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Ricki Lake's Weight Loss

Ricki Lake's Weight Loss

Ricki Lake shares how she lost over 100 pounds in the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

The 38-year-old former talk show host once weighed in at 250 pounds and now checks in 123 pounds.

On crash dieting in 1991: “… I went on this extreme diet. I used to faint because I wasn’t eating and I was always exercising.”

On the most exciting thing about her new weight
: “For the longest time, when I was very heavy, I couldn’t cross my legs. I couldn’t physically do it. LOVE that I can cross my legs now … Even my shoe size is changing. My Jimmy Choos are too big now.”

On what she thinks of super-skinny actresses
: “I think I have no wrinkles because I always had fat on my face. Really skinny girls age so fast.”

Ricki debuted her new fab body (size 24 to 4!) at the premiere of her documentary The Business of Being Born at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival on last month in New York City.

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Credit: Us Weekly; Photos: Getty/Brad Barket
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  • PJ

    She looks great, but there’s no way she wears a size 4. Maybe a 6 or 8.

  • Eva

    why is her head so big in proportion to her body?

  • Lindsay

    The magazine cover was photoshopped to make her look a little smaller than what it really was. But the premiere pictures (not photoshopped) is DEFINITELY NOT A SIZE 4 — 8 OR 10 IS MORE LIKE IT.

  • Damn

    Go Ricki!

  • A SLife

    Whatever size she is looks great. She looks like a different person …and I think she is right about the wrinkles comment!

  • Lila

    Defitnitely a 10-14. She’s larger than me and I’m a 6. My oldest sister is a 10 and she’s smaller than Ricki, too.

    You may not have as many wrinkles if you stay a larger weight but…her top half, you know? Fleshy arms and very small bust. This is what happens to most of us girls when we lose a lot of weight- especially if we do it too quickly. Why wear such an unflattering, ill-fitting dress if you’re a slim size 4?

    I totally support people being confident about their bodies but she’s *not* being confident about her body because she’s *obviously lying* about her size and shape.

    I’ve always thought she was very pretty. It’s her eyes.

  • lita

    She could be a 4. Some girls have more flesh, but their frame is really small. Dolly Parton used to look big, but now that she’s thin, she’s super tiny – one of the tiniest women out there, yet she’s not as bony as Nicole Richie.

  • kara

    if RL is 123 lbs my scale must be broken… NO WAY

  • izzidaisy

    She looks great. She worked hard for it and she should be proud and maintain it. Some people carry weight differently. After losing 29LBs, I’m 140LBS and I wear a size 8. 8 years ago I was 125lbs and wore a size 8. I think in different times in your life with weight loss your proportion changes, you might have a smaller waist, but your arms are still big – look at Oprah and many people who have lost weight – the fat on the arms are the last to go. It varies person to person and don’t forget the shorter you are the fatter you look even when you add just a few pounds. Bottom line – she looks great

  • Pandora

    I so agree — no way she is a size 4. Not possible. However, she looks great and I likewise have always thought she has a pretty face, nice eyes. What I don’t understand is — she weighed in at 250? If she lost this massive amount of poundage would that not mean she’d have baggy skin hanging around, which has lost it’s elasticity? I thought that’s what happens if you lose the weight non-surgically.

    Anyway, aside from the obvious aesthetics, she’ll be healthier and as she approaches her 40′s, that’s what’s most important.

  • is

    Please…4 going on 10…
    Do the celebrities think we are a bunch of morons?

  • magnus


    You f*ckin people slay me.

    First thin is gross to you. Now this chick isn’t thin enough? Or you just think she’s lying about what size she wears? Because she’s NOT THAT skinny. lol

    So she could stand to lose a few more pounds?




    Go back to your bucket of cookie dough. This is embarrassing sh*t to read.

  • anon

    she is full of shit. No wrinkles after loosing 100lb???

  • bowow

    She looks great, but even if she is a size 10 that’s great!!

  • Heather

    She does look great! BUT how long ago did she weigh over 200 lbs?! Are we talking recently? It is still a huge accomplishment though!!

  • Summer

    She looks really good
    Does anyone know what she does now
    I only ever seen her on the Ricki Lake in the Uk
    and then never again

  • Mary

    She looks good!!! She should go back to doing her show. haha I liked her shows. Then she could go on and say “i was fat, but now I’m hot” or whatever they say on the shows

  • Brandy

    She looks great!! I think she looks like she could very likley be a size 4 to 6! You people are just jealous. Get over yourselfs

  • Emelie

    Wow! Matthew Perry looks 100% like a drunk!

    And that’s not at all a good thing =P

  • claudia

    US magazine is totally SLEAZY. They think I’m a complete IDIOT to believe that she is size 4. She might be very short, but she is not size 4.

    Who buys these trashy gossip magz anyway?

  • Queen Bee

    NO way she is a size four or even a 6…and she’s primarily fat. Look at how thick her arms are!

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Umm Ewww.

  • Shoegal

    Wow! she looks great

  • essie

    yeah that dress doesn’t make her look like she lost that much weight either

  • lurker opinion

    What a terrible cover. Her head looks too big and what’s up with her chest.?

  • Franny

    She can easily be a size 4 in that red number on the magazine. She looks a little bigger in the dress.

    The 4 needs to be a good label, though, not a cheap one.

  • Jacinda

    She looks sloppy. You can tell she is dieting only and not dieting AND exercising. She needs to exercise to tone up now. Then MAYBE she’ll be a size 4.

  • christi

    We would have to see this woman in person, not pictures, to really get a better idea of what she looks like.

    RL was really big many years ago. Then she went on some kind of diet and lost a lot of weight. She married and had kids and still stayed at a smaller size. May have gained a few of the pounds back in recent years and now lost it again.

    My sister is 56 y-o, 5’3″ and lost 50 pounds too fast because of illness. She weighs somewhere close to 120. She lost all her muscle and looks like bones. Her body is so small, she looks almost like a child. She shrunk.

    I am 5’5″ at 120. I have a leaner body and more muscle because I’ve always exercised. My waist is also smaller and flatter because even though my sister looks smaller overall, she has more fat in certain places like her stomach.

  • http://justjared my 2 cents

    I don’t get it. Who choses the clothes they wear?? With a pretty face and major weight loss, why would they wear such NON flattering attire? The red bathing suit looks horrible and that dress is totally the wrong neck line for her. AND if it’s their own choice, hire a clothes stylist!

  • NoWay

    Saw her on the view she looked bigger but Im a size 2 and no way is she a 4.Her show at the end was boring.She now needs a makeover tone it up ,something different with the hair.

  • Yeah Right

    Just like my name says “Yeah, right.” She is no size 4. I wouldn’t even put her in the single digit sizes. She looks more like a size 14, especially in her upper body. And her weight being in the 120′s. Yeah, right again! She looks more like she’s in the 160′s.

  • diva

    Okay haters get a grip! everyone is has different, who would lie about being 123 pounds and a size four she could have very low body fat she could have lost a lot of inches who knows and who cares get a life the girl looks good and please by all means stop hating !

  • inlovewithlife

    i am so happy for RL!!! will everybody please stop HATING and be happy for her too? atleast she didnt give up like a lot of other people i know!!!

  • Alicia

    There are a lot of jealous broads out there!!!!! Ricki looks great!!
    However, everyone seems to pick and critcize her . . . her arms are too fleshy; she’s not a size 4, etc . . . She has come a long way — she’s worked very hard — JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  • oh please

    I’m 150 and I wear a 9/10 – she could totally wear a 4 at 123.. Pictures always make you look fat, plus she has on a flowy dress which never helps.

  • http://yahoo Lizette Smith

    I think that Ricki looks fantastic. And for people to point fingers about what size she really is, well I guess then you are just plain jealouse. Everyone is shaped diffrently and all I can say is well done Ricki. You really look beautiful.

  • http://yahoo Lizette Smith

    I think that Ricki looks fantastic. It’s hard work to loose weight and people should realize that everyone is shaped diffrently. For those people out there that’s going on about what size she really is, well all I can say to you is that you are just plain jealous. You go Ricki and don’t let people get you down on what you’ve achieved. The proplem with this world is that people are so mean and get off on it.

  • japhelia

    i personally think rl looks absolutely amazing. i bought the magazine in which she was featured on it, and read the article and i do believe she is indeed a size 4. now, i’ve been crash-dieting for the last few years but i’m so ready to finally rid my mind & bod of that craziness. last month, i lost a whopping 21 lbs in six weeks and let me tell you that it wasn’t easy. so now that i gained back the eight or so pounds i’m willing to do something less extreme and more realistic so that i don’t go into shutdown mode.

    the hardest part for me is trying to maintain the weight, so i do hope rl can sustain a size 4 for years to come. w/ her new show on abc and all the positive publicity she’s receiving, may be it’ll help bounce back her career from the dead.

  • Teresa

    I agree. I’m thinking she’s alittle bigger than a 4, but you never know…she is wearing a very unflattering dress for weightloss. The “Empire waist” I think is cute, but tends to make you look like your expecting. I do think she looks wonderful anyway. The large face? I know…it just dosen’t look right. Like being a large woman alters your facial structure. Look at Star Jones. I think she has that same problem with the “big head” look. But we need to look at the real picture here and thats HEY! The chick is half her size and looks wonderful. Lets give the girl props shall we?

  • http://Google Debra

    I think Ricki looks wonderful. These idiots that disagree about what the hell size she wears need to get a life!!!!!! You can’t tell in pictures how small a person really is. Remember, pictures add. as they say, ten pounds anyway, so she probably is a size 4. Some of these nasty comments I know are from homely jealous people.

  • star

    wow rickie looks great…..

  • klynnmorton

    This is so ridiculous.

    I totally agree with magnus…why are you people being so judgmental and UGLY acting about this woman losing weight.
    You have NO CLUE what size she is based on a photo…also, how dare anyone say she looks fat…she lost over 150 pounds.
    And by the way…if you lose it slowly and the correct way, not like you anorexics and bulemics on this post, you would not necessarily have wrinkles and flabby skin. The skin is elastic, and only with dramatic weight gain and loss do you have such results. She has been losing weight for years.

    What a dumb ass group!

    Go eat a sandwich and maybe you people won’t be so damned evil!

  • Khorie

    I think it would’ve made her look better if she didn’t do the cover and made her own fuss about her weight loss. I think she would’ve kept more credit by coming back on the scene with her talents and a new image to match!

    Though I will say…how ever she lost it and how ever long it took her to loose it…it took hard work and she looks much better than she did at 250.

  • http://Webmail Monique

    Ricki Looks Fab,People that have something bad to say about her well to bad for you cause she done it and what did you why ?
    I think people like you are not happy with themselves cause I bet you look in the mirror every day and see something wrong and you knw thats why bad things happen because of people like you whi can never truely be happe for someone else or themselves I bet you also compare you to every single person you see Oh what a shame…


  • user

    Rikki is no size 4 she is a size 7.She weighs about 145lbs.

  • Gwen in ny

    I find it funny that the one’s trashing her so fiercely are women. Why do you have to knock her for doing something good for herself that she’s proud of? Does it make you feel better about yourself or your life? It’s one thing to see someone and have internal thoughts/opinions about what they look like because that’s human nature, but to take the time to post on a website some of the vilest things I’ve ever read, well, that’s actually pathetic. I also find it funny that people posting on a site like this would trash US magazine because, newsflash, you’re not at the website for CNN or the BBC and the topic of the day isn’t the economy or the war in Iraq. You’re gossiping about a woman who just happens to have achieved her own personal goals and instead of applauding her efforts or just saying nothing, you chose to insult her and insist she’s lying or the magazine is covering it up. What does it even matter to you? It’s easy to criticize when you’re veiled in anonymity but perhaps those who were the cruelest should post bikini/bathing suit shots of themselves for everyone to critique.

  • Blueyes

    I think we all have way too much time to sit and type critisizims of this accomplished lady. She has done a great job and looks great wether her skin is toned or not. You have to be a person that has had a weight problem to understand any thing at all about body image and body ecceptance get over yourselves and leave Ricky alone.

  • Judy c.

    Hey, she looks great! Who cares what ‘size’ she is… nicer clothes have more soothing size ranges for the spirit anyway.

    Ricky, you go girl!!!

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