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Nick Cannon & Selita Ebanks: Engagement Party

Nick Cannon & Selita Ebanks: Engagement Party

Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks are engaged to be married — and here are some exclusive shots from the engagement party!

The Drumline actor proposed to his Victoria Secret angel on one knee with a 15 carat diamond ring (designed by Nick and Jacob Arabo (Jacob & Co.) and hand crafted by Jacob himself) immediately after they left the Metropololitan Museum of Art Costume Gala where they were chauffeured in a Rolls Royce Phantom to Time Square.

Projected on the giant MTV jumbotron were the words, “Selita will you marry me?” The happy couple immediately celebrated afterwards at Butter with Cannon, 26, surprising Ebanks, 24, by flying in his mother, both her parents and best friends into town.

Guests including Marc Ecko, Tommy Hilfiger, Jacob the Jeweler, Zach Braff and Young Jeezy enjoyed red velvet cake, free flowing champagne, Budweiser Select and Evian.

The jet setting couple left the party at 3am so that they could catch a private plane back to LA that Nick chartered so that he could make a 9am call time for his new film, American Son.

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Photos: Shahar Azran
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  • shoes4life

    Uh eww, why is she marrying him she looks older and more mature than him. What she couldn’t do any better than him?

    Oh well, I guess different strokes for different folks.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    a 3month relationship? Hmmm… Oh nick why’d ya do it. They’ll be divorced in less than a year.

    I’m just happy to see a black thread.

  • eek!

    How???? Why???? Say it isn’t so!

  • Magnus ur a nasty SOB!

    magnus Says:

    May 9th, 2007 at 7:39 pm – flag comment
    Of course you are you stupid b*tch.

  • Hmmmm….

    I thought Nick Cannon was some white kid from one of those boy bands.

  • Denise

    Well, it seems that Nick dont have many fans. I think they are both young and stupid. But how else will we learn from our mistakes? If he is ballin like that then go do your thing but dont get pissed if or when she decide to do you like jordans wife (exwife)did him. Show boating is not always a good thing.

  • SkinniPuppi

    They both have zero talent. Victoria’s Secret scrapes the BOTTOM for models now that Giselle left them. Nick Cannon is a nerdy no talent loser. They are hungry for fame and stare at the spotlight-NOT each other. PUBLICITY STUNT!

  • bdj

    Congrats to Nick and Selita,

  • ali

    I’ve got no clue who the heck she is….but I like her dress

  • Amy

    After the way he cheated on Christina Milian, and this being a 3 month relationship, I expect the marraige to last 8 months top.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    SkinniPuppi you’re obviously clueless.

  • magnus

    hey # 11

    Being ANTI racist doesn’t make me a racist you f*cking r*tard!

    You’re flagged to.

    Gag on me.

    You lost all cred when you said “Nick is a good actor”. lol

    Bye bye tard.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Lol @ racist lames – love getting deleted.

    Tardo’s gagging on himself. Lol

  • shrugs shoulders

    The age of the Supermodel is over. Cute model, but doesn’t stand out. Not too bright if she wants to marry a man like him.

    Giselle is not that attractive in the face. Wouldn’t call her pretty.

    The most beautiful model ever seen was featured in Fashion Fair Vantex cosmetics ads around 10-15 years ago, by far one of the most beautiful faces I have seen. More fabulous face and features than Jolie. Don’t know who she is or where she went. Wish someone knew. Such a shame. She was beauty defined.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    ^ what is this biish blabbering about?

  • Ispy

    Magnus you are a cracker cunt, why dont you stfu? You scream low budget and obviously have little in terms of brains. How is stating an opinion of joy on seeing a Black thread (which is an obvious change from what is shown on this site) racist? Go suck your father’s cracker dick some more and tell your brother/son I say hi

  • Ana

    Im honestly not that surprised…I mean Nick Cannon scooped up the first upgrade since Christina Milian I would have put a ring on her finger too…granted it probably wont last, but ya know…its the thought that counts lol

    ^^ and #17 is completely right – saying that you are happy to see a black thread is referring to the same way some of you get when you see a Brad Pitt thread. Im excited to see the same as well; you rarely see news on the minority celebrity…unless you go to concreteloop or cakeandice-cream…

  • magnus


    rich educated white people are crackers?

    Nope, no slang for us. Sorry about your luck.

    Stating it’s a black thread is racist. Being preoccupied with race makes you a racist. Thinking you’re an idiot for it does not make me racist.

    You obviously have nothing to offer so you cling to something totally irrelevant. Which is unfortunately typical for people with nothing to offer.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    ‘Poor’ delusional racist. ~smfhl~

    Yeah, Selita is definitely an upgrade from Christina.

  • Amy

    Christina is adorable, I don’t think Selita’s an upgrade. To me she’s pretty everyday model. Christina has character.

    I think if we’re going to start arguing about racism we need to cut the slurs, even slurs for caucasians.

  • dat_dOod

    lol@net racism….get a life

  • wait

    um iwait aminute…. thought he was still going out with kim kardishan (however u spell it)

  • femme

    I think Nick is too immature for Seleta, she’s a sirious mature model, I don’t think this ‘engagement’ will last , I think evantually they will blow the wedding off…

  • oh really

    “rich educated white people are crackers?”

    So Magnus you are a rich, educated white person? You fooled me. Your choice of language is lame. Stop using this thread to take out your personal anger and frustrations on other people. Please!

  • Nina

    R. Kelly said Nick was a gigolo pulling lots of hoes. He was right cuz Selita’s a ho!

  • Ispy

    Amy you are right, I shouldn’t have called Magnus a cracker despite his racism. Two wrongs don’t make a right…Getting back on topic, Selita is pretty and they both look happy. Congrats


    Just to let you peps know Selita is from the beautiful Cayman Islands rep!!!! yea an Island Chick and for all you peps who hates on her your guys need to get a LIFE damm she’s living hers……….. any how us island peps ain’t no hoes because we come from a little island whereby everyone knows everyone an for that we keep one man ………. hell yea i’m kinda of curious y selita accepted an engagement from him and they have only been 2gether 3 months but hey maybe it’s love at first sight but hey give the peps a damn chance an lets sit back and see what happens…… big up Selita us island girls rule….. remember haters gona hate lick me when you get home original home GRAND CAYMAN beautiful with sands

  • Caliente

    How did that Lamo get her?

  • magnus


    “your choice of language is lame”

    I love it when people try to sound like they have some class and end up falling flat.

    too good

    you guys r the racists. I wish you could see it but ah well. You can’t teach math to a monkey.

  • L

    I hear so said “NO”! HA HA! Per Juicy-news…..

  • i think

    I love it when people try to sound like they have some class and end up falling flat.

  • oh really

    “I love it when people try to sound like they have some class and end up falling flat.”

    Lame loser.

  • magnus


    second time’s a charm for you?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of computers you stupid c*nt.

    Again, ya can’t teach math to a monkey.

    Stick to f*cking ‘holla’ing at your ‘divas’ or whatever you people have come up with now to try and substitute for never having learned proper English.

    And we’ll keep laughing at you.

  • Amanda


    That’s quite enough. I dont’t know how this got started but it seems to me that it began when a woman made a comment that she was happy to see a thread about black people. As a white woman, even I was pleased, because most of the info posted on this site is about white people. Perhaps I missed something, but all of the hateful comments need to stop on these message boards. Where are you from, anyway? Is this appropriate where you live? Please let me know what country/state you live in so that I can make a note not to go there?

  • magnus


    You mean a site chronicling the lives of entertainers in America where only 12% of the population is black has only about 12% of it’s content about black people? Why that’s preposterous! Shameful even!!

    How I talk is appropriate everywhere so kill yourself now you stupid b*tch.

    btw: don’t define yourself as a white woman. That’s racism.


  • Amanda


    Wow you’re so clever. I didn’t say it was shameful, I said I was pleased to see something different. You’re clearly disturbed.



    PS: I stand by what I said. You’re inappropriate and hateful. Goodnight.

  • Carlos

    Two words: KOBE BRYANT

  • Mary

    #1 : this is a stupid decision.

    #2: 15 carat ring? That is too big. I mean I put the max at like 5 b/c after that it’s too flashy even for an celebrity

    #3: who drinks Evian? It has the weirdest aftertaste

  • oh really

    magnus Says:

    May 10th, 2007 at 5:58 pm – flag comment

    second time’s a charm for you?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of computers you stupid c*nt.

    Again, ya can’t teach math to a monkey.

    Stick to f*cking ‘holla’ing at your ‘divas’ or whatever you people have come up with now to try and substitute for never having learned proper English.

    And we’ll keep laughing at you.


    Magnus, you are the biggest joke on this board. You come here to purposely fight with people because you can’t do it in real life or you’ll get your little booty kicked or become exposed as the racist you are. You hide behind your computer. Probably look like an ogre. Not getting laid either, that’s for sure. Definitely NOT getting laid.

    That blowup doll you were messing around with in your hotel room last night does not count. HAAAAAA!

    Through with you now. Caught some of your posts that go on and on and on…. what a loser.

  • oh really

    Magnus I couldn’t help it. I know you are at your computer, waiting for me…

    You’re digging yourself in deeper here with your words. Just own up to it. You should avoid black topics altogether so you won’t have to become so hateful. It’s really a shame.

    PS: I’m sorry that you don’t like women. You must be a very lonely man.

  • magnus

    for f*cks sake r u even trying to aim for a point?

    You’re just reaching for anything.

    Like…a monkey!

    Don’t regurgitate pedestrian memos at me you underevolved sk@nk.

    There should be no “black topics”, just topics. If you had anything to define yourself by and take pride in aside from how you were born you’d probably allow yourself to get a hold of the concept of racial equality. You’ll note that black doctors do nto introduce themselves as black doctors. They’re doctors. Whereas you, who is most likely either unemployed or working in some kind of grunt service capacity would call yourself black. Because you have nothing else.

    I’m quite the opposite of lonely whereas you are the very definition of pathetic.

  • oh really

    magnus Says:

    May 11th, 2007 at 2:12 pm – flag comment


  • magnus

    lol!!! banana

  • Bleah!


    I think I recall the model (from the vantex ads)…she was a French Creole woman named Leslie Carombou….the only other model I remember for the product was Aretha Franklin……process of elimination ;0)

  • shrugs shoulders

    Wow-Can’t believe someone responded to my post here…

    Bleah – cannot find model you named or spelling is wrong. This model has dark smooth complexion like Iman and so incredibly gorgeous face. The ad was in Ebony often. Mystery to me how woman like that could go unnoticed in modeling world.

    Anyone else?

  • perfectBITCH….

    y did u do it…?
    i dont know her, but i dont like her…
    3 months…
    that’s just way too short…
    they’re gonna get divorced anyway…
    so get ready for the divorce party…
    nick should not marry her…
    hear meh….?

  • de real island guy

    Hey Guys!!, I’m checking in from the islands, and that girl is wack.(know her most of her life personally) Cayman girls here are frigging hoes, this one man thing is one in a thousand. Nick and Selita deserves each other. Two moron that I can only hope will last for their own sake. She’s has the typical cayman woman attitude. Marry the dumb money guy and screw everyone else, then tell him it’s his fault.LOl. Nick, say good bye to your money!! lol.
    Cayman Girls are idiots and trust me, that girl is dumb, Just Like Nick !!!!

  • Cutie

    You haters are fucking idiots. And by the way not all of Cayman/ islands gurls are hoes. SO ‘da real island guy’ has obviously been played by one of us but boo fricking who? Get over it loser. No the marriage probably wont last and I dont know Selita but I know Nick is a comedian are u sure he’s not punking You gurl? At least she’s made it somewhere, how many of you can say uve been where she is. BIG UP GYAL.!

  • leticia

    aww i am so happy for selita and nick!! i met selita and plus she is from my home town the Cayman Islands so i support her all the way!! i think she is very nice and pretty model!! good luck and best wishes!! xoxo

  • Jasmine

    how dare you call them stupid f.y.i they my cuzins well Salita iz and i hope they stay together love from the CAYMAN ISLANDS a.k.a Jasmine