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Halle Berry: Pregnant?

Halle Berry: Pregnant?

Is a baby on board for Berry?

Oscar-winning beauty Halle Berry sports — what may look like a baby bump — as she leaves her doctor’s office on Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Could Halle finally be carrying the child of her dreams?

Model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry would be very pleased!

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Credit: FlynetOnline
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  • Nando

    Those are her car keys, right?

  • natalie

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooow, she looks EXACTLY like Salma Hayek did when rumors started sparklin about a possible pregnancy…so either she’s sperminated, or just happened to have four McRibs

  • someone

    It definitly looks like a possibility in that pic..if its true, I know shes happy.

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    Funny how she is supposedly pregnant every month. (When she probably just had an “extra burger” in fact, as she said herself )

  • Shoegal

    She looks like it but I guess we have to wait and see whther its true or not

  • Go Halle!

    Of course, I want her to be pregnant, but I think she said she will make the announcement if and when she is.

  • stop it already!

    Oh my god people – can’t you just let women be women? Sometimes we have a bit of a tummy! Even celebrities!

    Jared, I thought you were above Perez-style writing – that’s why I visit here. For crying out loud, enough stupid speculation – when she’s ready, she’ll let the world know!! Couldn’t you have reported this as Halle Berry looking great?

    You’re not doing a favour to the many women and girls with low self esteem who hold her up as having the figure they’d like to achieve. If Halle Berry doesn’t have a concave stomach and people write that she’s pregnant, then who on earth is safe?!

  • black


    I told you she is!!

    I just knew it……boy do I feel special now!

  • Mmmmm

    It is the type of dress she is wearing, the babydoll dress always makes ppl look prego when they are not. Still looks hot hot!

  • ilovehugh

    Wasn’t she spotted buying baby things? I mean, for all know it could have been for a friend of hers or something…but I hope she is. I know she wants a baby! If so…congrats to her! If not, then I am sure she will when the time is right. Good luck to her. :-)

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Beautiful. If she is prego I’m sure she’ll be a great mom.

  • xyz

    This rumor comes and goes every other month, and she did say one time that she may have had an extra burger or something a few months ago when a photo showing her stomach looking the same way was published and everyone was sure she was pregant then. She is a woman and women get bloating.

  • xyz

    I have noticed that you never see her hanging out with any females, she is usually with her current boyfriend/spouse or alone..I hope she has at least one close girlfriend.. I am sure when you get her level of fame its hard to trust anyone.

  • PinkRose

    These gossips columns should know by now that Halle looks bloated for a short time every month. Can someone say monthly period??!!

  • agree w/Go Halle etal

    Jared…are you going to keep posting pix until it actually happens. Again, agree with GoHalle and the others on this one. I think we’ll all know it when she is pregnant and she herself a few months ago said that we’d all know it when it actually happens.

    Interesting at last week’s book bash pix the girl has a flat stomach and wearing skin tight jeans. Amazing in one week or over the last month from the premiere pix and Aubry’s surprise party no bump. Nothing wrong with dreaming, nothing wrong with wishing her dreams to come true, but you are really starting to get like Perez Hilton and X17.

    My vote it’s the dress and waterweight gain.

  • TruthDiva2007

    Love the weekly photos of Halle, Halle and Aubry, etc. like everyone else, but pulling things out of thin air every time she is wearing loose fitting/baggy clothing is starting to get tiresome. Glad it’s not my imagination that Halle Berry always seems perpetually being pregnant.

    For all we know she could have been to the doc for a check up, dental appointment, or a visit to her rental shrink which she goes to regularly.

    Let us know when she’s really pg, not bloated, overate something, wearing baggy clothes,etc.

  • mooshki

    It’s the dress. The bump is too low to be a baby.

  • Misty

    Ok ladies, look down at your bellies. Most of us over 25 are gonna have just as much of a belly as Halle. Glad I am not getting asked if I was preggers.

  • deezee

    She does look a little pregnant her foreal
    to check out more halle berry go here:

  • Mr. Blogadere

    Man, she told me she was on the pill. I hope she doesn’t expect child support.

  • Trisha

    Shes preggers for sure

  • TruthDiva2007

    No deezee she doesn’t look pg on the site. Saw the other pix on Sorry. This is probably one of the first times that I remember that most of us are on JJ are in agreement. Still say no baby bump-plus her ankles in your picture and the others aren’t swollen. Wasn’t she shown a few weeks ago drinking at Aubry’s party and other functions? Don’t think she was holding a glass of wine for just the sake of photo ops.

  • cook

    Yay Halle! FIYAH! Menstrual Bloat is my guess since she wasn’t this way last week. I always notice Halle.

  • Neve

    She looked perfectly normal a WEEK ago, I doubt a pregnancy belly could start showing that much within the course of a single week.

    I call bloat and no bra.

  • xyz

    New photos of Halle Berry out shopping she does not look pregnant

  • truthdiva2007

    xyz…thanks, of course she’s not nor would she schleping all those bags of groceries to her SUV.