REALLY! And I highly dout this but if Paris or Nicole is readen this I LOVE U BOTH, BUT I LOVED U BETTER WHEN U 2 WERE FRIENDS!xoxo Steph

  • haley

    YALL ARE A BUNCH OF CUNT FACE CLIT LICKERS…SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCHES…yall are fukn jealous of paris and nicole…yall have fukn low self esteem…dont hate them because they have everything in which you lack…which seems to be money…us rich people over rule what you peasants say….so fuck off…just cuz we wear burberry and chanel panties 365 days a year doesnt mean you have to hate your self and take it out on us…thats not our fault that you have no money…yall are a bunch of low life dumbass bastards who need to go suck a fuckn nut…yall talk shit…but if god gave u a chance to be in paris’s shoes for one day…believe me you would take it in a heart beat…that shows how egotistical and self minded you guys are…fuk off and suck your moms bloody clit…myspace me bitches…

  • haley


  • sandy

    to all the people who are dissing paris and nicole…
    SUCK IT!
    their not cuntlickers, they have jobs, and they have feelings thanks, oh and im pretty sure the cops hit on her…shes gorgeous,rich,and famous. im sure if you knew anything at all about them.. then you wouldnt think those things of them.


  • michelle

    i loveeeeeeeee nicole … paris is alright

    i wish the best for both of them mostly for nicole w/// the whole baby thing from the whole 20/20 thing it seeems as though she knows that its time for her to grow up . she cant live her life the way she was living and her bfs hot by the wayy thats gonna be one cute baby! well i really hope that nicole grows up and give her child the life she never had .. and not let her child grow up and be outta control

    sooo yeahhh best wishesss from mee nicole.. love you

  • Heidi

    Nicole Richie is my
    Rolemodel i look up to
    her in soo many ways i dont
    think i will go to jail like her
    but i know i will dress like her
    act & just look like her…shes
    well just amazing shes perfect..
    and anyone that disagree’s is
    GAY!! i sware shes better than you
    and what ever you have to offer!
    i might be only 15 but i know what im
    talking about she’s AMAZING!!!!!!!
    sooo please SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
    she might be prego but she is
    still better than what you have to offer
    what you have to offer is nothing that is like
    nicole has to offer if she dies i die GOT IT!

  • jessss

    I seriously love paris.
    she is my idol.
    nichole is pretty cool too. they just want to have some fun.and we should leave them alone.

  • LALA

    dont get me wrong i love nicole just as much as paris
    but until the simple life, nicole wasnt even known by alot of people
    or she was known as the “richie daughter”
    everyone is saying how nicole is cooler
    but its just because paris has been around longer, and now nicole stole the spot light
    i like paris more, just because i do.
    but they are both two way different people so you cant sompair them

    p.s. no one cares if you die, you act like people care if talking about nicole hurts your feelings… your young, dont idolize these people who in the end will mean nothing to you

  • Julia

    i love nicole richie.
    i love paris hilton.
    people need to leave them alone.
    you all say that they live the easy life??
    id like to see you live there life for 1 day, 1 hour even.
    i’m sure they manage a hell of a lot better than you guys ever could.
    stay strong girls! love ya.

  • hannah

    i always watch the simple life i think its great! i think some people need to chill out with there snide little comments..some jealousy i can see haa.
    well keep at it gals (paris and nicole) your georgeous.:)