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Johnny Depp Wedding Pictures... Coming Soon!

Johnny Depp Wedding Pictures... Coming Soon!
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  • Mia

    Does anyone know why Johnathan Rhys Meyers went into rehab and when?


    omg, Vanessa Paradis looks a little too zombie in that picture :(

  • mrs grated cheese

    I love Johnny and Vanessa, but damn those teeth give Kirsten Dunst a run for her money.
    Mouth shut please!

  • Vanessa

    Yeah, I don’t like Vanessa’s teeth either. But I can’t believe it says she’s holds the title for World’s Ugliest Pop Star. That’s ridicilous. She’s a pretty girl and she and Johnny make a wonderful couple.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Mia, he went to rehab because he like boooze.

    How can Johnny look her in the face everyday. astonishing!

  • peeps

    I adore Johnny Depp and think he and Vanessa make the cutest couple, but both of them need to get some new teeth! They look like heroin addicts. Yuck!

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    not heroin, meth!

  • Gillian

    Vanessa’s got the right personality and attitide to pull off those teeth.
    I’m glad she’s confident enough to show them off :)

  • Jules

    I think her teeth add to her unconventional beauty! You’re gorgeous Vanessa!

  • remember da truth

    Wonder what made him decide to get married now? They’ve been together for years and have two small children.

  • those icky teeth

    No – the teeth have to go! With her frizzy hair, they make her look like a hag. The only way a woman is cute with those teeth is if she keeps her mouth closed and doesn’t smile. Johnny also has blackened, corroded teeth from smoking cigarettes. He needs to stop smoking or he’s going to be very wrinkly when age finally hits him. He should want a long, healthy life with his family.

  • those icky teeth

    I think the decision to wed now has something to do with the recent illness of their daughter.

  • mercredi

    “Joe Le Taxi” Strange couple.

  • Violet

    I’m glad for Vanessa and Johnny!

  • Lauraaaaaaa

    I hate Vanessa. Going to sabotage the wedding. a bus could get through those frigging nashers.

  • Lauraaaaaaa

    Yes, i am jealous.

  • just me

    omg! whoever thinks she isn’t ugly is trying to win favor with the couple. she has worse teeth than my horse did. i think the only reason he is still with her is because of the children.. sorry folks, just telling it like it is.

  • just me

    p.s. and it isn’t just the teeth, honestly, has anyone ever looked at the shape of her head. and her eyes are sunken into the skull….by any chance was she dropped on her face as a child.

  • Linda, Ut

    I can’t believe that all some of you see is her teeth. She is a very beautiful women, yes she has a gap in her teeth, but it say alot about Johnny, he’s not shallow, He loves for real reasons, not just how a girl looks on the outside. I’m really excited for them, I think they are a great couple. They both have strong
    commitment, and their family is most important. Johnny has his reasons they have not gotten married before now, But one thing you can say for him, he would never cheet, before or after the wedding.
    I’t not in his value system.

  • Angelica

    OMG!!!!!!she is hella ugly!!!!what on earth does he see in her?! teeth ain’t perfect,but at least i don’t have any gaps between my teeth.he’s probably with her cuz of the kids.if it weren’t for the kids,i bet he wouldn’t be with sorry,but johnny can do WAY better than me or someone surprised he hasn’t cheated on her yet.darn,i should’ve went to their wedding and kidnapped johnny from her.LOL!!i know,im evil.she is hella ugly!!!!!it’s like my mom is blind.her eyes look like they’re sunken into her skull.seriously.they’ll be divorced in a year.

  • me

    I hate her, I think she is a bicht!!!!!!!
    I wish johnny depp was a little bit more smart! because he is stupid to be with her! he should be with me!

  • sl
    Johnny Depp is amazing.

  • cassy

    I think Vanessa Paradise is very unattractive. she look a lot older then she really is.